Project EveLife Clear Skies of Ian Chisholm by alicejenny


									Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

  Act 1 Scene 1 - Intro                             2
  Act 1 Scene 2 - The Maelsgone                     4
  Act 1 Scene 3 - Pod Rescue                        6
  Act 1 Scene 4 - PSU Handover                      8
  Act 1 Scene 5 - Meltdown                          9
  Act 1 Scene 6 - Resurrection                     10
  Act 2 Scene 1 - Back on Bridge                   11
  Act 2 Scene 2 – Sascha                           12
  Act 2 Scene 3 - Haffa’s Advice                   14
  Act 2 Scene 4 - Maiden Voyage                    15
  Act 2 Scene 5 - Progress                         16
  Act 2 Scene 6 - Wormholes                        17
  Act 2 Scene 7 - Caldari Defence                  19
  Act 2 Scene 8 - In Transit                       20
  Act 3 Scene 1 - Witchspace                       21
  Act 3 Scene 2 - Messoya                          23
  Act 3 Scene 3 - Smith Rescue                     24
  Act 3 Scene 4 - Face Off                         25
  Act 3 Scene 5 - JR Recovery                      27
  Act 3 Scene 6 - Destroy the Jammer               28
  Act 3 Scene 7 - Jovians                          29
  Act 3 Scene 8 - Last Stand of Mallozzi           30
  Act 4 Scene 1 - Cap Battle                       32
  Act 4 Scene 2 - Falon Turnaround                 34
  Act 4 Scene 3 - Endgame Part 1                   35
  Act 4 Scene 4 - Endgame Part 2                   36
  Act 4 Scene 5 - Epilogue                         37
  Act 4 Scene 6 - Finale                           38

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 1 Scene 1 - Intro
Ext shot in Teskanen. Funky new planet shot. Merc ship (Proteus stratocruiser)
slides into view as comms chat takes place
Merc: (comms) Sunbird, this is Nightstar, come in, over
Fal: (comms) Sunbird here, go ahead
Merc: (comms) We, have found, your prize
Fal: Are you sure? Does it match the signature?
Merc: Yes, much to our surprise. I though this thing was vapourware, but hey, it was
your money, so we checked what feels like half the known universe
Fal: Yes yes but where is it?
Merc: Would you believe in the station?
Fal: You mean someone already has it?
Merc: For now.
Fal: You have a large budget, Ghost. Can I trust that you’ll take care of these
Merc: Already in hand. It’s certainly costly though. I had to spend real money to dig
up the name involved. And then even more covering our tracks, once I found out who
it was.
Fal: Are we taking a risk?
Merc: Always a risk, Falon, that’s our business. Now, this geezer’s a heavy hitter, no
doubt, but fortunate for us, he don’t actually have possession of the item, he just
supplied it.
Fal: So who has got it?
Merc: In a couple of hours, if all goes to plan, us. (ext, on com) Until then, well…
(cut to Maelstrom) No one special.

Ext shot of Maelstrom, pulling into station dock. Bridge transition shot to JR
standing looking out. Sol walking up behind him.
Sol: Thought of a name yet?
JR: Nope
Sol: Well we can’t keep calling it “the Maelstrom”
JR: I know
Sol: I mean, it’s embarassing on the paperwork
JR: Aye
Sol: And you keep having to say “I’m Captain John Rourke of erm this here ship” and
then read out the hull number
JR: I’m working on it OK?
Sol: You know you can always call it Clear-
JR: No I can’t.
Sol: OK OK I’m just saying it’s an option
JR: No it isn’t. It’s not the same ship. (JR sighs, indicating he misses CS) It’s not
the same ship. Anyway, Sol, shouldn’t you be in engineering?
Sol: There’s nothing to do. It all works. All the time.
JR: You sound almost disappointed.
Sol: Well, it’s certainly a lot quieter here now. Teskanen station give us a load of
work after what we did for them, the ships insured, we’re making money and for once
we’re not spending it on repairs…
JR: There’s a ‘but’ in there somewhere.
CF enters
CF: How about ‘but I haven’t fired my new guns yet’?

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

JR: Oh good grief Charlie, I suppose it’s too much to ask that one of us stays on
station while we dock?
CF: Why bother - It’s dull around here, you know it and I know it. Safe jobs shifting
stuff around a couple of jumps tops, and no-one goes near us because of our titan-
killing rep.
JR: I consider that to be a good thing. You’d rather we were getting holes knocked in
us and spending all our money fixing the ship again?
CF: I remember sometimes we knocked holes into other people’s hulls. That was
Com fires up, MS appears on screen
CF: Ah! Speaking of fun
Sol: Ugh. Tell him we’re out
MS: (sounds a bit off) John. I have a well paid job for you.
JR: Where have I heard that before?
MS: What?
JR: Nothing – carry on
MS: I require part of your old ship back.
JR: Really?
MS: Yes. It is mine, I installed it, I need it back and I’m willing to pay.
JR: Alright, keep your tie on. We can get it now if you’re desperate.
MS: Yes, yes that would be excellent. Hand it over in Teskanen at (looks down and
types) these co-ordinates at this time, (looks up) I’ll have a ship pick it up.
Tranq: This gear’s working great, Ghost. They’re buying it
Merc: Good. One fruity power supply, hand delivered by gullible morons to a place
with no station or gate guns within half a lightyear. How’s our man at the station,
Tranq: He’s waiting for them to dock as we speak
Merc: Spot on.
MS: Excellent. I’ll see you there.
Back to Maelstrom bridge
Sol: Smith sounded a bit… odd?
CF: Probably bored, like us
Merc: We need all four stealth bombers to make it quick. Let them know they all get
to play.
JR: Sorry lads. Nothing exciting’s going to happen today

Intro sequence

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 1 Scene 2 - The Maelsgone
Guest Star credits sequence
Briefing Voiceover:
Subject John Rourke. Recent history – captain of Tempest class minmatar battleship
“Clear Skies”. This ship was destroyed in the Teskanen incident. It was self-
destructed by captain Rourke in order to destroy and Avatar class Titan set on
collision course with Teskanen station.
Current status – residing in Teskanen system. Captain of Maelstrom class minmatar
battleship (unnamed). Threat level moderate.
Known affiliate – Solomon “Sol” Burke. Engineer. Served 23 years in Caldari Navy.
Threat level low.
Known affiliate – Charles “Charlie” Fodder. Gunnery. History unknown. Threat
level high.
Known affiliate – First name unknown, last name Smith (presumed alias). Possible
Caldari Command operative. Supplier of power source designated FAL-01 to John
Rourke. Threat level extreme.
Known affiliate – Sascha Culhane. Agent of Smith. Threat level high.

JR: (yawns) Spose we’d better undock then

Ext shot of Maelstrom warping away from station
CF: Early for once.
Sol: That’s what comes from having a working ship
JR: Don’t say that, Clear Skies used to get us where we wanted
Sol: And a lot of places we didn’t
CF: Nah, mostly that was JR

Maelstrom drops out of warp
JR: May as well let Smith know we’re here
JR fires up comms to MS.
MS: Mister Rourke. For once you contact me? What could possibly warrant this
JR: The fact that we’re here early, for once?
MS: And where would here be?
JR: The rendevous point in Teskanen. I’ve got the power generator you wanted.
MS: What power generator?
JR: The one off Clear Skies. You want it back? You only asked two minutes ago.
MS: (taken aback) That still exists?!
JR: Yes. That and all the other stuff you installed that somehow survived. We
salvaged it - why are we even discussing this?
CF: I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this
MS: (resigned) The equipment I gave you still exists.
JR: Yes and you want some of it back. Don’t you?
MS: I want nothing of the kind Mister Rourke! That should all have been destroyed!
It was imperative, part of the deal! Do… do you realise exactly what…?
Sol: Er lads erm, maybe we should head back to station, sort this out? We’re in the
arse end of nowhere after all?
MS: You fail to realise the magnitude of this situation. Stay there - I am on my way.
MS cans comms

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

JR: What the hell was that all about?
Sol: I don’t know, but can we please discuss this back in the station, only I’m starting
to get the heebie jeebies, sitting out here on our lonesome when clearly somethings

As the stratocruiser warps in, bridge windows behind JR and Sol
JR: Will you relax? There’s no-one for a million miles in any direction – who are
Sol: Well, it’s not Smith.
JR: Charles, one big fat target on the starboard bow
CF: Port
JR: Yeah, like I know. Stick a couple into them, let ‘em know we’re not interested.
Tranq: They’re powering up the guns
Merc: Well, then, Tranq. Time for the magic box.
All crew on bridge, frantically working at consoles
JR: What the hell?
Sol: The signal bus just went down! Shields have gone, binders are offline
CF: Trackings out!
Sol: Engines, warp, the lot - I’ve got nothing
JR moves towards windows
JR: That ship can’t do that, what the hells going on?
Merc: Bombers - decloak and take ‘em to bits. Don’t damage the cargo hold.
JR: There’s something else out…
JR peers out and realises in horror whats coming
JR: Bombs!
CF: (looking up from console) You’re joking?
JR: (pointing behind at the incoming bombs) Do I look like I’m joking?!
CF: Into the pod, right now! Right now! (drags JR in)
JR: What? But…
CF: We aren’t stopping those with everything off! Strap in!

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 1 Scene 3 - Pod Rescue
Ext shot Smith ship
MS: I was expecting to find you in a somewhat larger ship
JR: The fuel economy was crippling us, we downsized.
MS: This is not a time for flippancy.
JR: Well maybe it’s a time for straight talking then? Like, who exactly are this latest
bunch of jokers you’ve dragged along in your wake, Smith?
MS: I have not dragged anything anywhere. This mess is entirely your own creation.
JR: Having been stuck in this system for the last year doing soft jobs, I find that
highly doubtful – even we can’t upset anyone under those circumstances
MS: But you did store highly classified items in a tatty station warehouse, and now
you wonder why undesirable elements have come after them
JR: You didn’t mention highly classified when you supplied them
MS: Correct, Mister Rourke. They were “classified”
CF: What could be so special about a couple of ship modules?
JR: Maybe they’re stolen
CF: Maybe they’re gold plated
Sol: Radioactive
CF: Radioactive and gold plated
JR: And stolen!
Sol: Ha! Maybe they’re Jovian!
Pause and all 3 crew turn to look at MS who is looking distinctly uncomfortable
Sol: Actually, that’s not as stupid as it sounds…
MS: Ah, well…
Sol advances on Smith
Sol: It’d explain a lot, like how quickly all that gear fitted together and just worked
MS: That’s really not the issue-
Sol: And why I didn’t recognise any of it
JR: Wait, wait, Jovians? Are you serious? I mean, they’re a myth… right?
Genetically modified freaks, lightyears ahead of us, hidden away in some distant
region? That sort of thing? Come on, it’s stuff you scare kids with.
Sol: I’ve heard a few things in my time about them, and this all fits
JR: Aren’t they supposed to be like, scary powerful?
CF: Yeah they are. Sol’s right. This does all fit. Why have you mixed us up with
them, Smith?
JR: Yeah, don’t make me put you in the airlock
MS: Very well. I am a Jovian agent.
JR: I thought you worked for Caldari state?
MS: Mister Rourke, I have never mentioned who I actually work for. I’m sure now
you understand why.
Sol: (pokes Smith) You don’t look Jovian.
MS: Of course not. Consider me a giver of gifts. For example, one race invents the
jump drive, making capital ships a reality. Quite the advantage, I’m sure you’d agree.
And suddenly, all the races make similar breakthroughs. I hear the Minmitar achieved
theirs at a research station in the system of Hek.
JR: Oh did they?
CF: Why intefere like this?
MS: I have a simple brief. No one race can be allowed to gain an advantage
sufficient enough to fight the other three and actually win.

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

JR: Well I dunno why you’re fuming over this power plant then, I’ve done half your
job for you. Just hand over the blueprints to everyone else.
MS: (fuming) Half… my job? That power plant is decades ahead of anything
currently in use. You have released one of the most dangerous artifacts I know of into
the hands of a complete unknown. I now have a staggering amount of damage control
to perform, I expect at great personal risk when it isn’t a tedious grind. I can’t fathom
the depths of ineptitude required to hand such an artifact over to the first person you
JR: They looked, and sounded, like you – they certainly had the stuck up attitude
MS: Perhaps a year of soft jobs in this system has significantly reduced your faculties
as ship’s captain.
JR: Hey – that’s sailing close to solar wind, Smith
MS: Name me a recent situation where you didn’t rely on the help of a friend to
extract you? Or perhaps the sacrifice of one?
JR: You and I better go our separate ways. I see you again, you’ll be the one needing
MS: I intend to. I have a busy time ahead, rectifying your mistakes. See yourselves
out when we dock.
MS walks off

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3             Final

Act 1 Scene 4 - PSU Handover
Merc: Well, we’ve looked at this overpowered toaster and can’t make sense of it, it
must be cutting edge, right?
Fal: Yes, and yet should work with the artifact.
Merc: Yeah, what is that thing?
Fal: An interesting question. We found it on an asteroid we were mining at the edge
of known space. Ancient, but seemingly intact.
Sci: It took us a year to work out how to power it up.
Merc: Old and alien, huh? Must be worth a bit. Whats it do?
Sci: Originally? We have no idea.
Merc: Oh. Marvellous. So we can fire it up but we lost the instruction manual.
Sci: What it used to do is not important. When powered up in the current state, this
artifact seems to emit interspatial frequencies equivalent to that of a fully functioning-
Merc: Excuse me?
Sci: Erm, well, it will turn off stargates. If you give it enough power.
Merc: How the hell does it turn off gates?
Sci: Well I was just explaining that-
Merc: Shut up you. (to Fal) Why do you got such a buzz for turning off a gate?
Fal: Oh, not just ‘a’ gate. All the gates in a system. All of them. Which means we
can take our planet back. Get our home back, and no-one will be able to take it away
again, with their damn lies and their laws. And helping with that is our next job for
Merc: Lucky me.
Fal: Lucky us, all this from a chance archeological find.
Merc: Huh. I’m not a fan of archeology. Things should stay buried.
Fal: Well, in your line of work, Ghost, I’m not surprised that’s your attitude.

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 1 Scene 5 - Meltdown
Location – somewhere on station
Sol: Nice of Smith to drop us off in the middle of precisely nowhere. Good job you
did there, you didn’t upset him or anything.
JR: You heard what he said
CF: Well, with the insurance money we can get a cruiser
JR: No, you know what? You know what? Forget it.
Sol: What?
JR: ‘Cause the worst part of it is, he was right. All I do is blunder through life and
bring death on my friends. I nearly got us all killed today. Again. I’m done.
Sol: Don’t be daft-
JR turns and walks away
JR: No, I’m done, Sol. I should have given this up the last time. Seems I only learn
when it’s too late.

Doorbell rings as it were. Cut to interior, JR turns and walks to door. It’s Sol.
Convo held in doorway.
JR: What d’you want?
Sol: Haven’t seen you for a month and that’s the greeting I get?
JR: Shove it Sol, I’m busy
Sol: (cutting in, angry) Busy finding the bottom of a bottle. As an engineer I can
assure you that it’ll be in the same place as the last twelve.
JR: If you’re just here to give me grief I can get that-
Sol: Snap out of it sunshine, I’ve had enough of this. Come for a walk – clear your
JR: Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3             Final

Act 1 Scene 6 - Resurrection
Ext, docking yard. CF is stood on a skiff
CF: You found him then?
Sol: Yes, it wasn’t hard, just looked for the nearest ratty red sofa.
JR: What are you talking about, my sofa’s in storage
CF: Along with your sense of humour it seems
Skiff takes off and starts heading through dock bay, passing ships.
JR: Right, yeah, lowest point I’m at in a long time and you wanna joke?
CF: It’s how we work. You forgotten that? You start thinking too seriously about
what we get up to and it’s gonna end badly. Trust me on this. Me and Sol didn’t
exactly skip off into the sunset, you know.
JR: Heh. Now there’s a thought.
Sol: Isn’t it just.
JR: So what did you do then?
Sol: Ah I’m glad you asked me that. I quite heroically moped around the salvage
JR: Mmph.
CF: And…?
Sol: And while I was there, I couldn’t resist looking at our classified Jovian tech. It’s
threaded some sort of filaments through all the salvage from Clear Skies. I guess
that’s how it worked so well and why all those bits survived the explosion.
CF: So he comes and gets me, saying “bring a welder”
Sol: Yeah, because when you, er, connect the Jovian tech up to all the other salvage,
the filaments sort of do all the hard work. Things just spring into life.
JR: Things? What sort of things?
Sol: Well. There was I, with all this Minmatar ship salvage around me, some
construction robots sat idle, and nothing better to do.
Skiff crests the freighter to reveal Fleet CS behind it
JR: Gasps – you’ve rebuilt her! My gods, Sol, she’s beautiful!
They skiff up towards CS
Sol: Welcome back John
CF: Don’t break it this time.

                                           - 10 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

Act 2 Scene 1 - Back on Bridge
Int onboard, bridge.
Sol: You’ve got the best of two Tempest hulls, everything from Clear Skies that
wasn’t destroyed, and parts from the Maelstrom that got salvaged. It works, thanks to
all the Jovian tech, but it shouldn’t really - it’s about four different ships.
JR: No it isn’t.
Sol: It’s far from finished but it flies. We’ve got all the new control gear off the
Maelstrom, and a couple of other things besides.
JR: Hm. Such as?
Sol: Well with our track record I made sure I fitted a damage control unit, like most
modern ships. Now hull breaches get sealed off with a forcefield rather than us
having to poke rocks in the hole like cavemen.
JR: Nice one. Anything else?
Sol: I can tell you what we don’t have – a microwarp drive. Not after what happened
last time.
JR: Yeah. The last time. I’ll… never be able to repay you for this, Sol. Not just the
ship, but… Everything.
Sol: Nah, I’m your friend John. It’s what friends do. Ah, and I’ve got another
SC: (sat on sofa) About time you showed up
JR: Oh my god. I don’t believe it!
SC: (smiling) Hello J–
JR: My sofa!
SC: (not so happy) Oh.
JR: (offhand) Oh, hi Sascha. (to Sol, excited again) You even put my sofa on! Sol,
you are amazing, have I ever told you that?
Sol: Once, maybe twice, only when you’re drunk though.
SC: John, I need to talk to you.
Sol: I’ll go see Charlie. You kids play nice now.

                                         - 11 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 2 Scene 2 – Sascha
Held on bridge of CS
JR: So what brings you here then?
SC: It’s about Tarquin
JR: Oh, this’ll be short then
SC: We tracked down the power supply.
JR: If you’re about to ask for any sort of help whatsoever, that bridge is long burnt
SC: Put what happened behind you, lives are at risk
JR: Of course they are, usually ours.
SC: There’s a bigger problem as well
JR: (theatrical sigh) Go on
SC uses a console to show map and locations of all the scan probes
SC: Smith and I dropped scan probes in about a hundred systems, looking for that
power supply. We found plenty of junk – wrecks, cans, wormholes, but we finally got
a hit. Here – in the Messoya system.
JR: And I’m guessing it wasn’t as simple as going there and asking for it back?
SC: No, (flashback start) because when we jumped into the system, we found a
capital ship fleet covering the gate. There were wrecks of ships all around, and the
local com was filled with pod beacons, distress calls, and the station broadcasting a
siege alert.

MS: It would appear we are late, Sascha
SC: Who are they?
MS: We can only assume they are the ones with the power supply. And something
even larger is charging up. It seems to be coming from that Proteus cruiser.
SC: I’ve just picked up a cyno jammer. Oh, and three interceptors heading our way.
MS: Time to leave, then, Ms Culhane, and report our findings.
SC and MS turn back to the gate. MS gets webbed.
SC: Tarquin!
MS: Hm. It appears I won’t be joining you on the other side
SC: Wait, I’ll come back-
MS: (speaking fast, serious) No, Sascha, there are too many and there is no time to
waste. You must jump through and contact Admiral Eisen. Go now and tell him
what (comms are lost)
SC jumps through.

SC: I… I left him.
JR: I’m sorry Sascha, I know how much he means to you.
SC: Tarquin gave me chances no-one else would. My life would have been a lot
different, and probably a lot shorter, without him.
JR: So what did this Admiral Eisen do?
SC: He responded, but not quickly enough. The cynosaural jammer was already up
and running – no capital ships could jump in.
JR: Leaving conventional ships against capitals. Nasty.
SC: John, there won’t be normal ships going in either. Just after I jumped back out,
the gate connection went offline.
JR: Offline?
SC: It went dead. No uplink, no matter stream, just… off.
JR: I’ve never heard of a gate turning off before, never

                                          - 12 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3             Final

SC: Both the Messoya gates went off.
JR: The system’s cut off?
SC: Yes. And it’s the main route from Etherium Reach to Metropolis. Traffic now
has to go the long way around, or risk pirate space up north. But the bigger problem
is if this effect can be duplicated. Whole systems can be held to ransom or simply
dropped off the map. Our way of life will be over.
JR: I can see where this is going, and we’re just one ship, Sascha.
SC: Tarquin was captured, not shot at. I need your help to get into Messoya, and get
him back.
JR: I really don’t -
SC: If you are worried about payment or-
JR: No, it’s not that. For once. Look, I can’t see this being anything but dangerous,
and I’ve only just got this ship back. The heart and soul of my crew are in it, and
without them, and without Clear Skies, I don’t know where I’d be right now. And the
first thing you want me to do is to risk it all, again? I don’t know if I can do that. I’m
starting to feel my mortality, Sascha. We’ve beaten the odds a lot, but we aren’t
gonna win them all.
SC: Smith was my only contact to any resources. I’m on my own. You’re all I have.
JR: I’m going to have to think about this, and talk to the guys
SC: Please hurry. I’m asking you as a… a friend
JR: I didn’t know we were friends
SC: Well, consider yourself told.
Sascha walks out
JR: Yeah, I always liked that about you.

                                            - 13 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 2 Scene 3 - Haffa’s Advice
Est shot of station
Int Memorial on Teskanen station
JR: Hey Haffa. Yeah, I know I only ever show up when I need something. Well this
time it’s just advice. So. Dilemma. I didn’t do too well after, you know, that stuff
between us. We lost the Maelstrom, I know, I know, it was my fault. I got
complacent, and it took some pretty harsh words to hammer that home. I nearly lost
everything, but Sol and Charlie rebuilt Clear Skies and brought me back, and I owe
them so much for that. And now I have to decide if I risk it all again to help Sascha. I
wonder if that’s fair on, on us. But. We’re all she’s got. And I can hardly turn my
back on her after all that’s been done for me, can I? So. I guess we go. Decision
made. Thanks Haff. You know – you never did talk much, did you?

                                           - 14 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

Act 2 Scene 4 - Maiden Voyage
Est shot CS undocking
Station: (comms) Captain Rourke, you are cleared for undock.
JR: (comms) Er, copy that, station, thank you
Station: (comms) No problem. That a new ship, John?
JR: Huh. I have no idea.
Station: (comms) Mmm, it must be Minmatar then. Have a good flight. Station out.
CS drops into warp
CF: (VO) The wingy bits are square
Sol: It was a choice between no heatsinks and square heatsinks
CF: I preferred the old ones
Sol: Well if you’ve got some lying about, feel free to bolt them on.
CF: Nah, I’m all out. So - does any of it work?
Sol: All the important stuff does, but I’ve got a mountain of bugfixing to do
CF: Anything I can help with?
Sol: The doors could do with some attention
CF: Oww
Sol: So I found some of your favourites.
CF: Ahahaaaa! You got 1400’s on it! Oh yeah! Mmm. New interface too. And… a
probe launcher? What do we need a probe launcher for?
Sol: Launching probes?
CF: And what the hell is this? A YF-12? That’s a bit old school isn’t it?
Sol: They were already on one of the hulls I salvaged. Seeing as I’d paid for them I
thought, well, I might as well leave them fitted.
CF: Yeah, but a YF-12? These things are dangerous.
Sol: Well that’s rather the point, isn’t it? You’re gunnery, not sociology.
JR: (on com) Sol – can you pop over to the cargo bay please?
Cut to cargo bay, tight on JR & Sol
JR: What, may I ask, is this?
Sol: Ah, well, er. You know, when you take something apart and put it back together
again, there’s always a few bits left over.
Zoom backwards to show a cargo bay floor full of junk – including a 1400mm shell
lying there…

                                         - 15 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 2 Scene 5 - Progress
Ext est shot, Messoya station. Int station.
Merc: All sorted, Falon. The gates are off, the cyno jammer is up, Messoya is all
yours, welcome home to the planet of whatever.
Fal: Haven. And the local population?
Merc: Huh. Just a bunch of miners. One look at your dreadnaught fleet made them
crap their pants. They’ll give us no more trouble.
Fal: Good. Good. Well you certainly know your business.
Merc: I certainly do. I also know I’ve now got about six months of tedium. There’ll
be a heavy presence of the law on the other sides of those gates for now, but that’s not
sustainable, so once they run out of budget, we can cycle that thing and let me and my
men out while no-one’s looking.
Fal: Yah, and everyone else who wants to leave as well.
Merc: No, you can do that on your own time, my man. I’m first out the door when
the gates come back online.
Fal: I… I know. I understand. The local population is my responsibility
Merc: And what about our nosey guest?
Fal: Well, he’s an old man in a suit, he can’t cause any trouble here. Don’t worry
about him, he’s quite harmless.

                                           - 16 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

Act 2 Scene 6 - Wormholes
CF and JR in Bulkhead. Ship in transit.
JR: So you’ll help Sascha?
CF: Of course I will! It’s not me you’ve got to worry about though
JR: I know. Sol rebuilt this ship, how can I ask him to
CF: Hang on, hang on, he’s coming, follow my lead
JR: Your lead?
CF: What do you mean no?
JR: Err I
CF: I can’t believe you won’t help!
JR: Won’t I? er, no, no I won’t. Help.
Sol: Won’t help what?
CF: He won’t help Sascha!
Sol: Help her with what?
CF: Picking up Smith
JR: Well, it’s dangerous. Paints not even dry on the ship.
CF: Doesn’t want to get ‘his’ new ship damaged by helping poor old Sash
Sol: Hang on, she asked for your help?
JR: Well, yeah
Sol: And you told her no?
JR: Yes
Sol: What, without even discussing it?
JR: I didn’t think that-
Sol: After all the help you’ve got recently?
CF: Exactly my point
Sol: Well, that’s just, pff, I dunno what to say John. That’s really poor.
JR: I’m sorry guys. I guess I was being selfish.
Sol: I guess you were.
CF: So I’ll tell Sascha we’ll help after all then
Sol: Absolutely. Shame on you, John
CF: She’ll appreciate that, what with the massive enemy capital fleet and the locked
down system we’ve gotta get into. Nice one Sol.
Sol: Thanks. Wait. What?
 Cut to lower CS bridge
JR: So yes, we all decided to help
SC: Thanks guys
CF: So what’s the plan?
JR: Plan. Hm. Well, the power plant’s in the system of Messoya, which is now cut
off. The question is, how do we get into a system with no working gates?
CF: Easy. Carriers and dreadnaughts can jump in using a cyno.
SC: A cyno jammer went up before the gates went offline, they aren’t that stupid
CF: I don’t suppose there’s an old acceleration gate leading there?
SC: Unfortunately not.
CF: The only other way I know of then is through a wormhole…
Sol: Whoa, I’m not sure we even want to consider that
SC: When we were out scanning for the power signature, our probes picked up other
things as well, including, I think… there – an active wormhole in Messoya, can we
get in through that?
Sol: No, we can’t

                                         - 17 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3             Final

SC: Why not?
Sol: Look, wormholes lead to wormhole space, right? Some chunk of space that is
otherwise completely separate to us. Thank you Charles. So, to get to Messoya
through that monstrosity would mean entering w-space in exactly the right place to
find it.
JR: I thought all the holes are kind of clumped together
Sol: Yeah, yeah, that’s true, but there are still a lot of separate holes. Finding another
accessible hole that leads to the same clump would take weeks. And of course there’s
the sleepers to worry about-
SC: Well, I’ve got the probe results of all the systems we scanned…
JR: Ah. Bring up the ones with wormholes in
SC: There – seventeen of them
JR: Can we work out where they lead to?
CF: You can see the stars and nebula of the destination through them
JR: So if we see the same stars and the same nebula…
SC: …it’d be the same place!
SC: There! The hole in Oimmo leads to the same place
JR: So we go there, hop through two wormholes and-
Sol: It’s still not that easy. The hole has to be stable enough to carry all the ships we
need, and, we actually have to find an exit hole once we’re in there!
CF: We’ve got a probe launcher, remember, something about it launching probes?
Sol: You’re not helping. And the sleepers-
SC: It looks like the Oimmo hole is stable enough to fit about two ships through, then
it’ll fold up. (SC walks away to stairs) That’ll do.
Sol: Wait - Two? Two ships?
SC: (over shoulder along catwalk) We can pick up my interceptor on the way.
Sol: (shouting up) Am I hearing right? Two ships? Against a capital fleet? Charlie!
What have you conned me into this time, you fu-

                                            - 18 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 2 Scene 7 - Caldari Defence
CS in warp still, different system.
CF: What did he mean, ‘fundamentally flawed individual’?
JR: No idea I’m sure. We’re about half way to Oimmo, just stopping off to get your
ship, Sash. Got through to the defence fleet yet?
SC: Yes, finally.
CDFG: Connecting you to Admiral Eisen now, Miss Culhane
CDFA: Ms Culhane. No new developments to report at Messoya, I’m sorry to say.
SC: I have one. We think we can get in there using wormholes
CDFA: Risky proposition ma’am, are you sure?
CF: Of course she’s sure. We’ll try and light you a cyno on the other side.
CDFA: And you are, sir?
CF: Charlie Fodder of the good ship Clear Skies
CDFA: Hm. Charlie Fodder… Charles Fodderite? It is, isn’t it? From the
Presidential Guard?
CF: Clears throat Some time ago, yes. Now happily doing my own thing, thanks.
CDFA: So it would seem! Well you’re in good hands there ma’am. Mister
Fodderite, if you can gain access to the Messoya system, it would benefit you to
rendevous with our unit already there. Let me transmit the details.
CF: Thanks. Oh, it’s Mallozzi, how about that
CDFA: What, you’ve met before?
CF: Yeah, briefly.
CDFA: Well, Commander Mallozzi was there on routine patrol when all this kicked
off. He’s nicely hidden in a safe spot – apparently all long range sensors and probes
are banjaxed from whatever caused the gates to stop working.
CF: Nice to know. Right, we’d better be off.
CDFA: Happy hunting. Oh, and Charles? We do have a rather more… appropriate
selection of battleships available if you wish to transfer over?
CF: I’d rather be on this ship with this crew than any heap in your fleet, matey. Trust
in the rust.

                                          - 19 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 2 Scene 8 - In Transit
Ext CS travelling in warp in wormhole entry system
Sol: ...and mostly quite tough, although susceptible to electromagnetic disruption. Fly
in swarms. And apparently they can dissolve your hull in seconds. You see?
CF: Nasty.
JR: Are we talking about ex-presidential guards?
CF: Very funny. No, this is the reason why wormhole space is considered dangerous.
JR: Ah, is this the sleepers you kept mentioning?
Sol: Yes. If you ever wondered why Artificial Intelligences are banned, this is it.
Some idiot made one, it self replicated and started trashing the place, then legged it
through wormholes when people tried to kill it off.
JR: Are they called sleepers because they’re slow and easily avoided?
Sol: Don’t be daft.
JR: Of course not.
CF: No, they’re called that because they were dormant, but we woke them up by
poking around in their space and nicking stuff. Now they’re angry.
JR: So avoiding them would be a good idea
Sol: Absolutely
SC: (on com) We’re almost there.
CS drops out of warp by the wormhole
Sol: Oh, bad news
JR: What?
Sol: The wormhole’s still here and it’s stable.
JR: How is that bad news?
Sol: Well it means we’re actually gonna go into it.

                                          - 20 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3         Final

Act 3 Scene 1 - Witchspace
Ext CS emerges from the wormhole. Int Crew look a bit wiped out
Sol: Oh my word
CF: Just when you’re used to gate travel
JR: Yeah, that was rough. You okay Sascha?
SC: Fine thank you. Found our way out yet? That wormhole should be here, it
should be easy enough to find. Get the probe launched and get scanning as soon as
you can. Get yourselves moving, I thought you were a prof-
Halfway through, CF watches, then slowly presses a button and the screen changes to
something comedy, like spongebob, cutting off SC’s nag. CF Smiles. Cut to Sol, nag
SC: -shouldn’t be affecting you this much.
Sol: Good grief
SC: Got anything yet?
Sol: A headache?
Ext the probe warps through space, and drops out by the wormhole. And a load of
Sleepers. They stir in reaction to the probe.
SC: How about now?
Sol: Okay I’ve got the return at last, getting us into warp now
CS and SC drop out of warp and plough into the drones. One impacts heavily off
SC’s ship and one off CS’s hull
JR: Whoa!
SC: Argh!
JR: What was that? Sascha?
SC: I’ve hit something, my ship’s damaged
CF: We’ve got pings appearing all over, this doesn’t look good
Ext shot showing the drones massing
Sol: The wormhole’s dead ahead, and it’s going our way
SC: Come on, come on
Sol: Oh crikey, it looks like sleeper drones
CF: Move it JR, the hostile count’s off the scale and they’re closing in
SC: John. I can’t get my engines online.
JR: What?!
SC: Hitting that drone hurt more than I thought.
JR: We’ll turn-
SC: My guns still work though.
JR: What are you doing?!
SC: Getting their attention away from you so you’ve a clear run to Messoya.
JR: Wait, we’ll come about and-
SC: You can’t stop all these. There’s too much at stake to worry about me, just go.
Find Smith and get rid of that Jovian deathtrap before it’s too late
JR: I can’t leave you!
SC: You’ve got a job to do, Captain. You have to.
JR: No! No! I will not leave another friend to die! Charlie, lock up the closest
drones and get firing. Sol - start charging the YF-12!
Sol: Are you sure?
SC: John, what-
JR: Shut up and get ready to transfer over

                                        - 21 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

CF: They pop easy enough, there’s just too many
JR: Just cut us a path
JR: Sascha, get in!
CF: Come on Sol!
Sol: Do you want me to go into Jita and buy some batteries?
JR: Sol! I can read their chassis numbers! Come on!
SC: I’m onboard!
JR: Sol?
Sol: It’s still charging!

Sol: Done!
CF: Got ‘em!
JR: Get us through the wormhole before they regroup!

                                         - 22 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 3 Scene 2 - Messoya
The Wyvern is waiting by the wormhole.
JR: Whoa!
CF: Up up up up up!
CMG1: Captain Rourke. Commander Mallozzi of the Magellan welcomes you to
JR: Hell of a welcome, what were you doing parked there?
CM: My apologies, John. We were briefed by Caldari command as to your exit
point, but not, it appears, your exit speed. I was expecting two ships?
SC: My ship’s gone, but I’m still here thanks to John
JR: We’re here to try and get Smith back, see if he’s figured anything useful out.
CM: It appears he has, but we don’t know-
SC: You’ve heard from him?
CM: Yes ma’am. He hacked into the station systems and got a short message pulse
out to us. Let me replay it for you.
MS: (cut start and end to static) I believe this should reach the Magellan, scheduled
to be on patrol here at this time. I cannot transmit for long. Suffice to say, if you
manage to board the station, I can guide you the rest of the way. I have information
that will go a long way towards ending this
CM: That’s all we received.
SC: He’s alive! We need to go to the station, now
JR: Hold on, hold on, I don’t care how much sensors are messed up by all this
inteference, when we roll up they’ll still see us through the window.
CM: I have a stealth bomber available, John. It should let you reach the station
undetected, but after that it’s up to you - there isn’t enough room on board for any
marines. Are any of you certified to fly cloak?
SC: I am. Let’s go.
JR: (sigh) Sol – stay on the ship and look after it. Charlie – start packing some guns.
CF: Oooh – which ones am I allowed?
JR: (on com) Sascha’s angry. Bring everything.

                                           - 23 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 3 Scene 3 - Smith Rescue
JR, CF, Sascha. Ext bomber in flight, cloaks up
CF: Okay, once we dock they’ll know we’re here, so it’s going to have to be quick.
JR: You sure about this?
CF: It’s a backwater station with poor security. They haven’t had any time to
upgrade anything, and no-one’s expecting us. Trust me, I know how they operate.
JR: Yeah, seems like I’ve heard that before.
Ext bomber flies into dock area and uncloaks.
MS: Ah. It seems you were correct Mister Rourke. That I would need friends, the
next time I saw you.
JR: We haven’t got long, where are you?
MS: Fortunately very close - continue down your corridor and turn left. I have set off
a fire alarm in a fuel storage area, which has nicely distracted my guardians.
CF: Clear left
SC: Clear right
MS: Second door on your left
JR: The doors’ locked
MS: Yes, it would seem my captors thought of everything.
CF: This should help then
JR: What the hell are you doing with that?
CF: Well you said bring everything
JR: Okay. Erm, Tarquin - you may want to find something to, ah, hide behind
MS: And what would you suggest?
CF: Don’t worry this is a shaped charge
MS: What sort of shape?
CF: Spherical.
MS: Most undignified.
SC: You really have to work on your rescues
JR: I don’t know if anyone can still hear, but there’s an alarm going off. Let’s go.

                                          - 24 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 3 Scene 4 - Face Off
MS: Ah. A stealth ship. That explains how you got in.
Merc: I’d worry more about how you get out
Fal: Please, everyone, stay calm. There’s no need for violence. Now, who are you
JR: I’m Captain John Rourke of the Clear Skies, and these are my friends.
SC: One of which you kidnapped, along with the rest of Messoya. So who are you
and what gives you the right to do this?
Fal: I am Falon Haussman, and miss, that planet, Haven, is our home. Or rather, it
SC: Was?
Fal: Haven is a hostile place, and was unclaimed until our ancestors settled there. We
led a hard but good life – until we discovered a major zydrine deposit near our colony.
It should have been the answer to all our problems when we sold the rights to
Otherworld Mining, but, it seems we signed the contract in haste.
CF: And they ripped you off?
Fal: Well, the contract gave them rights to the site and the surrounding area for
development. ‘Surrounding area’ ended up meaning our entire colony, and we were
firmly informed that our presence was no longer necessary. Oh, we attempted to fight
the situation, of course, but everything was legal. So, we used our payment to buy
ships instead, and we left in shame, our ancestors’ dreams destroyed.
JR: If you could house your whole colony in ships, you could have easily moved to
the station instead
Fal: Oh, come now, John. We’re colonists. Folks like us are hardly material for
living in a station. You know that.
Fal: So we became nomadic. Travelled the Great Wildlands, Immensea, Khanid. We
survived mostly on the proceeds of mining rare asteroids, but we also developed a
talent for deep space archaeology, generating a significant income from selling the
artifacts we found. However. The Empire wars caused a mass exodus from the inner
worlds. Suddenly there was a great deal more fighting over all that territory. We
were chased away, jump after jump, system after system, invariably ending up in a
bitter fight with the inhabitants of the next place we stopped.
CF: That’s life in zero security space. If you’re after sympathy out there, you’re in
the wrong universe, son.
Merc: Oh aren’t you the hard case
CF: Come over here and say that
Merc: You mess with me, you’ll need a bigger gun than that, sunshine
Fal: Goddamit, let me finish here. Now we had two events that changed our course.
One was finding the gate artefact on our last dig, and the other was hiring Ghost here
to find a power source.
CF: Oh, so it was him. Did he tell you how he got hold of that power source?
Fal: Yes he did, he purchased it via contract from an anonymous seller-
JR: It was on my damn ship! And he dropped out of warp and cut us in half to steal it
out the wreckage, leaving us there to die!
Fal: Wait a minute, is that true?
Merc: Does it matter at this point?
JR: You can take that as a yes. It’s half the reason I’m here.
Fal: I’m sure we could compensate here, I mean-
JR: Oh, you are way beyond that.

                                          - 25 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

Fal: But I didn’t know that-
JR: And what else has Mister Mercenary here said to you, I wonder, to get you this
far down a dark path? Tempted by the smell of zydrine crystals, were you?
Merc: You watch your mouth, Rourke.
Fal: I’m sorry John, if circumstances were different…
JR: What circumstances, exactly? Getting taken for a ride doesn’t justify warping in
all guns blazing. Well, actually sometimes it does, but not when you attack people
who had nothing to do with it. That’s crossing a line.
Fal: No, Otherworld Mining crossed the line! They took our planet!
JR: Did they? The story you just told me says you sold it to them. Okay, you lost
out. A lot. And that’s a harsh life lesson for anyone learn, no doubt about that. But
you need to look in a mirror, because what Otherworld didn’t do, is come in here with
a fleet, kill everyone who opposed them, and cut the system off from everyone else.
Fal: We didn’t… It wasn’t like that…
JR: And they aren’t in the dangerous position of having mercenaries call the shots
Merc:OK I’ve had enough of this.
JR: Whoa whoa whoa easy
Merc: Drop the hardware, ladies, you’re going somewhere out of my way.
JR: You can still stop all this. Turn everything off. Jump out. There’s gotta be a
hundred systems-
Merc: We’ve come too far for that, Falon. No turning back now.
Fal: Yes. Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry John.
JR: You carry on down this path, people are gonna die. On all sides.
Fal: No, I… I am sorry John. But Guy is right. We’ve come too far, we’ve invested
too much.
JR: Don’t do this.
Merc: Already done.
Merc: What the - shoot him you idiots!
CF: Get him on the ship!

                                         - 26 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 3 Scene 5 - JR Recovery
Ext shot,bomber heading to CS
CF: (com) Sol, get the first aid gear, man down!
Int shuttle bay/airlock or wherever, medical display hooked up to JR.
Sol: The unit just says get him to a hospital!
CF: There isn’t one for lightyears and the gates don’t work!
Sol: Can we get him to Mallozzi?
CF: No time! Do something! Fix him!
Sol: I don’t know what to do!
CF: He’s going!
SC: Tarquin – the sample!
MS: Sascha, I don’t think that this is-
Sol: (background) John! John!
SC: Use the damn sample! Right now!
MS: Oh, desperate times I suppose.
JR: Gaaaaaghh!
Sol: He’s stabilising. He’s actually stabilising.
CF: What the hell was that?
SC: It’s the same thing that holds Clear Skies together
CF: Gaffer tape?
MS: Hardly, mister Fodder. Repair nanites. Designed for advanced ship modules.
When blended with Jovian technology, it can fix organic tissue. This is – was – a test
sample we had prepared.
Sol: Well, looks like it works.
MS: The sample was keyed to humans. It seems your captain and your ship are now
closer than ever.

                                          - 27 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 3 Scene 6 - Destroy the Jammer
Ext est shot, carrier, CS. Int, kitchen of CS.
CM: Tell us what you know, Mister Smith
MS: Their cynosaural field jammer is located here, at a small undefended starbase
around the moon. If we remove that from the equation, the Caldari Defence Force can
jump in and resolve matters decisively. Our one and only focus must be disabling that
CF: Yeah. Those things are heavily shielded, so what firepower have we got?
Sol: Well there’s that sodding great thing
CF: Aye. Somewhat lacking in guns but plenty of fighter wings onboard. What else?
Sol: Clear Skies
SC: My stealth bomber
CF: And that’s it. So, some fighters, six howitzers and a couple of really big bombs.
Sol: What’s tactical say?
CF: I’ve turned it off, it was depressing me. Any more bombers on board, Mallozzi?
CM: Unfortunately not. We were here as a routine patrol, so standard loadout only.
CF: Okay. Now, if the fighters attack the jammer, we can’t use the bombs as well
without risking friendly fire. And this ship is, for once, the most underpowered thing
we have.
MS: The hostile fleet is currently at the station, guarding the gate artifact quite
closely. However, once we commence an attack on the jammer, Mister Fodder, I
would surmise that most of the fleet would be upon us within moments
CF: Yeah, and that’d be game over. Dammit, we haven’t got enough firepower to
take it out fast enough.
JR: Distraction.
CF: What?
SC: John, what are you doing, you should be resting
JR: Forget it - Smith’s things are working wonders. I’m okay. We need someone to
distract their fleet while the rest of us give the jammer a kicking
CM: The only guaranteed way of engaging the fleets’ full interest, is to engage the
fleet itself. And the Magellan is the only ship here capable of that.
CF: You’re massively outnumbered. You go there, chances are you aren’t coming
CM: I’m fully aware of that, Charles. But we are out of options.
JR: With the bomber and our guns on the jammer you’ll only have to get their
attention for a couple of minutes-
Ship shakes. CS fires an alert up

                                          - 28 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 3 Scene 7 - Jovians
JR, Sol, CF, SC, MS all leg it onto bridge
CF: What in the seven hells is that?
Sol: Whatever it is, I can’t get a scan of it
MS: Ah. I was concerned this would happen. I suspect my employers are less than
impressed about the situation, and, er, have dropped in for a word.
JR: Good, well, you can tell those Jovian freaks that…. Er, hello?
Jov: You have our technology
JR: Are you Jovians?
Jov: You have our technology
JR: Yeah, it was given to us by one of your agents.
Jov: Misused
JR: Hey, I didn’t misuse-
Jov: Misused by humans
JR: Yeah, but not-
Jov: Return all artifacts
JR: I can’t, you see-
Jov: Immediate
JR: Would you shut up and let me speak?
JR: Okay. Now, I haven’t got all of your gear and-
Jov: Require minor power plant
JR: Yes I know! I’m trying to get it back. In fact, can’t you just go and get it
Jov: Situation too advanced. Witness count above boundary. Cannot involve.
JR: Oh, right, simple as that, is it?
Jov: Those responsible bear consequences
JR: Well that’s both me and you, mate.
Jov: Explain accusation. Power plant released by you.
JR: Yeah, and what’s it wired up to, eh? What’s shut down the gates? Who exactly
left that drifting in space for a thousand years? Cos it wasn’t us! Is this more of your
messing about with our development, or are you just forgetful in your old age?
Jov: Remain calm
JR: I ain’t finished! Now, your tech allowed me to stop some madman from killing
everyone in a station a while back. Now I lost my ship, and I lost a good friend doing
that, and if you think that was a misuse of your technology, then you damn well better
step in this room and tell me that to my face.
JR: Right. Now, I’m not giving you anything back. Not yet. Right now I need this
ship and I need these people to try and fix what’s gone wrong. You can see me after
the smoke clears, if there’s any of us left.
Jov: Delay time granted. All Jovian technology will then be returned. All.
Understand. All. Understand.
JR: Yeah, I understand.
JR reappears on CS bridge – Jove ship snaps out
Sol: What the hell was that?
JR: A message from our sponsors. Apparently we’re on a time limit. Lets go.

                                           - 29 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3             Final

Act 3 Scene 8 - Last Stand of Mallozzi
Est shot Magellan
CM: Commander Mallozzi to all crew. You have been briefed on the situation we
find ourselves in, and why we are heading straight to the enemy fleet. Make no
mistake - we are outnumbered, and we are outgunned. Our task, here and now, is to
get the full attention of every one of those guns, and stand for as long as possible. I
know you won’t fail me. Mallozzi out.
Merc: Someone tell me, precisely, where the hell that thing came from.
Tranq: Dunno mate, jammers’ still up
Merc: It must have been here all along, this damn interference!
Tranq: They’ve launched fighters
Merc: Get the dreadnaughts into siege mode and start hitting it, and launch our own
damn fighters, last time I checked we had some.
CM: Captain Rourke, we have engaged the fleet, commence your attack run
JR: Gotcha. Lets go guys.
CMG2: Wings one to three ready for launch
CM: Go ahead. Full capacitor power to the shields, inject when ready.

JR: There it is. Charlie, target the-
CF: We’ve got sentry guns on our case
JR: Quite undefended, you said!
MS: Hmm. Perhaps I misread the plans
JR: Sascha, all the guns are firing on us, do your thing and do it fast

CMG1: Sir, the shields have passed the warning threshold
CM: Engineering, spin up the drives and prepare for emergency warp.
CM: Captain Rourke, we are under heavy duress, what is your situation?
JR: Met some unexpected resistance, it’s taken our.. It’s taken our guns off the
jammer. We need more time.
CM: How much more?
JR: Charlie reckons about two minutes
CM: Very well. You’ll get your two minutes, captain. Make good use of them.
Bridge to engineering. Cancel warp and standby. I repeat, cancel warp and standby.

CMG2: Hull breach on flight deck three
CM: How many birds still in the air?
CMG1: Fourteen, sir
CM: Get deck one clear and launch everything we have left
CMG1: Sir, engineering is reporting the warp drives have gone offline
CM: Duly noted, see if they can restore them
CMG1: The shields aren’t going to hold much longer
CM: A fact I am very well aware of, ensign
CMG1: But sir, with no warp drive, how do we escape?
CM: Our escape was always a luxury, miss, and circumstances now dictate it is one
we can no longer afford. I’m sorry. Today we find out what doing our duty really

SC: It’s almost dead but I’m out of bombs!
JR: Charlie, hit the jammer!

                                           - 30 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3        Final

CMG1: Shields are down, sir!
CM: Over to you, John

JR: Commander Mallozzi, we’ve destroyed the jammer. Commander Mallozzi, come
in. Please respond.
CF: John. They’re gone.
JR: Dammit!
SC: I’ll contact the Defense force when we’re in warp.
JR: You drop that cyno and then you go, understand me? You get safe and cloak up.
SC: I’m sure I could-
JR: That thing’s made of tinfoil. I want you safe!
SC: Okay. But only because I’m out of ammo. Don’t think you can order me around.

                                       - 31 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3          Final

Act 4 Scene 1 - Cap Battle
Est shot Akora gate to Messoya, Caldari Defense Fleet
CDFG: Incoming communications from the Messoya system sir
CDFA: Onscreen.
CDFA: Ms Culhane, tell me you have good news.
SC: Sir - the jammer is down. I’m about to light a cyno field for you. Now
transmitting the tactical data Commander Mallozzi recorded.
CDFA: And what of the Magellan?
SC: Lost, sir
CDFA: Thank you Sascha. All ships, all ships. Prep for jump with immediate
combat readiness, we will be dropping into a hot situation. Engage targets of
opportunity until ordered otherwise from field command tactical.

JR: Cloak up Sascha, we’re about to drop in
Tranq: Incoming warp signature, Ghost. Two ships, er, er, no, hang on, one ship?
Merc: Oh come on, we just got rid of the last idiot, are they lining up or something?
CF: That’s a lot of ships
JR: What have we gotten into this time?
Fal: Look, it, it’s just an old battleship, hold your fire and open comms
Merc: No no no, something isn’t right here, why send in one big boat for us to chew
on, and then roll up in that bag of nails?
Merc: Haha you’re joking.
JR: Surprise. No kill bonus for you.
Merc: Shooting you was pleasure, not business.
Fal: Rourke – now you need to stop this. Please, I don’t want any more fighting here.
JR: That’s not your choice any more.
Merc: Oh no, half a Tempest threatening me, I’m deeply concered – wait a minute,
where the hells my jamming field? Rourke what have you done?
JR: Sascha? It’s time.
Merc: Time for what?
CDFA: Jump!
JR: It’s hot drop o clock.
Merc: Goddamn it!
Fal: No, no, no, this isn’t right
CDFA: Thank you Mister Rourke, we’ll take it from here.
JR: Glad to have you in-system sir
Fal: It’s not supposed to happen like this
Merc: Okay, okay, start locking up targets on my calls, and focus fire. Tranq, get
your ass into a fighter and pot that Tempest, and you, don’t bloody panic! Keep it
together, man!
CDFA: Launch fighters!
JR: Charlie – hit the support ships. And Sol, scan out that Proteus - I want my
powerplant back.
CF: They’re falling apart, I love my guns!
CF: Ding! Dong!
JR: Keep on hitting them, plenty of targets
Sol: Shields are holding out fine – we appear to be on the winning side for once
CF: Changing mags!
CDFG: Sir, fire control reports the doomsday beam is ready

                                         - 32 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

CDFA: Thank you ensign. Tell them, second carrier on the left.
BGG: Sir, we just lost the Ken Roberts!
Sol: The Proteus is the other side of this lot, we’ve gotta go through
CF: If only we had a microwarpdrive!
Sol: Shut it, Fodder. We’ve got afterburners, they’ll have to do
Tranq: I’m gonna get you now, Rourke
CF: We’ve picked up two fighters on our tail, they’re too fast to hit
Sol: We can tank them, just don’t get us hit by anything big
Sol: What did I just say?!
JR: Status?
Sol: Shields are barely holding now, we can’t take any more hits
JR: Well that may be a problem.
Sol: Get us out of here, warp off
JR: Too late for that
Sol: Don’t accelerate towards them! What are you doing?
JR: Trust me.
JR: I’m captain… John… Rourke…
Sol: Wall! Wall!
JR: Dammit he’s too fast
JR: Charlie, all guns front
JR: Sorry girl.
Tranq: Aah crap!
Sol: Good grief, he’s actually got a use.
CF: Now I remember why you’re captain.

                                           - 33 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 4 Scene 2 - Falon Turnaround
Int Proteus
BGG: Two more of our ships have stopped responding, sir
Fal: This wasn’t supposed to happen!
Merc: Well it has, so suck it up
Fal: No! It’s too much. Open a channel to them
Merc: What are you doing?
Fal: I came here to give my people a safe home, but I’ve lost more of them in the last
five minutes than in the last two years. No more – it’s over.
BGG: Sir – Admiral Eisen responding
Fal: Admiral, please, this has gone too far – we surrender unconditionally.
CDFA: Glad to see you’ve finally come to your senses. Consider yourself under
arrest. Power off, unload all weaponry, and lower your shields. Prepare for boarding
Fal: Broadcast to the fleet please. Everyone is to stand down, we surrender. Accept
all directives from the Caldari fleet. And I’m so sorry that I… I let you all down.
Merc: You aren’t wrong there.
Fal: Ghost, please, I –
Merc: Save it. I’m not interested. Thanks to you, what’s left of my crew out there
are gonna serve time, my reputation isn’t gonna be worth a unit of tritanium, and on
top of that I expect I’m not gonna get paid. So, if you don’t mind, get your backsides
into the escape pods. I’m taking this ship, and that junk is now officially my
retirement fund.

                                          - 34 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 4 Scene 3 - Endgame Part 1
Ext CS
Sol: There he is
CF: He’s running for it
JR: Get on him – for once we’re the fastest thing around here
CF: Locked up and in firing range
JR: Hit him!
CF: His shields are down
JR: Hit him again!
Sol: His binders just went offline, I’m picking up atmospheric venting and -
JR: Finish it!
CF: I’m out
JR: What?
CF: No more shells! Sol?
Sol: Well I wasn’t expecting a full scale war, was I?
JR: Damnit! If he makes it to a gate, all this is for nothing! Pump everything we
have to the thrusters
Sol: I can boost them by about twenty percent
JR: No, I need double the power
Sol: Double?! Well, we can do it if I shunt everything onto that bus, but it’ll probably
burn half of them out. What’s this in aid of?
JR: I’m gonna hotdog him
Sol: Hotdog? Hotdo…? You can’t hotdog in a battleship – oh what am I saying
you’re going to do it anyway aren’t you.
JR: Have it!
Merc: Aw you son of a-
Sol: He’s coasting but so are we, we’ve blown navigation
JR: We still got a shuttle on this thing, right?
Sol: Yeah but what that got-
JR: I’m going over. Stop him once and for all
CF: Well what about us then?
JR: I need you two here, covering me – put in a resupply request to the fleet and get
the guns and engines online again
CF: It’ll take too long, I’m coming with –
Sol: No way, that could take -
JR: You – gunnery. You – engineering. Me – responsible for what happens on this
ship. None of this would be going on if I hadn’t let them jump us in the first place,
and that happened because we got fat, complacent, and slow. And that’s my fault.
CF: I’m not letting you walk away from us again John. We near lost you last time.
JR: You wonder what I do here other than stare out the windows? Well it’s this. Get
my ship running again. Cos if I can’t stop him, I need you capable of firing on that
ship until there’s nothing left.
JR: And besides, I’ve got unfinished business over there.

                                           - 35 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 4 Scene 4 - Endgame Part 2
Ext shuttle flying over to proteus
Merc: Hey
Merc: My ship may be a wreck but I still know when someone docks, you amateur.
JR: Ah come on, I’ve had bits of my ship hit me harder than that
Merc: Enough of this.
CF: It’s gonna take over ten minutes to get a supply of ammo over here, how are the
Sol: Not fixable in the next two minutes - hang on I’ve got into his systems…
Sol: Oh no…
JR: Why are you still doing this? When everyone else has given up? Your cause is
over, it’s finished.
CF: All I need is one shot!
Merc: Finished? Maybe for those chumps but not for me.
Sol: One shot? Wait, wait, lemme fire up Bob
Merc: I’m a mercenary, my man. A gun for hire. I haven’t got a cause. The only
thing I care about when it comes to those losers back there is that I never got my
goddamn money!
Sol: How about that?
CF: Sabot armour piercing? Perfect. Get it to gunnery, fast!
Merc: Now this, this is priceless, there’s nothing like it on the market. I’m going to
take it as payment while your friends are all preoccupied cleaning up that mess.
JR: That thing is more… more trouble than it’s worth, I promise
Merc: Oh, I don’t intend on owning it for long
CF: For a shot like this it’s gotta be done manually
Sol: But we’re drifting! I can’t stabilise us
CF: Lucky for us I’m a good shot then
Sol: Good shot? Charles Fodderite, ex presidential guard, this has to be the best shot
of your life.
Merc: Oh – and thanks for the shuttle. And I think I’ll take your ship as well haha!
JR: You might find that last part harder than you think.
Merc: Yes, you do appear to be remarkably resilient. It seems I should have shot you
through the head the first time. Lets hear it for second chances, huh?
Sol: Best shot of your life. Best shot of your life.
CF: Best shot of my life. Best shot of my life.
Merc: John Rourke. Captain of the Clear Skies, and major pain in the ass. Any last
JR: Yeah. Take your best shot.
Merc: Goodbye Mister R-
Shipvoice: (background) Warning – hull breach. Emergency forcefields deployed.
CF: Yes!
Sol: John, are you OK? John?
JR: Yeah, if a little damp. (on Com) It’s over. The powerplant’s secure.

                                          - 36 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3            Final

Act 4 Scene 5 - Epilogue
Est shot, CS in warp
Sol: Well I think I can safely say, after the mother of all shakedowns, the ship appears
to work okay.
JR: Mmm.
Sol: What’s up with you? Gates are back online, ship’s more or less intact, job done.
JR: Yeah, that’s the good news…
CF: And the bad is?
JR: Huh. Well, remember that little visit I had from the Jovians? It was about them
getting their stuff back.
CF: Er, isn’t their ‘stuff’ the only thing holding the ship together?
JR: Yeah. I just got a message from them. They’re not gonna take Clear Skies apart,
they’re just taking the whole ship. Through that.
Sol: What? It took me months to put her together again!
JR: I’m sorry Sol, but there’s no arguing with these guys. And face it, getting this
tech out of the universe can only be a good thing. You guys understand that?
CF: Hmph. Spose.
Sol: Yeah, yeah I do. It’s just after all that work and all she’s been through with us…
JR: Yeah well. Thing is, they want all their tech back.
Sol: Wait wait, you mean what’s in-
JR: Yeah – unfortunately their stuff’s kinda holding me together as well.
SC: They can’t take that! You can’t survive without that! They can’t do this! I
won’t let them!
JR: Sascha. Sascha. Sascha! They know. Okay? That’s why they gave me a choice
SC: Which is?
JR: To go with them through that.
CF: What’s the other side?
JR: I don’t know.
SC: I can’t believe you’re accepting this, you’re just… just going to go.
JR: I’m sorry Sascha, I wish I could stay. I wish I could stay with y-
MS: Mister Rourke, their patience wears thin.
JR: This is so rushed, I’m sorry guys, but - you need to leave now. The shuttle’s
ready to take you to the station, and from there… Well. Well, I don’t know.
Sol: So this is it.
JR: So this is it. It all had to end one day.
MS: All things do, Mister Rourke. All things do.
CF: Well. It has certainly been an experience flying with you, Captain Rourke.
JR: And you, sir. And Solomon - thanks for doing all the work.
Sol: Yeah. Well, someone had to.
CF: Fly safe, John.
JR: Always.

                                           - 37 -
Project EveLife – Clear Skies 3           Final

Act 4 Scene 6 - Finale
Ext shot of CS heading to wormhole
JR: Well, I still have my ship. Hah. And I still have my sofa. Mm, I love my sofa.
SC: Any room on there for us?
JR: What are you still doing here?
Sol: Oh come on. We can’t leave you to have all the fun.
CF: Universe of adventure out there, and all that.
Sol: Besides, you could get into trouble dressing in the morning, never mind being an
ambassador for the human race.
CF: Yeah - you need us.
JR: Yes. Yes I do.
SC: And you certainly need me
SC: So. Captain John Rourke. Part human, part Jovian, and now all mine. Any
clouds on our horizon?
JR: Naah.
Computer voice: Main engines offline
JR: Errr… Sol..?

The End.

                                         - 38 -

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