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                                                ClearTech                                                                ™

Q Why is Beachcomber’s
   ClearTech UV Water Care
                                             Q Do I still need a chlorine
                                                 or bromine residual in the
                                                                                           Q Is ClearTech compatible
                                                                                              with ozone?
   System so effective?                          water?                                    A Yes it is compatible with ozone
A Regardless of pH level UV is 100%           A (Canada) must maintain 3-5 ppm of             oxidization systems.
   effective in eliminating viruses,             chlorine and bromine.
   bacteria, algae & other micro-             A (USA) only required to maintain            Q Are there any harmful
   organisms on contact.                         0.5-1 ppm chlorine/bromine.                  byproducts produced by
                                                                                              the ClearTech system?
Q Does it work with Chlorine                 Q What additional                             A There are no harmful by-products for
   or Bromine?                                   maintenance is required?                     either individuals or the environment,
A Yes. ClearTech is 100% compatible           A Aside from ensuring balanced water,           making the UV sanitizer the most
   with both chlorine or bromine based           the UV bulb will need to be replaced         eco-friendly water treatment system
   water care products.                          periodically (approx. every 18 months),      available.
                                                 and at this time the protective quartz
Q Do I still need to balance                     tube should be cleaned of any             Q Is ClearTech compatible
   my hot tub water?                             possible scaling. This can be done           with Care Free?
A Yes. Balanced water is a base                  easily and quickly by your dealer.        A Yes it is compatible and
   requirement for all water treatment                                                        recommended in conjunction with
   programs to ensure safe, enjoyable        Q How often do I have the UV                     Care Free to provide consumers with
   water for any hot tub and to protect          Bulb replaced?                               Beachcomber’s lowest maintenance
   the equipment.                             A Approximately every 15,000 hours              water care system.
                                                 or 1.5 years.

                                       w w w. b e a c h c o m b e r h o t t u b s . c o m

                              ClearTech                                   ™

Q What other water
   care products do                                                                                                        WATERPORTS
   I need?
A Depending on the
   overall system you
   choose, you will need
   water balancers and
   shock. See your

   Beachcomber Water
   Care Professional for
   complete product
                                                            PUMPS AND MOTORS   HEATER    BEACHCOMBER’S CLEARTECH UV UNIT

Q Will ClearTech                            Q Doesn’t UV destroy chlorine Q Why do I need to have
   reduce the amount of                         as with sun light in a pool?                    a chlorine or bromine
   chlorine or bromine added                A The sun is a UV-A light which can                 residual in the hot tub?
   to my hot tub?                               cause up to 70% chlorine loss,                  IN THE USA:
A Yes, the UV sanitizer will reduce
   chlorine consumption by 50-70% .
                                                whereas the UV system is a UV-C light
                                                which has minimal impact on chlorine,
                                                                                                • The EPA requires by law to have a
                                                                                                    residual of sanitizer in the water at
                                                resulting in only about 2-5% active                 all times as a blanket requirement
Q Does ClearTech extend my                      chlorine loss.                                      in order to protect consumers
   water life?                                                                                      from health problems caused by
A Since a UV sanitizer will ensure lower
                                            Q Where else are UV                                     unclean water. Many hot tubs do
                                                Sanitizing systems used?                            not have 24/7 true 100% filtration,
   overall TDS by reducing the amount of
   chlorine/bromine added to a hot tub         • Drinkable water purification systems               which can cause the growth of
   by 50-70%, it can extend water life.        • Municipal water treatment &                        bacteria and bio-film.
                                                                                                • Beachcomber Hot Tub’s Smart
Q Is ClearTech certified for                    •   Pharmaceutical & hospital industry              Sense Technology equipment
   use in hot tubs?                             •   Brewery industry                                automatically purges all piping and
A The unit is listed with UL in Canada          •   Fish farming / Aquaculture/                     jets twice a day, even if the hot
                                                    Hydroponics                                     tub is not used, ensuring 100%
   & the USA and is registered as an
   approved water sanitizing system for         •   Water stores, restaurants                       filtration and ClearTech operation.
   hot tubs and pools with the EPA.             •   Cooling towers
                                                                                                IN CANADA:

Q Does it help reduce                       Q Do I still need to Shock my                       • Health Canada equires a
                                                hot tub?                                            minimum chlorine or bromine
   chloramines?                                                                                     level of 3-5 ppm.
                                            A In order to effectively oxidize away
A Yes, the UV-C light helps to destroy          organic contaminants in the water,
   chloramines, the compounds
                                                shocking is recommended on
   responsible for chlorine odor.
                                                a weekly basis to ensure clean,
                                                clear water.

                                      w w w. b e a c h c o m b e r h o t t u b s . c o m

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