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        Youth Ideas:
        Bobbing for

   Halloween Party Game: Bobbing
  for apples is a common Halloween
    tradition in which youth try to
  take a bite out of an apple floating
           in a tub of water.


  •   Large tub of water
  •   Towels
  •   Apples with all stems and
      leaves removed

 What to Do
 • Fill a large tub with clean water
    and put washed apples into the
    water. Apples are less dense than
    water, so they will float on the
 • Instruct the youth to try to remove
    an apple from the tub by biting
    into it with their teeth. No use of
    hands is allowed.
 • Traditionally, the winner was the
    first person to retrieve an apple,
    but you can also award prizes to
    everyone who is successful or
    those who retrieve specially
    marked apples.

• Smaller apples makes this game easier,
   larger apples make it more difficult.
• Larger and deeper tubs are more
• Fewer the apples in the tub makes it
   more difficult to bite into one.
• Harder apples are more difficult to bite
   than softer dessert varieties.
• Forcing a youth to go after a particular
   apple also makes it more difficult.
• Make it a team relay with one person
   from each team trying to bite into an
   apple at the same time.
• Add some ice before the game to wake
   everyone up!

Alternative method
If you are concerned about hygiene, an
alternative of this game has everyone
trying to bite out of an assigned apple on
a string. You’ll need one apple (with the
stem still attached) and one length of
string for each participant. Tie the strings
to the stems of the apples and then tie
the other ends to something solid so that
they can hang freely. You can use a open
door frame, a tree branch, or even a pole
fixed between two ladders. One
advantage is that everyone can go at the
same time. The objective remains the
same, to retrieve the apple using only
your mouth – or at least take a bite out of

Take it to the Next Level

The original tradition of bobbing for apples
stated that whoever bit the apple first would
be the first to get married. In fact, instead of
throwing rice at weddings they used to throw
apples. DUCK! Whoever succeeded in getting
an apple first was supposed to be the lucky
person to be the first person to enter into a
marriage relationship.

But the apple is also commonly associated
with a broken relationship. While the apple is
never mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve
in Genesis, the apple is commonly associated
with the forbidden fruit offered by Eve to
Adam. If you cut an apple in half horizontally, it
is supposed to look like a pentagram, an occult

Regardless of whether it was an apple or not,
Adam took a bite of the fruit, in disobedience
to God, and through that disobedience
damaged his relationship with God. The Bible
says that Adam “sinned.” Sin is an archery term
which means to miss the mark, to fall short of
the target. Because God is perfect and just, he
cannot allow disobedience to go unpunished.

Because we all fall short but disobedience to
God, He in his infinite love, sent Jesus to pay
that penalty for us, to suffer the consequences
of sin which is death. All we need to do is
accept him and our relationship with God is

We each have weaknesses and we all sin. What
sin or temptation does the apple represent in
your life?

Halloween is a time when people try to scare
each other. But one of the greatest fears we all
have is that of death. But when you trust Jesus
as Savior, you don’t need to fear anymore. Your
relationship with him is restored and he will
give you eternal life.

At this point, present the gospel plan of
salvation. If you need an example use Jelly
Bean Salvation which focuses on the colors of
Jelly beans. You could also use different colors
of Halloween Candy for the same presentation.

Have youth exchange their apple
(representing sin) for a cross
(Representing Christ) or to place
the apple at the foot of a cross to
represent their giving up of sin and
living for Christ. Take some time for
prayer and quiet meditation

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