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					NUST aims at emerging as a leading research-intensive university in Pakistan,
comparable to the best in the world within the next 10 years. Our main thrust is on high-
quality teaching and goal-oriented research and development (R&D).

The University’s PhD programmes help create the requisite research culture duly
supported by well-qualified faculty and need-based research. In order to accomplish the
requirements of research and development, high-quality laboratories and research
facilities are made available to the faculty and students round-the-clock.

In the last 5 years, the faculty members completed 152 sponsored R&D projects and
these included 67 projects sponsored by the university per se. Concurrently, during the
same period, NUST students and faculty also published 1284 research papers in
journals of repute and presented 1599 research papers in conferences, workshops,
symposia etc. around the globe.

All research activity is primarily focused towards achieving the objective of speedy
attainment of industrial capability in newly emerging fields of sciences, engineering and
technology in the context of highly scientific and technological areas of national interest.

Specific areas in which research is currently pursued at NUST are as follows:

      Aerospace Engineering
      Avionics Engineering
      Civil Engineering
      Computer Engineering
      Computer Software Engineering
      Telecommunication Engineering
      Electrical Engineering (Electronics)
      Mechanical Engineering
      Environmental Engineering
      Geo-Technical Engineering
      Structural Engineering
      Transportation Engineering
      Marine Engineering
      Solar Energy

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