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									                 Astute Strategies For Cell Phones For Troops - Insights

                                                       Mobile phone recycling is one of the most
                                                      hyped up campaign programs that have been
                                                      successful in most parts of the world. This is
                                                      a grassroots effort that is supposed to build
                                                      awareness about handset recycling as well
                                                      as the impact that it has on the environment.

                                                      Why don't you look around Recycling Cell
                                                      Phones - An Update for the best info.Mobile
                                                      phone recycling normally works with all
models of handsets, PDA's, beepers, accessories and chargers. It is however important to note
there are some companies that usually deal with specific phone models thus you might have to
look for the one that will handle the version you have. It is also important to get a company that
has the proper licenses and have created a good name in the industry to be sure that you will
enjoy high quality services like Mazuma. This also ensures that the phones are recycled in the
proper way. Mobile phone recycling also ensures that the materials that are not in use are
disposed off according to the environmental principles that have been put in place.

Even as recent as a few years ago, an environmentally conscious consumer could experience
difficulty finding a place to accept a phone handset for recycling. This frustrating experience
soured many of these well meaning consumers on the process of phone recycling. Today things
are radically different. Mobile phone recycling has become the 'in thing' and there are now many
phone recycling companies, such as Envirofone and Mazuma Mobile who will give you cash for
your old handset, even if it is no longer fully functioning.

It's not hard to find somewhere that recycles mobile phones. The first place to look is online to see
if there are any local places where you can drop them off. Local charities are a good place to start.
One gives them to the elderly and sets them up to be used in emergency and the recipient is
encouraged to carry the phone at all times. If the person needs medical assistance then they
simply call 911 and help is at hand.

What happens to a recycled phone? Many phone recyclers are charities that refurbish and
redistribute the mobile phones to people in need. Charities for women and children, low income
families, who are unable to afford a means of communication and mobile phones for volunteer
organisations. This allows for the mobile phone to experience new life and for a good cause. Other
mobile phone recyclers break down broken or defective mobile phone devices to reuse the raw
materials, requiring less new raw materials to be harvested and processed.
When dealing with cellphone recycling, it is important to know the public health as well as
environmental impacts of the waste that is produced by the phones. In the UK alone, studies show
that over 5 million phones are stored in shelves or placed in landfills and the number increases by
about 130 million every year. This can also be made worse as there are some organizations that
have shown that the number many be increased by 2 million a week. This means that mobile
phone recycling can get a lot of business if everyone can follow that direction.

Although consumers are being encouraged to recycle and reuse, I realized recently that the
electronics industry and especially cell phone companies are responsible for encouraging
consumers to accumulate a lot of old cell phones. Some estimate around 800 million of them are
lying around unwanted in our homes!

Maybe look over Cell Phone Recycle for smart opinion.There are many great reasons to recycle
mobile phones besides the fact that you get cash. These phones are refurbished or the parts are
used in developing countries to help with their ability to communicate. It helps people who may not
have been able to afford this technology, receive it. Also, you are being environmentally conscious
and keeping electronics out of the land fill. This is a winning combination!

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