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                          DECEMBER 15, 2010 ! VOLUME 65 !      ISSUE 47

    2000 N 13th Street
    Terre Haute, IN 47804-3198
    Ph: 812-232-1011
    www.maplewoodchurch.com                                             This Sunday
                                                                        Now is the time to invite that person or family you’ve been
    Sunday School 9:30 AM
                                                                        thinking about to church. We’ll have something for all ages! A
    Worship 10:30 AM                                                    Charlie Brown youth skit, an adult Christmas skit, videos that
    Bible Study 6 PM                                                    will enhance our worship experience, and Craig will tie every-
 Craig Wininger                                                         thing together with a message entitled “What Do We Name
 Craig@maplewoodchurch.com                                              Him”.
 Jeremy Lamb                                                            Refreshments will be served in the overflow at the end of the
 Jeremy @maplewoodchurch.com
 Jan Brewster Office Manager                                            service, giving us a wonderful opportunity to welcome visi-
 Janbrewster@msn.com                                                    tors...that you invited.           Thanks,
 Community Christian School                                                                               Joe Craft
 Ph: 235-7017
 Cathi Myers, Principal

    And let us consider how we may spur                                 A “bad” day nearly turned worse for me (and others)
    one another on toward love and good                                 last week. I was leaving from a visit with one person for an
    deeds.                  Hebrews 10:24                               appointment with another.

Ministries & Events                                                     Just barely leaving enough time to get from one place to an-
                                                                        other (which I rarely do, and you will see why), I left and then
McGuire’s & Personett’s Bible Studies— Fridays,
                                                                        hoped for the unlikely here in Terre Haute…that I would not
   6 PM
Angel Food Distribution—this Saturday,                                  get railroaded. But, I did.
   10—11:30 AM                                                          Now, I generally expect that this will occur, and it does not
Sunshine Center— Closed December 21                                     usually bother me, but when the train is just sitting on the
Men’s Breakfast—Coffee Cup, Wednesdays,                                 track not moving in the middle of town, THAT is bothersome
   6:30AM                                                               to me. Such was the case.
Christmas Eve Communion Service—
  December 24, 6 PM                                                     So, I decided to “go around it.” I sped off in frustration to get
                                                                        around the train and turned on a road I thought would help me
            Sunday, December 12                                         do that. It did not. Now, I was really frustrated (and ap-
          Bible School                                     100          proaching “late”). So, I turned around.
          Morning Worship                                  201
          Sunshine Center                                    41         At this point, I reached the stop sign where a semi to my right
          Weekly Need                                 $6,437.00         was waiting to turn in. He did not have enough room to do so.
          Offering                                    $6,673.87         Although no one was behind me, instead of backing up, I de-
          20% to Missions                             $1,334.77         cided to turn in front of him since he was blocking traffic. As
          YTD Budgeted Needs                        $321,850.00         I did so, another car had passed the semi on the right which I
          YTD Offerings                             $280,387.35
                                                                        did not see. Thankfully, he saw me. Of course, he was none
                                                                        too pleased. He laid on the horn and made the universal ges-
            Sunday, December 19                                         tures we would expect. I tried to gesture an apology by skulk-
       Communion Meditation: Craft
       Home Communion 12/19: Hewitt                                     ing my head and waving, but since there is no real gesture for
                           12/26: Flatter                               an apology (Jason Downing is working on one even as we
       Count: Barnett, Personett                                        speak), he thought I was mocking him and continued to ges-
       Greeters: Daniels, Stewart                                       ture further. I don’t know what would have been acceptable to
       Nursery: SS— Harrah                                              him for an apology.
                 Worship– Colwell, Flatter
                                                                        I really was sorry, but I had no way to communicate
                                                                        that. Thus, today’s lesson. How do we apologize to a Holy
Please Pray for:                                                        God whom we have offended with our sin? There is no ges-
Bob Allen; Bob Maxwell; Lorrie Kelley; Vir-                             ture for me to communicate my sorrow. The only acceptable
ginia Jones; Charles Treadway; Mary Craw-                               restoration to Him is through Jesus. Paul recognized this when
ford; Mary Engle; Mary Englehart; Ted                                   he wrote in 1 Timothy 1:15— “…Christ Jesus came into the
Melvin; Miriam Beddow; Stella Smith; Steve                              world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.”
Tschida; Mary Martha Nickless; Joe Craft;
our missionaries and military;                                          Now, that makes for a Merry Christmas! But, be careful out
               Let us know if you want added to this prayer list.       there on the roads!                 -Craig

L     o    v       i     n      g            G       o      d       a   n   d       L   o    v   i   n   g        P    e   o    p   l   e
        Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your ac-
        tions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it be-
        comes your destiny.                                          - Frank Outlaw

        Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perver-
        sity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.                      - Proverbs 4: 23-24

Fruit o’ the Wine(inger)
We are glad to report that the affirmation was, indeed,              What a weekend!
affirming! We officially welcome Jeremy Lamb to the                  This last weekend was one of big plans, but
staff of Maplewood, Rob Kelley to the eldership, and                 as James teaches and Craig so often reminds
Philip Cardin and Donnie Sartain to the team of dea-                 us, Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord
cons. Additionally, we agreed to affirm and support the              wills, we shall live and do this or that."
budget. Admittedly, it is easier to affirm one day than nec-         James 4:15 This weekend was a clear dem-
essarily support it another, but as the Lord is willing, that        onstration of that passage as well as a much
is what we said we would do! Let us be about that and the            clearer understanding of Acts 16:7. After
ministries to which He has called us.                                they had come to Mysia, they tried to go
The kids did an excellent job with their singing and bells           into Bithynia, but the Spirit did not permit
presentation this past Sunday! Wow! Thanks to Susie                  them. I had not been feeling any confidence
Anderson and Virginia Beddow for arranging and execut-               regarding the ice skating trip to Indianapolis
ing the presentation. Many were amazed at the discipline             all week. On Friday evening, I began get-
the kids showed even in picking up and putting down the              ting nauseous and more uneasy about the
bells on cue and without them clanging around! ‘Twas                 trip. I shared my feelings with my small
truly inspiring!                                                     group, we prayed together and they prayed
As you are probably aware, we cancelled evening services             for me. On the way home I had to pull the
and activities this past Sunday evening. Although the                car over, and I threw up along the road.
closing was reported on TV and we tried to call folks, not           Yuck! When I got home, I contacted most
everyone got the message. If you have a cell phone, how-             of the sponsors and shared what was going
ever, you could have been personally notified as many                on, and we decided to postpone the skating
were. Remember those little forms we asked you to fill               trip. It was disappointing, but the spiritual
out? That info was entered into a program we have, and               relief was nearly instant. I have felt fine
Jeremy was able to send out a mass text message to every-            ever since. When calling students and par-
one whose info we have to notify them of the cancella-               ents the following morning, I was further
tions. If you have not filled one out, please do so in the           relieved when some of them voiced similar
office!                                                              apprehensions about the trip. What a won-
We are anticipating another lovely evening of reflection             derful God we have, and I praise Him for
and worship during our Christmas Eve Communion Ser-                  leading and protecting us in ways we can’t
vice. Don and Deb Shepherd are to lead this once again,              even imagine!
and we look forward to this quiet time of worship and                I praise Him also for the children’s bell
contemplation! The service typically lasts about 45 min-             choir presentation on Sunday. I greatly en-
utes and so should not interrupt your family plans for the           joyed it as did those around me. The presen-
evening, so bring the family with you! This will begin at            tation seemed to have gone very smoothly;
6 PM.                                                                a testimony to the hard work of Emmy
We are in the midst of a Christmas series entitled Names             Blankenship, Kayli Brewster, Ryann Brew-
Of The Nativity. Last Sunday, We looked at Luke 2:1-7 in             ster, Rylee Brewster, Donovan Dugger, Ha-
the message, “Who Was The Man With No Room?” This                    lie Egan, Ryley Emery, Macon Guthrie,
Sunday, Lord willing, we will ask the question, “What Do             Hailey Huckle, Mackenzy Hughbanks,
We Name Him?” We will check out Isaiah 9:6-7 if you                  Daniel Lewis, Gage Lewis, Shane McCam-
would like to study ahead!                           -Craig          mon, Alex McGuire, Haliegh Miller,
                                                                     Tommy Personett, and Robin Veldman un-
Thank You                                                            der the leadership of Susie Anderson and
We would like to thank everyone for their visits, prayers,           Virginia Beddow. Thank you all so much,
and support while Steve was in the hospital. He was re-              and thanks to parents for enabling the chil-
leased Saturday and was able to be in worship Sunday.                dren to participate.
        Barb Tsecida                                                 We had also planned a Christmas party
                                                                     which was cancelled due to weather. So,
Sympathy                                                             Lord willing, we will look to have the
We wish to express our sympathy to Amelia Turner at the              Christmas Party on Sunday, December 19th,
passing of her son, Larry Kirkham. He served our country             and look for the rescheduling, possibly on
in the military 31 years. He died on November 28. Ser-               the 21st, of the skating trip as well.
vices will be in Arlington National Cemetery at a later                               J

L   o    v   i   n     g      G    o   d        a   n    d      L   o   v    i   n   g         P   e   o   p     l   e

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