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					    In the process of SEO management, the act of
    pagination can be referred to as the method of
 organizing or assigning numbers to that data which
      is contained on a webpage. This process of
providing page numbers to each and every webpage
 is intended to make the webpage user-friendly and
           at the same time easy to manage.

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  It could be taken in a way that a website that has a lot of
information regarding different variations of its products and may use
pagination to show around 40 variants of its products on each page
instead of showing all its products on a single page This ensures
convenience for the users in terms of surfing the website for its
 It also prevents the hazardous way of displaying information in a
proper manner However, pagination can turn up as a significant
problem for many websites and can also affect the way the content
of a website is indexed by major search engines
 This is because the major search engines do not look favorably
upon the act of providing pagination to various webpages and in
many instances a search engine may not even look past the first few
pages Luckily, there are a few things you can do to limit the impact
that pagination has on your crawl rate and ensure more of your
pages are crawled by Google and other major search engines
  Also, if the process of pagination is not properly implemented on a
certain webpage, it may initiate content problems like duplication
which may also result in poor SEO management For example, if any
customer searches for a particular product on the first webpage, it
will have a series of common products with it and again if the
customer search another different product and see a series of
products similar to the previous results then these are duplicates
found by the browser or search engine
  That is why there is a need for efficient and effective offered by
professional companies to make a website usable and productive
and at the same time SEO friendly
 One of the more effective ways to prevent the negative effects of
pagination is to provide sub-categories to the main categories being
displayed on a website
 However, in today's world, there are a huge number of websites
which more information on support SEO and provide tools which
promise to provide very effective methods of providing pagination to
the webpages
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