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Barbara Regier was an art teacher at Trailridge - Shawnee Mission



                        Wildcats                                                    October 7, 2011
                                                                                   Volume 2 Issue 3

Shawnee Mission School District, 7500 Quivira, Lenexa, KS 66216            913-993-1000
Larry E. King, Sr., Ph.D., Principal
Felicia Netolicky, Associate Principal

                                     NEWS FROM THE PRINCIPAL
2 Transfers                                          Thoughts on Report Cards
2 Research on Parental
    Involvement and
    Student Achievement     Dear Mom and Dad,

3 Awards Ceremony           Soon you will receive a “snapshot” of me. This picture is a time exposure that’s
                            been developing during the past twelve weeks. Considering my many likes and
5 Ask the Principal “Rap”
                            dislikes and my mood changes from day to day, it may or may not be a pretty good
                            likeness of me.
7 Orchestra News
                            When you see my snapshot, remember this is a report of someone near and dear
7 Reaching the Write        to you. Please don’t get too upset if you see a blemish.

7 Youth Friends             I know you always want me to try my best, and most of the time I do, but please try
                            to remember that all children do not learn to walk and talk at the same time, nor
8 Nurse News                do they learn math and reading at the same rate. Remember that I am an
                            individual and try not to compare me to my brother, my sister, or the kid next
9 Intramural Kickball       door.

10 Shawanoe Cultural        Remember that my report card is a picture of my school progress. When you
    Heritage Night          meet with my teachers, you will learn many things about my life at school. My
                            teacher knows me as I am at school. You know how I am at home. The real me is
11 Northwest Upcoming       somewhere in between. When these two pictures become blended with love and
   Events                   understanding, I hope my snapshot will be a shining portrait.
12 NW Lady Basketball
                            Much Love,
13 Food Services
15 PTA Myth Busters
16 Calendar of Events


Transfer Deadline – January 5, 2012

All in-district and out-of-district transfer requests for the 2012-2013 school year must be submitted
to your child’s home school by January 5, 2012.

All students must first be enrolled in their home school before submitting a transfer request. Due
to the dates of kindergarten roundups in the spring, kindergarten transfer requests are due to the
home school by May 1, 2012. Out-of-district students must submit a tuition status request

Final determination of transfers will be based on space availability by the first day of school.

Students currently on transfer need only to resubmit a request for transfer if they are changing
levels (i.e. elementary to middle school or middle to high school).

              Research on Parental Involvement and Student Achievement
Research has shown that one of the most promising ways to increase students' achievement is to
involve their families (Chavkin, 1993; Henderson & Berla, 1994). Herbert Walberg (1984) found
that family participation in education was twice as predictive of academic learning as family
socioeconomic status. According to Epstein, "the main reason to create a partnership with
parents is to help all youngsters succeed in school and in later life" (1995, p. 701). Below is a list
of strategies with which we want our parents to assist.

                  _____I will check my child’s planner (Daily Sheet) nightly.
                  _____I will provide a specific location for my child to study and
                       do homework daily/on a regular basis.
                  _____I am signed up for Parent@School
                  _____I am signed up on SM ALERT
                  _____I will place parent/student meeting dates on my calendar.
                                      Back To School Night
                                      PTA Meetings
                                      Site Council Meetings
                                      Parent/Teacher Conferences
                                      All-In-One Night
                  _____I will read the school Newsletter monthly.
                  _____I will review my child’s Mid and End of the Quarter
                       Progress Report with my child.
                  _____My child will qualify to receive an award and I will attend
                  the Awards ceremony.
 Trailridge Wildcats                                                                                Page 3

                                           Awards Ceremony
Below is a list of awards available to all 7th and 8th grade students at Trailridge Middle School. Students
who qualify for any or all of the awards will receive an award appropriate for each area. Various awards are
given, i.e.: certificates, plaques, medals, and in some instances, checks. All students who receive an award
will be honored at the Awards Ceremony at the end of the year. Their names will be called and they will
come forward to receive their award. The only exception to this will be the Honor Roll Certificates. Students
who qualify for both the A Honor Roll and the A/B Honor Roll will have their names listed in the Newsletter
and on the bulletin board outside the school office at the end of each quarter. They will receive their
certificates at the end of the year. However, if a student makes the 4.0 honors roll 3 out of 4 quarters they
also will have their names called at the Awards Ceremony and receive a medal. In addition, if an 8th grader
makes the 4.0 honor roll 7 out of 8 quarters they will have their name called and will receive an engraved
plaque at the Awards Ceremony.

There may be additional awards given by individual teams or teachers. See teachers for information
regarding these awards.

      AWARD                           DESCRIPTION/QUALIFICATIONS                           PERSON   GRADE
   Barbara        Barbara Regier was an art teacher at Trailridge for many years.        Doug         8
   Regier         Art students who have their portfolios ready in time for               Bennett
   Memorial Art   Trailridge’s Open House, Science & Art Fair are eligible. The
   Award          portfolios will be on display in the multi-purpose room with all
                  other artwork for the students and parents to view. Two winning
                  portfolios are chosen based on: presentations, quality, variety
                  and originality. The two winners will each receive a check in the
                  amount of $25.
   Bunny Uttley   Bunny Uttley was a secretary at Trailridge for several years. This     Office       8
   Award          is an award for Good Citizenship presented to an 8 grade
                  student. The intent of this award is to identify students who have
                  shown good citizenship at Trailridge. Teachers nominate
                  students. The nominated students are voted on by teachers,
                  counselors, librarian and nurse. The criteria is as follows:
                  1. No major discipline infractions. No suspensions or exclusions
                      from school.
                  2. No D’s or F’s during the 8th grade year.
                  3. Has attended Trailridge 2 years.
                  4. Regular attendance during the school year. (District policy is to
                      be followed).
                  5. Student shows compassion and a positive caring attitude toward
                      fellow students and staff.
                  6. Student demonstrates initiative and motivation in all areas of
                      school life.
   D. J. Zeisig   D. J. Zeisig was a science teacher at Trailridge from approximately    Earlynn      8
   Award          1966-1981. This award is for students who have made a major            Reiff
                  contribution to the science department. After an 8th grade teacher
                  recommends a student, the student submits a list of their science
   Gaylen         Gaylen Golden taught Special Education at Trailridge for many                       8
   Golden         years. This award is given to a special needs student to honor
   Award          Gaylen Golden’s memory and caring efforts with children. The
                  criteria is as follows:
                  1. Student showing marked improvements in his/her personal
                  2. Student willing to work with teachers to reach maximum
                      potential, seeking/accepting help when necessary.
Page 4                                                                              Trailridge Wildcats

                3. Student demonstrating responsibility and respect.

Geography       The winner receives the Trailridge Geography Award. The winner at                     7&8
Bee             Trailridge then must take a written test. A high score advances the
                winner to the State level. Regional and National levels follow the
                State Bee..
Honor Roll      Seventh or eighth grade students being recognized on the A/B (3.0)       Teachers     7&8
Certificate     honor roll will receive a certificate at the end of the school year.
                Seventh or eighth grade students being recognized on the A (4.0)
                honor roll for 3 of 4 quarters will receive a medal.
                Eighth grade students being recognized on the A (4.0) honor roll for 7
                of 8 quarters will receive a medal and a plaque.
Kansas Junior   Each year eight or more of our students have won first or second         Teachers     7&8
Academy of      place awards in this state event. The students present their science
Science         projects before a panel of scientists, engineers, and other judges.

KATS-Top        This award is received by the student with the highest participation                  7&8
KAT Award       and dedication to the goals of KATS. Students earn points by
                participation in community service activities in the school or
                community. All students in Trailridge Middle school may participate
                in the KATS program by turning in an application.
President’s     Award is given to students who score at the 85 th percentile or higher   Counselors    8
Education       on the MAP test in both math and reading AND have a cumulative
Award           GPA of 3.5 or higher.
Presidential    Qualifying Standards-Age 13                                              Jay          7&8
Physical         Shuttle run                    9.5 seconds                             Howell,
Fitness          Sit & reach                    33 cm.                                  Brandon
Awards           Pull-ups                       7                                       May and
                 Push-ups                       39                                      Katy Reda
                 Mile Run                       6:50
                 Sit-ups                        53
                Qualifying Standards-Age 14
                 Shuttle run                    9.1 seconds
                 Sit & Reach                    36 cm
                 Pull-ups                       10
                 Push-ups                       40
                 Mile Run                       6:26
                 Sit-ups                        56
PTA             There are two categories: essay and poetry. The theme changes            PTA          7&8
Citizenship     each year, but is designed to encourage children to think about good
Contest         citizenship. This could encompass what people have done in the
                past, can do now, or what they could do in the future to make a
                positive impact in their community or the world.
PTA             The National PTA believes that all children deserve a quality arts       PTA          7&8
Reflections     education and encourage students to pursue artistic expression
Contest         through participation in its annual arts program, Reflections.
                Students are encouraged to create and submit works of art in four
                areas: musical composition, photography, literature, and visual arts.
                There are four age divisions: primary (preschool-2), intermediate (3-
                5), middle/junior (6-8), and senior (9-12). Students may submit as
                many entries as they wish at the local level, depending on the local
Trailridge Wildcats                                                                                                       Page 5
                     Each year Reflections challenges students to create art that supports
                     a specific theme. It does not matter whether an entry created for
                     Reflections has been done as a classroom assignment or done
                     independently at home. Artistic exploration and expression enhance
                     and develop intellectual, social and physical skills. Creating is a
                     valuable learning process. This program is not just for those who
                     have a unique talent, but for all children to encourage them to
                     express their feelings and ideas and to develop self-esteem.
                     Children of all ages can express themselves through collage,
                     paintings, drawings, prints, plays, sonnets, photographs, and short
                     stories or by writing a symphony.
 Science             Trailridge recognizes all students who receive a top award at the                                       7&8
 Awards              Shawnee Mission Research and Development Forum, or at the
                     Greater Kansas City Engineering and Science Fair, or the top award
                     at the Regional Junior Academy of Science.
 Spelling Bee        The winner receives the Trailridge Spelling Award. The winner at                                        7&8
                     Trailridge goes on to the Johnson County Spelling Bee. If he/she
                     wins there, they go on to State and then Nationals.

 Talent              Duke University is our regional sponsor for the national Talent                                            7
 Identification      Identification Program (TIP). Talented 7th graders who have scored
 Program             at least 97%ile on a verbal or math subtest or total on an
                     achievement or intelligence test, are invited to participate in the
                     talent search. They take either the SAT or the ACT. Students can
                     qualify for state or national recognition with their scores, as well as
                     qualify for summer programs.
                     Trailridge strives to create responsible “thinkers.” Therefore we
                     have a heavy concentration on Higher Order Thinking Skills. Our
                     concentration with our Quality Performance Accreditation goal is
                     problem solving. Though there is a heavy concentration on problem
                     solving in our science curriculum, problem solving is taught across
                     the curriculum.

                                      Ask The Principal “Rap” Session
Every year, I organize a forum for interested students to share ideas, express concerns, or just
“rap” with me. We call the meetings “Ask The Principal ‘Rap’ Sessions.” Our meetings can be
called by students or the principal and the number of students attending varies from meeting
to meeting. Tuesday September 20, 2011, we had an after school session and an alternate
session Wednesday morning September 21, 2011. Six students attended Tuesday’s session and
two students attended Wednesday’s session.              Excellent comments/questions were
made/asked. Student comments/questions and principal responses are listed below. Any
student wanting to make comments or ask questions may do so by visiting with me personally
or placing comments/questions in “THE BOX” on the table by the front office.

          COMMENT               &      QUESTIONS
     What’s Good?                        What’s Not So Good?                                         RESPONSES
 I like                                I don’t like
       the school hours                   that there are no shower curtains in   Trailridge was built in 1966. Group showers were the
        because I can sleep                 the locker rooms                       building architectural designs for at that time.
        longer                                                                     Renovation plans are being made for SMSD middle
                                                                                   schools. The plans include individual showers in the
     We are not treated like                                                      locker rooms.
      babies like we were in
      elementary school.                   restrooms stalls without doors         All restroom stalls at Trailridge have doors. There is
                                                                                   an Out-Of-Order sign on one of our facility. The
                                                                                   repair will be completed in a timely manner.
Page 6                                                                                        Trailridge Wildcats
   not having to eat lunch         that we can’t move around in the       We can easily have 200-300 students in the MPR in
    with our class                   MPR in the morning                     the morning. In order to provide a safe and orderly
                                                                            environment, we have to request that students
                                                                            remain seated; it would be too chaotic allowing
   being able to sit down
                                                                            students to randomly get up, change, seats, walk
    and visit with our friends
                                                                            around etc. The best solution is to have you sit
    before getting in line
                                                                            together with the friends you’d like to sit with and
                                                                            remain there until the 8:30 dismissal.
   having 45 min for gym
                                    Drama: There are so many people        With over 900 students and staff, someone,
   after school activities          having different problems.             statistically, will be going in to - in - or coming out of
                                                                            some type of challenge in their lives. It is important
   having late busses                                                      that we get our needs met. If you are offended and
                                                                            are not able to reach an
   being able to chew                                                      agreeable solution with the offending party, secure a
    gum                                                                     trusted adult (teacher, counselor, administrator,
                                                                            SRO, parent) to intervene on your behalf.
   the teachers and
    principals                                                              The 10 min warning bell is designed to ring in specific
                                    10 min bell in the classroom           classes (PE, Art, Science, Industrial Tech, etc) to
                                                                            allow for clean up.
   the teachers being
    tolerant; We don’t get
    in trouble for little           girls wearing short shorts – Booty     School is the students’ profession. Therefore, they
                                     Shorts                                 should come to school dressed professionally
                                                                            (appropriate children’s school clothing). TA “Call”
                                                                            has gone out soliciting parental support. In the
                                                                            meantime, I am appreciative that you are not only
                                                                            willing to dress appropriately but talk with and set an
                                                                            example for your classmates.

                                    people taking advantage of gum         Overall, most students are following school rules.
   teachers helping with            “thing” “There gum right here under    Unfortunately, there is a small percentage who
    problems                         this table.”                           choose to be irresponsible. We’ll address those
                                                                            students on a situational basis.
   changing teachers and
    going from class to             bus driver raising voice at students   It is important that we get our needs met. If you are
    class                           a teacher yelling at students          offended and are not able to reach an agreeable
                                                                            solution with the offending party, secure a trusted
   45 min of study hall                                                    adult (teacher, counselor, administrator, SRO,
                                                                            parent) to intervene on your behalf.
   We don’t have to wear
    uniforms.                       that the lunch period goes too fast.   We managed to design our lunch periods so that it is
                                     The last class to lunch does not       slightly longer than want was negotiated. We try to
   the colorful building            have as long to eat.                   get students through the lunch lines as quickly as
                                                                            possible.     Some days are faster than others,
   work completion                                                         depending on what food is being served.

   the hand dryers in the                                                  Students without ID cards slow the lines down
    restrooms. We’re not            having to have ID card at lunch        because they will either have to “punch in” their
    wasteful.                                                               number or have their number looked up and
                                                                            “punched in” by a cafeteria worker. On the other
   variety of lunch foods                                                  hand, students with cards can simply swipe and go.
                                                                            The most efficient way to “move” students through
   11 min passing periods                                                  the lines is to have them bring and swipe their cards.
    in the morning                                                          Students without cards will go to the end of the lines
   getting our own lockers                                                 to not penalize those with cards

   that there are not as                                                   Since classes are in session during the lunch periods
    many problems as                not being able to go to lockers        and classrooms are on the other side the majority of
    there was at my last             between lunch                          the locker walls the opening and closing of lockers
    school. I                                                               will be extremely disruptive.
    don’t have people
    wanting to fight me                                                     Overall, most students are following school rules.
                                    people bodying and necking             Unfortunately, there is a small percentage who
   how the school is                                                       choose to be irresponsible. We’ll address those
    monitored                                                               students on a situational basis.

   carrying my phone in            teachers counting you tardy if you     Our tardy policy defines students as being tardy in
    my pocket at school              are in the room but not in your seat   they are not in the classroom by the ringing of the
                                                                            tardy bell

                                    not having many windows at TR.         The four classrooms on the north side of the building
 Trailridge Wildcats                                                                                              Page 7
                                     Want to go outside to get fresh air.   are the only classrooms with windows.
                                                                            Our school day does not allow time for recess.
                                                                            Students have opportunities to exert energy during
                                                                            Physical Education classes.      Additionally, some
                                                                            classes utilize our outside campus for instructional

                                                                            New skills and concepts are not introduced through
                                    Homework. The level is too high        homework. If the homework is too difficult, arrange
                                                                            a time to meet with your teacher(s). Academic
                                                                            excellence, like in music and athletics require
                                                                            practice. Practice enables the musician to excel on
                                                                            the stage, the athlete to excel on the field, the
                                                                            student to excel in the classroom. For the you, that
                                                                            "practice" is homework.       Your teachers provide
                                                                            homework in an attempt to balance and reinforce
                                                                            the skills and knowledge gained through external
                                                                            interactions in the classroom. Homework allows you
                                                                            to take the skills and knowledge gained externally
                                                                            and interact with those experiences internally

                                                                            No. Our student activities committee is in the
                                    Is there a dance on the 30th           process of planning our school party. No date has
                                                                            been set yet, but it will be soon 
                                                                             Listen to the announcements for the latest.

                                            Orchestra News
The orchestra will present their Fall concert on Thursday, Oct. 27, 7:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose
room at Trailridge. The concert will include a couple of Halloween songs, including Skin and Bones
and Rockin’ Halloween. Level two orchestra students will be performing the Walt Disney favorite
selections from Pocahontas. In addition, a cello choir will be playing Calypso. In preparation for the
concert Level One students will be having rehearsals after school on Thursday, Oct. 20 th and
Tuesday, Oct. 25th. We hope you can join us for some fun music.

                                     Reaching the Write Minds
There are still openings for the Coterie workshop on Friday, October 21. Twenty students will have
the opportunity to participate in a playwriting seminar, “Reaching the Write Minds.” The seminar will
be conducted in the library by Vi Tran, a Coterie Theatre professional playwright/facilitator. By the
end of the day students will complete several fully written scenes and devised a beginning scenario
for a complete play. The cost of the workshop is $15. Interested students should contact Mrs.
Ramsey ( as soon as possible in Room 17.

                                              Youth Friends
    As a YouthFriends mentor, you can choose from a wide range of in-school activities to assist
      students, including serving as a lunch buddy, sharing special talents or career interests,
        tutoring in math or reading, or simply being a good friend who listens. YouthFriends
   accommodates your interests and busy schedules. Volunteer for as little as thirty minutes per
     week and select a school close to your work or home. To complete an application, go to For more information, contact your YouthFriends building connector Kristin
    Warner at 993-1013, or the district volunteer and community partnership coordinator Rachel
                         Larsen at (913) 993-6411 or
                                                Nurse News
Page 8                                                                 Trailridge Wildcats

    Dear Trailridge Parents;

         I would like to share with you the plans for October from the Nursing Office.

         1. I will be screening all 7th grade students and all new 8th grade students for Vision
            and Hearing. Parents will be notified only if there is a problem and students need
            further medical evaluations.
         2. I am contacting parents regarding immunizations. The State of Kansas
            requirements for Middle School enrollment are: Tdap-Tetanus, Diptheria, and
            Acellular Pertusis; 3 doses of Hepatitis B; 2 doses of Varicella(Chicken Pox); 1 dose
            of Polio after age 4 years old for a total of 3-4 doses.
         3. Drug Free Club is planning for Red Ribbon Week at the End of October.

            Please contact me if you have any questions at 913-993-1007.

            Darla Denny RN, BSN, MET
            School Nurse
            Trailridge Middle School
            913-993-1007 phone number
            913-993-1199 fax number
Trailridge Wildcats                                                                   Page 9

      The Trailridge kickball team placed 1st in the first annual Shawnee Mission Middle School
      Intramural Kickball Tournament! The Loud Crowd was there to cheer the team onto
      victory. The Trailridge championship team consisted of Will Ayala, CJ Johnson, Pavan
      Mahendrada, Seth Bowman, AJ Patterson-Siegrist, Macy Hart, Najma Warsame, Emiel
      Winkelmolen, Cole Michalski and Collin Banks.

                          Shawanoe Elementary PTA Presents

      Cultural Heritage
           Thursday, October 6th 6:30-8:00 p.m.
                       Shawanoe Gym
                     Featuring Live performances from:
   Page 10                                                                       Trailridge Wildcats

                     El Grupo Folklorico Atotonilco
                    Mexican Folkdancing – 6:30 p.m.
                    Hema Sharma & The Nritya Dancers
                   Native Indian Dancing – 7:00 p.m.
                       Willie Arthur Smith’s
                       Marching Cobras, Inc.
                 Drill Team and Drum Line – 7:30 p.m.

                      International Potluck Dinner
                              6:30-8:00 p.m.
                     Please bring one dish to share that represents
                            Your family’s cultural heritage
                    There will be additional food and drinks provided

                                    Global Fashion Parade
                           Showcase your multicultural costuming & clothing in this parade

                   A suggested donation of $3 per person or $6 a family
                               will be collected at the door
                    Please contact Emily Freeman with any questions: 913-322-6229

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser – MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9!

                              Upcoming Northwest Events

Krispy Kreme is hosting a “High School Rivalry” Competition between Shawnee Mission
Northwest and Shawnee Mission North from Monday, September 12 – Sunday, October
9! There will be chocolate iced doughnuts with orange and black sprinkles for
Northwest and chocolate iced doughnuts with red and black sprinkles for North –
they’re behind the counter, you have to ASK for them! The store will tally which school
community can purchase the most school spirited donuts from the 8805 Shawnee
Mission Parkway (by Antioch) Krispy Kreme location! The donuts are .99 cents each or
$7.99 per dozen. When purchasing a large quantity (3-4 dozen or more), please call the
store 24 hours in advance so they’ll be prepared – (913) 432-5944.

The winning school will receive $750 to use in their school – SMNW StuCo will donate
the money to PTSA to help fund the After Graduation Party at PowerPlay! Buy SMNW
donuts from Krispy Kreme all month and help SMNW beat SMN! Keep Krispy Kreme in
  Trailridge Wildcats                                                         Page 11

mind when you have an early morning meeting, family gatherings, or just want to reward
yourself with a snack.

Homecoming Parade
Join the SMNW Community for the 2011 Homecoming Parade – Cougar Crazy Circus:
Battle Under the Big Top! Saturday, October 8, rain or shine, the parade will start at
10:00 am at the Reformed Presbyterian Church at 6835 Pflumm, go north on Pflumm,
turn east on 67th and end up at SMNW west student parking lot around 11:00 am!

Annual Halloween Carnival
Saturday, October 29 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at SMNW High School (12701 West 67th
Street in Shawnee between Pflumm and Quivira). This program allows kids/students up
to grade 3 to have a safe, fun environment to trick-or-treat and participate in exciting
Halloween activities.
Page 12                                                                       Trailridge Wildcats

                                         Food Services
Did you know that breakfast is available each day at your student’s school? Breakfast is a good
indicator of doing well at school. Studies show that students who eat breakfast perform better
academically and behaviorally. Students who eat breakfast have healthier overall eating habits and
better weight management than those students who don’t. If it is difficult to fit breakfast into your
morning routine, breakfast is available in 31 elementary schools and all middle and high schools. A
student must choose a full portion of at least three of the four components to receive a reimbursable
school breakfast. The components include: entrée, toast, fruit/juice, and milk. If your school does not
have a breakfast program, crackers and milk will be available to any student, regardless of ability to pay,
who is hungry upon arrival at school in the morning. These items will be available at the child’s school.

The school breakfast menus, lunch menus, and other nutrition information are available on the district’s
website at
Trailridge Wildcats   Page 13
Page 14   Trailridge Wildcats
Trailridge Wildcats   Page 15
Page 16                                                                           Trailridge Wildcats

    October 7        8th grade band performs at SMNW football game – meet at NW    5:30pm
    October 11       7th grade band rehearsal Room 112                             3:45pm-4:35pm
    October 11       Fall Choir Concert
    October 12       QSP Magazine Sales – Final Turn In
    October 12       8th grade band rehearsal Room 112                             3:45pm-4:35pm
    October 13       Site Council Meeting in the Library                           5:00pm-6:00pm
    October 13       PTA Meeting in the Library                                    6:00pm-7:00pm
    October 13       Fall Band Concert at SMNW Auditorium                          6:30pm
    October 14       NO SCHOOL – End of Quarter
    October 19       Picture Retake Day
    October 19       Cross Country @ Indian Woods
    October 20       Orchestra rehearsal Room 115                                  3:50pm-4:35pm
    October 20       Red Ribbon Week after school decorating
    October 20       Hispanic Achievement Meeting in the Library                   6:00pm-7:00pm
    October 21       Coterie Theatre Workshop in the Library                       8:50am-2:30pm
    October 24-28    Red Ribbon Week
    October 25       NW Area Choral Festival
    October 25       Orchestra rehearsal Room 112                                  3:50pm-4:35pm
    October 27       Intramural - Flag Football Tournament @ Trailridge
    October 27       Fall Orchestra Concert                                        7:00pm
    November 2       October Wii reward
    November 3       LATE START – Classes begin 10:45am
    November 8       Black Achievement Meeting in the Library                      6:00pm-7:00pm
    November 15      EARLY DISMISSAL – Classes end 1:45pm
    November 15      Hispanic Achievement Meeting in the Library                   6:00pm-7:00pm
    November 17      Intramural - Coed Wiffle Ball Tournament @ Hocker Grove
    November 22      Day before break-no late bus
    November 23-25   NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break
    November 29      1st Jazz band rehearsal Room 112                              3:50pm-4:35pm

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