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									    60 Second Sales Pages Bonus Includes 100
          Sales/Squeeze Page Templates
October 20, 2012 By Joseph Mai

 This is NOT just another sales page theme, this is a PLUGIN driven TOTAL templating

This is how it all came about.

Dissatisfied with theme based systems that locked me into their one single appearance, I put my
thinking cap on and came up with the Page Template Plugin. (It’s taken over two years of
prototype coding and design for me to get to this stage, but that’s a story for another time.)

My logic is that as WordPress will only let you have one single theme active at a time… and if
you’ve chosen a theme that suits your purposes, then WHY should you have to change from the
theme of your choice and get locked into another one just because you want to put sales and
squeeze pages on your site?That simply does not make any sense to me, and from what I’ve
been told, it doesn’t make much sense to anyone else. And I bet it doesn’t make much sense to
you either…

By approaching this problem from a plugin perspective, we can still get all the functionality of
WordPress powered sales and squeeze pages, AND completely divorce the functionality from
any single theme.

Now THAT is what I call a RESULT!


FIFTY sales page templates and FIFTY squeeze page templates.

Included as BONUSES as part of this 100 template bundle, you also get my very cool Snippet
Inserter plugin which allows you to add and remove snippets of HTML, and also one of my
Multiple Streams Themes.

More on those later…

But first the templates!
There’s a thumbnail image of each of them below, but you can also download these two PDFs
for reference – there’s a link against each template in the PDF to see each active page on a blog,
full screen.

Sales Pages Overview PDF
Squeeze Pages Overview PDF

Sales Page Templates:-

I realised that you might appreciate a couple of
bonus items as part of this bundle. So I’ve included
two very cool items – a related plugin and a great
looking theme.

Bonus #1
The plugin is called “Snippet Inserter” and what it does is allow you to create HTML snippets
such as autoresponder form code or video embed code etc, and it then generates a [short-code-
tag] for you to insert on your pages. You can create unlimited snippets and tags in this way.

Bonus #2

The second bonus is one of my Multiple Streams
Themes. These themes are designed for you to
build great looking affiliate sites that can be used
to generate multiple streams of income.
The theme comes with a ton of options, has multiple sidebars for each key area and comes with a
nice set of ad banners in both Adobe PhotoShop PSD format and as blank no-text graphics. It
supports/includes – built-in slider, three top widgetised areas, custom menus, misc built in page
templates, a box for analytics code, a box for footer text, and a toggle to globally turn on and off
featured/ad areas. And some things I’ve probably forgotten while writing this.

Plus it’s beautiful.
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