How to Write Your Most Popular Blog Post

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					     How to Write Your Most Popular Blog

     What was your most popular post this week? If you’ll ask this question
     on twitter, most probably the responses you’ll get are of different
     range of markets, thus might be about personal, finance, fashion,
     food, craft or sports blog post.
     Bloggers with these kinds of topics claim their blog content are their
     most popular post. Sometimes I notice that there is a certain season
     for a certain idea that it works for a month or two and then it will
     flop the next. There is no permanent successful concept or approach
     about writing popular post. There is no single approach that works all
     the time. Because we have different readers, different subject matters.
     Therefore bloggers have to continually adapt to the changes every
     time they write on their blog. We have to try every approach, try new
     ideas to get the readers attention.
     Keep in mind that not all readers are of the same view. Everyone has
     their own point of view, so bloggers must be flexible, easy to adapt
     new ideas and to the latest trend. Whatever the content of your blog,
     you must learn to interpret it and transfer it to your readers
     understanding in every point of your subject. In other words, you must
     combine whatever differences and similarities of other people’s
     Here are some tips that might help you to make your post effective:
1.          Write a post that is useful and informative to people. If your post is
     useful and informative to everyone, it might get your visitors interest
     because everyone of us always looks for a thing that can help us.
2.          Write something that is trending. You must know what is trending
     on the World Wide Web so that you can ride on this kind of topic which
     visitors are looking for.
3.          Always take your time in writing content/post. Don’t rush yourself
     in wring blog post because it will result to a boring and useless post. You
     need to take a research first and think about the topic you will to tackle.
4.          Write for the readers and at the same time optimized your post for
     the search engines. When you write a certain post, do it with all you heart
     and always think for your readers. It must be clear and can be
     understand very well of your readers. Then take a little optimization on
     your content by putting some targeted keywords on it.
5.          Always give attention to your post title. It is very important that
     your headline is eye catching. Remember that readers look first at the
     headline before they proceed to the post content/body.
6.          Use photos or Infographics in your post. Images can attract
     audience and audience attention. So better put some related image to
     your post to make your blog post lively. Remember that a picture is worth
     a thousand words.
7.          Encourage discussion on your post. It is better if you can encourage
     your reader to give their opinion about your post topic. Reader’s
     comments are important, if people are reacting on something on
     that internet it means that it is something people can talk about.
8.          Social Media Sharing. Share your post to social media site like
     Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social media sites. Also
     encourage you visitors to shareyour post to their social media account.
     Hope those tips will help you to make a very effective post that soon
     will be one of your popular blog posts. For more blogging tips read this
     blogging e-book,Blogging Profits Unleashed - What is Blogging.

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