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Conference Call Set Up


No longer can company budgets afford the luxury of long distance trips for decision making when it

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									Conference Call Set Up
The conference call is now perhaps of the most common method of communication for business and
industry around the world. There is no doubt that the conference call is being utilized by every major
company throughout the world. When it comes to saving money, time, and energy, this type of call
offers it all.
No longer can company budgets afford the luxury of long distance trips for decision making when it
can be done with a conference call cheaply, effectively, and quickly. Whether it concerns just
employees, or several companies, the conference call can handle any number of people on the line.
This call set up does not take a technology genius to put together and use.
There are basically three types of conference calls you can utilize for your call set up from anywhere.
The first one is reservationless conferencing calling. All you need is to get the phone number and an
access code for yourself and your other parties. Give the number and the access code to your parties
and your are on your way to a good call.
The second type is operator assisted. An operator will be on hand to help with how to set up a call
and will remain for the entire call. It is a little more expensive but it is nice to have help if needed for
any problems or technical issues that arise.
The third type is the operator dialed set-up call. This type of call allows for more interaction and
requires reservations for all parties. It is probably the most expensive type of call. The operator
handles all the details and is there for assistance when and if needed.
Problem solving can be done with your employees and decisions made to fix problems with a
conference call set up from any location. If you need engineers or managers, or resource people, the
process if quite easy. The great advantage of this set up is that it is fast, easy, and inexpensive.
Just compare that time and money you will save with a conference all versus travel time, travel
expenses, and time wasted with a conventional meeting for five or six people. It is much more
convenient to use the process of a conference call to answer questions and get things done then
taking the time to call a meeting over some distance that will take more money to produce the same
The conference call has become a routine tool for the work place to solve problems, get answers, and
share information. If you are not taking advantage of this great tool, then you are falling behind in
effective management practices. You need to be using the technology that is available to help deal
with any situation. Investigate the advantages of the conference call set up for your business and
your company.

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