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					    Alhambra Instituto
✤   Millions of people think that   Students of foreign languages
    Spanish opens the doors to            have access to a greater
    the future.                     number of career possibilities
                                              and develop a deeper
✤   Spanish is spoken by more           understanding of their own
    than 450 million people.                    and other cultures.
                                     Some evidence also suggests
✤   Our popular Intensive Spanish        that students who receive
    Courses will develop you           second language instruction
    language skills                  are more creative and better
                                      at solving complex problems

                             Alhambra Instituto
                           SPANISH INTENSIVE COURSES IN SPAIN
                         Alhambra Instituto
❖   Spanish is the second most
    spoken native language worldwide

❖   ...and the second language of
    international communication

❖   You will begin to think in Spanish

❖   Learn how to speak Spanish

❖   We have a great range of fun
    Spanish Courses at Alhambra

❖   Beginner Spanish. With our
    Spanish course for absolute
❖Spanish  is the second language in
France. About 65% of French secondary
students are learning Spanish. In other
words 1,700,000 students are learning

❖In the UK, Spanish is the favorite
language among adults learning foreign
               Learn Spanish from Scratch
❖   Where can I learn Spanish from
    scratch? : in Alhambra Instituto

❖   Learning Spanish will (truly)
    expand your universe.

❖   For many, learning Spanish is rapidly
    becoming a business necessity.

❖   Over the past decade, the demand
    for Spanish Language courses
    worldwide has almost doubled.

❖   With our Spanish course for
    absolute Beginner you will learn
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