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									Jo Anne M. Dimitriou
                                   Jo Anne Dimitriou is the Division Chief for Plans and Force
                                   Management, Directorate of Services, Air Force Personnel Center,
                                   San Antonio, Texas. She is responsible for providing managerial and
                                   operational oversight over the Air Force Services Nonappropriated
                                   Fund (NAF) personnel system, NAF employee benefits and
                                   compensation programs, NAF employee retirement fund, NAF
                                   insurance programs, NAF Facility Construction Program, Services
                                   career field education and training programs, and Air Force library
                                   program. She provides operational support to 50,000 plus Air Force
                                   Services military and civilian workforce, and installation Force
                                   Support organizations across all eight Major Air Force Commands,
                                   Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard. She is also currently the
                                   Project Officer for MAJCOM Centralization.

                                    Ms. Dimitriou has held a variety of assignments in Air Force
                                    Services at MAJCOM and base levels over the past 32 years.
                                    Positions include Resource Manager, Financial Management
Specialist, Training Specialist, Resource Management Flight Chief and Accounting Manager. Ms.
Dimitriou also held several other financial management positions in Air Force positions within the
European theater.

Ms. Dimitriou received her Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Management, University
of Maryland - 1989, her Masters of Public Administration, Troy State University - 1991. In 2008 she
graduated from Air War College (correspondence) - Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Ms. Dimitriou spends her leisure time hiking, wine tasting, traveling, and coaching.

Ms. Dimitriou lives in San Antonio with her husband Dave. Together they have 5 sons and one
daughter. They are recent and proud grandparents of their first grandson.

2011 Harvard Kennedy School, Senior Executive Fellows Program
2008-2009 Excellence in Government fellowship, Partnership for Public Service
1989 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, University of Maryland
1991 Master’s Public Administration, Troy State University
1. June 1980 – November 1981, Head Cashier, Rockers Club, Lindsey AS, Germany
2. November 1981 – November 1982, Accounting Technician, Morale, Welfare and Recreation,
    Lindsey AS, Germany
3. March 1983 – April 1984, Accounting Technician, Bitburg AB, Germany
4. May 1984 – October 1984, Sales Associate, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Bitburg AB,
5. November 1984 – March 1985, Recreation Aid, Bowling Center, Bitburg AB, Germany
6. March 1985 – September 1986, Accounting Technician, Bitburg AB, Germany
7. September 1986 – June 1988, General Ledger Technician, Bitburg AB, Germany
8. June 1988 – October 1990, Accounting Manager, Bitburg AB, Germany
9. October 1990 – June 1992, Accounting Officer, Nonappropriated Funds Financial Management
    Office, 36th Services, Bitburg AB, Germany
10. June 1992 – September 1993, Deputy Resource Management Flight Chief, 36th Services, Bitburg
    AB, Germany
11. September 1993 – June 1994, Resource Management Flight Chief, Bitburg AB, Germany
12. June 1994 – June 1996, Financial Management and Accounting Instructor, Air Force Services
    Agency, Randolph AFB, Texas
13. June 1996 – February 1997, Financial Specialist, Headquarters Air Education and Training
    Command Services, Randolph AFB, Texas
14. February 1997 – November 1998, Financial Management Specialist, AETC Services, Randolph
    AFB, Texas
15. November 1998 – November 2002, Chief, Field Accounting Branch, AETC Services, Randolph
    AFB, Texas
16. December 2002 – February 2005, Chief, Resource Management Division, Headquarters United
    States Air Force in Europe Services, Sembach AB, Germany
17. February 2005 – December 2007, Deputy Director, Nonappropriated Fund Transformation
    Directorate, Air Force Services Agency, San Antonio, Texas
18. December 2007 – Current, Director, Force Management and Personnel Directorate, Headquarters
    Air Force Services Agency, San Antonio, TX

AFSVA/A1S Winner General Michael P.C. Carns Award, 2010; Selected as co-coach for Excellence in
Government Leadership Program, Oct 09 - Aug 10; Exemplary Civilian Service Awards, 2004, 1997;
Meritorious Civilian Service Award, 2005, 2002; Notable Achievement, 2001, 1997, 1991; AETC
Winner General Michael P.C. Carns Award, 2000, 1998

American Society of Military Comptrollers
Federal Manager’s Association
International Military Community Executives Association
National Association of Female Executives

(Current as of Jul 12)

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