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             Mohawk going greener...
             How can Mohawk reduce its emissions through conservation? How can staff and students contribute
             to reducing emissions? And, what would they like to see Mohawk do to reduce its carbon footprint?

             I N S P I R I N G   L E A R N I N G,   L E A D E R S H I P,   C I T I Z E N S H I P   A N D   I N N O V A T I O N
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                                                                                     from the editor
What the past 10 years teach us in the next 10?        2                             WelcoMe to the WInter eDItIon of MohaWk MagazIne.
                         Three reasons to cheer         3
                                                                                     It’s been a busy fall term at Mohawk and while we started off on a bit of rough note we
   Mohawk’s environmental management plan
           Mohawk’s completes energy retrofit
                                                                                 4   definitely made up for it as the months progressed, which you’ll see in the collection of
                                                                                     stories that make up this the final issue for 2011.
    Marco felvus receives YMCA Peace Medal             5
      McKeil school of Business makes history          6                             in this issue we’ll touch on some of the exciting things that have been happening around the
      Applied research is growing at Mohawk            7                             college, including an update on the status of the Academic Plan that is due to go for Board
             funding for e-Health records solution     8                             approval in the spring 2012. We’ll also take a look at some of the highlights of the College’s
  seminar innoculates police officers against stress    9                            first environmental Management Plan that was approved by the Board in November. in
                                                                                     keeping with the environment theme, the College has just completed an extensive energy
    Program sends high school students to college      10
                                                                                     retrofit program at the fennell Campus that is saving money and helping to reduce our
                                                                                 6   environmental footprint at the same time. You can read all about it on page 4.
     On the Front Cover: Mohawk’s getting greener
                   everyday at the fennell Campus
                                                                                     Mohawk made history in November with the official naming of the McKeil school of Business
                                                                                     at the fennell Campus. This is the first time that Mohawk has named a school after a
                                                                                     benefactor and the McKeil family continues to be heavily involved in the College. We thank
                                                                                     the McKeil’s for their support and look forward to working with them in the months and years
                                                                                     to come.

                                                                                     You’ll also read about Mohawk College Professor Marco felvus, whose efforts to foster a
                                                                                 8   culture of peace on campus and in the community earned him a YMCA Peace Medal in
                                                                                     November. Marco is well-known for organizing on-campus events such as the Day of Pink and
                                                                                     more recently for bringing well-known gay rights advocate Judy shepard to speak to students
                                                                                     and the community at a free event in the Mcintyre Theatre.
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What can the past 10 years
teach us about the next 10?
MohaWk set to unveIl acaDeMIc Plan In early 2012

What do social media, smart phones and clouds all have in common?

      mohawk magazine

Ten years ago these terms didn’t exist, or if they did, they certainly weren’t part of our   might make students want to come to Mohawk over the next ten years; (2) what
everyday vocabulary. Today, these terms are ubiquitous. Who hasn’t heard of facebook?        core capabilities and skills might students need for the future; and (3) how might
Who doesn’t know what a smart phone is? or who hasn’t heard about “clouds”, a more           we enable high quality learning over the next ten years.
recent innovation that could make the hard drive a thing of the past.
                                                                                             Led by the Academic Plan steering Committee and Task force, the session
What’s great about these things is that each of them has spawned entire industries and       participants have included staff and faculty from different areas of the College,
created opportunities that didn’t exist before. But what’s next? Will social media evolve    students, members of Mohawk’s Program Advisory Committees, representatives
or be replaced by something better? What will become of mobile technology? Will cloud        from local school boards, the City of Hamilton’s economic Development                2
technology revolutionize how we store and share data?                                        department, and deans from McMaster university.

Whatever happens will only happen if there are the people with the                           The next step is to have the steering Committee and Task force draft the
knowledge and skills needed to make it happen, and that’s where the                          Plan during a series of meetings beginning in January, says Dan. The draft
opportunity exists for Mohawk College.                                                       will then go back to internal and external stakeholders for validation, and an
                                                                                                implementation plan will be developed before the Plan goes to the Board
When Mohawk completes its 10-year Academic Plan next year it                                      for approval in the spring.
will clearly describe the College’s academic priorities and inform
key decisions regarding the College’s future such as program                                       “We’re in the business of training people for careers, so identifying where
development, human resource requirements and technology                                             the jobs will be over the next five to 10 years and how we get students
needs. it will also consider the needs of our community and ensure                                   ready for them is the most important thing that we have to figure out
that the College graduates entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers                                    as a college community,” says Dan. “The Academic Plan will give us
capable of developing the next great idea.                                                             clear direction and a set of priorities that will guide us.”

flexible learning options for students, the need to graduate students                                   if you couldn’t make one of the sessions there are other ways to
with soft skills, and having faculty that are up to date on the latest                                   make your voice heard. Comments can still be submitted online
trends in their industry are some of the main themes that dominated                                       at You can also post
the discussions during the 29 consultation sessions that have been held since                               comments to the Academic Plan on facebook and follow the
May, says Dan. The response was great, he adds, with more than 500 participants                              progress on Twitter at @AcademicPlan. Look for the links on
over the course of the sessions, and 3,100 responses to the three key questions: what                          the Academic Plan webpage.
                                                                                         Three reasons to

residence Bike share                                                                                          graduate celebrates 50th anniversary with $50,000 gift
Plans In Place to exPanD In the sPrIng
                                                                                                              Mohawk College thanks roberta Tremain (picture far right), the first woman
a program that allows students living in residence to                                                         to graduate from the Hamilton institute of Technology (HiT), the precursor
borrow bikes for quick trips to the store, to work or to just                                                 to Mohawk College, in 1961. roberta chose to mark the 50th anniversary
go for a ride is proving to be a hit with students.
                                                                                                              of her graduation from HiT by donating $50,000 to establish entrance
since the residence Bike share program launched at the end                                                    scholarships for women enrolled in technology programs at Mohawk.
of september, the three bikes located at the residence have                                                   During her visit to the College in october, roberta met with Cheryl Jensen,
been signed out more than 100 times, says Alan Griffiths,                                                     Mohawk’s Vice President Academic, and the first female Dean of the
Mohawk’s sustainable environment specialist. That’s good                                                      College’s faculty of engineering Technology. Cheryl says the scholarships
news, says Alan, because it shows that the program is worth                                                   will be used to encourage young women to enter technology fields.
the relatively small cost to implement it, and that there will
be demand for an expanded program to run out of the MsA
student Centre in the spring.
                                                                                                     continuing                    Mohawk learning exchange gets
use of the bikes is free. All students have to do is put down                                        education gets                award of Merit
a $10 refundable deposit and they can use the bikes to
                                                                                                     another nod for its           The Mohawk Learning exchange received an
commute to work, to the mall or just to go for a ride.
                                                                                                     use of Qr codes               Award of Merit in Architecture and sustainability
“They’ll get a lock and a helmet with the bike,” says Alan.
                                                                                                       Higher education            in the City of Hamilton’s 2011 urban Design and
“And they must wear the helmet at all times while on                                                                                                                                     3
the bike.”                                                                                             Marketing has given         Architecture Awards. The award recognized the
                                                                                                       kudos to Mohawk             contributions of Zeidler Partnership Architects,
The program is a partnership between the MsA and the                                                   College’s Continuing        iBi Group, Halcrow Yolles, Lintack Architects inc.
College’s sustainability office, says Alan. The bikes were                                                                         and oakridge Landscaping. The Mohawk Learning
                                                                                                       education catalogue for
purchased at cost through sportChek and maintenance is                                                                             exchange, home to the Harold Cummings Library and
provided by local bike shop, Hammer City Cycle. When the                                               its use of Qr (stands for
                                                                                                       “quick response”) codes     Collaboratory, is part of the fennell Campus renewal
program expands to the MsA student Centre in the spring,
                                                                                                       to communicate with                                           Project. The 3-storey,
an additional five bikes will be added. The racks and signs
have already been installed outside G Wing.                                                            current and prospective                                       LeeD certified
                                                                                                       students. Qr codes                                            building opened in
other schools have similar programs, says Alan, but most          offer a quicker and more seamless communication with                                               January 2010 and
of them are rental programs where students rent the bikes         students, and are easy to employ as they can be printed                                            was constructed on
for extended periods of time. Mohawk’s program is based                                                                                                              time, on budget and
                                                                  on any surface from posters, ads, business cards and direct
on one at the university of ottawa and is similar to what is in                                                                                                      accident free.
place throughout many large cities.                               mail pieces. Higher education Marketing is a company
                                                                  that helps colleges and universities get the most from
Hamilton may soon join the list of cities that offer bike share   their marketing efforts through website optimization and
programs, says Alan, who sits on the working group that is        internet marketing strategies. This is the second time in
assembling the business case for one in the city. Mohawk’s        recent months that the College’s use of Qr codes in the
program is somewhat of a pilot for the city-wide project,         catalogue has been recognized by the industry. earlier this
and its success will help make the case for it, he adds. if
                                                                  fall, LerN Magazine acknowledged Mohawk as being one
that happens, Alan says he hopes to see the city install bike
stations at the fennell Campus.                                   of the first in the field to use Qr codes.
Mohawk environmental Management Plan calls
for 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020
reDuctIon target baseD on 2007 eMIssIons

Mohawk college has committed to cutting carbon emissions in an environmental management plan believed
to be the first among ontario’s 24 public colleges.

      mohawk magazine

                            on November 9, Mohawk’s Board of Governors voted                    the draft plan that was posted to the office’s website last summer. A final consultation
                            unanimously to adopt the College’s first environmental              involving community members was held in october. The input from that session
                             management plan. The plan commits Mohawk to a 20 per               helped to validate the draft plan before it went for board approval.
                             cent reduction of 2007 baseline carbon emissions by 2020,
                                                                                                “MOhawk’s envirOnMental ManageMent plan will serve as the
                             exceeding the 15 per cent provincial target.                       FraMewOrk FOr all deCisiOns Made with respeCt tO iMprOving Our
                                The environmental management plan identifies eight              COllege’s envirOnMental stewardship,” said president rOb MaCisaaC in
                                pillars or areas where the College can reduce its emissions     a Media release annOunCing the bOard’s apprOval OF the plan.
                                to achieve the 20 per cent target: waste management
                                                                                                “our plan calls upon all staff, students and members of the community to work
                               and paper consumption; facility operations and future            together to build a more sustainable college,” says Macisaac. “Getting there will
                               buildings; procurement; local food and health and wellness;      require us to rethink how we do business and to take a different approach to planning
                             transportation and vehicle emissions; alternative energy;          for future investment and growth. We will need new programs and policies and above
                     tracking, reporting and communications; and change management.             all, we will need everyone’s support and commitment to make it happen.”
                         Mohawk’s sustainability office worked with a consulting company        sustainability, together with quality and innovation, are Mohawk’s three strategic
                         that specializes in helping colleges and universities establish        priorities. The College defines sustainability as conducting business to positively
                        baseline data for environmental improvement plans to come up            impact people, the environment and the economy.
with a detailed inventory of the College’s carbon emissions. That data was used to set the
reduction targets outlined in the plan.                                                         Mohawk’s sustainability office will oversee the plan’s implementation. The
                                                                                                sustainability office will soon be putting out a call for any students, faculty or
Next, the sustainability office turned to staff and students for input, asking them what they   staff interested in being part of a sustainability committee. That committee
wanted to see happen.                                                                           will discuss the plan’s implementation and identify the areas to be targeted first.
“We asked three questions,” says Alan Griffiths, Mohawk’s sustainability initiatives            regular communication will keep everyone up-to-date on the College’s
coordinator. “How can Mohawk reduce its emissions through conservation? How can staff           performance. in 2012, Mohawk will produce its first sustainability report. The
and students contribute to reducing emissions? And, what would they like to see Mohawk          annual report will track the College’s performance year over year as we work
do to reduce its carbon footprint?”                                                             towards the 2020 deadline.
More than 170 staff and students submitted comments online or in-person at one of the           stay tuned to the sustainability office webpage and Mohawk Matters
Carbon roundtables that were held in March and April. Their input was used to prepare           for more information.
Mohawk College professor
Marco felvus receives
                                                            Mohawk completes energy retrofit
YMCA Peace Medal                                            program at fennell
MeDal honours achIeveMents of those
WorkIng to create culture of Peace                          IMProveMents save college $400,000 a year

Mohawk college professor Marco felvus received              Mohawk college has completed a multi-year,
the yMca Peace Medal at the yMca Peace Medal                multi-million dollar energy retrofit program at its largest
breakfast held at the hamilton convention centre on         and oldest campus.
november 22. Marco received the medal for his efforts
in fostering a culture of peace on campus and in            The retrofit program, which began in 2003/2004, is the
the community.                                              largest modernization program in Mohawk history. Cooling
                                                            units, boilers, doors, windows, taps, toilets and lighting,
                                        YMCA Peace
                                                            dating as far back as the late 1960s and early 1970s, have     via the internet or set to regulate itself depending
                                                            been replaced with new, state-of-the-art equipment.            on factors such as outside air temperatures and
                                        honour the
                                                                                                                           indoor Co2 levels, he says. The result is a much more
                                        achievements of
                                                            While many of these changes are hidden from view,              efficient heating and cooling system.
                                        local individuals
                                                            behind walls, in ceilings, on the roof or in boiler rooms,
                                        and groups
                                                            they’ve made a big difference in the College’s push to         sustainability is a strategic priority for Mohawk College.
                                        who have made
                                                            be more sustainable, says Tony scime, who oversaw the          The energy retrofit improvements are saving the
                                                            implementation of the retrofit program at Mohawk.              college about $400,000 a year, while reducing its
                                                                                                                           impact on the environment, says Tony. The College
                                        to fostering
                                                            simply changing standard taps and toilets to hands-free        was also able to take advantage of more than
                                        a culture of
                                                            taps and hands-free, low-flow, low-flush toilets has cut the   $160,000 in grants and incentives from sources such
                                        peace in the
                                                            College’s water consumption in half, says Tony. reducing       as Horizon utilities, union Gas, Natural resources
                                                            the consumption meant the College could then replace the       Canada, the ontario Ministry of energy and
                                                            building’s hot-water storage tanks with units half the size    infrastructure, and the ontario Power Authority.           5
Marco, who teaches in the school of Human services,
has involved hundreds of students in events that build      that use less energy to keep the water hot.
and promote peace, including Take Back the Night to                                                                        With fennell complete, the focus will shift to other
end sexual violence and the Child Abuse Awareness           other improvements include a solar wall                        campuses. Tony says the next step is to do an energy
Purple ribbon Campaign. By building such events into        that was installed on the roof of e Wing.                      audit of the sTArrT campus in stoney Creek. The
the curriculum, he has ensured that students actively       The wall uses the sun’s energy to                              work will be done in cooperation with the College’s
participate in community peace initiatives. Marco most      preheat air before it enters the                               energy partner MCW Custom energy solutions.
recently brought gay rights advocate Judy shepard to        building’s air-handling system.
Hamilton for a free community and student event in the      The technology is very simple,
Mcintyre Performing Arts Centre.                            and there’s virtually no maintenance.

The YMCA received a total of 17 nominations in four         A re-engineered heating and cooling
categories – youth individual, adult individual, youth      system has increased capacity while
group and adult group. Marco was nominated in the           significantly reducing costs, adds Tony.
adult individual category.                                  The entire heating and cooling plant is
                                                            run by a building automation system that
The YMCA Peace Medal Breakfast was presented by the         provides total control over where and
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford in partnership        when parts of the building are cooled or
with the farah family foundation and Hasty Markets.         heated. it can even be controlled remotely
YMCA Peace Medal nominations are presented by The
Hamilton spectator.
McKeil school of Business makes history as first
school to be named for a benefactor
blaIr MckeIl becoMes MohaWk’s fIrst entrePreneur-In-resIDence

hamilton-based Mckeil Marine made the largest donation in company history to support the largest
renewal project in the history of Mohawk college.

       mohawk magazine

                                          McKeil Marine’s $1 million donation to Mohawk
                                          included a $750,000 donation to the College’s fennell
                                          Campus renewal Project and another $250,000 for                                                                                    6
                                          student scholarships and bursaries. in recognition of     McKeil Marine Chairman and CEO Blair McKeil talks about
                                          these investments in Mohawk, the College named its        the importance of post-secondary education at the naming
                                          school of business located at the fennell Campus, the     of the McKeil School of Business in November.
                                          McKeil school of Business in November. The McKeil
                                          school of Business, with 2,600 students in 20 programs,
                                          is the first to be named for a Mohawk benefactor.         “My family and company are proud to invest in a college that
                                                                                                    does an outstanding job of preparing students in our community
                                          McKeil Marine Chairman and Ceo Blair McKeil is            for the business of life,” says Blair. “Like every successful company,
                                          also mentoring students by serving as Mohawk’s first      our most valuable asset is our people. McKeil Marine supports
                                          ever entrepreneur-in-residence, while his wife Kathy is   Mohawk because the college provides our company and the
                                          organizing an entrepreneurship speakers’ series.          Greater Hamilton Area with highly skilled graduates who make an
                                                                                                    immediate contribution thanks to their hands-on and real-world
                                          “Blair, together with his family and his company, has     college education.”
                                          made a remarkable investment in both our students
                                          and our college,” says Mohawk President rob               McKeil Marine provides innovative marine transportation solutions
                                          Macisaac. “Mohawk is proud to name our school             and special project support to customers across the Great Lakes,
                                          of Business in tribute to a hometown Ceo and an           st. Lawrence seaway, eastern seaboard and Canadian arctic.
                                          industry-leading company.”                                With 53 years of experience in the marine transportation industry,
                                                                                                    McKeil owns and operates a diverse and versatile range of tugs
                                                                                                    and barges.
Applied research is growing at
Mohawk College
MohaWk college’s IDeaWorks PrograM Is usIng aPPlIeD research to Put stuDents anD faculty to
Work fInDIng InnovatIve anD entrePreneurIal solutIons to real-WorlD challenges.

iDeaWorks connects start-ups, small to medium-sized enterprises (sMes) and non-profit organizations with students and faculty
that have the training and expertise needed to help them succeed. through iDeaWorks, businesses and non-profits can
leverage the college’s resources to do prototype testing and development, gain access to new technology, facilities and
equipment, get help with software development, optimization and integration, or connect with new sources of funding.

mohawk magazine

                                                              market for the company’s iPad Coffeetablet application, a    program was launched to support ontario post-secondary
                                                              virtual coffee table book, by adapting the technology to     institutions in growing existing project and experience-
                                                              the Android platform.                                        based programs for young entrepreneurs that will
                                                                                                                           enhance the quality of new ventures and
                                                              in a collaborative project with ecGroup inc., a consulting
                                                                                                                           industry collaborations.
                                                              company that advises public and private sector clients
                                                              regarding eHealth strategy and technology, iDeaWorKs         iDeaWorKs is using part of this funding to
                                                              students and staff are assisting with the implementation     support student start-up projects in 2011-12.
                                                              of a text messaging technology to help doctors, clinicians   Two entrepreneurial Mohawk students are
                                                              and patients in remote areas (without reliable access to     developing their own mobile application for r
                                                              broadband internet) connect to jurisdictional electronic     educing medication-related incidents through prescription
                                                              health record systems.                                       encoding technology. iDeaWorKs will provide technical
                                                                                                                           support, mentorship, industry contacts, space and other
                                                              students are also working with Desire2Learn, providers
                                                                                                                           resources to help these students develop and market their
                                                              of innovative eLearning solutions, to develop a mobile
                                                                                                                           innovative new product.
                                                              application that enables users to access bus transit data
                                                              and campus maps.                                             iDeaWorKs will also be funding a Mohawk co-op student
MP David Sweet at the announcement of $750,000 in                                                                          to develop a mobile application in collaboration with
funding for applied research at Mohawk College.               iDeaWorKs is supported by Mohawk College and
                                                                                                                           soAP Vault, a start-up that provides web-based software
                                                              through grants and contributions. This year, the program
                                                                                                                           for massage therapists, physiotherapists or chiropractors
                                                              received $750,000 in funding from fedDev ontario’s
                                                                                                                           to use as a tool to chart and document clinical notes
in 2011, iDeaWorKs has partnered with 18 sMes putting         Applied research and Commercialization initiative,
students to work on projects related to health care, mobile   which aims to address the gap between research and
technology, web development, energy, software and             commercialization and encourage collaboration between        Applied research is growing at ontario’s community
advanced materials.                                           sMes and post-secondary institutions.                        colleges and Mohawk College will play a significant role in
                                                                                                                           its success.
in the mobile technology sector, for example, software        in addition to fedDev ontario funding, Mohawk College
development students are learning Java programming            received $220,000 from the ontario Centres of excellence     for more information please visit the iDeaWorKs’
and sQLite database concepts while working with fluid         (oCe) experiential Learning Program (eLP), funded            website:
Media inc. (fMi). The students are helping fMi expand the     by the Ministry of research and innovation. The eLP
Mohawk receives federal funding for national
e-Health records solution applied research
MohaWk one of four colleges to receIve funDIng

Mohawk college has received $2.3 million in federal research funding to develop a working example of the national
electronic health records solution.

      mohawk magazine

Mohawk was one of four colleges and one Collège d’enseignement général et                                                                                   selected for
professionnel (CeGePs) to receive funding through the College and Community                                                                                 funding following
innovation Program, a joint initiative of the Natural sciences and engineering research                                                                     a peer-review
Council of Canada (NserC), the social sciences and Humanities research Council of                                                                           competition. each
Canada and the Canadian institutes for Health research.                                                                                                     institution will
                                                                                                                                                            receive $2.3 million
The College and Community innovation Program provides funding to colleges and                                                                               over five years.
CeGePs to develop or expand research transfer activities in their communities through                                                                                              8
partnerships with local companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. The                                                                      A team of
program supports projects in environmental science and technology, natural resources                                                                         Mohawk students,
and energy, health and related life science and technology, and information and                                                                              graduates and
communication technology.                                                                                                                                    faculty are working
                                                                                                                                                             on the electronic
“our government is investing in science and technologygy to create jobs, strengthen                                                                          Health records
the economy and improve the quality of life of Canadians,” said the Honourable Gary                                                                          solution project
Goodyear, Minister of state (science and Technology). “Colleges and CeGePs play a                                                                            with more than
vital role in building innovative communities. This funding will help them work with their   a dozen partners. once launched, the eHrs will connect 40,000 health care
local businesses to move their research out into the marketplace.”                           support systems across Canada, providing health professionals with a
                                                                                             centralized system for accessing a patient’s complete medical history.
“The CCi Program builds on NserC’s other initiatives that foster collaboration               Mohawk’s project team and industry partners will build and demonstrate
between industry and postsecondary institutions,” said Dr. suzanne fortier, President        options to simplify and standardize connections to the eHrs by doctor’s
of NserC, which administers the program. “The partners will be working on important,         offices, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and other providers. The Mohawk
multifaceted Canadian problems while benefiting their local communities. We look             research team will also create a new software development program to train
forward to helping them achieve their maximum potential and impact.”                         health informatics professionals in Canada.

Mohawk and the three other colleges and CeGeP (emily Carr university of Art +
Design, Cegep de Levis-Lauzon, La Cite collegiale and sheridan College) were
                                                                                                                                                             (l-r) Dave Smith, Calibre

seminar inoculates police                                                                                                                                    Press, Jo-Anne Procter,
                                                                                                                                                             Assoc. Dean Justive and
                                                                                                                                                             Wellness Studies and

officers against stress                                                                                                                                      Peter St. Denis, Professor,
                                                                                                                                                             Mohawk College at the
                                                                                                                                                             Street Survival Seminar
                                                                                                                                                             held in November at the
JustIce anD Wellness stuDIes hosts street survIval seMInar                                                                                                   Brantford Campus.
Police officers from as far away as nigeria visited Mohawk college’s brantford campus
in early november for a two-day seminar focused on helping officers cope with
job-related stress.

street survival 2011 is the first seminar of its kind to be held at Mohawk College.

“The street survival training inoculates police officers against stress,” says Public                             Taylor scrimshaw plans to make a career in policing after he
safety and security Professor Peter st. Denis. “officers learn how to cope with                                    graduates from Mohawk next year. for Taylor, the street survival
worst-case scenarios including violent confrontations, personal injury or the loss                                 seminar was a window into an aspect of the profession that students
of friends and colleagues on the job.”                                                                              don’t often think of when they choose a career in policing.

some even brought their spouses to the seminar so they can better understand                                      “You don’t realize how important communication is,” says Taylor.
what goes through an officer’s mind when the unthinkable happens, he adds.                                       “Just speaking with other officers can make a difference in how you
                                                                                                                 deal with a bad situation.”
Post-traumatic stress is the aftermath of going through a high-stress situation.
Anyone can experience it, but people in careers such as policing and the armed forces                      The seminar was taught by Dave smith, an internationally
are more likely than most to be find themselves in situations that trigger it,                              renowned speaker, trainer and author with Calibre Press, a
says Peter.                                                                                                 world leader in police training. Dave teaches police officers all
                                                                                                           over the united states, and says the equipment and faculty at             9
A former Peel region police officer, Peter says it’s common for                                             Mohawk rival some of the best police training centres in the u.s.
someone who has just gone through a life-threatening situation
and survived to feel euphoric. Later, that same person may                                                   “I’m Impressed wIth the technology here, and the team of
experience extreme guilt over feeling that way. That guilt                                                   faculty Is just phenomenal,” he says. “everybody I’ve spoken
can eat away at them. it can also have a devastating effect                                                 to Is an expert In theIr fIeld.”
on relationships and careers. What these officers don’t often
understand is that these feelings are very normal, he says.                                              Hosting the street survival seminar was part of a five-year strategy for the
                                                                                                         Public safety and security program. Peter says the program is looking at ways
“People are hard-wired this way,” says Peter. “You can’t stop                                           to increase partnership opportunities with outside agencies such as local law
it from happening, but if you recognize it for what it is, it’s much                                   enforcement. These partnerships highlight the training opportunities available
easier to cope.”                                                                                     at Mohawk and position the College as a leader in the industry. They also help
                                                                                                  students network with professionals in the field and provide opportunities for
That’s one of the main objectives behind the street survival seminar. if                       students to participate in seminars like this one.
officers know that what they’re feeling is normal they’ll be better equipped
to deal with it. They’ll understand that it’s better to talk about it than to let it fester.

About 50 police officers from across North America – some from as far away as the West-
African country of Nigeria, made the trip to Brantford for the seminar. About 20 students
from Mohawk’s Advanced Police studies program also got to take part.
      mohawk magazine

innovative program sends local
high school students to college                                                                                                Mohawk College Professor Glen Kinaschuk teaches M.M.
sPecIalIst hIgh skIlls MaJor stuDents coMe to MohaWk over fall break                                                           Robinson students about electrical technology.
over the fall break week, students from the hamilton Wentworth catholic District school board (hWcDsb)
and from the halton District school board (hDsb) had the opportunity to spend some time exploring career
and post-secondary options at Mohawk college.

sHsM is a Ministry of education program aimed at letting students focus on career                The 75-minutes classes
paths that match their skills and interests, while meeting the requirements of the ontario       give the students a
secondary school Diploma (ossD). The program is open to Grade 11 and 12 students,                chance to get to know a
who must apply to be accepted. successful students spend the school year taking a                college instructor, and for
bundle of eight to 10 courses in their chosen field. During that time they earn valuable         the College it’s a bit of a
industry certifications including first aid and CPr qualifications, gain important skills, and   recruiting tool,
even spend some time learning in a post-secondary setting.                                       says robert.

That was the experience for a class of Grade 11 and 12 students from M.M. robinson               The in-class sessions at
High school in Burlington, who spent the week exploring electrical engineering at                Mohawk were taught by
Mohawk’s sTArrT Campus in stoney Creek. The students were part of the HDsB’s                     Glen Kinaschuk, Program                                                                  10
electrical specialist High skills Major program.                                                 Coordinator for the         Students from the HWCDSB get a look at the equipment
                                                                                                 electrical engineering      used to train nursing students at the Institute of Applied
Carlo Crechiola teaches the electrical High skills program at M.M. robinson. An                  Technician - Power          Health Sciences. Photo courtesy: Marilyn Presutti
electrician himself, Carlo sees the value in giving students exposure to careers in the          program, and the team
electrical industry. “They get exposure to the skills and programs before they move on to        lead and coordinator for the week. electrical engineering Technician - Power
post-secondary education, and at the end of the year they’ll have made the decision as to        instructors Mike rodrigues and Doug Wells also taught in the program.
where they want to go,” said Carlo.
                                                                                                 sTArrT wasn’t the only Mohawk Campus to play host to sHsM students during
Coming to Mohawk for the fall and spring study breaks gives the students the                     the fall break. About 250 students enrolled in the HWCDsB’s Health and Wellness
opportunity to experience college first-hand, and that may help them when it comes time          Major visited the iAHs Campus over two days to learn about careers in the health
to decide what to do next, says Carlo.                                                           sector from students and faculty at the institute.

if that decision is to come to college, they’ll be one step ahead of their peers. The            “Coming to iAHs and hearing first-hand from the students and faculty is good for
electrical High skills Major at M.M. robinson is a dual-credit program. That means               the students,” said Marilyn Presutti, who works in Cooperative education with the
students get both high school and college-level credits, so they can go to college with a        HWCDsB. “A lot of students aren’t aware of the career options available to them
few courses already completed.                                                                   in the healthcare industry, and this gives them a chance to hear about other
                                                                                                 options in pharmacology and radiology that may not have considered before.”
And if they choose Mohawk, they’ll have already met some of their professors. robert
Deeks is a professor in the Mechanical engineering Technician Automation Program at              it’s also a chance for the students to preview what coming to college would be
sTArrT. since september, robert has spent two mornings a week at M.M. robinson                   like, getting to see first-hand what sort of equipment the college students are
teaching the 20 students in the class Computer Aided Drafting.                                   learning on and hearing from students who are enrolled in programs now.

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