Youth Icebreakers - Candy Toss by sappken


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Youth Icebreakers:
   Candy Toss

  Toss the candy into a
Halloween Jack-o-lantern
 pumpkin and if it lands
inside, you get to keep it!

Game Materials
• At least two large pumpkins – one to
  hold the candy and one for
  participants to toss the candy into.
• Individually wrapped candy, mini candy

Game Preparation
   1. Cut a hole in the top of the largest
      pumpkin, remove the contents and
      clean it.
   2. Combine all the candy and place it
      into the large pumpkin with the top
   3. Do the same with the smaller
      pumpkins. These are to be placed
      across the room for participants to
      toss the candy into them. You might
      have pumpkins at various distances
      and with different sized holes cut into
      the top. If you get into one of the
      special pumpkins, you not only get to
      keep the candy, but you also get a
      bonus prize.

Game Play
   1. Line up the participants in a single
      line, behind the big pumpkin
      containing the candy.
   2. Youth will to take turns trying to toss
      the candy into the pumpkins placed
      across the room. (Depending on the
      amount of candy you have, you can
      allow them 3 or more tries each)
   3. They can keep the candy that they
      get in the pumpkin. If they get the
      candy into one of the special
      pumpkins they may also get a bonus
   4. Allow the kids to keep playing until
      all the candy and prizes have been
      given away.

Vary the size of the candy and the size of
the whole pumpkins. You can also use
tokens, plastic spiders, and other tokens
instead of candy.

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