15 - Seattle Public Schools by zhouwenjuan


									                                                                  SPS Strategic Plan Survey 2011

                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From            Response Text
         Parent, family member,
     1        or guardian         Principals should spend time in every teacher's classroom. Not just a 10 minute announced visit.
         Parent, family member,
     2        or guardian         With funding that is sufficient and fair.
         Parent, family member,   resources
     3        or guardian         fewer students
         Parent, family member,
     4        or guardian         Have conversations with them regularly, and listen to what they have to say.
         Parent, family member,
     5        or guardian         Show them that you trust them.
         Parent, family member,
     6        or guardian         Again -- trusting the principals to manage their team and make decisions without worrying about union backlash
         Parent, family member,
     7        or guardian         Please for the love of god try to change the math and science programs.
         Parent, family member,   Let them stay where they are. After 9 years in SPS, I am so tired of CHURN and the UNKNOWN of which teachers and
     8        or guardian         principals will be in my children's schools from year to year. Too much movement.

         Parent, family member,
                                At this time, teachers at our school do not know how to correlate MAP to inform instruction. Grant funding has run out. Ask
              or guardian
     9                          teachers what they need..and provide it. You've eliminated discresionary spending which used to pay for math coaches.
         Parent, family member, Give them a good curriculum to work with. The math and science are atrocious. Changing those would raise scores around
    10        or guardian       the district.
         Parent, family member, I don't know if first year teachers feel supported, as I am not a teacher. I hope they feel supported. We had a first year teacher
    11        or guardian       at our school and she was awesome.
         Parent, family member, I don't know what professional development is taking place, or what an induction program is. Maybe next time set the survey
    12        or guardian       up to send parents on a different track than professionals as far as the questions/answers.
         Parent, family member, Reduce central administration, push authority down to principals, allow schools to make more decisions (esp. about budget
    13        or guardian       and hiring).
         Parent, family member,
    14        or guardian       Allow more individual autonomy;

         Parent, family member,
                                Pay them well. Stop using testing as the only way to determine excellence. Let them connect with their students and teach.
              or guardian
    15                          Give teachers the support they need to be able to do their jobs and the training they need to be innovative in their methods.
         Parent, family member, Give them supervisors who have more experience than they do, and the interpersonal skills to manage other people with
    16        or guardian       empathy and respect.
         Parent, family member, Decentralize authority from the central office to local community boards. Parents and students will hold their schools more
    17        or guardian       accountable than downtown pencil pushers.
         Parent, family member,
    18        or guardian       Give them the staffiing and resources they need to get the job done.
         Parent, family member, Leave them alone. Teachers and principals have to many obligations to the central office. You take principals out of the
    19        or guardian       buildings to much for meetings. You require too many ridiculous trainings for teachers.
         Parent, family member,
    20        or guardian       Removing gangs in the 98118 zip code schools
         Parent, family member,
    21        or guardian       Provide boots on the ground mentoring that is timely and that comes with accountability. Stop the silly MAP testing.
         Parent, family member,
    22        or guardian       Address capacity in west Seattle, decrease class size
         Parent, family member,
    23        or guardian       Well given the past few years of administration, I'd say get out of their way.
         Parent, family member,
    24        or guardian       Hire principals who have been teachers for a substantial period of time.
         Parent, family member, Get out of their way. Stop threats of layoffs. Get rid of all exec directors with fewer than 15+ years in a public school
    25        or guardian       classroom/principal seat.
         Parent, family member, Providing the support they need and making sure it is applied correctly and hold everyone responsible. If the school is not
    26        or guardian       making progress investigate why and immediately make changes.
                                Provide real resources and support. For example, we had a lovely high-school teacher come to our school--with zero
         Parent, family member,
                                elementary classroom management skills. It was a disaster for the first half of the year, and there should have been an
              or guardian
    27                          immediately available training for him to get his skills in order.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From          Response new teachers classroom full of kids with behavioral and learning issues. In the 6 years at our ES, we've noticed this
                                Don't give Text
                                trend. It is unfair. Provide all teachers better guided science training beyond the science kit. It is awkward as parents to have
                                to correrect a "scientific fact" our children learned based on their observation, but incorrect in terms of fact. Inquiry based
                                should be a start where observations are made, but even if you get inconclusive or incorrect results, you should discuss why
                                that might be (a result of human/mechanical error, poor quality of kit, etc.) and how you can make correction and do a retest.
                                There should be better discussion of the ideas the kids are testing and development of hypothesis.
                                More emphasis on IDing kids who are struggling to read at K-2 level. Don't wait until they are in 3rd grade with the MSP threat
         Parent, family member,
                                hanging over the teacher's head that a child is then referred for help. If a child is having a problem,then EVERY teacher should
              or guardian
                                seek remedy immeadiately, not wait. I've worked with these 3rd graders and it is tragic because their awareness of how much
                                they've fallen behind affects their confidence and attitude toward school. It makes me angry typing this. Teacher should be
                                using whole word and phonics with these kids developing their fluency and comprehension. Don't worry about MAP testing at
                                this point, because you have lost these kids.
                                At our school, with such a low FRL population, we don't need a 2nd principal. Better to spend the money on getting reading
    28                          and math specialists who have some authority to intervene to help struggling kids and help advanced learners who are not
                                Clearly, the firing of pricipal Floe indicates that the district has some serious problems in managing and supporitn teachers and
         Parent, family member,
              or guardian
                                I don't think teachers have been listened to in matter such as the HS science alignment. Trust your teachers, place the value
    29                          of their input over that of consultants.
         Parent, family member, Make student requirements and budgets clear and reasonably consistent from year to year. Then let them do what they are
    30        or guardian       trained to do. When things aren't working, listen to both sides first before coming up with action plans.
                                Get out of the way. Ask the TEACHERS what they want and be flexible. Maybe teachers at one school want coaches. Maybe
         Parent, family member,
                                at another school they need a longer school day. Maybe at another school they need curriculum flexibilty. It's not one size fits
              or guardian
    31                          all. Ask the teachers what they want and then give it to them. It's that simple.
         Parent, family member,
    32        or guardian       Allow them to do their jobs! And get them the resources to do their jobs!
                                Teachers are not prepared for the variety of acaemic levels and learning differences of the typical classroom makeup. The
         Parent, family member,
                                average class is made up of 3-6 IEP's, a 2+ std deviation difference in academic learning capacities from needing support to
              or guardian
    33                          needing more challenging work. This can be done with lower class size.
         Parent, family member, Allow them to pick or design their own curriculum, so that they can pick things that work with their personal teaching style and
    34        or guardian       the needs of their particular students.
         Parent, family member,
    35        or guardian       Let them do their jobs.
         Parent, family member, Measure performance, which probably means get rid of the union. I know, probably not an option but negotiate performance
    36        or guardian       measurements in their contract.
         Parent, family member,
    37        or guardian       Develop and maintain a strong HR team to provide the support necessary to perform the monitoring and review process well.
                                Adequate funding for schools, to have adequate support for teachers in the classroom. If the class sizes are to be large, and
                                Special Ed and ELL students are to be mainstreamed, then teachers need IAs for these students. Provide tutors for students
                                who need them. The district should also provide schools with counselors and family support workers. Each school also need
         Parent, family member,
                                a librarian, and music and art teachers. These needs are essential and basic, and the schools should not have to depend on
              or guardian
                                PTA fund raising to pay for them. Also, curriculum that are more accessible to minority students and early english speakers
                                would be needed. Discovery Math might work for students with parents who are fluent with English, but it is very difficult for
    38                          those without the fluency.

         Parent, family member, Questions 4 & 5 are ridiculous because they assume that parents even *know* what the district is doing to support first-year
              or guardian       teachers or conduct professional development in math, science and literacy. If by "support" in these endeavors you mean the
    39                          "coaches" and other top-heavy staffing, I would have to say that the district has been ineffective in both areas.
         Parent, family member,
    40        or guardian       by getting out of their way and letting them do the job they were trained to do
         Parent, family member,
    41        or guardian       See previous comments
         Parent, family member, Give them true resources and support: counselors, family/support workers etc...folks who help the student with issues outside
    42        or guardian       of academics so teachers/principals can focus on that alone.
         Parent, family member, Once a week early dismissals so that weekly time can be given to partnering with mentor teachers and teaching teams.
    43        or guardian       Support is what keeps them in the classroom.
         Parent, family member,
    44        or guardian       smaller class sizes
         Parent, family member, One thing is maintain the computer systems so that they are not running 2011 software on 1995 hardware. More autonomy in
    45        or guardian       curriculum and administration unless there is a serious problem.
         Parent, family member,
    46        or guardian       Ask them. It will be different for each situation. Ask them. Ask them.
         Parent, family member,
    47        or guardian       re: pd - better math curriculum.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#               From              Response Text
       Parent, family member,
    48      or guardian           Start listening to teachers, not reformers.
       Parent, family member,
    49      or guardian       listen to what the teachers need, they're on the front lines
       Parent, family member, See above + have fewer meetings and more time to contact parents & families; use technology more to communicate and
    50      or guardian       share ideas
                              Question 3 is biased. Provide some decent curricular materials, that will support teachers and learning. There are many
       Parent, family member,
                              quality teacher candidates, how does an electronic application system help differentiate? That's what a hiring committee does
            or guardian
    51                        with reviews and interviews.

                                Be clear about what's expected. Make sure principals understand that they are leaders, not managers, and that everything
         Parent, family member, they do (or don't do) reflects on the building they work in and are identified with. The best support a teacher can hope for is a
              or guardian       principal who can anticipate problems and find solutions before the problem arises, either based on their experience or by
                                drawing on their peers and supervisors. If they haven't been able to do that, for whatever reason, they need to get directly
    52                          involved in resolving the issue for that teacher to ensure that the carefully-prepared learning environment is protected.
         Parent, family member, Keep them from firing new teachers due to seniority, actually examine teachers considered for being fired in a case-by-case
    53        or guardian       basis, not just numbers
         Parent, family member,
    54        or guardian       lower class size, aides for autistic kids
         Parent, family member,
    55        or guardian       Don't fire all the district support people like the science department chair!
         Parent, family member, administration needs to cut layers of inefficiency and allow the individual schools some leniency in developing curriculum that is
    56        or guardian       pertinent to the community.
         Parent, family member,
    57        or guardian       Above choices don't work on BBerry - counselors back transparency HR is a travesty can't get sizes right - lower class sizes
         Parent, family member,
    58        or guardian       Set clear expectations from the district regarding differentiation and advance learning
         Parent, family member,
    59        or guardian       See #2, above.

       Parent, family member,
                              Bring more of the support to the teachers and principals in their own schools and classrooms, instead of at other locations.
            or guardian
    60                        Look for ways to provide first year teachers with more complete classroom supplies, including appropriate classroom libraries.
       Parent, family member,
    61      or guardian       By asking them what they need and delivering it.

                              Give principals a "cheat sheet" on how to get rid of someone under the CBA and employment policy / law. Stop assigning
       Parent, family member,
                              teachers and principals the equivalent of "busy work." Principals are way busier than ever, and too much is asked of them.
            or guardian
                              Stop calling principals downtown for random meeting, and consolidate it to one morning a month, with perhaps local MS feeder
    62                        area lunches so local principals can connect. Reduce the email and centrally-created workload for teachers/principals.
       Parent, family member,
    63      or guardian       Provide more support based on what the teachers and principals need.
       Parent, family member,
    64      or guardian       Lower class sizes, reward teachers for high performance with higher pay

       Parent, family member,
                              Provide more support in our crowded classrooms. Get out of the district office and work in the classrooms once a week. As
            or guardian
    65                        educators and administrators in our district, you should be spending time in the classroom and in the schools, regularly.
       Parent, family member,
    66      or guardian       Support them in discipline matters. Reward beyond the call of duty practices.
                              Watch who you hire! Supervise! Everyone knows who the bad teachers are in every building. Get rid of them. Raise your
       Parent, family member,
                              standards for both. Teachers are the vital link in successful education. Sick of bad teachers and principals. Stop moving them
            or guardian
    67                        around.

         Parent, family member, I think these previous questions are very general and can not be answered generally. There are different teachers and
              or guardian       principals and they all need to be supported differently depending on the environment and the stage where they are currently.
    68                          But a good start would be to have a great superintendent for sure. Which we greatly miss for years now.
         Parent, family member,
    69        or guardian       pay them more
                                Regarding Q3, discovering math is doing a disservice to our children. This curriculum is not going to prepare them for college,
         Parent, family member,
                                vocational programs, or life. This needs to change. How about we take a look at the math curriculum at Schmitz Park
              or guardian
    70                          Elementary, where students recently won accolades?
         Parent, family member, Utilize the professional development and induction personnel to work with small groups - make it easier for teachers to access
    71        or guardian       those opportunities and to individualize them a bit.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From            Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    72        or guardian         Stop saddling them with too many students (Lafayette) and in effective curriculum (Everyday Mathematics).
         Parent, family member,   More training for principals in inclusive communities. More training for principals on special education. Review and evaluate
    73        or guardian         principals based on how inclusive their special education services are at their school.
         Parent, family member,   Please re-think this "plan" of arbitrary termination of principals who are doing a great job in many areas except high stakes
    74        or guardian         testing scores. I have no faith in this type of administrative style
         Parent, family member,
    75        or guardian         in school coaches for teachers, opportunities to visit each other's classes and schools, better pay.
                                  1. With quality in-class support (tutors and aids) to help teachers meet the educational needs of the wide diversity of students
                                  that exist in EVERY classroom.

                                2. For the Spectrum and APP programs, by retesting at entry grade levels (6th and 9th) to make sure that the kids in ALO
         Parent, family member,
                                programs really need to be there. There should not be Spectrum or APP offered below 3rd grade; the level of reading and
              or guardian
                                math at that age is more determined by development than by academic need or ability.

                              3. By allowing more flexibility in curriculum implementation so that teachers can create rich classroom experiences that build
    76                        on their strengths, training, and interests as teachers.
       Parent, family member, Qualified and responsive leadership--give them a sense that they are actually accountable--achievement scores can be a good
    77      or guardian       indicator, but isn't the whole picture
       Parent, family member,
    78      or guardian       Downtown needs to get its act together. What happens down there always seems wrong.

         Parent, family member,
                                the new evaluation system seems like a lot of work! There should be counselors/mental health professionals in each school.
              or guardian
    79                          special education caseloads should be smaller. class size should be smaller. portables should be phased out.
                                Lure families into the public schools who have talents and resources that could positively support teachers and principals.
                                Sorry to repeat myself, but it seems so obvious to me and no one to my knowledge in Seattle Public Schools is working on
         Parent, family member,
                                creating the kind of schools that will attract back the private ("independent") school crowd. The private schools are cherry
              or guardian
                                picking the families that help support the schools: the families that are working wiht their kids on their homework; the ones
    80                          who volunteer; etcetera. Stop letting the private schools cherry pick our kids.
         Parent, family member,
    81        or guardian       Smaller classrooms.
                                Community and schools should be partnering when possible to build support. A government "match" or "bonus" could help by
         Parent, family member, being one item they do not have to worry about during budget time. Basically, reach a goal, whether it be academic, extra
              or guardian       curricular, fundraising, etc.,.. and you get a reward that the school can use or have (depending on the reward) for the following
    82                          school year.
         Parent, family member, Give them the tools, time, and financial means to better themselves! Quit asking them for excellence when the district can not
    83        or guardian       demonstrate it!
         Parent, family member,
    84        or guardian       Lower class sizes.
         Parent, family member,
    85        or guardian       Parent involvement.
         Parent, family member,
    86        or guardian       ask them, talk to them and listen
         Parent, family member,
    87        or guardian       let them teach and give principals more power to run their buildings and staff.
         Parent, family member, Trust to their intution more. Give teachers more time in classrooms and less of telling what to do every minute of their day.
    88        or guardian       Principals need to have an independent comittee to support and regulate them other than the district.
         Parent, family member, Quit running them at or beyond capacity. Quit cutting nurses, librarians, and counselors, from the budget. Have a staff
    89        or guardian       available to research the latest tools for learning and bring that info to the sites.
         Parent, family member,
    90        or guardian       Diversify SCPTSA leadership to diversify and increase parent involvement in SPS.
                                1. Reduce the Displaced Teacher Pool down even further. Let go of the underperforming ones.
         Parent, family member, 2. Do not force principals to hire displaced teachers. The current SPS hiring process is ineffective and harmful to the students.
              or guardian
    91                          3. Provide more free professional development training for teachers in math and science.
         Parent, family member, Provide more paraeducators to support IN the classroom rather than doing pull-out. Or seperate classrooms by student
    92        or guardian       learning levels within a grade (ie high achievers in one class, ELL in another, etc).
         Parent, family member,
    93        or guardian       Hire assistants for them.
         Parent, family member,
    94        or guardian       Become more inclusive; All Education Professionals (IA, & FSW)!
         Parent, family member, they need to know that when they are struggling and ask for help, it will not be viewed as a deficiency and used against them in
    95        or guardian       an evaluation.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
     96        or guardian         You need to get that feed back from them.
          Parent, family member,   Stop low-balling the projected enrollments and manufacturing a need for RIFs. Give the principals more autonomy and give
     97        or guardian         them control over a larger portion of their budgets.
          Parent, family member,
     98        or guardian         improve hiring, firing, and riffing practices.
          Parent, family member,
     99        or guardian         Elicit their feedback and listen to it
          Parent, family member,
    100        or guardian         Trust them, treat them as experts.
          Parent, family member,   Teachers and principals will benefit of more volunteers and academic support from other academic programs. Training some
    101        or guardian         parents to help at school and maybe giving them some stipend money might help.
          Parent, family member,
    102        or guardian         mentoring
          Parent, family member,
    103        or guardian         Allow principals more control over staffing.
          Parent, family member,   Make sure there is sufficient professional development. Make sure the principals recognize a good teacher. Listen to parent
    104        or guardian         feedback. Make sure the principals are sufficiently supervised.
          Parent, family member,
    105        or guardian         Ask teachers and principals what you can do to better support them and then follow though on those ideas.
          Parent, family member,
    106        or guardian         I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be able to answer this question (or the questions about pd) as a parent.
          Parent, family member,
    107        or guardian     Provide them the tools they need to teach our children.
                               More district funded professional development so the kids get consistency in the topics as they move from grade to grade.
        Parent, family member,
                               Right now some PTA's pay for professional development, some schools have none - really - what about Continuing Education
             or guardian
    108                        requirements?

                                 At least in our school's case, the principal seems to need improved tools for managing the quality of his teacher corps. He
          Parent, family member,
                                 spends too much time managing bad teachers.
               or guardian
                                 Our school benefits from a very strong PTA. I know not all schools can do that, particularly those with lots of single parent or
    109                          double-income-by-necessity families. But support for PTAs in disadvantaged schools might help strengthen them.
          Parent, family member, The bright kids at our school (Sacajawea) are sent to the library for independent study during math because they have
    110        or guardian       mastered the material. This is unethical in a school which calls itself a designated ALO site.
          Parent, family member,
    111        or guardian       Extend the school year and add more in-service and training/coordination days to the year.
          Parent, family member,
    112        or guardian       Continue to support them in education (as stated above) and pay them better
                                 Have reviews/evaluations done yearly. Indentify weaknesses and work on remediation. Praise strengths. Then review again.
          Parent, family member, If repeat problems are not improved, then termination. (much like what is done in industry). Please see above for new
               or guardian       teacher. New teachers should have 3 mo reviews. Actually monthly monitoring would be good with mentorship with the other
    113                          grade level teachers. Teachers that mentor should be compensated for their time.
          Parent, family member,
    114        or guardian       Make sure every class room has a parent-leader to coordinate support from all the parents in the room.
          Parent, family member,
    115        or guardian       Stop threatening programs, provide consistent resouces, listen to the teachers and principals!
          Parent, family member,
    116        or guardian       More support in accessing materials and training toi deliver interventions to struggling students.

        Parent, family member,
                               I actually don't know what the induction program is, but I don't think our first year teachers are well supported. Parents with
             or guardian
    117                        kids in those classes often feel like they've drawn the short straw. Our Principal seems indifferent to this.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Provide more access to external resources for coaching and professional development. The current in-house mentoring
               or guardian
    118                          program provided by the district is held in contempt by teachers and is viewed as dumping ground for incompetents.
          Parent, family member,
    119        or guardian       Provide teachers with more aides and smaller class sizes.
          Parent, family member, You can support teachers by hiring good/qualified principals. I hear that teachers are very unhappy and leaving our school this
    120        or guardian       year due to horrible principal hire at Lawton elementary.
          Parent, family member,
    121        or guardian       Treat them with respect. They are not students.
          Parent, family member,
    122        or guardian       centralized roving superior teachers to "fire-fight" learning problems at individual schools
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    123        or guardian         Let them do their job and quit using statistics to fire principals and teachers. Dumb!
          Parent, family member,
    124        or guardian         Listen to them and then DO something based on THAT information instead of the information from paid consultants.
          Parent, family member,
    125        or guardian         Hire quality. Allow for more transparency. Too much secrecy.
          Parent, family member,
    126        or guardian         Communication with parents. Use technology, email lists, video chats, in-person chats.
          Parent, family member,
    127        or guardian         At least in our school, the PTA seems like it is a bit meddlesome.
          Parent, family member,
    128        or guardian       wish i knew!!
                                 Empower them to make the decisions on the policies that impact their students. I understand that consistent policy for all
          Parent, family member,
                                 schools makes it easier to manage at the district level, but imposing policies in such a "cookie cutter" fashion doesn't meet the
               or guardian
    129                          needs of students in a particular school as well as the next.
          Parent, family member,
    130        or guardian       Support principals by making it easier for them to get rid of under-performing teachers.
          Parent, family member, Earned autonomy: allow high performing schools greater control over their budget. Link high and low performing schools to
    131        or guardian       allow learning across these pairs.
          Parent, family member, Give them smaller class sizes. Find specialists for specific subjects, e.g., teachers who will be so enthusiastic about teaching a
    132        or guardian       subject.
          Parent, family member,
    133        or guardian       Give them goals and responsibility and hold them accountable. This is how you would treat any professional.
          Parent, family member, Better pay. Use a combination of teacher performance (not based on MAP results), student and parent evaluation and seniority
    134        or guardian       to evaluate teachers and principals.
                                 Give them free rein in what to teach (as long as they've taught the materials that students of a given grade are supposed to
          Parent, family member,
                                 know) and instead of hiring more Central Office staff, give the money to the schools so they can continue offering music and
               or guardian
    135                          arts.
          Parent, family member, Give the principal the ability to choose teachers and fire teachers. The parents can hold the principal accountable, but without
    136        or guardian       the power to make these decisions the principal is stuck.
                                 Having a good understanding of teacher/principal strengths is key, and then knowing how those strengths and weaknesses
          Parent, family member,
                                 project into the classroom and school. I have seen teachers teaching subject or grades that are very hard for them, and there
               or guardian
    137                          needs to be a process to support them (or remove them).
          Parent, family member,
    138        or guardian       Find ways to increase salary and reward success; wean out persistently under-performing/ineffective teachers
          Parent, family member,
    139        or guardian       Being open to new suggestions and classroom plans
          Parent, family member,
    140        or guardian       Give them smaller classes.
          Parent, family member,
    141        or guardian       Listen to them.
          Parent, family member,
    142        or guardian       let them teach the kids, not the test. let principals/staff recruit teachers from outside the district.
          Parent, family member,
    143        or guardian       Train them to be professional first, and eliminate the silos of evangelism
          Parent, family member,
    144        or guardian       N/A
          Parent, family member,
    145        or guardian       Don't fire them without just cause.
          Parent, family member,
    146        or guardian       Pay them more
                                 Don't know anything 3 or 4. I think teachers are well trained in terms of creating lesson plans and what to do in the classroom.
          Parent, family member, However, they also have to deal with any family issues that a child brings to the classroom. There needs to be social services
               or guardian       to support students that are coming to school in a state that doesn't allow them to learn (lack of food, stress or neglect at
    147                          home). Let the teacher focus on actually teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    148        or guardian       cut class sizes and support them with budget that will give them materials they need to teach effectively
          Parent, family member, I am very much in support of the continued training in readers' and writers' workshop. I would suggest some training in
    149        or guardian       teaching advanced learners rather than only focusing on kids who are falling behind.
                                 Increase time for teachers and principals to work together to improve instruction at a school, and give funding and resources to
          Parent, family member,
                                 support this. Improvements do not always need to come from outside trainers. Provide increased support for
               or guardian
    150                          differentiating/remediating the EDM math curriculum, which moves too quickly for many students.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    151        or guardian         I don't know yet what the current mentoring program is like -- seems like mentoring would be key.
          Parent, family member,   Teachers NEED to be trained to better meet the needs of incoming ICS students. It is imperative to everyone that both
    152        or guardian         teachers and students receive support during this important transition.
          Parent, family member,
    153        or guardian         The first year teacher I know gets more support from teachers in the building than from the mentor teacher from the district.
          Parent, family member,
    154        or guardian         support an intern program with college students so teachers can have more help in classroom
          Parent, family member,
    155        or guardian         reduce class sizes
          Parent, family member,   Smaller class sizes. Kindergarten classrooms with over 25 students is awful. The schools that are at or over capacity are
    156        or guardian         being squeezed every where and need more staffing.
          Parent, family member,
    157        or guardian     More money and better benefits, works every time.
                               Give teachers the leeway to teach a class in a manner that is effective for a given group of students. Stop using poor tools like
        Parent, family member,
                               Discovery math. Instead of spending time and money on 3 MAP tests per year, bring tutors into classrooms where it is
             or guardian
    158                        obviously needed.
        Parent, family member, Give principals responsibility & accountability PLUS the freedom to execute and create a community at their local school. This
    159      or guardian       can only work if principals are retained over multiple years at the same school.
        Parent, family member, Hire educated, trained and capable teachers and principals, and allow parents to grade those teachers and principals on an
    160      or guardian       annual basis, so those teachers and principals not suited to the profession can be removed.
        Parent, family member,
    161      or guardian       Lay off 30 percent of district administration and direct the savings to the schools.
        Parent, family member, Better pay, better in-service training, resources for curriculum enrichment, not overcrowding classrooms and schools (e.g., via
    162      or guardian       new student assignment plan)
                               We get no information about professional development or the outcomes or the strategies staff will employ.
        Parent, family member,
             or guardian       Not sure about an induction program that permits new teachers to be RIF'd again and again and yet you still expect them to
    163                        feel safe in their job, confident that they'll be at the same school next year....
                               Allow them freedom, institute a learning sabatical requiring teachers and principals to spent time in a school which is the total
        Parent, family member,
                               opposite to their current building, force teacher school rotation, no teacher longer then 6 years in any building, no principal
             or guardian
    164                        longer then 5 years in any community
        Parent, family member,
    165      or guardian       change the math ciricumlum
                               Get rid of the dead weight. I'd like to rephrase that to "How can we better support HIGH PERFORMING teachers and
                               principals"? I don't want to support teachers and principals who are not performing. In any other business, the non-performers
        Parent, family member, are shown the door. You can first support the high performers by getting rid of the low performers. The high performers know
             or guardian       who the low performers are. When low performers are allowed to continue, that eventually causes the high performers to
                               wonder why they should put in all the extra effort. Again, we are playing down the lowest common denominator instead of
    166                        playing up to the high performers.
        Parent, family member, listen to their needs and try to address them in a timely manner
    167      or guardian       ask for their input on matters that directly impact them
                               It is difficult to trace the student achievement with teacher professional development. There does not seem to be a correlation
        Parent, family member,
                               between professional development targets and focused goals of the school. Teacher professional development should align to
             or guardian
    168                        the strategic goals of the school and be measured to ensure that progress is made.
                               Have a method that lets you get rid of underperforming teachers. The union rules in place today seem to focus only on
        Parent, family member,
                               longevity, which can (and does as seen this year at our school) hurts the childrens' education if a non-motivated teacher
             or guardian
    169                        cannot be pulled out of the classroom due to poor performance.
        Parent, family member,
    170      or guardian       teachers need to believe in kids, principals need to be more response to needs of school community
        Parent, family member,
    171      or guardian       Don't try to make them all act the same.
        Parent, family member,
    172      or guardian       less testing, gives teachers more room to teach what is necessary.
        Parent, family member, Treat them as professionals -- become the model district in the nation to not be the "pawn" of the business community the has
    173      or guardian       fallen in line to the "Superman" dogma
        Parent, family member, More help in the classrooms: particularly in the younger grades, teachers are expected to discipline, wipe noses, wash hands,
    174      or guardian       comfort crying kids, make copies, grade papers. And teach.
        Parent, family member,
    175      or guardian       Stop bothering them with endless tests that they have to teach to
        Parent, family member,
    176      or guardian       Ask them what they need to be effective. Ask them what parents can do to support them.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    177        or guardian         more money, more volunteers
          Parent, family member,   Provide better incentives for teachers. Many teachers, especially older ones are not as motivated to provide the best
    178        or guardian         environment for students.
          Parent, family member,   Do not fire them when they do a good job and replace them with less experienced educators. Do not move principals around,
    179        or guardian         preventing them from serving as an advocate for their school.
          Parent, family member,
    180        or guardian         Give them all the staff they need to run a school so no one is burnt out and too overwhelmed to teach.
          Parent, family member,   Let them develop learning environments and curriculum that fits the children in front of them. Then record demonstration
    181        or guardian         camps to assess areas for improvement.
          Parent, family member,
    182        or guardian       Smaller class sizes. Remove everyday math after 2nd grade
          Parent, family member, I can only speak to Whitman Middle School and Whittier and both principals do a good job supporting the teachers. However,
    183        or guardian       observations with clear, actionable feedback should be done on a regular basis to help teachers improve
                                 Stop jumping on every PD fad that comes down the pike. Focus on basic skills. Don't let purchased curriculum (R/W Wkshop,
          Parent, family member, EDM) drive so much of the PD.) Provide more team teaching and observation opportunities for new staff (pay for subs and
               or guardian       videos and planning time). Require principals to teach regularly. Consider creating a business manager position for multiple
    184                          schools so principals can focus on learning and teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    185        or guardian       Ask them what they need instead of imposing programs on them.
          Parent, family member,
    186        or guardian       Proving a teaching mentor, partner new teachers with seasoned teachers, limit their extracurricular activities for the first year.
          Parent, family member,
    187        or guardian       Smaller Classes!!
          Parent, family member, Let school admin and teachers form own curriculums, science-focus, art focus. Requirements are easily incorporated into
    188        or guardian       curriculum that is popular with teachers and kids will eat it up.
          Parent, family member, Have other measures of teacher effectiveness besides test scores. Assist teachers with behavior problems (get students,
    189        or guardian       especially at the high school level, out of the classroom if they don't want to be there).
          Parent, family member,
    190        or guardian       Stop buying computers for students in middle and elementary schools. Use the money for other programs.
          Parent, family member,
    191        or guardian       Give them the resources in the classroom they need (i.e. more books, science materials, etc.)
          Parent, family member,
    192        or guardian       Allow them to hire/fire based on competency, and per parental feedback.
                                 -Smaller class sizes, especially in high school (now at 32 students/class)
          Parent, family member,
                                 -Give teachers more flexibility in what and how they teach (the basic list of learning goals should be small enough that there is
               or guardian
    193                          time for projects, more depth, interesting diversions,etc.)
          Parent, family member,
    194        or guardian       better supervision of principals.... guiding them and holding them accountable for in building supervision and standards.
          Parent, family member,
    195        or guardian       Reward the good ones and get rid of the bad ones.
          Parent, family member,
    196        or guardian       Listen
                                 *Help teachers / schools better utilize volunteers from their own schools or outside the school. There's a lot of untapped
          Parent, family member, potential in parents and the community. Sometimes teachers don't know how to utilize parents of their own students -- let along
               or guardian       tap into people beyond that.
    197                          *Bring recognition to those working with the most challenging/needy populations.
          Parent, family member,
    198        or guardian       Give them the resources and flexibility to teach and support our kids
          Parent, family member,
    199        or guardian       increased funding
                                 Give them more flexibility in the classroom. I see the theoretical advantage to a single curriculum for all the schools but it
          Parent, family member,
                                 doesn't work. Teachers know their students and need to be able to teach them according to their needs not what the district
               or guardian
    200                          thinks their needs to be.
          Parent, family member,
    201        or guardian       Not sure but a lot of work in that area needs to take place.
                                 My opinion is based on prof development at Arbor heights which has been unorganized and unmonitored. I have no opinion of
                                 professional development in general except to say - pleasse have teachers do their training in the summer or duing school
          Parent, family member, breaks. The once or twice a month day off or short day is disruptive and artificially extends the school year with no real benefit
               or guardian       to students.
                                 Give teachers a way to get rid of ineffective leaders and a recourse against in-building cliques and bullies. Give principals more
    202                          power in removing staff from the building.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From             Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    203        or guardian          Raise their salaries, making it financially feasible for them to keep their teaching jobs!
          Parent, family member,
    204        or guardian          more support in the classrooms with technology and assistance
          Parent, family member,
    205        or guardian          Pay more attention to complaints.
          Parent, family member,
    206        or guardian          Providing them with the monetary and support services needed.
          Parent, family member,    Immediately intervene with teachers when parents complain. Provide additional mentoring and in class support. Make the
    207        or guardian          intervention obvious to families so they know you are on top of the issues.
          Parent, family member,    Adequate working conditions and respect, not micromanaging of teachers. We need to support principals who are educational
    208        or guardian          leaders and respectful of parents and communities.

          Parent, family member, Create a mentorship program - choose some of your best teachers, take them out of the classroom and hire them to mentor
               or guardian       across the district and pay them accordingly. Compensate excellent teachers who work hard and are dedicated to teaching
    209                          our kids. There are plenty of teachers in the SPS who are well past their prime in energy and passion for teaching
          Parent, family member,
    210        or guardian       ask them.
                                 Give them clear, concise teaching materials in math that they can use to effectively teach all students, including ELL, special
          Parent, family member,
                                 ed and students who have failed in the past. Give principals the authority to replace teaching materials that their teachers find
               or guardian
    211                          ineffective, confusing or substandard.
          Parent, family member,
    212        or guardian       Parental involvement
          Parent, family member,
    213        or guardian       Assign or let them choose a mentor.
          Parent, family member,
    214        or guardian       Pay them well, listen to them, get rid of obviously poor teachers now retained solely by seniority.
          Parent, family member,
    215        or guardian       by not utilizing program such as Teach America to circumvent hiring of qualified teachers
                                 If classrooms are all-inclusive (I mean all levels of learners and children with learning disabilities and behavioral problems
          Parent, family member, combined in 1 classroom) then the teachers need more support in the classroom and times when children are separated out by
               or guardian       academic and social need so that teachers get a break from constant behavior correction and can feel more sense of
    216                          accomplishment by actually getting more learning accomplished!!
          Parent, family member,
    217        or guardian       Don't know.
          Parent, family member, Give them evaluations from their school community and the people that work with them everyday (parents, fellow teachers,
    218        or guardian       students). Give them honest feedback to work from.
                                 Principals - you can provide guidelines for how to deal with certain discipline issues like bullying so that it is dealt with similarly
                                 in all schools.

                                    Also, guidelines for how principals can support their teachers with discipline issues.
          Parent, family member,
               or guardian
                                    Also, make it easier for principals to replace ineffective teachers with effective teachers.

                                    Teachers - provide extra help in the classroom for teachers that want it maybe by partnering with an organization like
    219                             Volunteers of America.

          Parent, family member,
                                 I like the days off for development, but dislike its impact on working families. There should be more tutoring done on Prof. Dev.
               or guardian
    220                          days, and the kids should have tutoring hours built into extended days, creating study blocks. This would help teachers.
          Parent, family member, Principals need to listen to teachers and parents and monitor students progress. Principals have a big job and need
    221        or guardian       incentives, encouragement and support to step up as much as they can.
          Parent, family member,
    222        or guardian       As a parent, instead of an educator, I don't have enough knowledge to have an opinion on these topics.
          Parent, family member, Give them high quality curriculum and support for using it. Give them professional development, as well as time for
    223        or guardian       collaborative planning.
          Parent, family member,
    224        or guardian       Give them the resources that they need. I know of one classroom where the parents had to buy the books.
          Parent, family member,
    225        or guardian       Don't ask one of the lowest paid professions to take a pay cut. Respect excellence in teachers by protecting their jobs.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From            Response Text

                               District representatives should be out in every school on a regular basis talking with parents, students, teachers, etc. Hold
        Parent, family member,
                               teachers more accountable. Prinicpals should be in teh classrooms more providing support, offering feedback. Teachers
             or guardian
                               shoudl be more of a team ratehr than individuals. Excellent teachers should be sharing regularly with those not meeting the
    226                        bar. Don't wait for "graceful exits." If teachers are not effective and empassioned, they should not be teaching.
        Parent, family member,
    227      or guardian       More funding to lower classroom sizes, provide training, pay them better.

                                 Improve wages, benefits and working conditions!
                                 Drop merit based pay. Urban educators are working with students who have so many factors inhibiting their success that need
          Parent, family member,
                                 to be factored into teacher evaluation. Children coming to school from chaotic, violent, or neglectful homes, malnourished or
               or guardian
                                 otherwise endangered need the best our teachers can give them. Progress needs to be respected and supported! If a 5th
                                 grader made a jump from a 1st to 4th grade reading level that is a dramatic improvement, we shouldn't harp on the fact that
    228                          that 5th grader isn't at grade level yet IF they have made substantial progress from where they started.
          Parent, family member,
    229        or guardian       Help them have enough supplies so parents don't have to pay for them.
          Parent, family member,
    230        or guardian       professional development
                                 Stop introducing curricula that require a lot of instruction to teach. Everyday Math is a prime example of a system that took
          Parent, family member,
                                 too much time and money to institute.
               or guardian
    231                          Give principals more authority and more obligation to improve bad teachers or remove them.
          Parent, family member,
    232        or guardian       believe them, empower them
          Parent, family member,
    233        or guardian       Enough $$ for school supplies.
                                 Listening would be good. Encouraging them to try things without fear would be good. Mostlly I think letting them do their jobs
          Parent, family member,
                                 and stop asking them to solve ALL the problems of public education would be helpful. They're doing their best and especially
               or guardian
    234                          teachers are the first responders to our education crisis.
          Parent, family member,
    235        or guardian       Provide mentoring and professional development
          Parent, family member,
    236        or guardian       More encouragement to them to communicate with parents more and better. Some completely ignore parents.
          Parent, family member,
    237        or guardian       Stop giving them more responsibilities and less pay/time to do it.
          Parent, family member,
    238        or guardian       The best support for our educators is training and guidance.
          Parent, family member,
    239        or guardian       Give more money so that fund raising won't be an issue and the principal can focus on the school and not the finances.
          Parent, family member,
    240        or guardian       Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and tailoring professional development to their specific needs.
          Parent, family member,
    241        or guardian       Reach out to the public more with talented people showing the benefits society receives through wonderful public education.
          Parent, family member, clear expectations of performance and "on the ground" description of what that looks like. Recognition that outstanding effort
    242        or guardian       to bring one kid along is as important test scores.
                                 There are some teachers who actually care what their students are learning and are willing to work with students on their own
                                 time to help them.
          Parent, family member,
                                 These teachers are struck down by the system. I am talking about Jordan Gussin at HIMS. He developed a system where he
               or guardian
                                 tutors students in math on the computer at their homes. It is amazing and he has been told he cannot continue to assist
    243                          students. I am so disgusted with the school system supporting mediocrity.
          Parent, family member, Math specialists in the schools. Stepping up the math instruction is resource intensive and many of the teachers come from
    244        or guardian       liberal arts backgounds and could use inspiration and guidance for teaching past computational skills.
          Parent, family member,
    245        or guardian       Minimize micromanagement
                                 I don't know how the process works but seven years ago you hired a Shoreline principal and in the four years he was involved
                                 with his school he had totally changed the way the teachers interacted with each other and vastly improved the school
          Parent, family member, academically. He demanded accountability, encouraged the teachers to work togetether and broke down boundaries. He
               or guardian       must have been given broad authority to restructure as innovation is key in any organization. Teachers who were put off by
                                 changes did not stay and he was able to recruit new teachers by having a well crafted vision of what he wanted for the school.
    246                          That seems like a good model for all schools.
          Parent, family member,
    247        or guardian       Assist them in creating networking opportunities and more positive reinforcement
          Parent, family member, Give them strong curriculum in the classrooms, not the math curriculum that is on OSPI's unsound list. And computers for
    248        or guardian       students to access like laptops for all. The lack of technology in the Seattle classrooms is shocking.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From          Response Text
                                 Make sure principals walk around and observe the teachers and students. Get rid of principals who sit in their office during the
          Parent, family member,
                                 school day. Also, school should be interesting. It's not OK if the majority of the students say they're bored and don't like
               or guardian
    249                          school.
          Parent, family member, Expand the mentor program for any teacher that would like it now matter what their seniority. New principals would also benefit
    250        or guardian       from a STAR mentor program.
          Parent, family member,
    251        or guardian       create an environment where excellence and commitment are recognized and supported.
                                 Less money on administration at a district level. More spent for teacher salaries. Less money on testing. Make a standardized
          Parent, family member,
                                 teacher evaluation that is the same district wide, and includes current student parent input, as well as in class observation
               or guardian
    252                          requirement by the principal. Make these happen every year. Merit based salary.
          Parent, family member, Give them the resources they need in the classrooms - better equipment, supplemental materials, partnership w/ external
    253        or guardian       sourcees (University, museums, non-profit groups)
          Parent, family member, I love the teaches. 25% are going to be great, 50% good and some poor. I guess that is life, which is understandable.
    254        or guardian       Support? Support the kids. My 2 of my 3 kids have a crap principal.
                                 Sometimes testing and state standards do not show how well satisfied parents are with their schools and teachers. Sometimes
          Parent, family member,
                                 scores are low but the teachers and Principal have been doing a great job. They need to be encouraged not downgraded. Tell
               or guardian
    255                          them to keep up the good work. It may take 4 years or so to see a turn around.
          Parent, family member,
    256        or guardian       respect their expertise and their time
          Parent, family member,
    257        or guardian       Integration of Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions, and RTI
          Parent, family member,
    258        or guardian       It depend the principal
          Parent, family member, more "in class" aids and volunteers to help with overcrowded classrooms or open more closed school buildings in crowded
    259        or guardian       school zones and create more schools.
          Parent, family member, Ask the teachers and principals. Parents have a horse in the race, so to speak, so I would suggest caution when asking
    260        or guardian       parents.
          Parent, family member, Allow them to be professionals..trust...maintain accurate and transparentdocumentation to fire those ineffective inclusing
    261        or guardian       community input
          Parent, family member,
    262        or guardian       More money sure would help...
          Parent, family member, Don't overwhelm them with constant changes. Too much focus on assessment. Teachers seem stressed, and that affects the
    263        or guardian       students.
          Parent, family member,
    264        or guardian       provide an in-building mentor during the first 2 years and be sure the principal actually gets in to observe.
                                 Stop harassing them. Stop RIF-ing them. Stop insulting them by supporting unqualified Teach for America trainees. Treat
          Parent, family member,
                                 teachers & principals with respect. Give them more creative autonomy. Give them a stable work environment, instead of
               or guardian
    265                          constant churn.
          Parent, family member,
    266        or guardian       Teachers need more time to collaborate. Novice teachers also need more mentoring.
          Parent, family member,
    267        or guardian       In-school support and training. In-school problem solving. Mentorship.
                                 For principals, less administrative and more supporting the teachers.
          Parent, family member,
                                 For the teachers, more money for computer equipment and books. Some of the teachers have truly outdated computer
               or guardian
                                 systems that should have been tossed years ago and many of them buy books out of their own pockets or ask parents to
    268                          provide the classroom with books. That should not have to happen.
          Parent, family member,
    269        or guardian       give principals more power to let go of underperforming teachers
          Parent, family member, Teachers should be allowed more freedom to pursue professional development with their colleagues without a mandate that
    270        or guardian       may not be of any use to them.
          Parent, family member,
    271        or guardian       Flexibility. Focus groups. Brainstorm sessions and follow through.
                                 Respect them and their knowledge and experience.
          Parent, family member, Place principals very carefully to ensure optimal fit and give them enough time and support to guide improvement. Do not hire
               or guardian       principals with very limited classroom experience in the setting they will work in (i.e. no high school math teacher turned pricipal
    272                          in a K-5 school)
                                 Manage. Be managers. Think like managers.
          Parent, family member,
                                 Listen to students, parents, teachers, master teachers, staff, principals, community members and others in a 360 degree
               or guardian
    273                          review protocol.
          Parent, family member,
    274        or guardian       manage them - teach them how to be better, and reward the good, get rid of the bad.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From          Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    275      or guardian       Provide more training and more teachers.
        Parent, family member,
    276      or guardian       If they have an idea that is 'off the wall'...go ahead and listen with an open mind.
                               encourage local businesses, school communities to help/donate and always ask parents to help. Emphasize that parents can
        Parent, family member,
                               make a big difference when helping the teachers and the schools! Parents don't always realize the impact they can have nor
             or guardian
    277                        how the system works.
        Parent, family member, Reduce class sizes and pay teachers more. Ask the teachers what they need. Respect them.
    278      or guardian          Match principals to schools better. Then, respect them. They don’t need higher salaries though.
        Parent, family member,
    279      or guardian       Make the schools gang free and put the IB in all high schools
        Parent, family member,
    280      or guardian       Less time outside of school or good substitute staff to help while they attend trainings they need.
                               End the chronic administrative hypocrisy. Huge, huge change needed in this area. Actions speak louder than words. In 8
                               years in this district, I cannot think of one thing the district has done to assist and support my childrens' teachers instead of
                               force-feeding and overburdening teachers with more and more of the latest gimmickry.
        Parent, family member,
             or guardian       Honestly, the district deserves and F-minus in this category. I have not seen a single sliver of teacher support from SPS, but
                               instead, just the opposite.

    281                           Constant, chronic district efforts that undermine teachers instead of supporting them.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Teachers and principals can be better supported by 1) principal should have a stronger say in who they hire. 2) teachers need
               or guardian
    282                          to understand the expectations and hae a mentor/partner to help guide them through their acclimation process.
          Parent, family member,
    283        or guardian       by providing a fair and better salary
          Parent, family member,
    284        or guardian       Respect them. Pay them for their time- and extra time.
          Parent, family member,
    285        or guardian       Deliberate efforts to share information on successful programs or best practices b/n schools
          Parent, family member,
    286        or guardian       pay them more.
          Parent, family member, Make sure each principal is an effective head of instruction. If principals actually did their jobs properly and supervised
    287        or guardian       teachers effectively, then most of the complaints about teacher quality would go away.
          Parent, family member,
    288        or guardian       Site based management will allow for this
          Parent, family member,
    289        or guardian       More teacher mentoring and support for new teachers. More emphasis on collaborative teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    290        or guardian       Reveiw frequently and coach as needed. Use merit to determine who stays at a school.
          Parent, family member,
    291        or guardian       smaller class sizes or extra teaching staff.
          Parent, family member,
    292        or guardian       Insist on respect and hard work from our kids starting at home.

          Parent, family member,
                                 More time throughout the year for teachers to receive professional development within their schools. Often staff meetings are
               or guardian
    293                          filled with district directives and the staff is not given time to explore other areas of professional development.
          Parent, family member,
    294        or guardian       More mentoring and collaboration
          Parent, family member, I think they are well supported through trainings, professional development days, etc. Maybe offer counseling and more
    295        or guardian       professional coachingi
          Parent, family member,
    296        or guardian       Evaluate them
          Parent, family member, Trust and respect them. Don't pull them out of their schools for unnecessary meetings. Innovate as a district, allowing for new
    297        or guardian       teaching and learning paths. Allow peer presentation/exchange to serve as prof development.
          Parent, family member, Trust them. Let them teach. Offer new and inspiring professional development regularly. Stop trying to make everyone the
    298        or guardian       same.
          Parent, family member, "clone" Claytor! ;-)
    299        or guardian       I am so impressed with the staff and leadership at Gatewood- except for overcrowding.
          Parent, family member,
    300        or guardian       See answer to #2 above. Do NOT allow TFA into SPS.
          Parent, family member,
    301        or guardian       Same answer as #2; how many times have I heard about all sorts of questions -- "This is being decided downtown"
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From              Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    302      or guardian           The recent treatment of Martin Floe was disgraceful. The Superintendent should not be reappointed.
        Parent, family member,
    303      or guardian           Listen to them more
        Parent, family member,     Not retain poor teachers because you like them or they have been there a long time etc. Reassign their duties but do not
    304      or guardian           expose children to poor performing teachers.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Prinicipals need a staff person devoted them to be able to handle building management and instructional leadership effectively.
               or guardian
    305                          Teachers are asked to do too much -- especially with teh testing and so the basics fall through the cracks.
          Parent, family member,
    306        or guardian       Give the principals the power to replace ineffective teachers with better ones.
                                 Listen to them. Work with them. Build a more collegial working partnership with them. Respect their opinions and perspectives
          Parent, family member,
                                 as professionals. Don't assume the reformists know better -- in fact, let your first assumption be that your teachers know better.
               or guardian
    307                          And pay teachers more.
          Parent, family member,
    308        or guardian       Give principals more ability to get rid of poor-performing teachers.
          Parent, family member,
    309        or guardian       Not sure at this time. I hope to learn more.
          Parent, family member,
    310        or guardian       better pay & benefits
          Parent, family member, There needs to be a defined and required mentoring program in every school. Every school would benefit from having a vice
    311        or guardian       principal, regardless of number of students enrolled.
          Parent, family member, Less paperwork, less restriction on what and how they teach-for example the Discover Math curriculum is a disaster-especially
    312        or guardian       for students whose primary language is not English or where reading is an issue.
          Parent, family member, ALL Teachers need to have cultural competency training BEFORE school starts and all new teachers need support and
    313        or guardian       guidance...not criticism
          Parent, family member,
    314        or guardian       Principals become more instructional coaches and school leaders by engaging parents in dealing with discipline.
          Parent, family member, Professional development that teaches CONTENT rather than pedagogy. Many teachers need to learn authentic
    315        or guardian       mathematics, grammar and spelling!
          Parent, family member, Provide principals with more support! We have gone through 4-5 principals at our school in time my kids have been there. It's
    316        or guardian       just too hard of a job without a head teacher or additional office help!
          Parent, family member,
    317        or guardian       smaller class size/ Trained teacher aides
          Parent, family member,
    318        or guardian       Again, inform parents that if their children are disruptive/disrespectful that they will be removed from the classroom
          Parent, family member,
    319        or guardian       See above.
          Parent, family member,
    320        or guardian       Get better substitute teachers so that they can go on professional development days without fear of chaos.
          Parent, family member,
    321        or guardian       Resources.
          Parent, family member,
    322        or guardian       Push for a longer school year. Push back hard on the unions and fight for the students.
                                 As a parent i don't know how these programs all work. i see that we have teachers that are less than effective, but we can't let
          Parent, family member, them go. I see that we need more teachers but we can't get them. I see that our teachers have to put in many extra hours to
               or guardian       keep up with the pace of academic lessons. they spend their own dollars to supply their classes. They don't get paid nearly
    323                          enough.
          Parent, family member, we have to figure out what can motivate teachers and principals to success or not. Since it can't always be money, what is it?
    324        or guardian       pride in work?, Peer recognition? love of the job?
                                 The major obstacle is funding and having to cut programs, have core teachers teach electives. We lost our CAD program at
          Parent, family member,
                                 our MS and also some art programs at our elementary school. The hiring process itself can be difficult. Our MS lost an
               or guardian
    325                          excellent science teacher because the process took to long and he took a position in Bellevue.
                                 Give them the freedom to demonstrate their competence. Leave the competent alone. Give attention to teachers and principals
          Parent, family member,
                                 who are struggling. Quickly move struggling principals back into a teaching position.
               or guardian
    326                          Do away with co-principal positions. It seems to usually be a disaster. What's the point?
          Parent, family member, I have heard that SPS has a 'culture of fear'--teachers and administrators fear their jobs are at risk if they speak out against
    327        or guardian       bad policies. Reverse this and create a 'culture of collaboration'
          Parent, family member,
    328        or guardian       This is a critical investment, but I'm not up to date on current practice
          Parent, family member,
    329        or guardian       Treat them like professionals.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From             Response Text
        Parent, family member,    Listen to what they have to say and include them in decision making (new curriculum, testing, etc). Respect that they are
    330      or guardian          professionals and know what they are doing.
        Parent, family member,
    331      or guardian       Truly allow successful principals to make the decisions that affect their schools
                               We have a new first grade teacher and she appears to be struggling with many parents in her class complaining and at least
        Parent, family member,
                               one bringing this to the attention of the principle. From a parent perspective nothing changed and she does not appear to be
             or guardian
    332                        getting any support.
        Parent, family member, I've often heard from teachers that workshops are a waste of time and money, and that they would greatly benefit, instead,
    333      or guardian       from watching great teachers come into their classrooms and succeed with their kids (modeling)
        Parent, family member, leave them alone nd let them teach. evaluate how they are doing and if they need help then intervene. Do not play favorites;
    334      or guardian       ingraham principal is doing a better job thn principal at Garfield and he is the one on chopping block.
        Parent, family member,
    335      or guardian       Make sure parents are involved. No more sneak attacks on a school community.
        Parent, family member, Remove the favortism out of the perception about what an effective teacher looks and does in the classroom. We have an
    336      or guardian       overabundance of white, young, blond, female teachers/principals working in our elementary schools.
                               I don't know what the induction program (#4) is. I don't know how to better support teachers and principals, maybe a start
                               would be for the district to be more aware of the culture of each of the schools. We were given a principal who is pretty out of
        Parent, family member,
                               touch when it comes to the mission of our school, which leads me to believe the former superintendent or whoever placed her
             or guardian
                               there was also completely out of touch with the culture of our school. Each school is different, but the school district seems
    337                        intent on making them all the same.
        Parent, family member,
    338      or guardian       work with their strengths
        Parent, family member,
    339      or guardian       stop being a beaurocracy. care about your mission to teach children
        Parent, family member,
    340      or guardian       Get rid of the bad teachers
        Parent, family member,
    341      or guardian       I don't know much about the induction program.
        Parent, family member,
    342      or guardian       Get out of the way. Reduction in force of central administration.
        Parent, family member,
    343      or guardian       Mentor with highly successful schools like Thornton Creek with John Minor
        Parent, family member,
    344      or guardian       pay them more
        Parent, family member, Pay them properly and give them autonomy. They are terrified right now. Teachers are miserable. Principals are cow towing
    345      or guardian       to the district. Schools needs to stop looking blindly at test scores and start looking at what really makes a difference-- how the
                               Seattle Public It's a disgrace.
                               principals and teachers connect with families, students and staff to inspire learning. I was horrified by Susan Enfield's decision
                               to fire the inspirational and very well-loved principal of Ingraham High School. This is a case study in myopic leadership and
                               letting test scores drive decison making rather than looking at what really counts. I was relieved to hear that she had the good
                               sense to admit that she was wrong. Yet the damage was already done. Her decision to fire Ingraham's principal really shook
        Parent, family member, any sense of hope that I had in hearing that she might be a better leader for SPS. SPS needs to communicate respect and
             or guardian       support to its principals and teachers. Using test scores to drive teacher evaluation was another horrific mistake.
                               Collaboration, teamwork, sharing of ideas, training and inspiring teachers and principals should be the focus--NOT focus on
                               high stakes tests, threats, and dividing staff. The whole school should be taught that to work together--not to be divided by
                               how their students do on tests. ALSO, teachers who wish to have job shares or part time schedules should be supported and
    346                        accomodated. Teachers are humans who have families. Many teachers who have job shares are much stronger teachers
        Parent, family member,
    347      or guardian       See above comment
        Parent, family member,
    348      or guardian       same answer as above
        Parent, family member, The math and science curriculum seems especially weak to me. I'm unclear whether this is in professional development or the
    349      or guardian       materials themselves.
        Parent, family member,
    350      or guardian       More predictible budgeting process.
                               More opportunites for the teachers to actually interact w/their students (thus making them better teachers), vs. the somewhat
        Parent, family member,
                               lazy approach of "collaborative learning," in which kids sit at a table and teach eachother while the teacher sits at her computer
             or guardian
    351                        disengaged from the class (and texting, emailing, etc).
                               I am not following that closely what teachers are doing. I would say you'd need to ask the teachers and principals. I will say
                               however that their needs to be a balance between standardizing academic offerings between schools and allowing teachers to
        Parent, family member,
                               have some creativity in their teaching. But keep in mind that the bottom line is every child in every school having an equal
             or guardian
                               opportunity and similar educational experience as the goal....as well as the overall strength of the school system as a whole. If
    352                        the whole fails, the individual cannot be supported.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text

          Parent, family member,
                                 Offer protocol development opportunties. We are in an increasingly diverse community and some are making mistakes they
               or guardian
    353                          wouldn't have to if they knew better. Example: shaking hands is not acceptable in many cultures residing in Seattle now.
                                 Better planning for each year that would make end of year RIFs less significant. Better fund the classrooms and week out the
                                 central office so the budget cuts do not impact the classrooms and schools, and find ways to make these cuts in administration
          Parent, family member,
               or guardian
                                 Listen to teacher feedback on teaching materials. For example the math program that is essentially not teaching our students
    354                          math. No one wanted that, but it was still forced upon the schools.
          Parent, family member,
    355        or guardian       See answer to #2
          Parent, family member,
    356        or guardian       More money, smaller classes (ha!).
          Parent, family member,
    357        or guardian       Offer better working conditions and salaries. Smaller class size, adequate budget, classroom support.
                                 We're leaving TOPS Elementary because of failure after failure at the school and district level. Kids getting suspended for
                                 protecting themselves. Bullies becoming "witnesses" to the child they just bullied. WTF!?

                                 The Boards complete failure to hold ANYONE accountable. The only time you held Maria accountable was after the Board was
          Parent, family member, the one being lied to. What the hell do you think has been going on for YEARS to the Parents, Teachers, Students with
               or guardian       MGJ!!!??? YOU THE BOARD, NEED TO LISTEN!!!

                                   You are a complete and utter FAIL

    358                            So, we leave. Good Ridden!
          Parent, family member,
    359        or guardian         Pay them more. Keep class sizes small. And stop bad mouthing them.
          Parent, family member,   Create community support for them by giving them the curriculums /expectations that will allow everyone to flourish and not
    360        or guardian         have to figure it out on their own.
          Parent, family member,
    361        or guardian         Don't constantly threaten them with budget cuts and staff reductions.
          Parent, family member,
    362        or guardian         reduce the paperwork, simplify bureaucracy and especially reduce time needed for administering MAP testing
          Parent, family member,
    363        or guardian       ask for feedback from students and parents on the performance of teachers and principals.
          Parent, family member, I think the mentorship program is a great idea. I think giving principals more "power" over hiring, firing and rention is something
    364        or guardian       we should aspire to. More planning and collaboration time.
                                 Allow them some flexibility in their curriculum and their day. My daughter brings home worksheets from EveryDay math that
          Parent, family member,
                                 say "We did this in class today..." and struggles with the homework that she has to do because her class didn't do that "today."
               or guardian
    365                          I don't think that homework should be so rigid.
          Parent, family member,
    366        or guardian       support innovation
                                 I think the greater issue is that the public school system (and most do this) are oriented around a set of priorities that are
          Parent, family member, decreasing in relevance. Students need academic excellence, but int a way that applies to the real world condition they are
               or guardian       facing. Of course math and science matter, but so do social issues, art, music, culture etc. These young people are the change
    367                          agents of the future.
          Parent, family member, Teachers need more support via independence, assistance where needed (as determined by teacher), interventions for
    368        or guardian       struggling students right then and there.
          Parent, family member,
    369        or guardian       Pair them up with veteran teachers who have time to work them.
          Parent, family member,
    370        or guardian       Give them back control over their budgets, curriculum choices and hiring.
          Parent, family member,
    371        or guardian       Teachers have to feel that their work is valued by the community and the SPS administration.
          Parent, family member, Mentoring programs might help, but I don't know what's being done. Give them more time to teach. Focus on compassion,
    372        or guardian       peace and citizenship.
          Parent, family member,
    373        or guardian       Salary increase linked to accountability
                                 - Help principals with capacity issues rather than just telling them "here is how many students you got, deal with it." It is unfair
          Parent, family member, to have a very top-down system (e.g. principals have no influence on enrollment), but then leave principals on their own with
               or guardian       the tough problems.
    374                          - Atmosphere of cooperation and trust between schools and central admin and between principals and staff
          Parent, family member, Stop changing tactics, stop randomizing metrics. Continuous improvement practices would be great, but that's in no way what
    375        or guardian       SSD is doing now.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    376        or guardian         REDUCE SIZE OF CLASSES
          Parent, family member,
    377        or guardian         involve parents in communication and support activities
          Parent, family member,
    378        or guardian         More local control at each school to make decisions about curriculum and programs.
          Parent, family member,
    379        or guardian         smaller class size
          Parent, family member,
    380        or guardian         respect them.Show that you respect the science and art of education , NOT the politics of the same.

                                 First year teachers need much more support and mentoring. I know at least one new teacher (not in her first year, but close to
          Parent, family member,
                                 it) who is considering leaving the profession because of all the politics. First year teachers are thrown into the fray and have to
               or guardian
                                 conform to standards set by other teachers and are not allowed to innovate. They are subject to all kinds of political foolishness
    381                          that shouldn't even be part of teaching. Older teachers need to be mentored in how to mentor new teachers to break this cycle.
          Parent, family member,
    382        or guardian       Include parents as real partners, not just fundraisers.
          Parent, family member,
    383        or guardian       Ask them.
          Parent, family member,
    384        or guardian       Let them do what they do best - teach! Provide support for struggling students early and often.
          Parent, family member,
    385        or guardian       bigger budget; more money. Get back our lottery funds!
                                 More teacher aids in the classroom, more reach out to parents directly from the district for them to help teachers (impress upon
                                 parents that involvement/volunteerism, no matter how little, is a mandatory expectation), more visits from district staff to the
          Parent, family member,
                                 classrooms to ask the teachers what they want (should be at least a day a week for every district staff member). Avoid
               or guardian
                                 tempting distractions that take away time from the district's core mission to support teachers (gimmicks, changing of
    386                          successful programs, experimental school programs etc.)
          Parent, family member, encourage them to work together, co-teach, trade off subjects w/ another teacher of the same grade level. encourage them to
    387        or guardian       take continuing education.
          Parent, family member,
    388        or guardian       No TFA. More IA support for inclusion students.
          Parent, family member, Let teachers and principals decide where the money should be spent at their schools. Give them budgetary autonomy when
    389        or guardian       schools are preforming well.
          Parent, family member,
    390        or guardian       Mentor/support programs for new teachers and teachers in need.
                                 The district should take an active role in supporting professional learning communities. Professional development time should
          Parent, family member,
                                 be used to allow teachers to network, share ideas for teaching practice, and build informal groups for continuing collegial
               or guardian
    391                          support.
          Parent, family member,
    392        or guardian       give them more decision making power

        Parent, family member, Listen to them. They (particularly the principals) know much better than you do how to make things work at their particular
             or guardian       schools. If you must cut from their schools, let them suggest who it will be. Let schools get together and share resources so
    393                        that Librarians and nurses and social workers can still exist and be shared but programs don't have to get cut.

          Parent, family member, They need fewer students in their classrooms or assistant teachers to help. Principals need to know how many students they
               or guardian       will have -- to have kids showing up all throughout the year has been a challenge for us. It's hard to plan, to allocate resources
    394                          and to meet your students needs when you number of students changes throughout the year.
          Parent, family member,
    395        or guardian       Give them more power to create their schools.
          Parent, family member,
    396        or guardian       No opinion
          Parent, family member,
    397        or guardian       Better pay; better retirement packages; raise funds for school supplies; share instruction responsibilities among schools...
          Parent, family member,
    398        or guardian       Let teachers teach, and make principals support rather than punish their teachers.
          Parent, family member, Bring together a group of very successful teachers and principals and get their feedback about what works and what doesn't
    399        or guardian       work.
          Parent, family member, Use standardized tests that are aligned with the curriculum, reduce class size, reduce the overhead so teachers can focus on
    400        or guardian       teaching. Hold principals accountable for their buildings.
          Parent, family member, Principals need qualified office staff to do the paperwork, to give time for the principal to actually get in the classrooms and
    401        or guardian       review teacher performance.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,   Bring the coaches, etc. out of headquarters and use them more in schools as roving experts to help new hires get off on the
    402        or guardian         right foot. I'd love to work for a company where I felt supported and assisted.
          Parent, family member,
    403        or guardian         Listen.
          Parent, family member,
    404        or guardian     More access/professional development devoted to sharing best practices and highlighting successful school models
                               A variety of programs to support teachers and principals in science here:
          Parent, family member,
    405        or guardian     http://www.systemsbiology.org/Education_and_Outreach/Center_for_Inquiry_Science
                               SUPPORT them in a respectful, constructive way. Trust them to know their jobs and to care about their students. Allow a
        Parent, family member,
                               school to assess its strengths and weakness and stretch creatively toward the goal of achievement for all students - which
             or guardian
    406                        means different things for different students.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Get out of their way. Less central control. More building control. Take money from Central and put it in the principal's hands.
               or guardian
    407                          If they need training in better management - send them to the UW BUSINESS school - not the Education school.
          Parent, family member,
    408        or guardian       Stop adding extra programs that the school has to implement, and allow them to spend their time teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    409        or guardian       build a better partnership with them
          Parent, family member,
    410        or guardian       encourage autonomy.
          Parent, family member,
    411        or guardian       Respect accompanied with fewer top-down directives. Especially testing.
          Parent, family member, Listen to them! What do they need? Give them time and space to collaborate, plan and work with students. They are
    412        or guardian       professionals; trust them!
          Parent, family member,
    413        or guardian       Class sizes of 20 and counselors in every school.
          Parent, family member,
    414        or guardian       Allow the school to develop its culture of excellence... not top down
          Parent, family member,
    415        or guardian       Listen to them and respond to their suggestions/requests for action/help.
          Parent, family member,
    416        or guardian       money
          Parent, family member, Instructional assistants, support staff, office staff, counselors, cultural advisors/counselors and others be hired and kept within
    417        or guardian       all schools.
                                 Teachers: encourage them to be professionals and to teach to their highest ability. Don't leave them worried that they will be
                                 negatively evaluated based on whether they have been at the school for years, or for picky stuff. Encourage student and
                                 parent feedback -- and evaluate it fairly (some "hard" teachers will be dinged by kids wanting easy 'A's, but other students will
                                 appreciate having been pushed. Not all teachers "click" with/reach all kids. These things should not put teachers in fear of
          Parent, family member, being fired. On the other hand, when kids, year after year, aren't learning, or are bored or frustrated, well -- that tells you
               or guardian       something (but only if you ask the kids).
                                 Principals need support in terms of the kids they do and don't reach. For kids not doing well, it is no help to fire the principal if
                                 the district gives the school and the teachers no money, staff, or time to do the targeted interventions, kid by kid, that would
                                 make a difference. Principals should be hired with involvement of the school communities they will serve, and those
    418                          communities' needs and wants need to be part of the "scorecard" for those principals.
                                 in math and science, they need text books and curricula that actually teach the topics. so many teachers are struggling to
          Parent, family member,
                                 teach these topics that it's not funny, and we all know it. it's time to make a change before we lose and entire generation of
               or guardian
    419                          kids!
                                 Mentors; clear expectations and specific feedback. Allow them room to be creative and flexible; INSIST their students meet
          Parent, family member,
                                 standard. If not move them on. PD sounds nice, not effective and honestly HOW can we say no tutors for kids, but adults,
               or guardian
    420                          sure
          Parent, family member,
    421        or guardian       By all citizens insisting that our elected officials fund education fully before funding any other governmental programs.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Support teachers and principals with great staff development. This year, the principal was pushing for ALO, so all development
               or guardian
    422                          went to this project even though it was not an interest of the staff. I think building decisions need to include the entire staff.
          Parent, family member,
    423        or guardian       Increase workshops that address creative problem solving in challenging classrooms.
          Parent, family member,
    424        or guardian       Give them smaller classes! give help for the teachers who have kids with behavior issues that take all the teacher's time.
          Parent, family member, Better mentors and ongoing monitoring/documentation of their progress. Assist the principals in filling the open positions, which
    425        or guardian       at GHS are many.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text

          Parent, family member, Stop moving Principals around the District like chess pawns. Stop wasting time on curriculum alignment and Discovery Math;
               or guardian       define the learning goals, then give them more autonomy. Give Teachers and Principals more instructional support to help
    426                          failing students. The District needs an electronic system to track and support students, not new hires.
          Parent, family member,
    427        or guardian       is this survey for parent? it's not very parent friendly?
          Parent, family member, FUNDING! Provide a culture where concerns can be presented without fear of retribution. Allow more flexibility in curriculum -
    428        or guardian       this is one strategy that could possibly not cost any money!
          Parent, family member,
    429        or guardian       Treat them with respect.
          Parent, family member,
    430        or guardian       Decrease class sizes and let them decide what their school needs for the students
          Parent, family member,
    431        or guardian       Provide them adequate resources to succeed.
          Parent, family member,
    432        or guardian       allow teachers to teach, they shouldn't have to spend time discipilining unruly behaviour
          Parent, family member,
    433        or guardian       less testing more teaching
          Parent, family member, give them more freedom to decide curriculum. For example, requiring teachers to know Writer's workshop before they're hired
    434        or guardian       limits those teachers who have effectively used other writing programs.
          Parent, family member,
    435        or guardian       They need better resources, in all aspects. If you take better care of your budgets, they can take better care of their schools.
          Parent, family member,
    436        or guardian       Prevent overcrowding
                                 I am extremely cynical about teacher professional development. These people get way more of it than other professionals with
                                 which I am familiar and I do not percieve that it produces real benefits. I conclude most of it is boondoggles that take teachers
                                 away from the classroom and their students and provides no lasting benefit. Calculus has not changed in the last 100 yrs; why
          Parent, family member, are we less able to teach it than in previous decades? Why do my neighbors from Pakistan laugh at the classes their kids take
               or guardian       in Seattle schools?

                               I think we better support teachers and principals by finding truly outstanding examples of them, paying them highly, i.e., 80%
    437                        more than the average, and holding them out as models for the rest.
                               Make sure principals are the right fit for their program (e.g., alternative schools should ONLY be given principals who have the
        Parent, family member,
                               background, motivation, and expertise to work in those programs). Teachers will then feel supported in the efforts by school
             or guardian
    438                        leadership.
        Parent, family member, Have master teachers evaluate on a regular basis and make suggestions. The performance review has gotten better, but it
    439      or guardian       needs to go further.
        Parent, family member, I as a parent can't really answer how best to support teachers and principals. I think you should ask them. And listen to them.
    440      or guardian       That would be a start.
        Parent, family member,
    441      or guardian       Establish clear goals and outcomes, support them and hold them accountable

          Parent, family member,
                                 More than mentoring, beginning teachers need an advocate to pressure buildings and staff to support new teachers. Materials
               or guardian
    442                          in a new teachers classroom should be brand new and exceptional, rather than the cast-offs from more senior teaching staff.
          Parent, family member, The training for our schools' teachers in writing workshop seemed to vastly improve teaching of writing. Other such training
    443        or guardian       opportunities for innovative methods would help.
          Parent, family member,
    444        or guardian       Reduce top heavy administration. Give teachers more say in what works best for their students.
          Parent, family member,
    445        or guardian       Support when needed. Give them leeway to try new things when they are succeeding. Like Singapore math at Schmitz Park.
          Parent, family member,
    446        or guardian       Stop moving Principals as soon as the school is on track. Give raises instead of moving principals!
          Parent, family member, Prepare them for different kind of learners that are entering the school every year. Many teachers want to teach the kids who
    447        or guardian       get it the first time, but the reality is more complicated and those teachers need better training.
          Parent, family member, Give them the autonomy and respect that professionals in our society are entitled to. When possible, decrease class sizes and
    448        or guardian       increase time for teachers to collaborate. LISTEN to them rather than just dictating what they must do.
          Parent, family member,
    449        or guardian       Make sure the person who oversees the principals is visible and known in the various school communities, not some secret.
          Parent, family member, The student assignment process jerks the schools around too much. They have little control and no incentive to offer a
    450        or guardian       welcoming environment.
          Parent, family member, Increase in pay, lower class sizes, greater administrative support, rely less on test scores; do not grade teachers by student
    451        or guardian       test scores.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    452        or guardian         Ensuring they are the best fit and regular evaluations
          Parent, family member,
    453        or guardian         More funding. They work so hard during the school year because they have to do everything themselves.
          Parent, family member,   Why are you asking parent if the training is good for teachers? If you ask teachers this question and listen to them, than you
    454        or guardian         will know if it is working.
          Parent, family member,
    455        or guardian       not enough time to give a good answer to this.
                                 Fund their classroom needs. Give them access to technology. Respect their knowledge and expertise and ask the teachers
          Parent, family member,
                                 and principals for what needs they have. The current plea I hear is for tutors. Time one on one for the number of children that
               or guardian
    456                          did not get the one of one time several years back to learn basic skills.
          Parent, family member,
    457        or guardian       Lessen there load by making sure classes are not crowded, pay them more, treat them with more prestige.
          Parent, family member, Give them more power to develop their curriculum.
    458        or guardian       More faculty/teacher development.
          Parent, family member,
    459        or guardian       In some cases it may mean that there needs to be a provision that allows teachers and principals to be creative.
          Parent, family member,
    460        or guardian       Less control by SPU
                                 Create learning communities within schools where all teachers have mentors and can see first-rate teaching first-hand. Give
          Parent, family member,
                                 teachers the opportunity to continue learning and improving their teaching. Create a climate where teachers aren't ostracized
               or guardian
    461                          for asking for help. Parents don't often know if a teacher is struggling or not.
                                 I have little knowledge of what SPS was like 3 years ago. At our school we are on our 3rd principal and my son is a rising
                                 second grader. Principals appear to have little support on the administrative side of things. Our current principal has next to no
          Parent, family member, knowledge of budgeting, special education law, and very poor communication skills. Our teachers, on the other hand, are
               or guardian       fantastic. However, I do think that there is a need for specialized professional development targeted at the alternative
                                 education teachers. Our montessori teachers do not have access to appropriate professional development opportunities within
    462                          SPS.
          Parent, family member, pay them as professionals - focus funding on supporting them in the classroom not on MAP testing unless it's to fund
    463        or guardian       something to support informing instruction learned from MAP
          Parent, family member,
    464        or guardian       Take politics and test scores out of the mix
          Parent, family member,
    465        or guardian       More money to the schools, smaller class sizes. Do this be greatly reducing the bloated budget at central administration.
          Parent, family member, give them the flexibility to teach creatively, bring the fun of learning back into the classroom and give them more in-class
    466        or guardian       support for effective small group teaching moments

          Parent, family member,
                                 What is the induction program? In any event, you can better support teachers and principals by giving them more space to do
               or guardian
    467                          their jobs. Stop throwing reforms at them. Provide the people to help with one-on-ones with struggling students.
          Parent, family member,
    468        or guardian       More paid training hours. More power to set site-based goals and curriculum.
          Parent, family member,
    469        or guardian       Reduce class size.
          Parent, family member, Give them the tools they need to achieve. Books shouldn't be in short supply or outdated. Computers need to be available for
    470        or guardian       all.
                                 You can best support teachers by letting them teach as THEY seem best. Teaching is an art form, and this "everyone
          Parent, family member,
                                 teaching the same thing at the same time" mess makes no sense and denigrates the profession and the incredible work that
               or guardian
    471                          some teachers are capable of.
          Parent, family member,
    472        or guardian       Ask them individually what they need, then give it to them.
                                 Have counselor and family support workers in the schools instead of coaches in central administration.
          Parent, family member,
                                 Stop talking about using test scores to evaluate teachers - it's a very strong disincentive for the best teachers to work with the
               or guardian
    473                          kids with the most challenges.

                               If professional development in math means that teachers could go to training to learn how to teach the Everyday Math
        Parent, family member, curriculum, then it was ineffective because it seems that the curriculum choice itself was poor. You can do all the training that
             or guardian       you want with EDM but if there are problems with the EDM curriculum itself, then no amount of training is going to help.
                               I don't know what the induction program is. Seems like a poorly designed program if I don't know about it since there is a first
    474                        year teacher in our building and I haven't heard a thing about it.
        Parent, family member,
    475      or guardian       Do you really need to ask this? If so, you shouldn't be in this business.
        Parent, family member,
    476      or guardian       Quit slashing their salaries for starters.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From           Response Text
                                 better input from district without being patronizing. More communications between schools and teachers of different
          Parent, family member,
                                 schools...best practices. There are so many shining light programs in certain schools but others just flounder. I think the idea
               or guardian
    477                          of regional directors is outstanding and they should share best practices.
          Parent, family member, give them guidelines to adhere to that can be judged by the parent community. Don't make them follow such strict rules about
    478        or guardian       testing. Look, listen and feel what's going on with our kids, don't just test them.
          Parent, family member,
    479        or guardian       send random specialized people to check the quality of the system
          Parent, family member, It's not just about what they know but how the convey that knowledge. Let's not just focus on our teachers getting smarter but
    480        or guardian       lets help them become better teachers and conveyors of the knowledge
          Parent, family member,
    481        or guardian       Pay them more. Give them a better math curriculum like Singapore Math.
          Parent, family member, Improve communications, motivate, cultivate and train teachers to teach, manage and principals to lead with clear vision,
    482        or guardian       mission, goals and commitments
          Parent, family member,
    483        or guardian       More money, smaller classes, more parent volunteers.
          Parent, family member,
    484        or guardian       They need better working conditions, better supplies and a rase.
          Parent, family member, ensure that all first-year educators, educators who are new to a field, new to a building, etc. get the first-year support their
    485        or guardian       desperately need!
          Parent, family member, teachers-retain the good ones with incentives
    486        or guardian       principals-have them check their egos at the door
          Parent, family member,
    487        or guardian       let them teach
          Parent, family member,
    488        or guardian       i donts know
          Parent, family member,
    489        or guardian       more effective punishment, removal of problem students
          Parent, family member,
    490        or guardian       Allow them to have more autonomy.
          Parent, family member,
    491        or guardian       I have no idea what the above questions actually mean.
          Parent, family member,
    492        or guardian       I don't know anything about how first year teachers are supported.
          Parent, family member,
    493        or guardian       I have no idea what the induction program is so it's hard for me to rate that as effective.
          Parent, family member, provide them with adequate resources
    494        or guardian       decrease administrative work that is waste
          Parent, family member,
    495        or guardian       smaller class sizes
          Parent, family member,
    496        or guardian       again implement a merit/perfroemance based reward system
          Parent, family member,
    497        or guardian       Have higher standards for teachers.
          Parent, family member,
    498        or guardian       Give them the time they need and the tools to do their work.
          Parent, family member, They should visit and be visited by a rotating set of teachers and prinicipals from other schools to both assess and learn from
    499        or guardian       each other.
          Parent, family member,
    500        or guardian       How should I know? THese questions are weird and oriented towards policy makers not parents.
          Parent, family member,
    501        or guardian       More in depth training
          Parent, family member,
    502        or guardian       Give them some autonomy -encourage innovation.

        Parent, family member,
                               Difficult to evaluate as a parent ... across teachers that my son has encountered, strategies in science education, in particular,
             or guardian
    503                        do not appear very innovative. I assume that this might be helped with greater emphasis in professional development
        Parent, family member, more local control. more teacher support for teacher-parent conferences. additional teaching and facility resources to support
    504      or guardian       new larger class sizes.
                               By not firing the good/great ones without cause and evaluating, REALLY evaluating without politics, the bad ones such as
        Parent, family member,
                               Principal Dorsey. He is clueless, you guys. Please send someone out to take a look and ask questions of the teachers and
             or guardian
    505                        parents. PLEASE!
        Parent, family member, Provide assistance in classrooms. Cover class time periodically so teachers can meet together outside the classroom during
    506      or guardian       the day for training or team meetings.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    507        or guardian         Inclusion/ICS/Special Ed training.
          Parent, family member,
    508        or guardian         Provide better incentives to enter or remain in the profession (adequate pay, classroom resources, etc.)
          Parent, family member,
    509        or guardian         Stop staff reductions only to have the teacher be re hired in the summer. It cause much turmoil in team
          Parent, family member,   create way for working parents to support classrooms, participate virtually with math nights, in available times. More flexibility
    510        or guardian         for access provided via internet technologies.
          Parent, family member,
    511        or guardian         Get more TRAINED instructional leaders in the classroom
          Parent, family member,
    512        or guardian         more job security
          Parent, family member,
    513        or guardian       Pay them better and use mentors
          Parent, family member, I am not sure what support they need.
    514        or guardian       What kind of support do they need and is this recognized or acknowledged?
                                 I don't know enough about the specifics of the professional development or the induction program. Perhaps better
          Parent, family member,
                                 communication to parents about the specifics of thes programs whould help me understand them better, but I'm not sure how
               or guardian
    515                          much it's worth the staff time it would take to do that.
          Parent, family member,
    516        or guardian       Provide more opportunities to plan and learn together
          Parent, family member,
    517        or guardian       get to know the individual
          Parent, family member,
    518        or guardian       continue to grow excellent PTAs. Gatewood's is quite vibrant.
          Parent, family member,
    519        or guardian       Listen and action is always good
          Parent, family member,
    520        or guardian       allow principals to remove substandard teahers.
          Parent, family member,
    521        or guardian       my child in K so no prior knowledge to prior process
                                 See above. Stellar teachers and administrators make the world of difference! However, poor performers do the same.
          Parent, family member,
                                 Parents should be allowed the opportunity to provide positive and negative feedback to continue improving the school
               or guardian
    522                          experience. It's not wrong to have high expectations or to ask people to grow.
          Parent, family member,
    523        or guardian       Don't judge them by the test scores of students
          Parent, family member,
    524        or guardian       Maybe they need some kind of survery or questionaire, something that will get read and given the initiatve to improve on
          Parent, family member,
    525        or guardian       Acknowledge them
          Parent, family member, commenting on number 3 above - math and science are weak, literacy is excellent.
    526        or guardian       Support teachers by giving them clear expectations, smaller classes and encouraging parental support.
          Parent, family member,
    527        or guardian       Higher compensation
          Parent, family member,
    528        or guardian       parental support
          Parent, family member,
    529        or guardian       This seems like a ridiculous question to ask a parent. I don't know about this program or if it works.
          Parent, family member,
    530        or guardian       Remove restrictions on text books used by schools, as long as the State Curriculum standards are met at a MINIMUM.
          Parent, family member,
    531        or guardian       The should be how can we can better support the students.
          Parent, family member, More money, better benefits, must work to keep and retain superior teachers instead of those tenured. More training, in-class
    532        or guardian       aides, up-to-date technology, stop cutting the school's budget
          Parent, family member,
    533        or guardian       Have clear goals for principals and give them the autonomy/authority to take responsibility for meeting them.
          Parent, family member,
    534        or guardian       more funding and pay raises
          Parent, family member,
    535        or guardian       Help them when they ask, don't wait. If they need it......they need it.
          Parent, family member,
    536        or guardian       What are you doing now?
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text

                                 At the beginning of the year, help teachers create a list of concrete tasks which parent volunteer could help with - tutoring
          Parent, family member, individual students, special projects, field trips, copying & sharpening pencils, etc. Many parents really want to help, whether
               or guardian       once a week or once a year. Create a streamlined structure for teachers to create a volunteer wishlist and then help them get
                                 the word out. This could be as simple as an admin staff creating a simple word template of possible volunteer opportunities
    537                          (with section for other __________) give to all teachers to fill out and email to parents at the beginning of the year.
          Parent, family member,
    538        or guardian       District support of creative learning strategies. De-emphasize rote learning for tests.
          Parent, family member,
    539        or guardian       No opinion
          Parent, family member, Have them have higher expectations for their students. Team taught (Gen ed and SpEd) need more help to give SpEd
    540        or guardian       students more one on one help.
          Parent, family member,
    541        or guardian       Provide quality professional development and support.
          Parent, family member,
    542        or guardian       Smaller class sizes.
          Parent, family member, at GHS fund us with the spring enrollment numbers, we will get all those kids. don't make us wait to hire in the fall, it is too
    543        or guardian       disruptive
          Parent, family member,
    544        or guardian       Encourage more parental involvement
          Parent, family member, Centralized trainings for special education have been very bad- district staff showing up late, unprepared, and then talking
    545        or guardian       down to teachers.
          Parent, family member, Mixed reviews on support. Principals need to hold teachers accountable to student success. Parents and students should fill
    546        or guardian       out end-of-year assessments of their teachers/schools.
          Parent, family member,
    547        or guardian       no opinion.

          Parent, family member,
                                 I have no visibility into the professional development program or the induction program. Perhaps providing more insight
               or guardian
    548                          through PTA or the Welcome Back to school meetings would a great way to introduce parents to the programs?
          Parent, family member, I have no idea. Stop the punitive stuff... seems like there isnt a good support for employees or teachers, but they would know
    549        or guardian       better than I
          Parent, family member,
    550        or guardian       Pay them more. Introduce classroom monitors to take care of discipline to let the teachers teach. Reduce class size.
          Parent, family member,
    551        or guardian       give them guidance as to how to talk to children and not talk down to them.
                                 Provide them with assistants and smaller class sizes and better facilities. Our school building is inadequate with three classes
          Parent, family member, in one open space. When I visit the classroom, I can hardly hear my child's teacher over the noise from the other classes. My
               or guardian       daughter talks about the other classes' spelling words which she overhears when she's taking the MAP test - makes me
    552                          wonder how much the kids are really able to focus on the MAP test and their every day work.
          Parent, family member,
    553        or guardian       Pay them more!
          Parent, family member,
    554        or guardian       unknown
          Parent, family member, Listen to them, think a bit like an incverted pyramid, it is the teachers and principals who draw families in as much as anything
    555        or guardian       to the system at the kindergarten level.
          Parent, family member, Who wrote this questionnaire? Typical SPS framing a question around their narrative. I *DO* work in research at UW and I can
    556        or guardian       tell you this is one of the most poorly worded questionnaires you could ever see from a student.
          Parent, family member,
               or guardian
    557                          Arts Impact
          Parent, family member, eliminate all work (such as ineffective meetings) that is not directly instructing students. teachers are stretched too thin and
    558        or guardian       instruction suffer due to bureaucratic busy work- see http://37signals.com/rework/ for ideas
          Parent, family member,
    559        or guardian       We can pay them more.
          Parent, family member,
    560        or guardian       Involve teachers more in the development process. Make them feel their opinion is valued.
          Parent, family member, I don't know how. My kid has loved several of her teachers at HIMS and now RHS (and of course JSIS).....I don't know if they
    561        or guardian       or others received the supported they needed.
                                 If the current math curriculum is to stay, it needs to be administered throughout the district identically. All schools should be
          Parent, family member,
                                 supporting it with Singapore Math, not just some. It's only working if the parents are able to offer structured support which is
               or guardian
    562                          not the case across all demographics.
          Parent, family member,
    563        or guardian       see question 2 response
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From           Response Text
                                 Don't move people when they are working well where they are!
                                 Offer contracts for more than one year--uncertainty drives teachers away
          Parent, family member,
                                 Provide adequate support staff--teachers are asked to do too much of the support work
               or guardian
                                 Avoid arbitrary or politically motivated hiring and firing decisions. Involve the community in choices. Be transparent and
    564                          honest.
          Parent, family member, Give principals more authority to hire good teachers and fire bad ones. Give good teachers freedom to develop new ideas and
    565        or guardian       show bad teachers the door.
          Parent, family member,
    566        or guardian       Let the teachers stay teaching the same grade lvl in the same class room
          Parent, family member, Teachers should have a speciality when teaching math and science. Teachers must know what they are teaching if a child is
    567        or guardian       to learn. You need more development around the sciences at elementary school levels.
          Parent, family member, Ensure that resources are available to teachers from each school to trainings and that they are able to share what they learn
    568        or guardian       with the team for their grade. Principals need to have their decisions supported.
                                 1. Get out of their way.
          Parent, family member,
                                 2. Instead of directing them with meaningless platitudes like "Excellence for everyone," indicate that they will be measured, in
               or guardian
    569                          part, by how responsive they are to the community they serve.
          Parent, family member,
    570        or guardian       Work with them more
          Parent, family member,
    571        or guardian       I don't know
          Parent, family member, See above...let them do their work without mountains of paperwork required by the district, especially for programs that are no
    572        or guardian       good and not even federally required.

                                 One of our school's new teachers had a very difficult first year. Parents are upset, and indeed, her class's progress compares
          Parent, family member,
                                 poorly with other more seasoned teachers in the same grade. To my knowledge, there was little or no mentoring happening.
               or guardian
                                 This teacher was asking parents how to reserve buses for field trips; she was asking parents to help her organize her teaching
    573                          materials. She seemed completely unorganized and overwhelmed. Why wasn't she assigned a mentor?
          Parent, family member,
    574        or guardian       Demonstrate solid leadership from the top down, something we've not seen in a long time.
          Parent, family member, Get rid of unqualified ED (Brianna Dusseault). Fire her and hire someone who meets AT LEAST the minimum qualifications.
    575        or guardian       She is UNQUALIFIED.
          Parent, family member,
    576        or guardian       By being able to fire ineffective teachers or principals and not just shuffle them around the district.
          Parent, family member,
    577        or guardian       Lower class size, hire more resource room teachers to support with inclusion.
          Parent, family member,
    578        or guardian       Support school staff by giving them options to tailor academics to the children in their class.
          Parent, family member,
    579        or guardian       no thoughts
          Parent, family member,
    580        or guardian       As a parent it is hard for me to answer this question
          Parent, family member,
    581        or guardian       Streamline paperwork, give them some autonomy.
          Parent, family member,
    582        or guardian       Mentoring is key, evaluation is key, tie it to student achievement.
          Parent, family member,
    583        or guardian       Take care of their basic needs, support them.
          Parent, family member,
    584        or guardian       More propose and more practice.
          Parent, family member,
    585        or guardian       Get them out into the world that they are preparing their students for.
          Parent, family member,
    586        or guardian       a teaching assistant should be assigned to each teacher.
          Parent, family member,
    587        or guardian       Get new ones that are worthy
          Parent, family member,
    588        or guardian       Give them sabbatical time and $$ to see best practices

        Parent, family member, Listen to their needs. Have knowledge of what is needed for them to perform best. Survey them in a granular way to have the
             or guardian       detail of what is needed, regardless of the cost. Take the time and make it online and available for additions and modifications.
    589                        Publicize this wish list to some extent. Let the community know what the institutions need.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text

          Parent, family member, School District decision makers need to spend more time in schools to connect to the day to day realities of teachers and
               or guardian       principals. Sometimes it seems like the district and the schools operate in different worlds. I find teachers and principals
    590                          somewhat befuddled by the directives they receive from the district. How to achieve better alignment.. big question.
          Parent, family member, Hire principals and teachers that are not only managers but instructional leaders. They have such influence over what a school
    591        or guardian       is able to accomplish
          Parent, family member,
    592        or guardian       Pay them better
          Parent, family member,
    593        or guardian       Give them enough books, counselors, librarians, tutors, etc.
          Parent, family member,
    594        or guardian       smaller class size. give them pay raises so you have a better pool of applicants to choose from.
          Parent, family member, Give them the authority to discipline their staff - particularly if they have ineffective teachers. Give them support and training in
    595        or guardian       how to motivate and support their staff.
          Parent, family member,
    596        or guardian       It's simple - allow them some input, real input, and listen to them!
          Parent, family member,
    597        or guardian       LISTEN to them.
          Parent, family member,
    598        or guardian       Inform parents better of all these categories: STAR, professional development, induction.
          Parent, family member,
    599        or guardian       Give them added support in what areas they need help in.
          Parent, family member, There needs to be a more efficient system for improving the performance of bad teachers. We have struggled with ours all year
    600        or guardian       and I think the principal has been very ineffective in improving the situation.
          Parent, family member,
    601        or guardian       Try and network better with parents and have better communication between teachers and parents.
          Parent, family member,
    602        or guardian       See #2 above. Well maintained buildings, consistent district policies, lower class sizes, support IN the classrooms.
          Parent, family member,
    603        or guardian       Professional development is mute if teachers are given too many students to manage.
          Parent, family member,
    604        or guardian       Keep programs that promote teacher learning. Measure teacher success, provide coaches and mentors.
          Parent, family member,
    605        or guardian       Listen
          Parent, family member,
    606        or guardian       Offer honest feedback.
          Parent, family member,
    607        or guardian       Provide more organized schools and classrooms.

          Parent, family member, Recognize that principals are not simply advanced teachers. Being a principal is like running a business and principals should
               or guardian       be hired based on similar credentials. Each principal should then be given autonomy to run their school in the way that gets the
    608                          best results for their customers (the students and families at that particular school) and staff.
          Parent, family member, Teachers and principals should be given greater opportunity to control what happens in their schools. If successful they should
    609        or guardian       be rewarded, if not they should be replaced.
          Parent, family member,
    610        or guardian       In response to #3 -- Your budgeting has cut our teacher's professional development, so SPS is not providing this important tool
                                 evaluate them based on their ability to support and encourage students to try their best and learn
                                 NOT just test scores
          Parent, family member,
                                 encourage innovation and creativity to engage teachers in the process, reward trying rather than restricting activities because
               or guardian
                                 they do not fit a policy or manual
    611                          teachers are such a gift .....cherish them
          Parent, family member,
    612        or guardian       make learning a priority in school- not test scores
          Parent, family member,
    613        or guardian       have a forum where teachers/principals can tell you how best they can be supported, without judgement.
          Parent, family member,
    614        or guardian       With higher salaries and lower class sizes.
          Parent, family member,
    615        or guardian       Decrease class sizes...
          Parent, family member, Remove the processes/procedures that do not add value so that they can focus on processes/procedures that do add value.
    616        or guardian       Keep the classrooms smaller and give them a pay raise!
          Parent, family member,
    617        or guardian       Higher pay.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,   Highly qualified and trained teachers and principals are self-motivated; provide them with a salary that reflects their value, but
    618        or guardian         don't unnecessarily pile on expectations regarding outside of classroom time.
          Parent, family member,
    619        or guardian         Listen to them by acting recommendation. Everything must be driven from students on out and not top down.
          Parent, family member,   Don't stick the schools with the re-assigned teachers who were pushed out of one school only to end up somewhere else to
    620        or guardian         continue to drag that school down.
          Parent, family member,
    621        or guardian         Pay them more money!
          Parent, family member,
    622        or guardian         Smaller classrooms, more volunteer parents in the classroom, better equipment/books.
          Parent, family member,
    623        or guardian         Communication
          Parent, family member,
    624        or guardian       Do a better job of predicting enrollment and preparing for the year, don't make them wait until the last minute!
          Parent, family member, Better parent involvement. Each teacher needs to invest in getting to know the parents and hear them out, make a plan, and
    625        or guardian       partner with them.
                                 Throw out the bureaucratic bullshit and let these people collaborate with each other. On "instructional improvement" days, let
          Parent, family member,
                                 teachers from each grade level work with each other. I know you say this happens, but it doesn't. There is little to no space for
               or guardian
    626                          teachers to work together.
          Parent, family member,
    627        or guardian       Give them raises, only when they perform well with test scores.
          Parent, family member,
    628        or guardian       Give principals more autonomy and power to hire/fire
                                 Stop trying to close our schools. Stop trying to impose a curriculum on the whole district. Undoing Institutional Racism training
          Parent, family member,
                                 for all staff. Stop the current administrative shuffling of teachers. Fund classrooms adequately. Fund staffing levels for school
               or guardian
    629                          adequately. Family Social Workers and counselors as needed in schools.
          Parent, family member,
    630        or guardian       Increase their pay; give them enough administrative support.
          Parent, family member,
    631        or guardian       Of course I don't know what the current efforts are
          Parent, family member,
    632        or guardian       Listen to feedback from parents & students

          Parent, family member,
                                 Literacy support has been great, and it seems successful. But I don't see the same attention to creativity in science, in building
               or guardian
    633                          things, in making the world. Offer more support for science, analysis, critical thinking, imagining a better future.
          Parent, family member, Stop firing and driving away principals who support and fight for teachers. Stop rewarding and promoting the ones who kow-
    634        or guardian       tow to the administration.
          Parent, family member,
    635        or guardian       same as answer to number 2
          Parent, family member,
    636        or guardian       Smaller classes, sufficient support staff, and enough protected time for planning.
          Parent, family member, I think teachers should both have somewhat more autonomy, but if a teacher is not being supported by their principal, it should
    637        or guardian       be easier for them to get help elsewhere.
          Parent, family member,
    638        or guardian       Holding staff more ACCOUNTABLE, keeps them more HONEST
          Parent, family member, Also, better science program. The best science is letting kids explore the natural world. Give them much more time for this. I
    639        or guardian       think I answered this question a few questions back.
          Parent, family member,
    640        or guardian       Teachers are professionals. Treat them as such.
          Parent, family member,
    641        or guardian       Allow them to be creative.
          Parent, family member, Have more help in the classroom. Pay them more if the kids improve while in their classroom. Keep class sizes smaller. Give
    642        or guardian       them plenty of training.

                               Let them teach the kids in THEIR school the way they feel they should be taught. Across the board curriculum isn't necessarily
        Parent, family member,
                               good. The teacher may not like it/understand it yet is forced by the district to use it. How is that helping the kids learn??
             or guardian
                               The principals needs a sense of autonomy so that they are just middle management with no control and both sides
    643                        complaining to them.
        Parent, family member, more teacher aides - we have only one full time aide for a population of over 600 kids. provide staff to support social skills
    644      or guardian       curriculum, especially on the playground
        Parent, family member,
    645      or guardian       give them a way to complane and who things are run in the school without putting thier job on the line and make aids avalible
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From          Response Text
                                 less top-down professional development/more support for discernment at the building level regarding what PD would be
          Parent, family member, helpful. Lots more time for principals to be in classrooms. It seems like the best and worst teachers are equally confident
               or guardian       about their skills. Principals need to be in the classrooms more frequently so that they can identify and support areas that
    646                          teachers need to improve in.
          Parent, family member, Give more power back to the principals with regard to how to utilize their building funds, hiring from a large open pool as
    647        or guardian       opposed to the hiring pool of RIFed teachers etc.
          Parent, family member,
    648        or guardian       it scares me that you are asking this question in 21st century.
          Parent, family member,
    649        or guardian       Incentivize the high quality individuals!

        Parent, family member, Less focus on test scores, more focus on the individuals. Teachers find themselves spending all year preparing for tests rather
             or guardian       than being allowed to teach the whole child. The whole child needs more than just math and reading - arts, music, enrichment,
    650                        physical education are all vital to the future success of each student and overall health of the school community.

                                 Only keep the best ones. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and as long as the good teachers have to waste time in
          Parent, family member,
                                 feel-good, kumbaya training sessions to help the bad teachers who will never get it, its a detriment to the good functioning of
               or guardian
                                 all. In a situation where all of the teachers and principals were high quality, they would naturally feed on each other without the
    651                          need for all this administratively dictated BS, but then I guess the central office would be out of a job, wouldn't it?
          Parent, family member,
    652        or guardian       Smaller class sizes
          Parent, family member,
    653        or guardian       More money for teachers, smaller class sizes
          Parent, family member,
    654        or guardian       less central bureaucracy - more staff at individual schools
          Parent, family member,
    655        or guardian       See 2 above
          Parent, family member,
    656        or guardian       I don't know what is currently set up to help teachers and principles. Support and help counselors? Mentorship?

                                 Give principals and teachers a chance to observe in classrooms during the school year. I had this opportunity when I worked in
          Parent, family member, the Highline School District and felt it provided me with the greatest professional development I had in years. I don't think this is
               or guardian       something a teacher needs to do every year. I also think visiting at least 3 teachers classrooms is essential in this process.
                                 Then the teacher should have reflection time of what best practices/ideas they can incorporate into their teaching practices.
    657                          This same process could be used by principals except they would shadow other principals.
          Parent, family member,
    658        or guardian       When teachers ask for more resources, reach out to the community when the current budget isn't sufficient!
          Parent, family member,
    659        or guardian       give them more flexibility
          Parent, family member, make sure they feel included in the process of developing their school as well as monetary support so they can accomplish
    660        or guardian       their goals.
          Parent, family member,
    661        or guardian       teachers need more supervision and feedback from peers, principals, parents and students.
          Parent, family member, Treat them as professionals by providing good salaries and benefits. Provide quality training on a periodic basis, including new
    662        or guardian       pedagogical approaches and cross-cultural competency.
          Parent, family member,
    663        or guardian       Prove the students are learning, the staff are pleased with the district and the district is supporting both students and staff.
          Parent, family member, good leaders are a start. Some of the teachers are just waiting for retirement and it's SO OBVIOUS!!! Give them a reason to
    664        or guardian       still be jazzed about teaching.
          Parent, family member, I do not have knowledge about the professional development or induction programs, but those are both indispensable. I think
    665        or guardian       teachers should be paid better and effective, motivated teachers paid a lot better.
          Parent, family member,
    666        or guardian       Continuing education and team teaching
          Parent, family member,
    667        or guardian       Offer merit pay.
          Parent, family member,
    668        or guardian       Continuity of principals - our school will have its third principal in 3 years next year.
          Parent, family member, Make parents more involved and accountable for helping. Study ways to secure budget, spending, and educate general public
    669        or guardian       on importance of our educational system.
          Parent, family member, More PD that connects to teacher practice and more emphasis on studying student work, with more targeted academic and
    670        or guardian       social interventions
          Parent, family member,
    671        or guardian       Better pay, better ratios.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,   Reward the good ones and let go of the bad ones. Use objective criteria. Change professional development days into real
    672        or guardian         school days, and let teachers develop themselves during breaks.
          Parent, family member,
    673        or guardian         let them use non standard methods along side standard.
          Parent, family member,
    674        or guardian         Fire the unions and let the teachers have an opinion. and a say how they want to run their class.
          Parent, family member,
    675        or guardian         recognize the good ones and reward them. without a meritocracy you will get mediocrity.
          Parent, family member,
    676        or guardian         more accountability to parents and to their district supervisors
          Parent, family member,
    677        or guardian       Manage resources at the top level.
          Parent, family member, I have spoken to teachers who feel are not getting the support they need from the principal. They are in the shadow of more
    678        or guardian       prominent teachers in the department.
                                 I think and agree that over all math, science and reading are very important but there are other things that are very important
          Parent, family member, too that there should be room for. I think most teacher feel they ,mostly, only have time for those core subjects since that is
               or guardian       what is tested for but how does that make for well rounded students. I think teachers should be given a little more freedom to
    679                          expand how they teach what they teach.
          Parent, family member,
    680        or guardian       Pay them more, value and support them like they are able to do in Issaquah, Bellevue, Shoreline, Edmonds, etc.
          Parent, family member,
    681        or guardian       difficult - without better funding
          Parent, family member,
    682        or guardian       Pay them a decent salary, show our appreciation and respect for the teaching profession.
          Parent, family member,
    683        or guardian       CPT
          Parent, family member,
    684        or guardian       By making sure they have adequate time and resources to manage their workload effectively
          Parent, family member, Challenge all staff to be high performing; eliminate seniority in layoff dedisions. Encourage teacher at Elementary level who
    685        or guardian       are at or past retirement age to move along.
          Parent, family member,
    686        or guardian       letting the schools have more independent control over how best to teach their specific population
          Parent, family member,
    687        or guardian       offer training programs for teachers and principals, provide student/parent surveys about current school environment
          Parent, family member, Allow them more autonomy in the classroom and the school- they know what their students and schools need better than
    688        or guardian       central admin
          Parent, family member,
    689        or guardian       get rid of the bad ones
          Parent, family member,
    690        or guardian       Use peer evaluations to assign merit. DO NOT USE STUDENT SCORES ON ASSESSMENTS TO DECIDE MERIT!
          Parent, family member,
    691        or guardian       ?
          Parent, family member,
    692        or guardian       Not sure what the professional development path is. Need to listen to what the teachers need.
                                 Honestly, who writes these questions? What does the average public school parent know about whether the professional
                                 development you require is changing teachers, or whether your induction program is working. This is just the kind of political,
          Parent, family member, appear-to-be-doing-something question when you are actually doing nothing that is the entire question. Honestly, ask yourself,
               or guardian       is this question actually designed to elicit information which you will use to impove programs, or is this some sort of a PR
                                 piece? Honestly. What did the writer of this question actually hope to learn about the induction program that he or she did not
    693                          already know?
          Parent, family member,

          Parent, family member, Principals need to have more time in the classrooms to identify teachers that need support and to know what type of support to
               or guardian       provide. Principals need to be supported as academic leaders who can support teachers without being judgmental or
    695                          threatening. Its about providing teachers the resources and training needed to teach the children in their care.
          Parent, family member,
    696        or guardian       Keep what you are doing and assess the teachers and principals often.
          Parent, family member,
    697        or guardian       ?
          Parent, family member,
    698        or guardian       Have a better administration. The schools have done far, far better on their own this year. Ugh.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    699        or guardian         perks. instruction. honest feedback and encouragement.
          Parent, family member,
    700        or guardian         Provide more money!
          Parent, family member,   Let them teach. Allow them to let principals deal with children who interfere with the education of their fellow students, and get
    701        or guardian         counseling for those students who are constant interruptors.
          Parent, family member,
    702        or guardian         ask them what they need and provide it.
          Parent, family member,
    703        or guardian         unknown
          Parent, family member,
    704        or guardian         no comment
          Parent, family member,
    705        or guardian         Ask them what they think the answer to this question is.
          Parent, family member,   Better pay if they are quality teachers. Incintivise their efforts through pay; better performance equals better pay instead of
    706        or guardian         basing it on how long they've been there.
          Parent, family member,
    707        or guardian         Smaller class size and better pay.
          Parent, family member,
    708        or guardian       Stop spending money on Silas Potter-type nonsense.
                                 Be fair about how much funding each school gets. Bryant Elementary, for instance, is clearly the largest elementary school in
          Parent, family member,
                                 the district, yet we only get funding for a "medium sized" school. WE are financially haveing to do more with less compared to
               or guardian
    709                          other schools.
          Parent, family member,
    710        or guardian       beter pay ... I already addressed this earlier...
          Parent, family member,
    711        or guardian       ?
          Parent, family member,
    712        or guardian       give them vice principals and counselors.
          Parent, family member,
    713        or guardian       It's very difficult to teach and learn in an overcroweded chaotic environment.
          Parent, family member,
    714        or guardian       Tell them the objectives, but give them the freedom in how to best achieve them.
                                 Supplies, paper, teaching assistants. Listen to them. Don't take programs away from them that they have developed over the
          Parent, family member,
                                 years. Ask the students and parents to rate the teachers (can be anonymous surveys). This would be very appropriate at the
               or guardian
    715                          high school level.
          Parent, family member, Provide meaningful professional development. Pay then better. Give them more respect. Allow principals more autonomy to
    716        or guardian       make decisions at their school.
          Parent, family member, Allow principals and teachers to make their plans together with flexibility and a belief that affective teachers will serve the
    717        or guardian       student and community needs.
          Parent, family member,
    718        or guardian       more parental involvement
                                 I am not clear on what is being covered in the professional development of the teachers. If we had more specific information
                                 on what the district is actually taking the time to do for the teachers, it would be helpful. What skills are they developing?
          Parent, family member,
                                 There is not much information around what the district is doing for them. I don't know anything about the induction program for
               or guardian
                                 teachers. Please communicate better - even if it is on the website. I would read it! If it is there and I do not know, sorry about
    719                          that.
                                 To repeat, give the principals the power to select their own teachers, give the teachers and schools power over their
          Parent, family member,
                                 curriculum, and hold both principals and teachers responsible. It is unfair to hold principals and teachers responsible for
               or guardian
    720                          outcomes when they no power to select or to change or to innovate.
          Parent, family member, a full-time teachers aid or offsite field trips with parent volunteers so the teacher can spend more time with
    721        or guardian       evaluation/communication
          Parent, family member,
    722        or guardian       Find out what works better for them.
          Parent, family member,
    723        or guardian       Listen, listen and listen.
          Parent, family member,
    724        or guardian       More coaches in the schools,
          Parent, family member,
    725        or guardian       Don't reign them in so tightly.
          Parent, family member, lower class size. Give them money to spend where their school sees as necessary. Celebrate the principals and teachers
    726        or guardian       who are doing well.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
                                   Address social issues head on with partnering with social services in the State/County/City and neighborhoods.
          Parent, family member,
               or guardian
    727                            Ask THEM what they need and then give it to them.
          Parent, family member,
    728        or guardian         Help them w student educators and make sure they get continued education
          Parent, family member,
    729        or guardian         everybody work togather teachs\ principals,parents no secerts
          Parent, family member,
    730        or guardian         Trust them.
          Parent, family member,   Teachers and principals must have the amount of resources and authority that is in balance with their responsibilities. Metrics
    731        or guardian         of accountability should reflect this balance.
          Parent, family member,
    732        or guardian         higher salaries
          Parent, family member,
    733        or guardian         stop cutting their salaries

        Parent, family member,
                               I know nothing about what is done to support teachers through professional development. I only know that they have those
             or guardian
    734                        trainign days. I also know nothing about induction programs. Where would I have been notified of this information?
        Parent, family member, Stop imposing so much paperwork and techique and teaching principles on them and allow them to develope their own style
    735      or guardian       and personality.
        Parent, family member,
    736      or guardian       mentoring programs (beyond the first year)

                                 I think giving the teachers more tangible support in the classroom in the form of organized programs to have other adults
          Parent, family member,
                                 (parents, student interns, community volunteers) participate both in the classroom and in grading classwork and homework and
               or guardian
                                 providing personalized feedback to students and families. Getting rid of teachers who are clearly underperforming and thereby
    737                          undermining the positive outlook of the school community and its willingness to support the school.
          Parent, family member, I would also like to know as a parent how I can better support teachers and the principal. More communication and requests
    738        or guardian       are welcome
          Parent, family member,
    739        or guardian       listen to them
                                 Give them enough uninterrupted time to teach
          Parent, family member, Give them the equipment and supplies they need.
               or guardian       Create an atmosphere of real respect that includes students, teachers, staff, principals and administration.
    740                          Change the culture! You'd save money by not needing as many lawyers in the Stanford building.
          Parent, family member,
    741        or guardian       account for differences in student populations when comparing
          Parent, family member, If a principal, and his/her school is proving success through innovation, give them the freedom to continue such innovation. If a
    742        or guardian       school is struggling do what is possible to identify the problems and address them.
          Parent, family member,
    743        or guardian       More training for school based programs rather than district wide programs.
          Parent, family member,
    744        or guardian       Lower the teaching load
          Parent, family member,
    745        or guardian       Listen to them, and take their opinions seriously.
          Parent, family member,
    746        or guardian       Let them do their thing.
          Parent, family member,
    747        or guardian       Expansion of the STAR program to two years would be invaluable.
          Parent, family member,
    748        or guardian       Not sure, making them secure in their position I guess.
          Parent, family member,
    749        or guardian       Parent communication. How can I help?
          Parent, family member,
    750        or guardian       More money for classroom supplies, teaching them how to use volunteers, giving them good salaries.
                                 Hold them accountable in ways that will help them. Require that they use technology such as e-mails and the source and
                                 some teacher website template like SWIFT to communicate with families. Make sure each level, elem, middle and high are
                                 trained about the minds of their target demographic.
          Parent, family member,
                                 Make sure staff know how to teach to students with misunderstood conditions like inattentive ADD, attachment disorders, post-
               or guardian
                                 traumatic stress (there is a lot of the latter 2 in our low-income families, especially those with abuse or families that have had to
                                 live apart). Get them real assessments that mean something for teaching and learning, like the DRA, and require that they
    751                          show how they are intervening with students.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From          Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    752      or guardian       pay them more
                               Hire more teachers and reduce class sizes. Pay teachers like the professionals they are and not tempts. You actually pay less
        Parent, family member, for a certified teacher than Louisiana with a cost of living 22% higher here and housing 3 times more expensive! Your teachers
             or guardian       live in poverty and your brightest students are exploited to prop up the same students responsible for the crime and violence in
    753                        the schools.
        Parent, family member,
    754      or guardian       by providing the schoold with the financial support that is needed
        Parent, family member,
    755      or guardian       They need aides in the classroom.
        Parent, family member, As a parent, I am not sure exactly what professional development is for teachers and what the induction program for 1st year
    756      or guardian       teachers is. So, I don't know if it's working. How do we as parents rate or compare it to previous years?
        Parent, family member,
    757      or guardian       increase pay, lower class sizes
        Parent, family member,
    758      or guardian       ?
        Parent, family member,
    759      or guardian       financially, smaller class sizes

          Parent, family member, Create a better more accurate system for determining enrollment and then funding. It's ridiculous that teachers are let go or
               or guardian       told they will be let go and then suddenly the school is over-enrolled and scrabbling for staff. Create transparency in policies.
    760                          Give them space and time to give feedback. Ask them how they could be better supported.
          Parent, family member,
    761        or guardian       Improve funding, invent improvement.
          Parent, family member,
    762        or guardian       Aids and volunteer assistants.
          Parent, family member,
    763        or guardian       See #2.

          Parent, family member, The most urgently needed teachers are in math and science but I'm not sure expanding current teacher skills will improve
               or guardian       learning. I can only hope that professional development with put more pressure on theose teachers that realize that they
    764                          should not be teachers any longer. I have no clue what the new teacher induction program provides!
          Parent, family member,
    765        or guardian       I don't know.
                                 teachers still become emotionally dys-regulated with students---still have too many students to teach, not enough time to plan
          Parent, family member,
                                 lessons, and may not have experience in teaching the subjects they are assigned to teach...they must be protected from burn-
               or guardian
    766                          out, and maintain enthusiasm, while using evidence based practices in teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    767        or guardian       Reduce class size.
          Parent, family member,
    768        or guardian       get rid of non-performing teachers so that they ones who do perform are not lumped with ones who don't.
          Parent, family member,
    769        or guardian       See #2
          Parent, family member, A new teacher never knows if they will stay at the school they are out, due to seniority, and schools closing. so it would be
    770        or guardian       hard to feel secure, or to invest in the school that you are out, if the job may be temporary.
          Parent, family member,
    771        or guardian       As a parent at RHS I need more information regarding your hiring practrices before offering an opinion
          Parent, family member,
    772        or guardian       Funding and staffing.
          Parent, family member, Involve parents and provide the parents with all assignments so they can assist the children with their homework. Rid the
    773        or guardian       school district of unions which are not effective in supporting the effective teaching of children.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Pay them better!
               or guardian
    774                          Provide more financial support for continuing education. reward the many outstanding teachers we have in the system!
          Parent, family member,
    775        or guardian       Don't overcrowd the classroom. Better pay. More funding for Instructional Assistants when needed.
          Parent, family member,
    776        or guardian       As the parent of a kindergartener, I'm not sure I can answer this due to my lack of experience.
          Parent, family member, Have mechanism like to encourage parents and students to "recognize" teachers for something above and beyond. Maybe tie
    777        or guardian       these recognitions to token rewards like movie passes or coffee cards.
          Parent, family member, don't automatically RIF new staff. movement of principals appears arbitrary from parent view. fund what they're asked to
    778        or guardian       provide.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From              Response Text
        Parent, family member,     Reiterate previous comments regarding instruction sent to parents on learning methods applied so they can reinforce when
    779      or guardian           studying with their child(ren).
        Parent, family member,
    780      or guardian         My experience of newer teachers is that they lack the emotional intelligence necessary to address the needs of most children
                                 Again, give the principal's real power over their staff and hold them accountable, as they should hold their teachers
          Parent, family member, accountable. We have mostly terrific teachers at our schools but also a couple that really should find a new line of work. Their
               or guardian       hearts and minds are clearly not into it and the only people that hurts is the kids. Meanwhile, passionate new teachers can't get
    781                          placed at our school.
          Parent, family member,
    782        or guardian       Reward excellence.
          Parent, family member,
    783        or guardian       Allow them to terminate the bad teachers instead of shipping them to the "waiting" area at HQ or transferring the problem
          Parent, family member,
    784        or guardian       trust them
          Parent, family member,
    785        or guardian       more paid support staff in the classrooms
          Parent, family member,
    786        or guardian       listen to them; challenge them; trust them; provide them with resources and exposure to best practices
          Parent, family member,
    787        or guardian       Reward positive outcomes, whether those be improvements or consistency in high performance.
                                 LISTEN to them, especially those with a track record of success.
                                 PROTECT their resources.
          Parent, family member, LIMIT capacity in their buildings to reasonable and predictable levels.
               or guardian       SIMPLIFY assessment tools so teachers can spend time teaching, not paperwork.
                                 PAY them for extra time required by extra projects.
    788                          LISTEN!!
          Parent, family member,
    789        or guardian       volunteering
          Parent, family member,
    790        or guardian       Smaller class sizes, more money for classroom use.
          Parent, family member, Increase number of teachers decreasing student teacher ratios and provide support staffing ie aids and clerks for
    791        or guardian       administration duties.
                                 Having smaller class sizes, Behaviour Challenged students Identified and put back in classrooms with Special Ed Educators
          Parent, family member,
                                 trained in those areas,Letting Principals do their jobs...There are too many "Meetings" that take them away from their buildings
               or guardian
    792                          and down to the Stafford Center
          Parent, family member,
    793        or guardian       See above.
          Parent, family member,
    794        or guardian       Listen more to parents. They're the ones who have to live with your decisions.
          Parent, family member,
    795        or guardian       PD on trust and relationship building.
          Parent, family member,
    796        or guardian       Listen!

          Parent, family member,
                                 Give principals more ability to discipline teachers out when they are bad. There must be some leeway within union contract.
               or guardian
    797                          Support incremental changes the principals accomplish rather than threaten them with the loss of their jobs.
          Parent, family member,
    798        or guardian       oversight, oversight
          Parent, family member,
    799        or guardian       funding
          Parent, family member,
    800        or guardian       merit raises.
          Parent, family member,
    801        or guardian       They are probably your best source for an answer
          Parent, family member,
    802        or guardian       I don't know what is done now, so I cannot offer an opinion.
          Parent, family member,
    803        or guardian       I find it hard to answer questions 3 and 4 as a parent. Same with this question.
          Parent, family member, Reduce class size by having tutors to pull out students who need extra help or tutors to challenge students who need more
    804        or guardian       challenging.
          Parent, family member, There could have been a stronger team or mentor approach for the K teacher who was new this year. It was very clear that
    805        or guardian       she was new compared to Mrs. Schroeder.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From             Response Text
        Parent, family member,    Teach teachers an principles to focus on improving their knowledge of the learning styles of the children and communicating
    806      or guardian          regularly, consistently, openly to improve learning.
        Parent, family member,
    807      or guardian         get them resources. don't know specifically
                                 Allow principles to hire teachers they want rather than going through hoops and being required to entertain "senior" teachers.
          Parent, family member,
                                 Stop end of year firing and rehiring process. Get ahead of a reactionary response to budget shortfalls. Should have a principal
               or guardian
    808                          and vice principal at every school.
          Parent, family member,
    809        or guardian       Replace yourselves. Replace the principals.
          Parent, family member, Develop a more "bottom up" approach so that teachers and principals feel empowered in their jobs to do what is best for their
    810        or guardian       students.
          Parent, family member,
    811        or guardian       pay them more.
          Parent, family member,
    812        or guardian       Allow principals to choose different curricula if the district-wide materials are inappropriate for a given population.
          Parent, family member,
    813        or guardian       smaller classes
                                 Elementary teachers are spread very thin trying to teach math at all levels. We have seen the Everyday Math program make
          Parent, family member,
                                 this even more challenging. Either find a better math curriculum or provide instructional math support in the classroom to K-5
               or guardian
    814                          teachers so all of the children are challenged.
          Parent, family member,
    815        or guardian       Downtown needs to know who is good and who isn't. I don't think you know who the good ones are.
          Parent, family member,
    816        or guardian       Resources. Let them teach instead of following quotas.
          Parent, family member,
    817        or guardian       Awards and recognition by letting us publicly comment, maybe on a school website
          Parent, family member,
    818        or guardian       Stop the insane amount of standardized testing, and allow schools flexibility in choosing curricla.
          Parent, family member,
    819        or guardian       I think parent input is important.
          Parent, family member,
    820        or guardian       not so much emphasis on test scores. teaching to the tests seems to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the kids.
                                 Teachers aides are necessary, as I have said, because SPS has decided to not have special Ed which I believe is beneficial to
          Parent, family member,
                                 the students who need those services and also, give them the opportunity to learn at their pace. Placing children who are
               or guardian
    821                          disruptive to the class in with the other students is not serving the students at all.
          Parent, family member,
    822        or guardian       Provide more direct classroom support for students with special needs (IEP, ELL, SpEd)
          Parent, family member,
    823        or guardian       Give them freedom to each as they think best. No mandatory MAP testing or mandatory textbooks/lesson plans.
          Parent, family member,
    824        or guardian       Smaller class sizes, more volunteers and assistants.
          Parent, family member,
    825        or guardian       Listen to what teachers and principals have to say.
          Parent, family member,
    826        or guardian       Set high expectations then give teachers and principals more flexibility on how to reach those expectations.
          Parent, family member, Leave them alone and stop micromanaging. Restore staffing for teaching & support positions, especially as large as most of
    827        or guardian       the classes are.
          Parent, family member,
    828        or guardian       more support resouces (vs parents in the class-- b/c really we are not qualified..)
          Parent, family member,
    829        or guardian       Make sure they have plenty of debriefing time, smaller classrooms
          Parent, family member,
    830        or guardian       Lower classroom sizes or regular teacher aids- who are consistent and regular.
          Parent, family member, Pay them better, fund the needs of the schools, provide relevant professional development, train them to effectively use
    831        or guardian       volunteers.
                                 Our school, Thornton Creek, seems to have a tight-knit community amongst the teachers. It seems to help support the
          Parent, family member,
                                 sharing of great ideas and problem-solving. I don't know how they do it, but if schools could better encourage a close
               or guardian
    832                          community at the school level... that might help.
          Parent, family member,
    833        or guardian       Let them make decision for the school
          Parent, family member,
    834        or guardian       Smaller classrooms or require every parent to volunteer at least once per quarter.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,
    835        or guardian         More assistant people in the classrooms. Keep counselors and hire people who love kids
          Parent, family member,
    836        or guardian         mentor from senior teachers, pay.
          Parent, family member,
    837        or guardian         merit based pay
          Parent, family member,
    838        or guardian         Give them the tools and time they need and then let them do their work.
          Parent, family member,
    839        or guardian       better pay
          Parent, family member, Ask the teachers and principals first, but I am sure many would like less paper work and less standardized testing and more
    840        or guardian       opportunities to work creatively to teach children.
                                 I hear them saying they are completely discouraged by a system of standardized tests which rule their work, and by
                                 expectations of paper acheivement that take away their ability to use their skills and judgment, and by bureaucratic
          Parent, family member,
                                 requirements that undermine their talents as teachers. Good teachers need to be able to teach to the best of their abilities and
               or guardian
                                 in response to their students, and not be hemmed in by requirements that are unconnected to the process of their students
    841                          learning.
          Parent, family member,
    842        or guardian       Give them the respect and freedom to teach
          Parent, family member,
    843        or guardian       higher pay & smaller class sizes
          Parent, family member,
    844        or guardian       show appreciation.
          Parent, family member,
    845        or guardian       Have someone who is experienced shadow the teacher/principal frequently to instruct them.
          Parent, family member, Reward should be based SOLELY on performance and ability to motivate students who want to learn, not SENIORITY based
    846        or guardian       on ability to babysit students who should be in a remedial program.

                               The professional development that WAS available was quite good. I am a professional scientist, and was very impressed by
        Parent, family member, the science writing and real inquiry process that is being taught now in SPS. HOWEVER< I understand that to lower costs the
             or guardian       science and math lead positions have been consolidated and that much of the science support for next year has also been
                               eliminated. This certainly is a step backwards. SPS was in a position to be among the leaders in the US in science education
    847                        at the elementary grades -- I doubt it can hold such a position in future if it eliminates this type of support.
        Parent, family member,
    848      or guardian       PTSA :D
        Parent, family member,
    849      or guardian       can't say

          Parent, family member, I just can not express the lack of feedback from parents, I just get a head nob from the principal when voicing concerns.
               or guardian
    850                          Principals too should be evaluated by parents -- look at Ingrahm
          Parent, family member,
    851        or guardian       Find good teachers and ask them.
          Parent, family member,
    852        or guardian       Mentoring?
          Parent, family member,
    853        or guardian       Ask the teachers, they know the answer to this question!
          Parent, family member,
    854        or guardian       Better wages
                                 How can you possibly support first year teachers when they, by union rules, are the first to go, when in fact they are the future
          Parent, family member,
                                 of the district? You need to support and promote teachers that demonstrate good outcomes and get rid of the poor
               or guardian
    855                          performers, regardless of seniority.
          Parent, family member, Demonstrate that you will carefully choose how dollars are spent, and that you will fight to get every dollar needed for them to
    856        or guardian       do their jobs
          Parent, family member,
    857        or guardian       I dont know. In my school, I dont think parents support the principal because they werent part of the process...

        Parent, family member,
                               Listen to them! Keep open communication about what is do-able, reasonable, possible, and logistically has to jump through a
             or guardian
    858                        few hoops. But act on what you can and update on what is happening on longer-term projects/tool availability.
        Parent, family member, Smaller class sizes!!!! More teacher prep/communication time for reporting to parents, and speaking with students privately
    859      or guardian       and collaborating with other teachers.
        Parent, family member,
    860      or guardian       Don't continue with the folly of thinking that all schools can be the same or that sameness = equality.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From              Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    861      or guardian           we need to pay them more!
        Parent, family member,
    862      or guardian           I am not familiar with these programs.
        Parent, family member,     Classroom Management skills are the most important. I don't think the type of curriculum matters if you have teachers who
    863      or guardian           know how to manage large groups of kids.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Give them tools they need to improve areas that need improving. If a teacher does not improve get rid of them. Feedback from
               or guardian
    864                          their students and the families usually will give you a true reflextion on how well a teacher is getting through to the student.
          Parent, family member,
    865        or guardian       by providing quality support staff
          Parent, family member, Reduce class size. Fire under-performing teachers and principals thereby eliminating the "dead weight" of poorly performing
    866        or guardian       employees.
          Parent, family member, Foster a collaborative relationship between teachers and principals. They can and should support each other. Principals should
    867        or guardian       themselves be educators.
          Parent, family member,
    868        or guardian       Reward excellent teachers and principals and get of bad ones.
          Parent, family member,
    869        or guardian       Lower class sizes it is what it is ALL ABOUT!
          Parent, family member,
    870        or guardian       I can't comment. I spend $5k per year on outside tutoring to supplment what my public school is not teaching my child.
          Parent, family member,
    871        or guardian       allow more control in individual classrooms and schools
          Parent, family member,
    872        or guardian       Pay the teachers more money. The principals are fine.
          Parent, family member,
    873        or guardian       Give them more discretion in spending the per student monies allocated.
          Parent, family member,
    874        or guardian       Pay them more!
          Parent, family member,
    875        or guardian       How in the world should I know
          Parent, family member,
    876        or guardian       Parental patience can go a long way....
          Parent, family member,
    877        or guardian       there is way too much beaurocratic red tape that interferes with teaching.
          Parent, family member, reduce class size
    878        or guardian       give them more feedback
                                 Motivate them with a system like Michelle Rhee attempted to establish in Washington, DC. Offer support and direction but if
          Parent, family member,
                                 they aren't cutting the mustard, just like other jobs in our laisse faire nation, tell them it's time to leave their occupation within
               or guardian
    879                          the district.
          Parent, family member, Find great teachers in each discipline starting at Middle School. If the teacher is a good fit rather than stretching out of their
    880        or guardian       comfort zone, students will make the teachers job easier.
          Parent, family member,
    881        or guardian       honesty and money
          Parent, family member,
    882        or guardian       Give teachers and principals more decision-making authority.
          Parent, family member,
    883        or guardian       raise money.
          Parent, family member,
    884        or guardian       Provide cutting edge training and have leadership that inspires them to do their job. Praise success.
          Parent, family member, seems to be sort of hit or miss. Teachers who want to stay current do but others can skate by still meeting the "requirement"
    885        or guardian       but staying intrenched in old attitudes and methods
          Parent, family member, Ask them. Only keep the ones who are enthusiastic and stay that way. Abolish seniority rights and instead support teachers
    886        or guardian       based on merit. Parents are the best judge of which teachers are good.
          Parent, family member,
    887        or guardian       don't know enough
          Parent, family member,
    888        or guardian       Provide them with funding. There seems to be the sense of fear and concern.
                                 Send the to get leadership development training. Ensure they have strong presentation skills and can command the attention
          Parent, family member, of a room of adults. If they can't do this they'll never be able to do so with kids. Coming from a business background I was
               or guardian       appalled at the official meetings and the poor communication leading up to them. Passion and pride seems to be missing from
    889                          the few principals I've seen.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From          Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    890      or guardian       Funding.

          Parent, family member,
                                 Insist on instructional collaboration that includes administrators. Create time and resources for mentoring and collaboration.
               or guardian
    891                          Lower class size to allow for meaningful relationships. Put more adults who care about kids into each classroom.
          Parent, family member, Teach them time management skills, in additon to direct skills in curriculum and classroom management that they already get
    892        or guardian       support in. It will help them work well in their job each day.
                                 Do all teachers know what is expected of them and how to achieve it? I know at our middle school, the Spectrum teachers are
                                 all over the map and have no consensus or direction on goals. I know the science teacher seems a wreck because she claims
          Parent, family member,
                                 not to know her upcoming curriculum. As I said before, instruction time is taken up by MAP testing but do the teacher
               or guardian
                                 know/have time to do anything with that info? It is useless for parents, since we can't change what is taught in the classroom if
    893                          the scores are low.
          Parent, family member, Allow teachers to be fired if necessary. Nothing is worse for morale than knowing that a colleague is putting in little effort and
    894        or guardian       getting no consequences.
                                 In some cases, I think teachers are handicapped by having to deal with students with acute emotional/behavioral problems
          Parent, family member,
                                 while also managing a large class. Hiring teacher's aides would be a big help, or even marshaling parent volunteers more
               or guardian
    895                          effectively.
          Parent, family member, Leave the decisions to the smaller community when at all possible. Each school is a community. It is truly created by the
    896        or guardian       principal, teachers and families that attend that school. Leave the decisions to the community.
          Parent, family member,
    897        or guardian       Position them to succeed, give them clear open communication and information that they need to do their jobs.
          Parent, family member, Higher pay, or access to continuing education and training, brainstorming sessions, greater PTA involvement on the admin.
    898        or guardian       level.
          Parent, family member, teachers should not be expected to teach topics they have zero educational background in, especially if it means a following
    899        or guardian       semester they may have to teach something else
          Parent, family member,
    900        or guardian       Instructional coaches. Remove low performers.
          Parent, family member,
    901        or guardian       Provide more leeway in allowing schools to develop their individual areas of strength in student learning opportunities
          Parent, family member, let them make more of their own decisions and listen closely to what they need. not every school is going to need the same
    902        or guardian       amount of help, funding, or programs.
          Parent, family member,
    903        or guardian       by listening and taking their input into account
                                 I don't know much about the program of support for first year teachers, but do believe this to be vital in attracting and
          Parent, family member,
                                 maintaining high quality teachers. I would like to believe there is Staff that exclusively supports new teachers with in-class
               or guardian
    904                          partnering, visits to master teachers, as well as learning groups focused on special topics.
          Parent, family member, All new teachers should have a mentor and time to observe master teachers. This should not happen only in extreme cases
    905        or guardian       when intervention is required as a last resource.
          Parent, family member,
    906        or guardian       Listen to them. They are in the trenches and know what needs to be done for the best possible results.

          Parent, family member,
                                 I don't know. I live in an area with a ton of parental involvement, who give plenty of support to teachers and principals. I really
               or guardian
    907                          think exit polls could provide positive and constructive criticism to the district on what needs to be worked on.
          Parent, family member,
    908        or guardian       lower class size
          Parent, family member,
    909        or guardian       Better pay to entice stronger candidates to go into teaching.
          Parent, family member,
    910        or guardian       I don't know enough about this process to comment
          Parent, family member,
    911        or guardian       Give them more autonomy.
          Parent, family member, Teachers need adequate time to teach, meet with parents and plan. Currently, many teachers have loads that don't allow
    912        or guardian       adequate time for all of those things.
          Parent, family member,
    913        or guardian       Listen to them.
          Parent, family member,
    914        or guardian       Figure out how to stop the budget from being cut each year.
          Parent, family member,
    915        or guardian       see my earlier notes
          Parent, family member, We need money- it is obvious. It would be nice if teachers could teach what they are good at and enjoy rather than have
    916        or guardian       someone teach science and make it boring because it is tho them.
          Parent, family member,
    917        or guardian       Aside from better pay, give them more time during the school day to work together and create lessons to reach all children
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From             Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    918      or guardian          We need to provide other sources for assistance for the students who fall behind.
        Parent, family member,
    919      or guardian          By allowing flexilibity within their budgets and programs to develop specialty areas for their schools.
        Parent, family member,
    920      or guardian         Give perfromance pay to high performers. Work with unions to be able to terminate low performers.
                                 How can parents answer questions 3 & 4? What induction program? What is the professional development? I do not know
          Parent, family member,
                                 what those programs are, nor how they may have changed teaching in the classroom - those are questions better answered by
               or guardian
    921                          the teachers. This survey is not well constructed.
          Parent, family member,
    922        or guardian       more constructive feedback, more classroom support
          Parent, family member,
    923        or guardian       Give them the control to do their jobs.
          Parent, family member,
    924        or guardian       no suggestion at this time
          Parent, family member,
    925        or guardian       More collaboration; classroom visits to teachers that are known to be effective
          Parent, family member,
    926        or guardian       I don't have enough information to answer this question.
          Parent, family member, Stop micro-managing them and let them teach. They know their students best. They also need resources, especially when
    927        or guardian       there are 30+ kids in a class. A decent math curriculum would help too.
          Parent, family member, Pay attention to what they are doing. When they do it well, point it out to them and the people around them. When they do it
    928        or guardian       poorly, try to help them do it better, using mentors who know them well, and if that doesn't work, fire them.
          Parent, family member,
    929        or guardian       Teaching aids. Smaller classrooms. Teachers are sometimes no more than crowd control. The kids deserve more.

        Parent, family member,
                               Do away with tenure. Seek parent input at the school level (i.e. principals) re: teacher performance, and if several parents raise
             or guardian
    930                        the same valid issue, then the teacher should be counseled about how to improve and held accountable for improvement.
        Parent, family member, Hold them accountable and measure their performance. Reward performance and remove bad teachers. Businesses seem to
    931      or guardian       do fine with this and it works!

          Parent, family member,
                                 Training, peer support, peer review, collaborative teaching, allowing for more flexible use of curriculum. Many teachers are
               or guardian
    932                          dedicated and creative - let them teach, not spend so much time analyzing whether they should teach one way or another.
          Parent, family member,
    933        or guardian       Teamwork.
          Parent, family member, See class size comment and allow schools to have their own mission statements and identities because thar encourages
    934        or guardian       excitement in tea hinge which leads to more engaging learning.
          Parent, family member,
    935        or guardian       By being more involved in out childs education by bringing more homework assignsments home.
          Parent, family member,
    936        or guardian       Try something proactive!
          Parent, family member,
    937        or guardian       Supporting them with their curriculum and ideas as well as their disciplining choices and follow through.
          Parent, family member,
    938        or guardian       Smaller classrooms!
          Parent, family member,
    939        or guardian       ???
          Parent, family member, Stop the MAP, encourage teaching students to think critically, instead of just learning how to take standardized tests, provide
    940        or guardian       smaller class size and teaching assistants.
          Parent, family member,
    941        or guardian       I see an atmosphere of fear in them. They are not respected
          Parent, family member,
    942        or guardian       unsure
          Parent, family member, Educate us on what you are doing now to support teachers, I really have no idea. Mentoring first year teachers by an seasoned
    943        or guardian       veteran teacher would be helpful.
          Parent, family member, Give them extra classroom help. Not these multiple days away from the classroom and 2 hour early dismissals. They need
    944        or guardian       mentors and trainers who work with them IN the classroom
          Parent, family member,
    945        or guardian       Better advance planning from the central SPS leadership
          Parent, family member, provide teaching standards without the restrictions to teach their class their way based on the group dynamics and needs, all
    946        or guardian       without negative repercusions.
          Parent, family member,
    947        or guardian       See above comment.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
          Parent, family member,   Lower class sizes. Let principals institute things that will help their specific population even if it's not district-wide. Give them
    948        or guardian         leeway to customize to their students & teachers' needs.
          Parent, family member,
    949        or guardian         Give more freedom to individual schools to develope and shape their curriculum
          Parent, family member,
    950        or guardian         Have a more unified front with the pta
          Parent, family member,   It seems like the district is constantly re-inventing the wheel...adopting new curriculums. Change can be good but eventually
    951        or guardian         people need to get some work done.
          Parent, family member,
    952        or guardian         Hire the best, get multiple sources of feedback on their performance, provide paid training, and bonuses for excellent results.
          Parent, family member,
    953        or guardian         Pay them more.
          Parent, family member,
    954        or guardian         Money to provide for extra and interesting projects and resources.
          Parent, family member,
    955        or guardian     By giving support as oppose to them being scared of being evaluated on everything they do
                               help them--maybe a start up team that has been proven to improve struggling schools can be recruited to work closely with a
        Parent, family member,
                               certain school to support them. Offer them education, incentives for good suggestions for improvement, funds to buy
             or guardian
    956                        additional equipment.
        Parent, family member, less students
    957      or guardian       less rigid curriculum
        Parent, family member,
    958      or guardian       See above.

                                 I don't nknow this area. our school recently lost our new principal in less than a year. she was a novice and my feeling is that
          Parent, family member,
                                 she did not receive adequate mentorship from the school district. I'm not sure how she got hired in the first place because she
               or guardian
                                 had big shoes to fill and this was her first position. she was ill prepared for the position from the start.
    959                          I think a big part of the problem was poor mentorship.
          Parent, family member, Pay the great ones more, fire the bad ones. CLOSELY evaluate them all, every year, then first week out poor performers, then
    960        or guardian       weed out underperformers
                                 work to keep class numbers low
          Parent, family member,
                                 ensure adequate time for problem solving / addressing issues
               or guardian
    961                          recognition for a job well done
          Parent, family member,
    962        or guardian       Make them accountable and fire them if the scores don't show the students are improving, at grade level, etc.
          Parent, family member,
    963        or guardian       Stress the important issues. Integrity and honesty.
          Parent, family member,
    964        or guardian       smaller classes
          Parent, family member, Teachers should have a curriculum to follow, but they should be allowed to do it in their own pace and manner. Principals
    965        or guardian       should encourage creative thinking on the teachers' part.
          Parent, family member,
    966        or guardian       Keep open communication without fear of reprimand.
          Parent, family member, If you want to improve teachers' abilities, have induction program for all teachers and if some teachers cannot keep good
    967        or guardian       abilities, replace other teachers to teaching positions. Also, have the district basic standard.
          Parent, family member,
    968        or guardian       Value and trust them.
          Parent, family member,
    969        or guardian       reduce overhead (administrative) and get resources to the people that teach.
                                 I don't know what their needs are - but I'm guessing they need resources in their classroom. When my 6th grade teacher is
          Parent, family member,
                                 bringing in their old personal laptop so the kids can do a powerpoint presentation, that doesn't sound like they are being
               or guardian
    970                          supported. Throughout the years my kids teachers routinely pay for materials out of their own pocket.
          Parent, family member,
    971        or guardian       Give them more freedom to teach in their own style.
          Parent, family member,
    972        or guardian       An effective mentoring program is key. Reevaluate the program, ask for feed back, read the feedback, make adjustments.
          Parent, family member,
    973        or guardian       Not sure I have any specific suggestions other than what I've already said above
          Parent, family member,
    974        or guardian       Listen to them. Mentor new principals better!
          Parent, family member,
    975        or guardian       Mentoring--consistent and for all (including non-continuing teachers).
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                From              Response Text
        Parent, family member,
    976      or guardian           They should recieve repot cards just like the students do.. I think this would keep them one thier toes.
        Parent, family member,     Listen to their needs -- fewer week long breaks. Provide trained teaching assistants, keep class sizes to less than 24, give
    977      or guardian           them the tools they ask for.
        Parent, family member,
    978      or guardian         more back up support for teachers, lower class sizes!
                                 My husband and I both have Ph.D.s and follow SPS quite carefully, but we don't have enough data to answer these questions.
          Parent, family member,
                                 I think the fact that you are asking this question to people you have given no information illustrates EXACTLY the problem with
               or guardian
    979                          SPS.
          Parent, family member,
    980        or guardian       need to fire them if they can not do the job,
          Parent, family member,
    981        or guardian       Listen to them, ask them directly
          Parent, family member,
    982        or guardian       Put dollars into the classrooms and give principals and administrators, especially at the district level, less sway.
          Parent, family member,
    983        or guardian       I don't know.
          Parent, family member,
    984        or guardian       I'm not sure what is already being done.
                                 Let them make the decisions. When you hide things and are not truthfull what do you expect. To many politics with
          Parent, family member,
                                 administrators more interested in climbing the ladder. Fighting between departments heads and people with huge egos. Poor
               or guardian
    985                          choices. Perform exit interviews with people who are leaving if you dare.
          Parent, family member,
    986        or guardian       Oust the current school board and elect educators to run the district.
          Parent, family member,
    987        or guardian       Reduce class size. And, see point 2 above.

                               Provide stability - People need to feel like they have some sense of control over their future. I think signing principals 3-5 year
                               contracts in a building would go a long way toward building community there. Obviously things happen and the contract can't
                               be concrete but teachers need to know who their leader is going to be and principals need to know that they will get to see the
        Parent, family member, fruit of their labor down the line. The constant churn of principals have really hurt the school communities. Teacher in the
             or guardian       middle and upper schools need more support from security to deal with students who are acting out. There should be more
                               conselors available to work with those kids to figure out the problem. if the problem is the teacher they should be placed with a
                               mentor teacher/coach in a subordinate role until they can learn how to control the class. Principals need more counselors and
                               family support workers to help families in need so that the kids can come to school prepared to learn. the problems our schools
    988                        face are not academic they are social and blaming the teachers and principals for those problems is wrong.
        Parent, family member,
    989      or guardian       Smaller class sizes!

                                 Give principals the ability to run their schools as they see will best support their teachers and students. One of my sons had a
                                 hard time in all day Kindergarten. I was able to work with his teacher (with the approval of the principle) to drop down to 1/2
          Parent, family member,
                                 day then work up to two full days/three 1/2 days and work up over several months until he was going all full days. She was
               or guardian
                                 able to be flexible on the pay for K and I paid for the days that he stayed all day the months that he was doing it part time. Now
                                 that it is all handled by the central office, I don't see my principle having that same flexibility to meet the needs of my individual
    990                          student. Please give them the ability to run their schools and then hold them accountable for them.
          Parent, family member,
    991        or guardian       Employ School counselor, nurse and librarian
          Parent, family member, I think some of the professional sports teams have Armed Forces night. Try to get them to have Teachers nights. (Invite
    992        or guardian       principals too).
          Parent, family member,
    993        or guardian       Provide additional administrative support.
          Parent, family member, Higher pay, more benefits, more resources, reduced class size. Defending their rights to organize, and fighting back loud and
    994        or guardian       clear against the attacks on teachers that are happening right now.
                                 Give them assistants. A better math curriculum. More stable hiring at the end of the year- how is that teachers at the bottom
          Parent, family member,
                                 of the seniority (who are quite good) get laid off in May only to get rehired in August. Is no one able to statistically predict how
               or guardian
    995                          many kids will enroll in Sept. in the district?
          Parent, family member,
    996        or guardian       Lower teacher/student ratio
          Parent, family member, Listen to their needs. Act on them appropriately.
    997        or guardian       Provide seminars/trainings for improvement.
          Parent, family member,
    998        or guardian       continued science curriculum support for K-8
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,   By giving them time to meet with parents and teachers of incoming students to become aware of challenges and strengths
     999        or guardian         before the student enters their classroom.
           Parent, family member,
    1000        or guardian         N/A - i am unsure of the current process
           Parent, family member,
    1001        or guardian         Thank them and pay them more!
           Parent, family member,
    1002        or guardian       Provide better pay
                                  how should I know when a complaint is made everyone rallies to the teachers defence it reminds of the police with their blue
           Parent, family member, wall I fought from Oct of 2010 until April 2011 and never had anything done except a waste of my time and effort. even when I
                or guardian       found out the teacher had been suspended twice before. you won you wore me out next time I think I just call the news station
    1003                          let them ask the question on the teachers capability
           Parent, family member,
    1004        or guardian       By listening to what the problems and concerns are and doing something about it. Stop cutting their pay.
           Parent, family member,
    1005        or guardian       Dismantle the bureaucracy of the union
                                  1. Give them more freedom to choose what is right for their neighborhood school. There is still a standardized test that
           Parent, family member,
                                  determines their effectiveness in teaching overall, but each school needs to be empowered to make their own decisions
                or guardian
    1006                          somewhat.
                                  Get rid of useless bureaucrats in the service center. Take the wages of the terminated bureaucrats and give teachers across
           Parent, family member,
                                  the board 20% pay raises, with additional pay bonuses to teachers based on testimonies of SPS graduates who identify
                or guardian
    1007                          teachers who guided them to success in life.
           Parent, family member, Smaller class sizes
    1008        or guardian       Consistency in programs
           Parent, family member, There has to be a way to get rid of teachers who are not good in the classroom. It brings down the whole profession when a
    1009        or guardian       school is "stuck with" a poor teacher because performance is not a reason to get them out of the classroom.
           Parent, family member,
    1010        or guardian       More teaching staff. More one-on-one for remedial and advanced work.
           Parent, family member,
    1011        or guardian       Providing teachers with an appeals/arbitration process that works with principals towards more collaborative results
           Parent, family member,
    1012        or guardian       Expect high standards
           Parent, family member,
    1013        or guardian       give them more supporting staff
           Parent, family member,
    1014        or guardian       small class size!
           Parent, family member,
    1015        or guardian       Go back to building-centric approaches. The one-size-fits-all-district-wide is not working.
           Parent, family member, Allow teachers and principals to have room to use their own judgement about things. They shouldn't have to abide by every
    1016        or guardian       single rule in the classroom if it doesn't make sense in their particular class
           Parent, family member,
    1017        or guardian       PAY!! With continued learning through extra classes throughout the summer months to build each teachers skills.
           Parent, family member,
    1018        or guardian       number 2 above
           Parent, family member,
           Parent, family member,
    1020        or guardian       ?
           Parent, family member, Let them be teachers and not robots beholden to teach to a certain curriculum by your standards. They are being forced to
    1021        or guardian       teach to a test in order to justify their salaries and careers which renders them ineffective.
           Parent, family member,
    1022        or guardian       More money to the classroom instead of informational junkets and other wastes of money.
           Parent, family member, let them do their job. quit making this a political issue. remove all republicans from the educational system - ban republicans
    1023        or guardian       from ever becoming a part of the system, they are the cancer.
           Parent, family member, Communication between the main office and teachers/principals, and good communication between everyone when issues are
    1024        or guardian       raised.
           Parent, family member, Make the schools more welcoming to the parents of students by reaching out to the patents who are less likely to be involved
    1025        or guardian       due to language or financial reasons.Most school PTAs have a lot to do with this.
           Parent, family member,
    1026        or guardian       provide continuing education funding at a state level
           Parent, family member,
    1027        or guardian       Provide them with more resources by reducing the central overhead functions.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,
    1028        or guardian         Use science and art support from the PTA.
           Parent, family member,
    1029        or guardian         Pay for professional development so people will do it.
           Parent, family member,   Created a stable and supportive school community. Changing principals every few years destabilizes the culture at a school
    1030        or guardian         and it takes time before a new equilibrium is found.
           Parent, family member,   The school district could do a better job at supporting the ideas of the teachers. They are the ones on the classroom on a daily
    1031        or guardian         basis. Let their opinion count.
           Parent, family member,   Get the bad teachers out. Look for the "teacher of the year" types who go outside the box to help students. The ones who
    1032        or guardian         hide behind tenure have to go.
           Parent, family member,
    1033        or guardian         Give them the ability to remove poor teachers from the school
           Parent, family member,
    1034        or guardian         Give them more power over their instruction.
           Parent, family member,
    1035        or guardian         Stop cutting budgets. Teachers and principals are not overpaid.
           Parent, family member,
    1036        or guardian         Better pay
           Parent, family member,
    1037        or guardian         Listen to them and make sure they are compensated fairly.
           Parent, family member,   Get rid of any staff that is not fully committed to supporting academics
    1038        or guardian         Give teachers money-administrative support and respect. Principals are there to support teachers

                                Don't know anything about the induction program for first year teachers (and I'm pretty plugged in). Have heard good things
                                about Exec. Directors from principals. Science instruction is languishing: teachers need curriculum that aligns with standards
                                and need support in understanding materials as well as how to explain concepts. My 11th grader explains Chemistry concepts
         Parent, family member, to fellow students because the teacher can't explain effectively - just refers students to written material again. And this is a
              or guardian       department head. Teacher "likes" the students who do well on the tests the first time around but as my student points out the
                                ones who do badly are the ones who need the most help. Principals really need moral support in working with teachers who are
                                not serving kids' needs - this is an extremely touchy issue and I have seen teachers band together in support of ineffective
                                teachers against what are perceived as young, inexperienced principals. Bring parents into the picture more in all schools.
    1039                        "Parents as Partners" needs to be more than a catchphrase - it needs to be an actual belief system.
         Parent, family member,
    1040      or guardian       New math curriculum that actually teaches math.
         Parent, family member,
    1041      or guardian       Listen to them. Ask them questions. Find out what is working well and what is not.

           Parent, family member,
                                  I think it is effective in elementary school. At the middle school level I have no idea what professional development you are
                or guardian
    1042                          doing. Most of my children's classes seem to have no curriculum. I think we are falling short with our middle school children.
           Parent, family member,
    1043        or guardian       Better communication with the individual schools. A listen and learn approach versus a we are telling you what to do!
           Parent, family member,
    1044        or guardian       Ask them what they need!
           Parent, family member,
    1045        or guardian       I am not sure
           Parent, family member,
    1046        or guardian       Trust their judgment for what is needed at the local school and support their school-level initiatives.
           Parent, family member,
    1047        or guardian       Allow for some flexibility from the set curriculum, people who can be creative are more excited and energized.
    1048        or guardian       think it's unfair to tie a principal to test scores when so many variables go into those scores.
           Parent, family member,
    1049        or guardian       training; listening to ideas they have for improvement
           Parent, family member,
    1050        or guardian       Provide a better math program.
           Parent, family member,
    1051        or guardian       Higher pay would be wonderful, but I know that's unlikely in the current budget environment.

         Parent, family member, As always - money is great, but in districts like ours, parents take matters into their own hands to support our schools. I don't
              or guardian       have any specific ideas, but I will say that I am very happy with our wonderful Principal Mr. Cronas and our teachers at
    1052                        Wedgwood are 90% perfect - we have a few teachers who need some serious professional development in personal skills.
         Parent, family member,
    1053      or guardian       give them more tools - training, support, materials
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,   See my answer to question number 2. Also, make sure that the contracting programs led by Mr. Stephens and Mr. Potter are
    1054        or guardian         at an end and that land sales are to fetch the highest price.
           Parent, family member,
    1055        or guardian         Listen to them. Implement suggestions.
           Parent, family member,
    1056        or guardian         Besides increases in salaries, open the opportunity for more teacher's aids.
           Parent, family member,
    1057        or guardian         Stop budget reductions
           Parent, family member,
    1058        or guardian         pay teachers for grading papers, then they might actually give meaningful homework
           Parent, family member,
    1059        or guardian         Listen to and help schools,instead of closing them.
           Parent, family member,   identify the high achievers and let them drive the process - and pay them for it. Seniority and the union do no one any favors
    1060        or guardian         by protecting and promoting the underachievers.
           Parent, family member,
    1061        or guardian         Keeping only the good ones would support everyone better.
           Parent, family member,
    1062        or guardian         Give them fewer students per class.
           Parent, family member,
    1063        or guardian         ...
           Parent, family member,
    1064        or guardian         Hire more teachers at the expense of "coaches" and other central administration.
           Parent, family member,   support a environment of success for the teachers.
    1065        or guardian         Provide a feeling of acomplishment, responsibility, and pride for all staff
           Parent, family member,
    1066        or guardian         manageable class sizes, ongoing educational opportunities for teachers
           Parent, family member,   Give them the time and class size to do their jobs. TOO many days off for kids, have teachers do extra training in the summer,
    1067        or guardian         not so many days off during the school year!
           Parent, family member,   New teachers should have consistent ongoing mentoring. New teachers should have available best practices/effective lesson
    1068        or guardian         plans, so they have something to rely on and can deviate as they are more comfortable.
           Parent, family member,
    1069        or guardian         mentoring, which might even lead to evaluation
           Parent, family member,
    1070        or guardian         I have no idea what teachers actually do on professional development days, but it seems like we have a lot of them.

           Parent, family member,
                                  Give them student teachers during report card months, give them monetary bonuses for proving their teaching is effective, give
                or guardian
    1071                          them better tools to help parents know what kids need before it's too late. parent conference twice yearly are inefffective.
           Parent, family member,
    1072        or guardian       see above
           Parent, family member,
    1073        or guardian       Survey the students, keep the good teachers, get rid of the ineffective teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1074        or guardian       More money for paper. Fund drives for paper seems a little ridiculous
           Parent, family member, Continue to focus on the high performers based on more than just standardized test scores. Create a measurement for
    1075        or guardian       student participation and interest in classes - perhaps an evaluation process that includes student input.
           Parent, family member, The common prep period for GHS math teachers seemed to be appreciated and working as a way to strengthen at
    1076        or guardian       department level.
                                  I hope that the real answers to questions 3 and 4 above are "effective" but I don't have firsthand knowledge of it.
           Parent, family member,
                or guardian       I'd suggest telling the teachers and principals what is expected of them, and then back off and let them do it without a lot of
    1077                          meddling and changing parameters mid-year.
           Parent, family member,
    1078        or guardian       SMALLER CLASS SIZES!
           Parent, family member,
    1079        or guardian       Provide them with the materials, training & administrative support neccessary for them to excel in the classroom.
           Parent, family member,
    1080        or guardian       Involve the parents in the education system as much as possible so they can help their child if necessary.
           Parent, family member,
    1081        or guardian       Allot funds to support them better by hiring more assistants.

         Parent, family member, In my personal case I don't think that teachers are sensitive or willing to help children who need some individualized plans.
              or guardian       They are not following 504 plans or comunicating with parents. I believe more training is necessary, I don't believe in cooie
    1082                        cutter teaching. Children learn differently and teachers should be able to adjust to the needs of all children.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Parent, family member,
                                  Smaller class sizes. Two teachers or one teacher plus an aid in each classroom. Secretarial type staff that supports teachers
                or guardian
    1083                          in keeping track of grades and filing lesson plans so teachers can concentrate on teaching and not paperwork.
           Parent, family member,
    1084        or guardian       mentoring, counciling when needed, continued education of current childhood issues
           Parent, family member,
    1085        or guardian       GETTING RID OF BAD TEACHERS! We all know who the good teachers are.
           Parent, family member,
    1086        or guardian       See answer to question 2.
           Parent, family member,
    1087        or guardian       by letting them focus on the schools and teachers they are working in...instead of having to play politics with the district.
           Parent, family member,
    1088        or guardian       Improve the public reputation of the Seattle Public Schools. It reflects on each teacher, even if unfair.
           Parent, family member, Hear what they have to say. Be on their side until other non-supportive concerns or issue arrise. Think about the pay for what
    1089        or guardian       they do daily.
           Parent, family member, Pay for higher education for your teachers. Pay them more when they are better educated to keep and retain them from going
    1090        or guardian       to other districts which pay better.
           Parent, family member, Give them adequate resources for the classroom. Don't spend money on district-wide programs and systems that eat up
    1091        or guardian       money outside the classroom. Put the budget directly in the classrooms.
           Parent, family member,
    1092        or guardian       School board and the super should butt out. let them do their jobs.
           Parent, family member,
    1093        or guardian       Acknowledge their successes, offer incentive programs when they succeed, or go the extra mile.
           Parent, family member,
    1094        or guardian       give them more money!!
           Parent, family member, Give them more flexibility in running their schools and hiring or replacing teachers. Oftentimes, I hear their "hands are tied" by
    1095        or guardian       the district's rules.
           Parent, family member, Provide mentoring and feedback throughout a teacher's career. Provide professional development opportunites. Reduce
    1096        or guardian       class sizes.
           Parent, family member,
    1097        or guardian       Merit pay.
           Parent, family member,
    1098        or guardian       Better pay
           Parent, family member,
    1099        or guardian       Hire motivated teachers and let them focus on teaching.
           Parent, family member,
    1100        or guardian       Help them organize their volunteers.

           Parent, family member, Stop scaring them half to death. Stop telling them they might lose their jobs all the time. figure out a way to make this work. I
                or guardian       don't even know what the "induction program" is--how could I possibly evaluate it? Professional development--same.
    1101                          Teachers get late start days and professional development days but I have NO idea how it impacts what they do.
           Parent, family member, Listen to them. If they say that the math program is not affective, let them change it, don't force it on the teachers or the
    1102        or guardian       students.
           Parent, family member,
    1103        or guardian       See above. You need to give the effective teachers back their freedom and get rid of these horrible curriculum mandates
           Parent, family member,
    1104        or guardian       Support teachers by hiring great principals. Let principals hire teachers earlier to get the best pick.
           Parent, family member,
    1105        or guardian       Give room for creativity and initiative. Reward same.
                                  I can only speak to my families situation this year dealing with both a first year teacher and first time pricipal: they lack basic
           Parent, family member,
                                  communication skills & understanding of what parents expectations are! They need insight on how the current school
                or guardian
    1106                          community works prior walking into the "proverbial" lion's den.
           Parent, family member,
    1107        or guardian       smaller class size and finding a solution for trouble students so they don't disrupt the rest of the students
           Parent, family member,
    1108        or guardian       Strong mentoring.
           Parent, family member,
    1109        or guardian       Again - it is not about support your teachers - you need to support your students -
           Parent, family member,
    1110        or guardian       questions 3 & 4, I do not have enough information to answer. Question #5 - listen to them
           Parent, family member,
    1111        or guardian       don't know
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,
    1112        or guardian         pay more!
           Parent, family member,
    1113        or guardian         More support staff and teachers! They can't do it all on their own. The parents of the school do their best but still not enough.
           Parent, family member,
    1114        or guardian         Safe environment for the staff, acknowledge and reward staff who make extra efforts for the students and community.
           Parent, family member,   Listen to them, pay them better, provide them with more support - involve retired individuals, motivate the parents to be more
    1115        or guardian         involved
           Parent, family member,   Let them know that they have value in the system and stop making the school district look bad with the mismanagement that
    1116        or guardian         turns the public against the school district.
           Parent, family member,   My child had a first year teacher and while I believe she tried hard, it was not a good experience for him and I don't think he
    1117        or guardian         learned very much.
           Parent, family member,
    1118        or guardian         Observe the class with a open mind
           Parent, family member,
    1119        or guardian         Less adversarial role between teachers and the main office. We're a team, right?
           Parent, family member,
    1120        or guardian         better pay!
           Parent, family member,
    1121        or guardian         get rid of incompentent teachers. expect exellence
           Parent, family member,
    1122        or guardian         promote the good ones, limit the bad ones
           Parent, family member,
    1123        or guardian         Pay well, let teachers teach and managers manage.
           Parent, family member,
    1124        or guardian         Ask excellent questions and then do what they recommend.

           Parent, family member,
                                  Allow them to make important decisions regarding instruction and allocation of resources. Provide strong in school support,
                or guardian
    1125                          such as strong school library programs. Better pay and thoughtful evaluation that goes well beyond test results.
           Parent, family member,
    1126        or guardian       I really don't know enough about this to comment
           Parent, family member,
    1127        or guardian       new teachers need support, encouragement to increase retention
           Parent, family member,
    1128        or guardian       More money
           Parent, family member, Better mentoring and coaching from experienced, successful, established teachers. Provide materials that help new teachers
    1129        or guardian       be clear in their communications about expectations to students for achievement.
           Parent, family member, Treat them well - funding is again key - good salaries, adequate planning time, meeting time - hiring support staff such as
    1130        or guardian       school counselors. Letting ineffective teachers go.
           Parent, family member,
    1131        or guardian       Respect them.
           Parent, family member,
    1132        or guardian       Stand up to the teachers union and allow pricipals to teminate bad teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1133        or guardian       Don't know
                                  Supply needed materials - white boards, computer, etc.
           Parent, family member,
                                  Supply teaching assistants (in some cases, parents might volunteer) or reduce class sizes
                or guardian
    1134                          Increase funds to allow flexibility of choices as needed
           Parent, family member, Let them teach their curriculum. Give them the qualified support staff to partner with them so that the students can concentrate
    1135        or guardian       on learning.
           Parent, family member, Make sure the schools have several admin folks to cover the various places of need that they do...do not stretch these folks
    1136        or guardian       too thin!

         Parent, family member,
                                Listen to teacher peers and parents in deciding in what area a teacher could use extra support. Not all teachers need help in
              or guardian
    1137                        just academics. Classroom management and interaction with parents are very important to how a class learns.
         Parent, family member, Give principals more control over their budget and their staff--perhaps in partnership with a district mentor, to prevent power
    1138      or guardian       plays and nepotism. No one should have absolute power, but more partnership could be encouraged.
         Parent, family member,
    1139      or guardian       Consistency. Monetary issues have affected that and it stinks to wonder every year how your classroom will be impacted.
         Parent, family member,
    1140      or guardian       Provide enough resources and materials. Raises to high performing teachers.
                                                       Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Parent, family member,
                                  Giving them more autonomy from the District. It appears that people are calling the shots and creating expectations without
                or guardian
    1141                          ever having stepped foot in the classroom. Have more faith in the people on the ground that you so painstakingly hired.
           Parent, family member,
    1142        or guardian       More resources to get things done and perhaps more autonomy with the appropriate accountability.
           Parent, family member, Help develop relationships with families at schools. When everyone works together and is on the same page, students can be
    1143        or guardian       more successful.
           Parent, family member, Gather continuous feedback from them to see what works well and what doesn't and implement programs that work well.
    1144        or guardian       Have teachers/principals shadow other schools to implement new methods.
           Parent, family member,
    1145        or guardian       get off their backs and let them do what they do best...TEACH!!
           Parent, family member,
    1146        or guardian       Not sure
           Parent, family member,
    1147        or guardian       give them a consistent schedule so they can be more productive and then enjoy their time off more
           Parent, family member,
    1148        or guardian       smaller class sizes, parent volunteers, student teacher, older students mentoring younger students
           Parent, family member,
    1149        or guardian       give them training time to learn new curriculums rather than expect them to learn it while they teach it for the first time
           Parent, family member, Simplify school district red tape (seems to be a need to know how to work the system in order to get the best teachers) My
    1150        or guardian       perception.
           Parent, family member,
    1151        or guardian       There needs to be more teachers in the schools. Classrooms are over crowded.
           Parent, family member,
    1152        or guardian       reward well-respected teachers, allow them more freedoms

                                  Teachers need more support handling difficult children from difficult families (no, "difficult" is not a proxy for "poor"--entitled rich
           Parent, family member, children can be enormous obstacles). Schools need more power to expel students for disruption in the classroom. We need to
                or guardian       recast education as a PRIVILEGE. Many children are simply too immature to sit down and learn. That's often a result of the
                                  pace of individual psychological development--not something that schools or teachers or even parents can even influence. We
    1153                          have pretended for too long that all kids must achieve an equal endpoint.
           Parent, family member,
    1154        or guardian       Give school staff time to meet with eachother, as well as taking prof devel classes
           Parent, family member,
    1155        or guardian       Teach our children how to respect them.
           Parent, family member,
    1156        or guardian       Allow principals flexibility in controling budgets and choosing teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1157        or guardian       Allow them greater flexibility in the topics they cover during the school year
           Parent, family member,
    1158        or guardian       Pay them more.
           Parent, family member, Stop over crowding the classrooms and the schools. Separate the special needs kids because most teachers are not able to
    1159        or guardian       handle them.
           Parent, family member, Streamline the administrative side of their responsibilities (reporting, paperwork, finances, etc) will enable them to spend more
    1160        or guardian       of their time on the job elements they are best at - educating kids and running schools.
           Parent, family member,
    1161        or guardian       Allow teachers to use specialist knowledge/skills. Encourage innovation.
           Parent, family member, By listening to the teachers and principals as to what their needs are. Not by top down telling teachers and principals what
    1162        or guardian       they need.
           Parent, family member,
    1163        or guardian       Provide the resoruces they need to do their jobs.
           Parent, family member, By allowing the teachers and principals to teach their students at the student level and not the class lvele, meaning some
    1164        or guardian       students learn at a faster pace and to allow those students to learn beyond the their current grade level.
                                  I'm thrilled that the goal is to hire the best; the problem is that the new hires are the first to be laid off when cuts are made. I
           Parent, family member, saw a few excellent first year teachers come in to schools only to be cut loose the next year. This is very discouraging to
                or guardian       students and does not set a good example. What you are teaching students by this approach is that individual effort and
    1165                          energy don't count as much as seniority.
                                  if we can find out there needs as Parents we can support them But first off, we have to make sure our Children get enough
           Parent, family member,
                                  sleep and are fed, so they can get a good start and are able to listen and learn and are well taugh by their Parents, on conduct,
                or guardian
    1166                          manners etc, Come on Parents it starts with us!.
           Parent, family member,
    1167        or guardian       don't really know the issues
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From              Response Text
         Parent, family member,     Pay them, keep classroom sizes small and let them do their job instead of always having to put out fires and scrounge for
    1168      or guardian           funds and resources.
         Parent, family member,     Allow them to teach more traditional math. Math explorations wastes everyone's time and has been proven to leave kids
    1169      or guardian           woefully unprepared for college math.
         Parent, family member,
    1170      or guardian           Train all of them (specialists included) in appropriate behavior management techniques for ALL students.

                                  In my experience as a parent of an early-gradeschool child, I find that his two teachers thus far have not been well prepared to
           Parent, family member, support (or even recognize, despite test scores) his more advanced math capability. "Science" does not involve learning
                or guardian       scientific method and often teaches some less-than-accurate or over-simplified information. The teachers seem better
                                  prepared to teach reading and writing (these have been very strong parts of the curriculum), and the core classroom teachers
    1171                          are well supported with non-core supporting teachers in art, music, and physical education (also strengths in the curriculum).
           Parent, family member, Improve morale, change the culture to one of appreciation and motivation. Remove un-needed levels of administration and put
    1172        or guardian       more toward teachers, principals, building improvements and supplies.
           Parent, family member,
    1173        or guardian       Be clear on expectations.
           Parent, family member,
    1174        or guardian       I don't know the details of any of these so I can't comment.
           Parent, family member, You may better support our teachers by listening to their concerns. My daughter's teacher has expressed concerns and they
    1175        or guardian       feel like managment does not care.
           Parent, family member,
    1176        or guardian       time and money to improve their education/studies

                                    I have just one example of a teacher going off for additional training in our family's experience, but unfortunately, the
                                    connection back to the classroom doesn't seem to have been made for our student. Not sure if this is the teacher not making
                                    the connection, or my student not able to connect with the material. This is an "A" student, so it's hard to know.
         Parent, family member,
                                On another note, I'd like to see the district end it's policy of charging phys. ed and drama teachers, and other classroom
              or guardian
                                educators who create afterschool programs, a fee for using the school site, or paying a custodian. These programs serve both
                                the academic, health, and social well being of our children and penalizing these teachers also penalizes families who then have
                                to pick up the increased cost to run the program, or PTSA's to raise more scholarship moneys to afford student paticipation.
                                This policy is also evenly managed from site to site, with some schools completely ignoring it. What point are you trying to
    1177                        make?
         Parent, family member,
    1178      or guardian       request student and parent evaluations based on individual performances for their review

                                Provide them with evidence based curriculum.
                                Provide smaller class sizes (offer more observation time for evaluation)
         Parent, family member, Hire skilled teachers - look for graduates from CA, or University of Tennessee etc.
              or guardian       Scrutinize the education of the principals and choose the most skilled.
                                Develope a compact with teachers and principals so they commint to compliance with the state constitution, FAPE and IDEA.
                                Give them autonomy.
    1179                        Fire 3/4 of the school district administration.
         Parent, family member,
    1180      or guardian       more mentoring for newer teachers and veteran teachers with poor communication or interpersonal skills
         Parent, family member,
    1181      or guardian       Most of the worst teachers my daughters have had have been in math and sciences.

           Parent, family member,
                                  Stop with the constant flux and change. Find a way to provide stability, support creativity, competence and autotonomy among
                or guardian
    1182                          the teachers. Help principals learn to be great at getting greatness from their teachers, not how to administer.
           Parent, family member, Teachers - let them teach their passions within the broad academic guidelines - not REQUIRE the same curriculum all across
    1183        or guardian       (i.e. reader's and writer's workshop)
           Parent, family member,
    1184        or guardian       Relieve them of the need to be babysitters. Have zero tolerance for disruptive behavior of students.
                                  Hopefully, they will tell you. As a parent, I would think that having more classroom support is appreciated. So maybe along
           Parent, family member,
                                  these lines, providing training for parents to work along side teachers/staff and training for teachers on how to engage parents
                or guardian
    1185                          or community volunteers.
           Parent, family member, It's tough because different teachers need different things. The new and marginally-performing teachers need structure. The
    1186        or guardian       best teachers need freedom.
           Parent, family member,
    1187        or guardian       By providing financial support for successful programs and demonstrated needs.
           Parent, family member, Good question. I've done what I think I can to help them, without a system that supports you and me in our beliefs. Praying
    1188        or guardian       doesn't help much either on this subject, it comes down to politics and values.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,
    1189        or guardian         Stop changing curriculum so frequently - support what you have.
           Parent, family member,   Performance based pay/bonuses tied to academic acheivement. Let them do their jobs and quit tying their hands with all the
    1190        or guardian         paperwork and micromanaging from the district.
           Parent, family member,
    1191        or guardian         Smaller class sizes and later start (for teesns). Less curriculum to cover and more creative units.
           Parent, family member,
    1192        or guardian         communicating
           Parent, family member,
    1193        or guardian         Create active PTAs as much as that is possible at each school.
           Parent, family member,   They need more resources with aides and more mentoring for some of the junior teachers. It simply is not realistic to have one
    1194        or guardian         teacher with almost 30 students and expect that each child will be well served.
           Parent, family member,   They don't have enough time because they have to spend so much time on testing and fulfilling too-rigid requirements. And too
    1195        or guardian         many kids per teacher.
           Parent, family member,
    1196        or guardian         Ask them what they need to be the best possible teacher or principal, then provide it.
           Parent, family member,   Get out of their way. Let them teach. Identify with them the areas they need to improve. Provide opportunities to observe
    1197        or guardian         other classes and other school programs in action.
           Parent, family member,
    1198        or guardian         Pay them and give them the power to run their schools and teach and then hold them accoutable.
           Parent, family member,   How could I possibly know the answers to these questions. Where do you communicate what is being taught to the teachers
    1199        or guardian         so that I have something to evaluate against?
           Parent, family member,
    1200        or guardian         provide planning time and time for collaboration amongst team members
           Parent, family member,
    1201        or guardian         More support staff, when the economy/budget, improves, to let them do their jobs, ie counselors, IA's, playground, etc.
           Parent, family member,   Smaller class sizes at the elementary level; academic coaches and aides, where appropriate; funding!!; external support
    1202        or guardian         (community partners).
           Parent, family member,
    1203        or guardian         See #2

           Parent, family member,
                                  As a parent, I wish I knew how to recognize my kids' teachers beyond periodic thank you notes, holiday gifts, etc. Should I be
                or guardian
    1204                          sending emails to her principal commending her work? The school district can provide merit bonuses, promotions, etc.
                                  I don't have a basis for comparison. But I do believe that peer mentoring is an effective practice and I would be very supportive
           Parent, family member,
                                  of improvements and expansion of mentoring and peer teacher, parent, and administrative evaluation. The strongest teachers
                or guardian
    1205                          should be rewarded and the lowest quality teachers should be removed.
           Parent, family member,
    1206        or guardian       have more voleenters
           Parent, family member, giving them the tools and support to run a school smoothly. Teachers whom want to actually teach and not just picking up a
    1207        or guardian       paycheck.
           Parent, family member, I am tired of the literary arts program that is senselessly repetitive and ignores classic texts. The students NEED exposure of
    1208        or guardian       these before college.
           Parent, family member,
    1209        or guardian       smaller class sizes make everything more manageable
           Parent, family member, Let staff have more autonomy over curriculum at individual schools. Help supply first year (and new teachers) with materials for
    1210        or guardian       their classrooms.
           Parent, family member,
    1211        or guardian       communication and better transparency
           Parent, family member,
    1212        or guardian       Make sure they have enough money to hire enough teachers to lower class size.
           Parent, family member,
    1213        or guardian       Listen to them and try to help what they need. So bottom up.
           Parent, family member,
    1214        or guardian       Pay them more. Smaller classroom size. The usual. We have a good batch and want to keep them.
           Parent, family member, listen to them, put together a district wide contest for teachers to submit a plan on improving neighborhood schools. Offer a
    1215        or guardian       prize for the teacher and the SCHOOL they teach at...
           Parent, family member,
    1216        or guardian       Smaller class sizes or add another teacher in each classroom.
           Parent, family member,
    1217        or guardian       Keep class sizes as low as possible.
                                  keep schools smaller and allow them to have a more community feel. After 350 students, they just become numbers. Make
           Parent, family member,
                                  sure schools physical space is being cared for ie, lighting, ceiling tiles falling, bathroom being filthy and kept up so they can
                or guardian
    1218                          concentrate on academics.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,   Give them more freedom in what they teach and get away from teaching to take a test. Allow more freedom in the math
    1219        or guardian         programs that teachers can use.
           Parent, family member,   Making sure their needs are heard, raising their salaries, making sure all schools are funded equally and that Title I school
    1220        or guardian         know their opportunities to improve their school.
           Parent, family member,
    1221        or guardian         Give more control to principals.
           Parent, family member,
    1222        or guardian         Give them support in the classroom! Aids, materials, etc.
           Parent, family member,   Provide more training and learning opportunities, or offer "teaching exchange" programs where they can learn from highly
    1223        or guardian         successful schools
           Parent, family member,
    1224        or guardian     HELP IN CLASSROOMS. SUPPORT WHERE NEEDED
                                Give the well performing teachers and principals the freedom to continue their high excellence of teaching without constraining
         Parent, family member,
                                mandates from the district. What applies to some schools may not apply to all. The principals, teachers and staff know their
              or guardian
    1225                        students well and are the best source of information and direction.
         Parent, family member, Use performance as a measure in lay-offs and provide targeted professional development to improve skills. Higher starting
    1226      or guardian       salaries.
                                Ask teachers and principals what they need, both individually and as a group (i.e., provide a format for prinicpals to share ideas
         Parent, family member,
                                with each other about what has worked at their schools to increase staff cohesion, teacher performance, etc., and have
              or guardian
    1227                        prinicpals do the same at their schools)
         Parent, family member,
    1228      or guardian       Smaller class sizes or provide instructional assistants for each class.
         Parent, family member,
    1229      or guardian       time and money and perks
         Parent, family member, Writers workshop should be re - established (not as strong as it was 2 years ago) and should be taught the same as basic Ed
    1230      or guardian       at all schools
                                Give teachers some flexibility to modify teaching materials to meet kids' needs. Kids learn in different ways. Pacing and
         Parent, family member, standardization have a place, but to impose it so strictly that it hinders learning, then it becomes a disservice for the kids. This
              or guardian       is something brand new principals seem to be less understanding of. They are so rigid in their enforcement. What is going
    1231                        on?
         Parent, family member, Budget for the tools they need, whether they are classroom supplies or other items - field trips, courses on Math, English &
    1232      or guardian       Science, etc.
         Parent, family member,
    1233      or guardian       implement peer review process and act on findings
         Parent, family member,
    1234      or guardian       Manage the budget better so that more money goes to the schools. Teachers and principals are stretched to the limit!
         Parent, family member,
    1235      or guardian       Ask them.

           Parent, family member,
                                  Less layered interventions. Superintendent should oversee principals. Teachers should have more paid training days, and
                or guardian
    1236                          more opportunities to watch each other in action and help each other. Right now, they are isolated in their rooms.
           Parent, family member,
    1237        or guardian       Allow for more flexibility and creativity. Higher salaries.
           Parent, family member, Allow them to have some input on how often testing is performed. It is highly diruptive to teaching when so much testing is
    1238        or guardian       administered.
           Parent, family member, Letting them have more say as to what they think would be effective and applicable for their particular school. I think the
    1239        or guardian       people that are in the closest contact will know what works best for the children.
           Parent, family member, Give them the tools and training the need, but the district needs to then unfetter them with rules, regulations and paperwork,
    1240        or guardian       and let them get their jobs done for their classes and individual schools.
           Parent, family member,
    1241        or guardian       Don't ask them to always conform, if it works let them do it.
           Parent, family member,
    1242        or guardian       let them teach and do what they think is right for their classrooms and schools
                                  Give them better tools. Let them offer more hands on training. Bring in singapore math, passport programs, science. Let kids
           Parent, family member,
                                  be interactive in the learning process & provide the funds needed to each school! Quit wasting $ on corporate & get the $ to the
                or guardian
    1243                          school programs that work!
           Parent, family member,
    1244        or guardian       Get involved with the schools by supporting good porgrams.
           Parent, family member, Give teachers a longer day to work with their students. 8-9hrs of classroom time per day. Allow teachers to work on their
    1245        or guardian       curriculum before the school year starts. Hire them for the summer and prep them during summer months.
           Parent, family member,
    1246        or guardian       Restoring their pay and reducing class size.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,
    1247        or guardian         Less bureaucracy, less paperwork, smaller class sizes, more flexibility
           Parent, family member,
    1248        or guardian         give them more money, provide more teachers for less students.
           Parent, family member,
    1249        or guardian         teacher pay increases. smaller class sizes. making sure enrollment matches the facility capacity of the school.
           Parent, family member,
    1250        or guardian         I don't have enough information on the current program to say.
           Parent, family member,
    1251        or guardian         Do not mandate cirriculum when teachers/principals programs and initiatives are working well.
           Parent, family member,
    1252        or guardian         Give them the resources they need to really do their jobs well.
           Parent, family member,
    1253        or guardian         Better pay, listen to feedback, smaller classrooms.
           Parent, family member,
    1254        or guardian         Lower class size. Higher salaries. Professional coaching on personal and professional goals.
           Parent, family member,   I think teachers need to be better recognized through increased salaries, not through paid time off.....shortened school year
    1255        or guardian         breaks.
           Parent, family member,
    1256        or guardian         Give them a voice in management issues.

                                  The previous two questions assume information which parents don't have. I don't know what professional development you are
           Parent, family member,
                                  doing. I assume professional development is helpful. And I have no idea what your induction program is.
                or guardian
                                  Support teachers by giving them a chance to observe their peers and learn from what they do in the classroom. Support
    1257                          principals with mentors.
           Parent, family member,
    1258        or guardian       provide science training
           Parent, family member,
    1259        or guardian       Better fund the schools and let them teach.
           Parent, family member,
    1260        or guardian       listen to them and let principles be responsible for their schools performance and budgets as they see fit.
           Parent, family member,
    1261        or guardian       Make sure if they need an aide in class to help with the kids or grade papers give them one please.
           Parent, family member,
    1262        or guardian       Stop laying off the good ones!
           Parent, family member,
    1263        or guardian       Find a way to provide bonuses to excellent teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1264        or guardian       Liten to their needs sincerely

         Parent, family member,
                                Give principals the power to get rid of ineffective teachers. This is about quality education for our children, not about ensuring
              or guardian
    1265                        teachers have jobs. Again, I want the absolute best candidate for the job, not the one with the most seniority.
         Parent, family member,
    1266      or guardian       I don't know, but I bet plenty of people do.
         Parent, family member,
    1267      or guardian       join/strengthen PTSA involvement.

           Parent, family member,
                                  Have qualified executive directors who have similar backgrounds and experience as the principals they are evaluating in place
                or guardian
    1268                          to assess performance. If they don't have that experience, train them before place them in a position of evaluative authority.
           Parent, family member, Pay them a decent wage
    1269        or guardian       Set high performance expectations
           Parent, family member, Help with resources that should be available to them. Provide help to those classroom that are too full. Allow principal the
    1270        or guardian       choice to stay at the schools where they are successful. (rather than "pulling" them to other schools
           Parent, family member, I've heard that the teachers have not been properly trained to teach the new learning programs (like "new" math). They need
    1271        or guardian       to be educated so that they can pass along the new strategies to students.
           Parent, family member, Allow principals and teachers more autonomy in budget and resource allocation, rather than directing this from the central
    1272        or guardian       office.
           Parent, family member,
    1273        or guardian       Provide the principals with more flexibility
           Parent, family member,
    1274        or guardian       Quit so much top down management. Let the teachers and the principals work without so many district mandates
           Parent, family member,
    1275        or guardian       Curriculum flexibility so that the teacher can teach the students as individuals.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From          Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1276      or guardian       same as question 2.
                                Support them as teachers and principals. Let them work more directly with our students. Remove some of the standardized
         Parent, family member,
                                evaluating and testing and let them spend time with our students, not turning in forms and checklists of standardized
              or guardian
    1277                        evaluations and tests.
         Parent, family member,
    1278      or guardian       Ask for arent volunteers to support them so they can focus on the kids and planning for them.
         Parent, family member,
    1279      or guardian       smaller class sizes
         Parent, family member, Smaller class sizes, more tutors and aids, get rid of ineffective teachers, have the PTA more involved. These are VERY open-
    1280      or guardian       ended questions. How are you going to make use of these data??? This survey is too qualitative!
         Parent, family member,
    1281      or guardian       More training on managing the range of learning in the classroom.
         Parent, family member,
    1282      or guardian       I think I already answered that
         Parent, family member,
    1283      or guardian       give them assistance in keeping the SOURCE up to date
         Parent, family member, Get rid of tenure. There are some rough stories about poor teachers that the parents and principal can't do anything about
    1284      or guardian       improving or removing. It brings down the reputation of the whole system.
                                Pay the teachers better, lower the number of students in a classroom. Have an assistant for every teacher. Raise the bar for
                                regular school students. Honors should be the "regular" curriculum. Hire Principals with real leadership qualities like John
         Parent, family member,
                                Stanford. The principals need to be smart, charismatic and kind. Everything else will follow. They set the standard for the
              or guardian
    1285                        Make academics just as important as sports.
         Parent, family member,
    1286      or guardian       More teacher aides in the classroom
         Parent, family member,
    1287      or guardian       Listen to them. Provide them the intervention staffing and materials they need.
         Parent, family member,
    1288      or guardian       Respect the use of their time. Any wasted effort short changes your students.
         Parent, family member,
    1289      or guardian       I'm not familiar with hiring.
         Parent, family member,
    1290      or guardian       The developmental programs are great but are difficult to implement with very large class sizes.
         Parent, family member, Funding - for example, how can teachers who teach science lab classes do a good job without $.
    1291      or guardian       Find a way to acknowledge strong teachers (doesn't have to be monetarily).
         Parent, family member, It doesn't do anyone any good to move ineffective teachers around. Principals should be able to have more leeway in hiring
    1292      or guardian       decisions (i.e., not being told who they get during certain times of the year).
         Parent, family member, Provide professional development allowances for the schools, even as the programs are changing. Why should the PTA have
    1293      or guardian       to foot the bill?
         Parent, family member,
    1294      or guardian       Smaller classes.
         Parent, family member, Give more freedom for their creative teaching methods. What is to take to learn something, still drilling and memorization and is
    1295      or guardian       it still the same material?
         Parent, family member, with more support in the classroom. More resource teachers, more teachers with experience in individual education plans or
    1296      or guardian       teaching methods that can help foster inclusion of all children in the community.
                                I don't blame the teachers for not trusting the central admin and the whole reform movement, but it is in their own self-interest
         Parent, family member, to self-police (teaching is a team activity -- i.e. no teacher wants to teach Spanish 2 to half a class of kids who had a subpar
              or guardian       Spanish 1 teacher.) Figure out a way to partner with teachers so they have oversight and can self-police in return for them
    1297                        helping to improve or manage out the weak teachers.
         Parent, family member,
    1298      or guardian       More resources, more autonomy at the school level (with clear performance expectations).
         Parent, family member, Teachers should be hired first for their love for teaching and should be given help in dealing with children first and academic
    1299      or guardian       learning second.
         Parent, family member,
    1300      or guardian       Give them funding to purchase top quality resources for the students to use in their classes.
         Parent, family member,
    1301      or guardian       Significantly streamline the process principals must follow to remove a poor-performing teacher.
         Parent, family member,
    1302      or guardian       Accountability throughout, more tangible supports such as IAs and better administrative and disiplinary staff.
         Parent, family member,
    1303      or guardian       Give the teachers what they need for the classroom and student(all) to become successful.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From          Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1304      or guardian       keep the best teachers.
                                Excuse me but first--how were we supposed to answer 3 and 4? Most people are not privy to what the this professional
                                development consists of. We just know you take the day off every once in a while...Otherwise, there's virtually no way to
         Parent, family member, meaningfully answer this question as a parent that isn't pure opinion.
              or guardian
                                Now to support--I think better pay and less pressure to teach to the test. Flexibilty in curriculum planning ideas, and less
    1305                        emphasis on tenure.
         Parent, family member, Give each new teacher a mentor teacher for their first year. Keep teaching staff trained in new methods and practices. Keep
    1306      or guardian       them abreast of new trends and studies about best practices in education.
         Parent, family member,
    1307      or guardian       Please reward the teachers with proven results and fire the ones who deserve to be fired.
         Parent, family member,
    1308      or guardian       Require less administrative work of them.
         Parent, family member,
    1309      or guardian       help them with tools they need to perform their jobs.
         Parent, family member,
    1310      or guardian       see #2
         Parent, family member,
    1311      or guardian       model and highlight great teachers. Create a simple social network for teachers to share ideas. Get with the times!
         Parent, family member,
    1312      or guardian       Same as above.
         Parent, family member,
    1313      or guardian       Let popular principals stay in their schools.
         Parent, family member,
    1314      or guardian       Help create positive environments for collaboration.
         Parent, family member,
    1315      or guardian       Stop the top down management and let them do their job.
         Parent, family member, Have more opportunities for teachers to visit each other's classrooms. Principals should cover for teachers during these visits.
    1316      or guardian       This should happen in each building as well as across buildings.
         Parent, family member,
    1317      or guardian       GIVE THEM SOME POWER in each school instead of the union having all the say
         Parent, family member,
    1318      or guardian       Pay them more.
         Parent, family member,
    1319      or guardian       Hold them to higher standards.
         Parent, family member,
    1320      or guardian       Get rid of poor performers, Stop using a day here and there each week to do continuing education.
         Parent, family member, My sense is that prof dev is not consistently available throughout the district. My impression is that schools like ours in a higher
    1321      or guardian       income area have more PTA monies to fund prof dev.
         Parent, family member,
    1322      or guardian       make them accountable
         Parent, family member, Principals should make this a priority; they should be in first year classrooms both as wallk throughs and to provide on-going
    1323      or guardian       guidance and input. If there is an issue, deal with it immediately and get help for the teacher.
         Parent, family member,
    1324      or guardian       I am unfamiliar with your current failing procedures all I know they are not working
         Parent, family member,
    1325      or guardian       Pay them better.
         Parent, family member,
    1326      or guardian       evaluation like students in their knowledge of teaching, students also are voices because they are the most affected.
         Parent, family member,
    1327      or guardian       Give them flexibility at the building level to use curricula that will work for their population.
         Parent, family member,
    1328      or guardian       reduce overcrowding, pay them a living wage
         Parent, family member,
    1329      or guardian       By letting them interview and hire any or all applicants regardless of the 'displaced teachers in our ditrict
         Parent, family member, have counselors, have continued learning for teachers and principals, have a support team to deal with problem kids who
    1330      or guardian       disrupt classes so teachers can get on with teaching
                                Having a teacher this year new to the District, there have been many times when she is surprisingly unfamiliar with District and
         Parent, family member,
                                school practices and policies and occassionally gives incorrect information. It is not clear to me if she has a "mentor" within the
              or guardian
    1331                        school.
         Parent, family member,
    1332      or guardian       Not sure
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From              Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1333      or guardian           More hands-on learning first year, mentoring in-class
         Parent, family member,
    1334      or guardian           Do what supports the kids and NOT the Union. You all know that you only do what the union forces you to do.
         Parent, family member,
    1335      or guardian         Listen to their needs
                                  I don't know anything about the programs listed above. How am I supposed to compare? Parents are not given info about how
           Parent, family member,
                                  these processes have changed over the past few years. There has been a lot of upheaval among teachers and principals and
                or guardian
    1336                          lots of moving people around. Getting students to perform well requires some stability.
           Parent, family member,
    1337        or guardian       consistant workshos for the future vision and high qualified education
           Parent, family member, I don't have any good suggestions here but am aware of the turnover at our school - 4 principals now in 5 years. That is too
    1338        or guardian       often to promote a stable learning environment.
           Parent, family member,
    1339        or guardian       Don't know
                                  Spend more money directly in the classrooms and schools. Spend money getting htem learning specialists and aids in the
           Parent, family member,
                                  classroom. Allow them to spend less itme on administrative functions and more on the children and doing what they are truly
                or guardian
    1340                          passionate about.
                                  Don't adopt programs (like our latest math curriculum) that experts (in this case all the math and science community) state will
           Parent, family member,
                                  not solve the problem you are trying to solve. And to further adopt the program with no training for teachers, parents and
                or guardian
    1341                          students is egregious.
           Parent, family member,
    1342        or guardian       If reductions are necessary, don't cut "from the bottom up": retain the best.
           Parent, family member, Work more closely with the labor unions to foster a working-together attitude and empower the staff with more discretion
    1343        or guardian       regarding curriculum.
           Parent, family member, first stop changing the method of teaching for example math. Every year the teachers have to learn the new method that
    1344        or guardian       maybe will work better.
                                  Ask them this question and then listen and respond accordingly. Match them up well to their espective school sites. Find
           Parent, family member,
                                  money for additional training. Publicly honor them in newspapers, blogs, on TV. When they deserve it, brag about them
                or guardian
    1345                          whenever and wherever possible.
           Parent, family member,
    1346        or guardian       pay them more
           Parent, family member,
    1347        or guardian       Encourage innovative teaching methods.
                                  Provide stricter conduct codes for students and back them up. This needs to be done from kindergarten forward. So the kids
           Parent, family member, understand that school time is not mis-behave time. Undisciplined behavior eats up a lot of learning time, causes problems at
                or guardian       recess, and at lunch time is horrible. For example, my son's school needs to do something to have increased lunchroom
    1348                          supervision - it is just horrible and provides an awful eating environment.
           Parent, family member,
    1349        or guardian       DONT FIRE THEM ON THE SPOT.
           Parent, family member,
    1350        or guardian       As for the former two questions, I cannot answer. I don't know what you're talking about.
           Parent, family member,
    1351        or guardian       Smaller classes, higher pay.
                                  I feel that first year teachers are not given the support needed to become acclimated to our school's philosophies and are not
           Parent, family member, familiarized with the school's approach to arts and differentiated teaching. REgarding training, I hear a lot of frustration about
                or guardian       Everyday Math and also frustration regarding the science kit training going away. If we can't continue to keep up with science
    1352                          and show kids relevant applications we will not be improving their learning.
           Parent, family member,
    1353        or guardian       By showing them we appreciate them with salary raises and individual gifts.
           Parent, family member, develop a district wide, comprehensive IT program that is not dependent upon the individual schools to design and raise
    1354        or guardian       money to purchase

                                Don't get rid of the counselors....the teachers and principals need their support. Also, don't cut back on janitorial staff--our
         Parent, family member, teachers should be putting thought into lesson plans, not sweeping and vacuuming. Lastly, our students seem to struggle with
              or guardian       impulse control, focus and getting along on the playground. Perhaps the teachers and principals should be evaluated more
                                (random check-ins for longer durations) and then given training on dealing with the over-stimulated, varied demographic of our
    1355                        schools today. Lastly, more options for subs-it sounds like the list is short and the teachers aren't always able to get a sub?
         Parent, family member,
    1356      or guardian       Better pay, smaller class sizes.
         Parent, family member, They need more help in the classroom and smaller
    1357      or guardian       number of students per class
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text
           Parent, family member,    I think that a mentoring program would be beneficial. For i.e., there is a very experienced teacher in our school who could have
    1358        or guardian          helped mentor the new teacher.
           Parent, family member,    Give principals the authority to fire ineffective teachers. Give teachers and parents collective authority to fire incompetent
    1359        or guardian          principals.
           Parent, family member,
    1360        or guardian          Pay them what they are worth
           Parent, family member,
    1361        or guardian          By continuing to hold them accountable, while defining their areas of achievement and opportunities for growth.
           Parent, family member,    They need to have the freedom to use creative ways to support students who are not achieving. Principals need more control
    1362        or guardian          over who teaches in their buildings and what to spend the budget on,
           Parent, family member,    don't emphasize test scores that force teachers to teach to tests and grade principals in ways that are inconsistent with how
    1363        or guardian          teachers and parents value them
           Parent, family member,
    1364        or guardian          value them...they are the source of education's power
           Parent, family member,
    1365        or guardian          Treat it like a business. Empower, support, inspire, set high expectations and get out of the way!
           Parent, family member,
    1366        or guardian          Get families involved.
           Parent, family member,
    1367        or guardian          Support them in any way possible whatever that means.
           Parent, family member,    Have limited amount of curriculum for teachers to implement so that they can focus on teaching necessary material in a
    1368        or guardian          creative way. Have smaller class sizes which will promote better instruction.
           Parent, family member,
    1369        or guardian          let the math teachers use the textbooks that they love- not some ridiculous new math method

                                  Minimize teachers interactions with parents- that is the time suck/energy suck is on many educators. Have parents go
           Parent, family member,
                                  through the administrators. Electronic Teacher evaluations each semester would give Principals evidence to support educator
                or guardian
                                  performance. Our talent pool should become stronger if this is implemented well. Parents and students know good teachers.
    1370                          Administrators should not have to protect long term district employees who fail to perform.
           Parent, family member, Teachers and principals need to have strong visions of ambitious and equitable teaching and understand how minor shifts in
    1371        or guardian       classrooms can lead students to more rigorous forms of talk and writing.
           Parent, family member,
    1372        or guardian       Pay them more based on childrens progress and facts
                                  For all staff:
                                  -Annual cultural competence training.
           Parent, family member,
                                  -Consistent district-driven quality professional development
                or guardian
                                  For Principals:
    1373                          --High quality leadership and management training
           Parent, family member,
    1374        or guardian       lower class size
           Parent, family member, Each school is individual ... let the principals and teachers tell the district what they need ... not have the district tell them what
    1375        or guardian       they need.
           Parent, family member,
    1376        or guardian       Ask them.
           Parent, family member,
    1377        or guardian       No opinion
           Parent, family member,
    1378        or guardian       Help in the classroom with teacher's aids, better classroom materials and monies directed at individual classroom's needs.
           Parent, family member,
    1379        or guardian       Offer competitvie salaries and benefits and give them the flexibility to try new teaching methods in their classrooms.
           Parent, family member,
    1380        or guardian       Put power back with the teachers and principals, less administrative input and paperwork.
                                  Give them the tools and time to teach our kids. Right now they spend all thier time on testing, instead of educating our kids.
           Parent, family member, There is little to no time that is spent on history, art, or science. If schools went back to having support staff educators and less
                or guardian       time and resources for testing, then teachers would have more time to plan actual lessons and bring education into the
    1381                          classroom.
           Parent, family member,
    1382        or guardian       Allow the principals to eliminate the "deadwood" teachers that have stopped teaching and are just coasting until they retire
           Parent, family member,
    1383        or guardian       Incentives for Excellence. Just like any other business, strong employees should be rewarded and weak ones should be let go.
           Parent, family member,
    1384        or guardian       Performance based pay.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text
           Parent, family member,
    1385        or guardian         Get them to introduce themselves more to the families let us know that they are there
           Parent, family member,
    1386        or guardian         Give them respect and attention for their accomplishments.
           Parent, family member,
    1387        or guardian         By discontinuing the use of early release days and offering more paid days for principals to train their staff.
           Parent, family member,
    1388        or guardian         practical tranining and mentoring.
           Parent, family member,   offer extensive mentoring for new and under-performing teachers, remove poor teachers faster, give them more control of the
    1389        or guardian         individual needs of shcools and students
           Parent, family member,
    1390        or guardian         Trust their decisions.
           Parent, family member,
    1391        or guardian         see #2
           Parent, family member,
    1392        or guardian         Refer to number two.
           Parent, family member,
    1393        or guardian         IB for all in SE Seattle. It ought to be more important to have an IB diploma in SE Seattle than have a D1 scholarship offer
           Parent, family member,
    1394        or guardian         have a better disiplinary process and let parents know what that is.
           Parent, family member,
    1395        or guardian         Keep the counselors!! They are important in aiding the kids, teachers and principals.
           Parent, family member,
    1396        or guardian         Meet with parents and solicit feedback. Less churn
           Parent, family member,
    1397        or guardian         More opportunities for higher education for staff and teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1398        or guardian         Get their supervisors on the ground more often. Use mentors throughout their careers. Expect improvement every year.
           Parent, family member,
    1399        or guardian         Real support, without the threat of closure in the future
           Parent, family member,
    1400        or guardian         create share leadership groups. Support them to support the families needs.
           Parent, family member,
    1401        or guardian         Keep elementary principals in the schools and out of the central office.
           Parent, family member,   Paying them fairly and providing incentives for them to do the best for our kids. Get rid of the ones who are either abusive,
    1402        or guardian         ineffective or can't perform according to our standards.
           Parent, family member,   By enabling our principals to hire the best teachers, regardless of tenure. By keeping class sizes smaller. By giving them more
    1403        or guardian         flexibility to teach the way they want to teach vs. teaching to testing.
           Parent, family member,
    1404        or guardian         Accountability, but also merit-based rewards (not sure what this would look like)
           Parent, family member,
    1405        or guardian         see #2
           Parent, family member,
    1406        or guardian         Pay teachers more!
           Parent, family member,
    1407        or guardian       more teacher help in the classrooms
           Parent, family member, Give teachers and principals more power to run classrooms and schools in the manner that fits the student and parent
    1408        or guardian       population. Less central governing.
                                  See above answer. Those who are in supportive roles should have had several years of actual classroom experience
                                  themselves, which is not the case in several instances at the current time. For example, there are principals who have less
           Parent, family member,
                                  than five years classroom experience and the "fast tracked" through the UW Danforth program. There are SPED support
                or guardian
                                  teachers who have a SPED credential but have never actually taught SPED themselves. There are support teachers who have
    1409                          less than five years of classroom experience. This is a mistake.
           Parent, family member,
    1410        or guardian       Make time for them to get their required training, especially in science.
           Parent, family member,
    1411        or guardian       pay them more
           Parent, family member, As a parent, I can't answer question 3 and 4 because I don't know about the programs therefore I don't know if they are
    1412        or guardian       effective.
           Parent, family member,
    1413        or guardian       Allow them to have input on the curriculum and to cater it to their students.
           Parent, family member,
    1414        or guardian       Give them more money. Give them more autonomy.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From          Response Text
                                  collaboration. analysis of what works and keep it and improve upon it. Discard that which is not working. Look to the best
           Parent, family member,
                                  schools in our area and beyond (private and public) and learn from their good examples.
                or guardian
    1415                          More neighborhood volunteers in the schools
           Parent, family member,
    1416        or guardian       Higher pay, more resources.
           Parent, family member, Once professional development is offered, continue providing updates/mentoring on the new technique in years following the
    1417        or guardian       original teaching of it.
           Parent, family member,
    1418        or guardian       better pay, smaller class sizes
           Parent, family member, Continue with more professional development. As a parent I have no knowledge of how the district is promoting professional
    1419        or guardian       development.
           Parent, family member,
    1420        or guardian       Listen to them. They are on the front lines and can come up with creative solutions.
           Parent, family member,
    1421        or guardian       Mentorship program, peer review process
           Parent, family member,
    1422        or guardian       i think if you have more than one teacher per class
           Parent, family member, Prinicipals need to have more authority in dealing with underperforming teachers. There needs to more accoutiblity for
    1423        or guardian       teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1424        or guardian       Let them dicide how things work best in their schools. Smaller class sizes. Ask them what they need most.
                                  Listen to them and see what they would like from you. Teachers seem to have many curriculum requirements and leaves little
           Parent, family member,
                                  room for the creative process. Are you cutting HR staff with budget cuts? That need for support at the district level is critical to
                or guardian
    1425                          principals too. How about more coaching for teachers?
           Parent, family member,
    1426        or guardian       Training on fidelity of implementation, the "heart" of the change process, culture-shaping
           Parent, family member,
    1427        or guardian       get parents to engage more with the schools through PTA, school events, in class assistance...
           Parent, family member, Allow teachers an easier way to monitor, give feedback and follow-up for struggling teachers. Give them more allowance to fire
    1428        or guardian       teachers that are unwilling to improve, listen to feedback, communicate effectively with parents.
           Parent, family member, By giving them the tools to be successful. Our first year teacher came into our school and had no idea about the additional
    1429        or guardian       funding she was qualified to receive.
           Parent, family member, The professional development and first year teacher support is invisible to the parents. I can't see what your support makes it
    1430        or guardian       into the classroom, or what is the skill of the teacher.
                                  give them other good teachers and principals to work with and reward them for being innovative and engaged with the students-
           Parent, family member,
                                  there is nothing more memorable than an inspirational teacher- students never forget those. Give the teachers avenues for
                or guardian
    1431                          communication and flexibility to innovate. be responsive.
           Parent, family member,
    1432        or guardian       We have been blessed with excellent first year teachers.
           Parent, family member,
    1433        or guardian       see above
                                  At my school, the professional development in math and literacy have been done at the school level and the teachers have
           Parent, family member,
                                  committed as a team to learn together, that is what I think has been most effective. Supports for collaborative/team-based
                or guardian
    1434                          professional devlopment should continue to be strengthened.
                                  PAY teachers for the extra time they put in (setting up/moving classrooms, training, meetings...); "WEIGH" students so
           Parent, family member,
                                  teachers won't be so overwhelmed by all the special needs kids popping up in regular ed programs. Principals need to have
                or guardian
    1435                          high standards for rigorous teaching, and enter teachers into the improvement cycle if they are lagging.
           Parent, family member,
    1436        or guardian       Empower them to do the right things. Reward them when they do.
           Parent, family member,
    1437        or guardian       Less students in classroom, longer tutor hours in classroom. Need a good principal also.
           Parent, family member, Secure funding for better salary, smaller class size, teacher training. Also give additional support to teachers who do not have
    1438        or guardian       access to large pool of parent volunteers.
           Parent, family member,
    1439        or guardian       more teachers to decompress them, better equipment, incentive toward how students and school perform.
           Parent, family member, Parents at our school are very good in responding to our teachers' needs for snacks / materials for class and showing our
    1440        or guardian       appreciation for the jobs they do so well.
           Parent, family member, Let them do their jobs, not teaching to pass a test or teaching from a generic guideline, but teaching to the population of a
    1441        or guardian       particular school/neighborhood.
           Parent, family member,
    1442        or guardian       Smaller class sizes or classroom support help.
           Parent, family member,
    1443        or guardian       Raise the criteria and the pay scale
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From              Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1444      or guardian           I don't know the specifics of the programs named in the above questions therefore cannot answer.
         Parent, family member,     Don't spread them too thin - small class sizes, additional staff including vice principals, school counselors, nurses, and family
    1445      or guardian           involvement staff.
         Parent, family member,
    1446      or guardian         Give teachers time to create professional learning communities across grade levels.
                                  Better support for good teachers who have difficult students with both behavior and academic struggles, don't get rid of good
           Parent, family member,
                                  teachers because test scores are low!!! Help them help the students by providing tutors or other means of improving scores. (I
                or guardian
    1447                          know the budget is a huge issue in this area)
           Parent, family member, There seems to be a lot of disconnect between the front line and the administrators. Perhaps being more receptive to teacher
    1448        or guardian       feedback
           Parent, family member,
    1449        or guardian       Give them proven training - writer's & reader's workshop
           Parent, family member,
    1450        or guardian       Again it's parent involvement, and that's shown by volunteering in the classroom and having dialogue with children's teachers.
           Parent, family member, SPS is still hiring too late and does not provide sufficient start up time for teachers. Plus, professional development is science
    1451        or guardian       has been non-existent.
                                  I think there's pressure on testing and hitting the marks.
           Parent, family member,
                                  Continued training of teachers--and recognition--for teaching their students in fresh and innovative ways.
                or guardian
    1452                          Encouraging a real learning community.
           Parent, family member, Pay them a higher salary for starters. And stop cutting classroom and building budgets. Hire more specialists (art, music, p.e.,
    1453        or guardian       drama, technology, etc.).
           Parent, family member, What is the induction program? I don't know enough about training and professional development of teachers to have an
    1454        or guardian       opinion.
                                  fewer students, more collaboration in teams, and less displacement due to reduction in force. When you lay teachers off, and
           Parent, family member,
                                  hire them back again somewhere else it is just pointless musical chairs that sets back growth and development at individual
                or guardian
    1455                          buildings.
           Parent, family member, Give them firm expectations and the supports they need to achieve those expectations. Evaluate them periodically and let
    1456        or guardian       them know clearly when they are failing to meet expectations and how they can change to keep their job.
                                  give the teachers the tools they need; remove the overlay of the union on everything...if you are poor at your job - you need to
           Parent, family member, go - if you are good and there is collective opinion to that end - you should be rewarded...pricinipals need to be the CEO of their
                or guardian       schools...budget/hiring/firing - culture etc...give them the role that they need to be successful..and if they are bad - get them
    1457                          moving out of the schools
                                  more individual control at the schools. When we 1st started this path 15 years ago with John Stanford, the principals were
           Parent, family member,
                                  given local control of their budget and I saw much more enthusiasm in the staff. Now, it is much too top down, no local
                or guardian
    1458                          ownership. I don't see the PTSA's engaged at the same level either.
           Parent, family member,
    1459        or guardian       More opportunity for learning.
           Parent, family member,
    1460        or guardian       Get rid of unions.
           Parent, family member, Teachers need full supplies and tools available to teach their subjects. There should be extra help to allow time for teachers to
    1461        or guardian       challange advanced students and give extra tutoring for struggling students.
           Parent, family member,
    1462        or guardian       No comment.
                                  Better tools for teaching, better methodology that is communicated and dictated through out the district, meaningful training for
           Parent, family member,
                                  those who need it, rewarding good teachers instead of laying them off! Better principals who are trained well and are forced
                or guardian
    1463                          into re educating and keeping up with the latest teaching methods and philosophies.
           Parent, family member,
    1464        or guardian       n/a
           Parent, family member,
    1465        or guardian       Having more support in the classroom for teachers impacted by 504/IEP and other teacher-intensive students
           Parent, family member, More staff in schools who work directly with children. Counselors, librarians, IA's, Special ed teachers, reading & math
    1466        or guardian       specialists.
           Parent, family member,
    1467        or guardian       Provide them with the necessary resources they need and funding.
           Parent, family member,
    1468        or guardian       Give them as many of the tools that they will need to ensure student success, not just for testing.
           Parent, family member,
    1469        or guardian       Again, better prediction of enrollment and class sizes and quick adaptation if there's over-enrollment
           Parent, family member, para apoyar a los maestros(as) y directores deben de hacerles caso en lo que ellos vean que es necesario para los
    1470        or guardian       estudiantes ya que ellos son los que conocen mejor a sus estudiantes.
           Parent, family member,
    1471        or guardian       Continuing education in personal communication, recognition for a job well done.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From               Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1472      or guardian            For 4 & 5, the devil is in the details, and I don't know the details.
         Parent, family member,      Somehow have fewer students in the classroom. Have more options for students who consistently disrupt classrooms. It is
    1473      or guardian            not fair that their lack of desire for learning takes away learning opportunities for others.
         Parent, family member,
    1474      or guardian         See above
                                  Put strong and dynamic leaders in place as principles - do more outreach to the b'ness community for opportunities to interact
           Parent, family member,
                                  with the schools in their field. Bring b'ness leaders in for hands on learning with kids. Seattle needs to take responsibility for it's
                or guardian
    1475                          schools - we need to support them.
           Parent, family member, Explain to them that they are professional people that have been hired to use their education and make difficult decisions. They
    1476        or guardian       have a responsibility to the public to stay at the top of their field.
           Parent, family member,
    1477        or guardian       Don't base their evaluations on improving children's test scores
           Parent, family member, Create security if akppropriate. If negative input from parents of a teacher, disapline. That is not being done due to political
    1478        or guardian       correctness.
           Parent, family member, Principals need more autonomy over their budgets. They need fewer meetings at the district, so they can be in their schools
    1479        or guardian       more. Teachers need more mandatory grade-level meetings for the sole purpose of collaboration.
           Parent, family member, Give recognition to those teachers and principals that are doing their jobs well and where the students are engaged and
    1480        or guardian       learning.
           Parent, family member, Pay teachers more, smaller class sizes, more paraprofessionals. Provide parenting classes to parents and caregivers of
    1481        or guardian       children living in chaotic homes. Provide quality early education programs. Offer more summer programs.
           Parent, family member,
    1482        or guardian       Our principals need to visit the classrooms more, and the education directors need to visit the schools more.
           Parent, family member,
    1483        or guardian       pay more. give them space to work.
           Parent, family member,
    1484        or guardian       Time....listen to them....trust the ones that are succeeding with rigorous programs to help you figure it out.
           Parent, family member, Learn from peers. Ask them what they need to be more effective -- but also be objective in evaluating the actual results -- ask
    1485        or guardian       the students and parents. Different classrooms need different teaching styles, so no one size fits all.
                                  There should be a staff from districts' headquarters to regularly visit each school and ask parents, students opinions about
           Parent, family member,
                                  what they think about whats going on in the school. In doing this, we are giving support to teachers and principals by giving
                or guardian
    1486                          them feedback on how they are doing.
           Parent, family member,
    1487        or guardian       not sure
           Parent, family member,
    1488        or guardian       Support creativity in teaching and thus passion instead of mainstreaming everything.
           Parent, family member,
    1489        or guardian       Create a supportive environment in each school. Stop using standardized tests as the metric for student progress.
           Parent, family member, Parents have no way of knowing if these programs are working, best to ask the teacher's themselves. I do hope the teachers
    1490        or guardian       are able to give feedback and suggest best training opportunities.
                                  Provide tutors to students who are struggling rather than all this focus on coaching the principals and teachers. I am not a
           Parent, family member, teacher. But I am lucky enough to have my kids go to a school that can do significant fundraising. We put a lot of this money
                or guardian       towards reading and math tutors. I don't understand why this isn't a higher priority for the District and why parents have to pay
    1491                          for it instead.
           Parent, family member,
    1492        or guardian       Training, cross training with successful programs
                                  Again, since our son is in Kindergarten, I don't know. However, I have not heard anything from the school district about
                                  Professional Development and your Induction Program for teachers (and I do pay somewhat attention to what's going on in
           Parent, family member,
                                  schools). So, I think it's incumbent on the school district to tell parents more about exactly what these programs do or are
                or guardian
                                  intended to do. Only then can we truly support our teachers, principals and Teachers. In other words: Better communication,
    1493                          please.
           Parent, family member, Listen to their needs and compare them to the goals of SPS. if compatible, work with them. At the very least, acknowledge
    1494        or guardian       their voiced issues and concerns. Their input may have merit as time passes.
           Parent, family member, Continued education, encourage them to challenge students and acknowledge and design curriculums to engage students
    1495        or guardian       abilities
           Parent, family member,
    1496        or guardian       Again, pay a wage that one would aspire to become a teacher out of college then offer excellent benefits.
                                  New teachers often struggle with implementing best practices in the classroom and having a first in/first out practice limits the
           Parent, family member,
                                  ability to grow and nurture truly talented teachers. Also, many principals lack the strategic and operational background to
                or guardian
    1497                          supplement the education experience they bring to school management.
           Parent, family member, I don't know what this induction program is - but I know the new teachers struggle to get established so it must not be working
    1498        or guardian       so great.
                                                   Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                 From          Response Text
         Parent, family member,
    1499      or guardian       Compensate them fairly, based on merit.
         Parent, family member,
    1500      or guardian       Educate parents about supporting their students
                                Increase school budgets. Provide teachers with ample funds to purchase "just right" books for their classrooms. Teachers are
         Parent, family member,
                                expected have in-classroom books for students reading packets but how can they have enough books if they aren't given
              or guardian
    1501                        enough money to buy the books?
         Parent, family member,
    1502      or guardian       Allow them control over their own schools. Try to give them the support they ask for.
         Parent, family member,
    1503      or guardian       Why are you asking questions 3 and 4, not familiar with the induction process, don't even know what you're talking about.
         Parent, family member,
    1504      or guardian       Make sure they have the support of those in leadership positions.
         Parent, family member,
    1505      or guardian       Pay them more money and stop wasting their time with teaching to tests. Allow them some creativity.
         Parent, family member,
    1506      or guardian       It have to be train well in each of the program they teach the students.
         Parent, family member,
    1507      or guardian       Hire better teachers and principals.
         Parent, family member,
    1508      or guardian       More support staff. More resources for their classrooms. Less hoops to jump through.
    1509    Community member      They are there to do the job of teaching necessary skills to students. Make that the priority.
    1510    Community member      Respect them and provide decent teaching materials for all classes. Don't limit course offerings.
                                  Assign all the math coaches to teach math. Assign an equal number of the least good math teachers they're coaching to non-
                                  math teaching.
            Community member
    1511                          Stop pressuring teachers to teach to the tests.
    1512    Community member      SHow them some respect...and have methods to get rid of ineffective teachers that are quick, efficient and fair.
                                  Reduce MAP testing. Stop pressuring teachers to rate teacher poorly. Do not under enroll schools. DO NOT ALLOW TFA ers
            Community member      into SPS. The data does not support more inexperienced teachers. Make someone in charge of TIF who is an educator, not a
    1513                          broad junkie with an agenda.
    1514    Community member      See two.
                                  The board and superintendent need to be focused on supporting the teachers, principals and schools and giving them what
            Community member
    1515                          they need. The board and district have to stop being obsessed over their academic theories and models.
                                  Respect them. Listen to the community that surrounds them. The parents and students in a school know better than the central
            Community member
    1516                          office how actually effective a teacher or principal is.
                                  Give them the smaller class size so they can actually give more than one student attention. Give them the materials they need
            Community member
    1517                          to actually teach the subject. Stop the take aways.
    1518    Community member      Pay careful attention to teachers comments on how their principals treat the professionals in their buildings.
                                  Limit central office adminsitrative issues and buget problems, ensure that principals are aware of buget issues for the next year
            Community member
    1519                          at their school as soon as possible.
                                  Ask the community & families for suggestions & comments. Allow principals to stay at the school for more than a few years but
            Community member
    1520                          do a better job of encouraging teachers to become principals instead of hiring from outside the district.
    1521    Community member      Support them period. Stop treating them as the enemy.
    1522    Community member      Stand up to parents who are quick to criticize without any real basis.
    1523    Community member      See every comment made so far.

                                  -See above.
                                  -Have new teachers co-teach or
                                  -Engage in a scaffolded teaching model. They would work with a veteran teacher in the same grade to share students and
                                  subjects. The new teacher would for example teach math and writing while the veteran teach reading and science/social
            Community member      studies, to both of their classes (not simultaneously)switching kids for those subjects. The ability to teach the same or similar
                                  lessons multiple times will help growth and refinement, while providing less content to master and plan. In the second year,
                                  rotate 1 subject, so each continues teaching one same and gets a new one to focus more on.
                                  -Co teach so math specialists and classroom teachers can learn from each other, sped/classroom, science
                                  specialists/classroom, etc. See Minneapolis/St Paul examples of success. Ask UW for clips.
    1524                          -Reward innovation and success with more freedom and money
    1525    Community member      Give them more autonomy within the school.
                                  Identify resources to help schools build strong community partnerships. Teacher new ways to engage students (other than
            Community member      sitting in their chairs quietly). Don't forget to teach teachers to sing, dance, play, jump with children, and choose topic examples
    1526                          that are useful and engaging. Teach science outside in the garden, teach math using music...
                                                 Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#               From          Response Text
                              whole school pd programs, support for peer observation and evaluation, stop reinventing the wheel - ie stick with pd models
           Community member
    1527                      that work rather than chasing the next hot concept
    1528   Community member   Let them do their jobs! Quit the emphasis on testing. LISTEN to the people that actually work with students.
    1529   Community member   Incentives for good teachers and the ability to transition out ineffective teachers.
    1530   Community member   smaller class size, more pay, make teaching fun again, less bureaucratic
    1531   Community member   Hard to say given the current financial situation. In an optimal world smaller class sizes and more IAs.
    1532   Community member   Observation and feedback by impartial expert who has spent time in the classroom.
                              Give them some ways of responding to criticism. Give them more than picky things (goals on the board) to improve their work.
           Community member
    1533                      TALK to them. Discuss WITH them. INSPIRE them.
                              Provide the leadership to be sure that everyone knows exactly what students should know and be able to do when they
           Community member
    1534                      graduate. Provide extra help from community mentors or whatever it takes to help ALL students achieve.
    1535   Community member   Time for collaborative work.
    1536   Community member   DON'T FOCUS ON TEST SCORES!! There is more to a good teacher than how their students perform on a test.
                              Get rid of the ineffective and toxic administrators and teachers. There are far too many of them.
           Community member
                              Keeping a teacher or administrator because they have a following instead of examining the results they could not achieve
    1537                      sends the wrong message.
    1538   Community member   Pay them well and listen to them.
    1539   Community member   More peer reviews and mentoring
                              Ask them what they need, education, classroom support everyone is different have a variety of programs so they can pick and
           Community member
    1540                      choose as needed also have feedback from principals, other teachers, parents etc.
                              Give them time. Quit making them watch videos and power point presentations as if the people downtown know better than
           Community member
    1541                      they do how to do their jobs.
    1542   Community member   Again, the outside culture - hard to do.
    1543   Community member   Make them travel, see other places experience other schools in the planet.
    1544   Community member   Hiring teachers that reflect the diversity of students and community. They're mostly White. That's a huge problem.

           Community member   See my answer to #2 above. And I add, listen to teachers' ideas on individual approaches to curriculum goals. Not all can be
    1545                      taught in same way, and "standards" of student achievement must be determined in ways other than a test.
                              thanks for using terms the community won't understand in your survey such as "induction program". This survey kind of shows
           Community member   how out of touch the Central Office is and how much "jargon" separates the schools from the community. Quit using so many
    1546                      acronyms - go to plain language.
                              good principals who are curriculum immersed and able to train and evaluate their staff are the key. If you evaluate students 3x
           Community member
    1547                      a year it makes sense to evaluate principals and teachers 3x a year using specific objectives.

           Community member
    1548                      Just wise up the fact that the current leadership is out of touch with reality, then you might be able to offer meaningful support.
                              Listen to them
                              Allow for self and group empowerment in problem solving and program planning
           Community member
                              Do not use a cookie cutter approach to problem solving - different situations require different solutions both at the classroom
    1549                      and building level
                              create collaborative environments. nurture teachers to create sturdy children. get principals trained in education, not
           Community member
    1550                      business.
    1551   Community member   more tax dollars
    1552   Community member   by supporting families and students
                              Let them be their own worst critics in reviewing performance and success. Reward the best teachers and principals. Support
           Community member   continuing education for teachers and principals. Provide the tools and resources they need to succeed, including lessons on
    1553                      line.
                              NO TENURE. Sensing a theme?

                              Also make parents more accountable for their role in the process. Teachers also shouldn't just dump hours and hours of
           Community member   homework on students/parents.

                              Extend school year if people continue to fall behind academically. There are too many ppl who leave Seattle because of the
    1554                      schools. You need to acknowledge that.
                              Give them their classroom back. Don't let them be afraid of disciplairy action. Send the student off to the room that is
           Community member   disruptive & rude. Theachers are not babysitters! Teach the students that want to learn. Make the parents aware of their
    1555                      academic levels & why.
    1556   Community member   let they know their students and the community they are serving. such us refugee and immigrants and Ell student.
    1557   Community member   More training at their enviorments
                                               Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#               From          Response Text
                              Listen to them; allow room for creativity in instruction; match teacher strengths to teaching assignments. Our daughter's worst
           Community member   math teacher was in 7th grade; she had a Spanish language teacher for Honors math--lost her footing in math and never
    1558                      recovered.
    1559   Community member   identify one organizing theme for the entire district--there are too many disconnected priorities, goals, etc.
    1560   Community member   Give them rewards for their accomplishments, and state recognition
                              by example. principals are expected to have evaluation submitted in a timely manner. why is it downtown wants something like
           Community member
    1561                      school climate evaluations submitted, but can't seem to get them out in a timely manner.
                              This is a state-level problem. Teachers need to be paid as professionals, have decently small classes, and have enough
           Community member
    1562                      support staff to share the burden.
                              Principals need to be supported with PD on evaluations. It is their primary duty. Teachers need PD on how effective PLC's
           Community member
    1563                      work, so they will take the risk to de-privitize their practice.
    1564   Community member   see # 2 above
    1565   Community member   Ask them - and publish the replies on a non-SEA run blog.
                              Ask them. I know a first year teacher who would NEVER send a child of theirs to the school in which he/she teaches, mostly
           Community member
    1566                      because of the top-down curriculum. He/she feels like a robot.
                              1. Provide resources that are needed to support their efforts -- for example, counselors.
                              2. Provide autonomy to do what they know their students need to succeed and graduate.
                              3. Provide appropriate professional development opportunities -- try to avoid wasting their time with required training below
           Community member
                              their current level of skill and knowledge.
                              4. Stop the practice of "drive-by" assessment -- 3-minute unannounced "visits" in the middle of a class.
    1567                      4. Stop relying on test scores to assess a teacher's or school's competence -- Read Diane Ravitch!!
                              Making visits and observations on the QT so that they are not stressed out either...having a team teaching program so that
           Community member   teachers are not islands or individuals sinking by themselves; everyone needs to have a little nudge every now and then to get
    1568                      the creative juices flowing and flowiing towards success
    1569   Community member   hire the best and let them teach.

                              Stop loading them down with paperwork. Do not demand paperwork and then change these requirements later so they feel it
           Community member   was a wasted effort. Help them deal with disruptive students in better ways so that the classrooms are distraction-free. This is
                              a big problem to parents, students, teachers and school leaders. Finally, allow for more curriculum freedom so students can
    1570                      progress and you can measure results better in different schools. The one size fits all is not working.

                              Not enough PD opportunities for Career and Technical Education educators for themselves or to work in teams with general
           Community member
                              education counterparts. Would like to see summer PD linking high school and middle school counselors with CTE educators so
    1571                      that the counselors are FULLY aware of the rigor, relevance and relationships offered by hands on learning.
                              Thru integrity and respect and support from leadership and Teachers and Principals must know what standards they will be
           Community member
    1572                      judged on and know that leadership will support them to meet these standards

           Community member
    1573                      get more of them so they can get to know the kids personally. they should not be data monitors - they should be child mentors
    1574   Community member   Would need to review.
    1575   Community member   DO you have a mentorship program?
                              Teaching is an art, not a business. Students are people, not widgets. Dump the TFA. Hire Diane Ravtich as supr. And Rafe
           Community member   Esquith as Ed Director. There are lots of excellent teachers in the District who are hounded and humilated daily because they
    1576                      want to teach, not play political games.
    1577   Community member   By not forcing them to teach the tests.
                              New principals need more training and more accountability. Principals evals should take place 1 or 2x per year and should
           Community member
    1578                      include information gathered from both teachers and parents.
    1579   Community member   I would like to know more about your induction programs. Is it just the Star Teachers or is it more?
    1580   Community member   Give them more freedom.
    1581   Community member   STOP ATTACKING THEM
                              For teachers: Listen to them. Hire administrators who taught at least 10 years and were excellent teachers rather than
                              administrators with little or no experience or those who didn't like teaching.
           Community member
                              For administrators: Give them more latitude in making decisions. if you are going to use the expensive IB program, give the
    1582                      schools more money so they can also support the students who aren't in the IB program.
    1583   Community member   Giving them the resources to succeed and not using just data to reward or punish.
    1584   Community member   have simple materials available, pens, papers, pencils. have more resources for field trips
    1585   Community member   Stop paying yourselves so much and put the money into the schools.
                              Principals need to have the power to remove bad teachers. Teachers need to have the power to discipline poorly-behaved
           Community member
    1586                      students
    1587   Community member   Adequate resources
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text
                                   On a case-by-case basis, I have seen excellent starting teachers who have not received support from their principals, and
            Community member
    1588                           principals who have not been willing or able to lead by example.
    1589    Community member       remove the ones that are ineffective
    1590    Community member       Keep the focus on class sizes and find a way to rate performance that is equitable.
    1591    Community member       Pay them better and don't punsih them for poor standardized tests.
    1592    Community member       Sorry, but obviously more pay and respect. Letting teachers have some flexibility.
    1593    Community member       More opportunities for professional collaboration and mentoring with more experienced teachers.
    1594    Community member       Monitor them
    1595    Community member       Don't make them enemies. Work with them, and listen to them.
                                   Strong communication and teaching by example from the top down. Having upper management educators go back in to the
            Community member       classroom to get real life lessons of being in the very classrooms they are suppose to be improving. First hand experence to
    1596                           the problems facing todays Seattle students and teachers on the front lines
    1597    Community member       Focus on educating children!
                                   Leadership with vision and integrity. Competitive salaries. Strong and innovative resource materials. Higher expectations for
            Community member
    1598                           students and teachers.
    1599    Community member       Increase amount of staff and improve student/teacher, student/counselor ratio so that it is more manageable
                                   Let's increase merit pay rather than let credentials drive pay scales. Let's get the best qualified teachers in technical fields
            Community member
    1600                           whether or not thay have teaching degrees.
    1601    Community member       Training and consistent support and review
    1602    Community member       smaller class sizes
    1603    Community member     Get rid of tenure and cut the rot. Focus on supporting those teachers that are talented & effective.
                                 Hire the best and stand behind them. Support parents and families too. ..... Run a tight shop and require accountability from
          Community member all administrators. Not the sloppy stuff that has come out recently about contracts given to friends - and property sold off to the
    1604                         lowest bidder with state money! What a rip off!
                                 Small Class Size
         Teacher or school staff
    1605                         Strong Classroom Management Policy

           Teacher or school staff Continue mentoring programs, more advertisement of district training opportunities/professional development
         Teacher or school staff Stop putting so much pressure on getting test scores.
                                 The current top-down process is unhealthy to the entire community. Teachers and principals should be respected, engaged
         Teacher or school staff and encouraged to advocate for the specific supports needed in their buildings. In schools of high poverty, this would include
    1608                         smaller class size, extended school year, full time counselor and full time nurse.
                                 Back off! Spend a year figuring out what the function of CAdmin should be and what is cost effective. CAdmin is a mess of
         Teacher or school staff
    1609                         plans ans schemes that go nowhere and accomplish nothing while costing classrooms millions of dollars.
                                 Collegiate classes rather than in house trainers. Honestly most trainings done by district personnel are useless to anyone
         Teacher or school staff
    1610                         educated in the last 10 years.

           Teacher or school staff strategically deploying mentors and instructional coaches at all levels of the system
                                   1. Respect them as professionals (you haven't).
                                   2. Collaborate with them, not dictate to them.
                                   3. Get rid of this culture that great ideas come from the top and are disseminated down the pyramid by the Asst Sup's, Chiefs,
           Teacher or school staff Directors, supervisors, et al.
                                   4. Keep in mind parents and children excited about learning is the base of the pyramid that supports everything above. Keep in
                                   mind parents and children excited about learning is the base of the pyramid that supports everything above. Go ask the
    1612                           teachers what’s working (or not), they're the direct link to students and families.
                                   Give us the funding and the personnel to do our jobs then get out of our way. Reinstate all the interventionist positions that
           Teacher or school staff have been cut in the past decade. Pay for them by trimming the administrative overhead budget (HQ) down from the current
    1613                           9% to the state average of 6%.
                                   Look beyond the academic scores and look at students' overall growth and understand what the teachers are coming up
           Teacher or school staff against (e.g. no family support, language problems, migrant problems). Allow teachers and principals visit successful schools
    1614                           and learn from them. Provide schools professional tranining.
                                   Learn how to identify how to build strengths and skills in a positive constructive manner instead of just getting rid of people
           Teacher or school staff
    1615                           because someone had an incorrect perception of them.

         Teacher or school staff Ensure that people at the DO are competent. See rest of survey suggestions
                                 The district does a pretty good job. Changes in policy would be nice. Allow retention of students based on grades. Many don't
         Teacher or school staff
    1617                         see a consequence for failure and therefore establish poor study habits for high school

           Teacher or school staff star mentors for each teacher
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Teacher or school staff
    1619                             Provide schools with leadership that is responsive to more than putting out fires. Be more pro-active instead of re-active.

           Teacher or school staff more time for staff to reflect and work together, more opportunity for pairing of senior staff with new staff,
         Teacher or school staff More mentorship - STAR mentors, retired principals, etc.
                                 Principals seem to have too much work to actually work 1:1 or in small groups with teachers who could use their expertise in
                                 improving teaching. Look at the turnover rate for various positions (sped, low performing schools, tougher assignments) and
                                 address those quickly. (Turnover is expensive and not good for quality instruction.) Slow turnover by paying high pay steps
                                 early (or at least around the time high amounts of teachers get out of the field) and smaller steps for those that have been in a
         Teacher or school staff
                                 while (since they're more likely to not resign or retire early). If you can't pay more (union issues) can you give perks like bus
                                 cards, gifts, etc for teachers that work hard? Something to reward/recognise good teachers (maybe 5 awards per 50 total
                                 teachers, or something like that). iPhones, ski tickets, concert tickets, bus card, etc if the union won't let you do bonuses, like
    1622                         the real world.

           Teacher or school staff Make the evaluation process clear. new Pg&e is good!
                                   #3 above--PD is very effective for science and literacy. Math PD is focused on an ineffective curriculum. Should be focused
                                   on the learning of math. "Developing Mathmatical Ideas" was much better at getting at real teaching and learning. Reduce the
                                   time teachers spend crunching "data" and give them back planning time. We are gathering too much data. If I need to lose
           Teacher or school staff weight, spending more time weighing myself with a whole bunch of different scales, and then charting and analyzing the data in
                                   a myriad of different ways is not going to help me. Actually changing my diet and exercise is going to help me, along with
                                   limited but regular weighing. The focus should be the diet and exercise, not the weighing. Our focus should be teaching and
    1624                           learning, not assessments.
                                   More often ask teachers about their school and what they see as the areas they need support in. By doing so I believe you will
           Teacher or school staff get teachers to work that much harder in supporting students. Also, some teachers could run buildings, therefore principals
    1625                           should try to respect their opinion and seek input in helping them run their schools.
                                   Not judge by opinion or one brief observation. allow for colleagial support by principals and teachers rather adverserial like
           Teacher or school staff
    1626                           "catching you doing wrong" mentally that currently exists.
                                   Treat them like professionals, more positive, stop dumping on and instead lighten up. As long as I have been teaching, which
           Teacher or school staff is a long time, I feel so weighted as the years go on from more and more things being "dumped" on us. It shouldn't feel like
    1627                           that at all.
                                   Less coaching, more material support and more instructional assistants. Particularly, more teacher collaboration with principals
           Teacher or school staff
    1628                           in designing and implementing programs. This disconnect is our GREATEST weakness.

         Teacher or school staff freedom, room to breath, professional respect
                                 LOWER class sizes. Principals are handing down too much work to the teachers as directed by the district. WE NEED
    1630                         DAY.

                                     Let principals be in the building more... fewer meetings. Principals need to be in the classroom more observing teachers on a
                                     casual basis.

                                   Give support to teachers who are floundering. Stop the threatening stance... it makes all of us nervous, even those of us who
           Teacher or school staff are good. That nervousness makes us less effective teachers. Start focusing on things that are working. Trust teachers.

                                 Expect principals to be in the classrooms. It can be friendly. My principal came in the other day and I had her work with the
                                 students for a few minutes. They loved it and I felt like she had a better idea of what I was doing. It felt like a natural
                                 occurance, I felt safe with the principal being there and had no sense it could turn into a "gotcha" moment. If trust is built
    1631                         between administration and teachers things go better.
                                 PLEASE Continue to provide high-quality training in literacy and science. Stop giving us other jobs, like PLCs. This kind of
         Teacher or school staff
    1632                         busy-work is VERY time-consuming.

           Teacher or school staff Smaller classroom & schools & more support staff

                                 Teachers need opportunities for Professional Development in math, reading, science, social studies.
         Teacher or school staff Principals need Professional Development in how to set up school wide discipline problems and how to support teachers with
                                 extreme discipline problem children. Teachers get very little support with these extreme cases that impact the learning of entire
    1634                         classrooms. School counselors should be a requirement for all schools, at least .5 per school.
                                 Provide curriculum specialists who are familiar with all of the required curriculum and have the ability and time to meet with staff
         Teacher or school staff at schools who need additional support in particular areas. Provide on-going PD in all subject areas as well as training for new
    1635                         initiatives such as the inclusion model that is now being implemented

           Teacher or school staff Listen to us.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
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           Teacher or school staff
    1637                             Provide funding so teachers and principals can obtain professional development and supplies necessary for quality curriculum
                                     Increased support in the schools; provide the instructional supports (be it general educaton, ASL, special ed, ELL, etc.) needed
                                     in a direct way; give supports to schools in a way that directly impact students, ie, through additional teachers, instructional
           Teacher or school staff
                                     programs, behavioral specialists, highly trained special education teachers/ increased special education program/ classrooms,
    1638                             IA's, etc.
                                     Support new teachers and new administrators with mentors. I still remember my "STAR" mentor! She was invaluable . . . I
           Teacher or school staff
    1639                             don't know if I could have made it through my 1st year without her.
                                     Allow prinicipals more fredoms to make decisions for their schools.
           Teacher or school staff
    1640                             trust
                                     Focus more on the student data and align that with professional development. We have had a alot of "curriculum
           Teacher or school staff   implementation" types of PD but we need more on responsive instruction and diagnostic assessment. To do this we need to
    1641                             focus more on state standards/core standards.
                                     These teachers are ill-prepared for the district mandates they are supposed to follow. Having initial use for math, science,
           Teacher or school staff   reading and writing is overwhelming and excited/enthusiastic first year teachers can get disillusioned/overwhelmed/burned out
    1642                             by December.

                                 More STAR mentors so they can visit their teachers frequently. Find the money to allow new teachers to co-teach with a
                                 mentor the first year or part of the year. Principals often don't know how to work with their staff to define directions. Many
                                 teachers feel they are doing their best, without realizing there are smarter ways to work. There needs to be public
         Teacher or school staff
                                 acknowledgement that teachers work extremely hard. The blame the teachers model needs to disappear. I have been in 8
                                 schools over the last 5 years in my coach role. Often, the problems I see in schools are systemic and can be traced to lack of
                                 appropriate leadership. Principals don't seem to be the academic leaders they need to be. They have to know the curriculum
    1643                         and what good teaching looks like - beyond what a walkthrough can show you.
                                 Site-based control - allow the schools to develop and implement what they need for their own teachers. Support principals in
         Teacher or school staff
    1644                         the same way.

         Teacher or school staff Joint planning and collaboration between veteran teacher and first year teachers even if not in the same building.
                                 Put less on our plates so we have more time to plan for teaching and communicate with our families. This is especially true for
         Teacher or school staff
    1646                         principals.
                                 Encourage excellenc eby funding application processs to national board work, compensate national board certified teachers,
         Teacher or school staff
    1647                         and work with the union to expedite the removal of ineffective teachers.

           Teacher or school staff
    1648                         Advance notice on additional workload or work on decreasing the amount of paperwork required by central administration
                                 I am not sure what the induction program is. The science PD available to teachers is great and should be continued if not
         Teacher or school staff
    1649                         expanded.
                                 See above. Also, it would be wonderful to have a single, clear source of personnel information. In my seven years, I have
                                 heard many different opinions about things like clock hours. It has been so confusing. Can you defend us to the public? I am
         Teacher or school staff
                                 not the enemy. We really need to convince people that we are all actually on the same side. I am appreciating the open door
    1650                         policy that has begun during this transition. It is a great relief to be heard.

           Teacher or school staff More autonomy. More respect. Consider data other than test scores, such as socio-economic barriers to education.
           Teacher or school staff Treat them with respect and have faith in them that they have been educated to perform in whatever they are doing.
           Teacher or school staff Give planning time that is paid. Make sure principals are accountable to foster a positive enviro.

           Teacher or school staff
    1654                             offer creative proffessional development workshops and give more time for PLC meetings and cross disipline coordination

         Teacher or school staff Stop making everything seem punitive, allow principals to work with teachers as a team to improve teaching.
                                 Teachers need support and they really need supportive, involved principals. Get better principals/leaders to help out the
         Teacher or school staff
    1656                         teachers
                                 star mentors are great. team building in schools must be taught if the district expects it to happen--which it should. not just
         Teacher or school staff
    1657                         PLCs.

           Teacher or school staff Offer all teachers all trainings and have trainings in multiple locations.
                                   Obviously, less students per teacher. Less students will flush out the less effective teachers... less places to hide. The
                                   students can see their teachers more clearly.
           Teacher or school staff
    1659                         I don't really know what principals do, I have some ideas, but I'm not exactly sure.
                                 Allow principals, within reason of course, to do what they and the staff agree is best for their building. Support their work and
         Teacher or school staff stop evaluating buildings and staff on standardized test scores - they should be only ONE of the evaluation tools used - and a
    1660                         minor one at that.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
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           Teacher or school staff
    1661                             Help them directly in the classroom. (Stop the mass trainings; they need help with actual students on a day to day basis)

         Teacher or school staff i favor a decentralized approach, allowing staff to make decisions for their own communities.
                                 Train the principals how to observe in a classroom without being "bigger than life" and disrupting the instructional process.
                                 Likewise train them on how to observe for at least one thing positive that the teacher is doing right. Our prinicpal tends to get
         Teacher or school staff teachers so off balance from observation to observation that they are "damned if they do, or damned if they don't." I know a
                                 teacher who implemented what the principal suggested from the first observation, and was dinged for it. Next the teacher other
    1663                         suggestions and she was "dinged" for that.
                                 Put in place a system so that it is easier for a principal to put an underperforming teacher on an improvement plan. The union
         Teacher or school staff
    1664                         puts too many roadblocks in place.
                                 Lower class sizes. Reinstate counselor positions. Provide enough staff to handle the number of student bodies that we are
         Teacher or school staff
    1665                         responsible for.

           Teacher or school staff get off the teachers' backs; stop criticizing them constantly
         Teacher or school staff more paid planning and prep time
                                 Provide a wider range of staff development, pay teachers who are doing well to run staff development, look at the Kent School
         Teacher or school staff District model for providing staff development. They pay teachers to run staff development, which allows teachers to earn
    1668                         extra money and share their skills.
                                 Not enough star mentors to meet regularly. Not enough coaches, particularly for non title schools. Whatever professional
         Teacher or school staff
    1669                         development is offered is grabbed by teachers, it is just limited

           Teacher or school staff Have outstanding mentors that can help guide them.
                                   It is important to make sure that IEP minutes are not cut for special needs students. IAs are very valuable for maintaining
           Teacher or school staff
    1671                           classroom quality.
                                   Re itinerant staff: more test kits available. Planning re placement of equipment, staff for needs of students. Asking line staff
           Teacher or school staff
    1672                           for ideas that would have impact with little or no money. This survey is great start.
                                   support them how they ask to be supported (perhaps it is more time, more autonomy, more decision making ability, more
           Teacher or school staff
    1673                           recognition for hard work), much like differentiated instruction - try differentiated support
                                   Foster, really foster, a commitment from principals to listen to and take into consideration the experience and suggestions of
           Teacher or school staff
    1674                           teachers.

         Teacher or school staff Come into the classrooms
                                 Reduce class size so that the job feels manageable and teachers don't feel overstressed daily. Give principals more support
         Teacher or school staff
    1676                         (head teachers), both teachers and principals have huge workloads.

         Teacher or school staff Update buildings, upgrade technology
                                 Not cutting new teachers after their "supportive" first year, so they can keep the enthusiasm they have. It is insulting and
         Teacher or school staff defeating to be the instant budget cut at the end of the school year. I think principals that are clearly oriented to advance their
    1678                         careers should be weeded out.

         Teacher or school staff Get out of the way and let teachers focus on teaching.
                                 Be consistent. Don't change curriculum every few years, don't change the way documents need to be filled out (stick the with
         Teacher or school staff
    1680                         new CSIP form and the PG&E for a number of years).

                                 in high school, we cannot make all the schools the same. some schools can teach advanced courses as there are enough
                                 eligible students. do not take away the high courses to make all schools the same. try to intro high courses into schools that
         Teacher or school staff
                                 dont have them. if you take classes away from teachers, they will leave. also first year teachers keep losing their jobs. we
                                 need to weed out the poor teachers but we would still need seniority as the bad teachers in each school are a minority really.
    1681                         principals have to do too much budget, discipline, going to games. how can they observe teachers--their paramount job?

           Teacher or school staff more cross-disciplinary professional development and more planning time for collaboration
           Teacher or school staff Do not place first year Principals and Assistant Principals in the same building at the same time.
         Teacher or school staff Make sure that every new teacher gets a STAR mentor the day they are hired.
                                 Provide STAR mentors that are experienced and caring for at least the first 2 years, not just the first year. And make sure the
         Teacher or school staff STAR mentors are not giving a case load that makes it difficult for them to actually provide support on an individual relationship
    1685                         level.

           Teacher or school staff Mentor teachers, mentor principals, better supports for low achieving schools with less resources
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
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         Teacher or school staff By actually asking staff what is occurring in schools and not by a "climate survey" - it is a very ineffectual tool.
                                 Firing principals because students are not doing well on tests is not an indication of how well they are managing and their
                                 effectiveness. Teachers need students who are on grade level and if students are not on grade level, then we need teachers
         Teacher or school staff
                                 in special programs to support those students. I also hope teachers will be getting a pay raise or at least cost of living raise at
    1688                         some point, or no one will even go into the field of teaching.

         Teacher or school staff Less meetings and testing and more time in classrooms
                                 Paid time to collaborate, paid sabbaticals of at least a quarter to go study or do research that can benefit your classes once
                                 every 10 years. Paid mentors with extra preps to help all new teachers. Paid PD in the summer of the teacher's choice
         Teacher or school staff
                                 including out of state. Less emphasis on Readers and Writers workshops in k-8. It is killing whatever time there is to do any
    1690                         kind of Social Studies let alone geography.
                                 principals should be evaluated by the staff on an equal footing, teachers should have more autonomy and creative freedom. all
         Teacher or school staff
    1691                         should be mentored extensively, for several years

           Teacher or school staff Clear two way communication between district admin and school staff
           Teacher or school staff let teacher evaluate principals

         Teacher or school staff Buy them the materials and provide them with the full Pd for programs such as Readers/Writers workshop...SPS provides a
    1694                         much watered down version of TC and expects teachers to implement fully with materials funded out of their own pockets.
                                 As a staff member in a level 1 school we are constantly told what to do, but we are not given resources or specific strategies to
         Teacher or school staff
    1695                         use in building student achievement and staff effectiveness.
                                 There is very little support for new teachers and a lot of the support should be done at the school rather than through the
         Teacher or school staff
    1696                         district.
                                 More open, frequent and informal dialogue between administrators and teachers. The new evaluation plan requires many
                                 hours of documentation and formal evaluation. If an end of the year eval takes 4+ hours to complete, that time would be better
         Teacher or school staff
                                 spent in several less formal conversations where a teacher can feel open to expressing challenges without risk of falling into
    1697                         "basic" or "unsatisfactory" categories.
                                 Teachers need to be supported by administration and have access to principals. The principal in my building is a brand new
                                 principal and she is constantly at principal meetings. I think she would be much more effective if she was not pulled out of the
                                 building so much.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 I am currently fighting for my special education colleagues in my building to get support from general educators at IEP
    1698                         meetings and in teachers implementing IEP's. Administration needs to offer support equally amongst ddepartments.
                                 Lower class sizes, schools counselors for low income schools and more flexibility for the principal/staff to decide how to spend
         Teacher or school staff
    1699                         their budget. For example, waive an office assistant position and buy a teacher.

         Teacher or school staff minimize admin programs
                                 communication has to improve. sometime parents group know more than staff does... sometime teachers know more than
         Teacher or school staff
    1701                         principals...
                                 All new teachers need mentoring from a STAR mentor as well as an official support network within the school where the
                                 teacher is placed. The required professional development needs to be prioritized (ie, take the initial EDM training, train on two
         Teacher or school staff
                                 science units and the science writing, an initial literacy unit and a class on planning). Priority should be placed on developing
    1702                         their instructional abilities rather than indoctrinating them in the latest program fads.

         Teacher or school staff Fix the evaluation process to be less cumbersome and more relevant
                                 Explain how inclusion should work in our classrooms. Clearly our Special Ed Administrators do not want to answer this
         Teacher or school staff question. The lack of support and the incredibly high impact kids in our classrooms are creating a tremendous achievement
    1704                         gap that is going to get wider and wider. Just ask any teacher at Daniel Bagley Elementary.

           Teacher or school staff
    1705                             Question 3 and 4 cannot be answered as current budgets are cutting much of the previously offered professional development.

         Teacher or school staff Better pay will attract better teachers
                                 The person above the principal should be more accessible to the teachers who work under said principal.
         Teacher or school staff
    1707                         There really is no support in this area.

         Teacher or school staff More time to plan, more cooperation between teachers and district. respect, less testing
                                 Have teacher mentors from school buildings instead of the district. Each building has star teachers and some are great
         Teacher or school staff
    1709                         mentors who need recognition in their support of new teachers.

           Teacher or school staff Talk to us directly, not through the principals.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Have more instructional trainers available to schools.
           Teacher or school staff I am a first year teacher and I am not sure what the induction program is.
           Teacher or school staff mentors and more site visits and listen and act on feedback from staff
           Teacher or school staff I think less "top down" management and more "let's work this out together."
           Teacher or school staff Lower class size; offer more time and supports, especially around ICS, ALO and large classes
         Teacher or school staff Equalize R & W Workshop trainings and support, similar to support for EDM training.
                                 RESPECT THEM. Ask our opinions about what you are stuffing down our throats. When you say "research shows", cite the
                                 research and give us the opportunity to concuct our own research and ask for a a sensible discussion. We seem to have a lot
         Teacher or school staff
                                 of administrators and still we hire a lot o consultants - it appears that this is a waste of money. Put the money in the
    1717                         classrooms.

           Teacher or school staff More money for Special Ed. IA Support for General Ed. teachers.
         Teacher or school staff School Counselors play an important supportive role to all.
                                 Spending more time in schools. Being aware and active of the realities of the classroom. Finding real ways to cut through the
         Teacher or school staff
    1720                         red-tape.
                                 Offer more of a variety of trainings and easier/clearer assess to the classes offered, the new professional development website
         Teacher or school staff
    1721                         is NOT user friendly

         Teacher or school staff release title one funds to buildings for staffing more support position like coaching
                                 truly support teachers and principals
         Teacher or school staff kindness
    1723                         not targeting but authentically be supportive

           Teacher or school staff only a few teachers participate in the opportunities. those most in need of improvement do not attend.
           Teacher or school staff More common preparation and planning time
           Teacher or school staff see #2
           Teacher or school staff encouragement and praise

         Teacher or school staff let them do their jobs without outside meddling and tinkering. Avoid flavor of the year approaches and find on and adhere to it.
    1728                         Make more effort to visit with staff and spend real time and let them know they are important...no PR walk throughs.
                                 The best professional development I've received has been at the building level during PLC time and in working as a
                                 department. PLC time should continue.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 First year teachers would benefit more from in-building assistance. STAR teachers, because of the program, tend to monitor
    1729                         primarily.
                                 Please see all previous answers. Get RID of principals that are not working, and STOP just shifting them to another school
         Teacher or school staff
    1730                         (Martin Luther King's new principal, I hear, is horrific!)
                                 Sue Verizon and ATT to force them to turn off the cell phone antennas near schools during the academic day. They are
         Teacher or school staff
    1731                         violating state law by disrupting our classrooms.

           Teacher or school staff More money to attract better people. Get rid of ineffective staff!
         Teacher or school staff evaluate and give pay increases based on performance.
                                 It must be expected of principals to listen and support their staff. Having a BLT does no good if the principal still does what
         Teacher or school staff
    1734                         they want and not accept input from their staff.
                                 Beef up the star mentor program and make sure a that a struggling young first year teacher gets help and support to build up
         Teacher or school staff
    1735                         their courage instead of criticism and threats.

           Teacher or school staff Treat them like the scholars and professionals that they have been trained to become.

           Teacher or school staff Support new teachers for two years. There was some loophole that i fell into when i was first began working as a teacher; i
    1737                           had a STAR mentor for two years. it was increadibly helpful to have the same person available for help and questions.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

         Teacher or school staff Smaller class size.
                                 Do a better job of determining what information can be read or dealt with on-line and use more staff time for professional
         Teacher or school staff development. Support teachers going to other classrooms to observe and collaborate more. Get principals out of meetings and
    1739                         into classrooms.

         Teacher or school staff Treat us with more care. Recognize our trials and triumphs.
                                 Being a first year teacher was good for me because of the incredible support in my building. However, there is a lot of
         Teacher or school staff information that we are just supposed to figure out, which can be quite frustrating. In my first year, the Star Mentor program
    1741                         didn't even contact me until March.
                                 The support should come from within the building not from a coach downtown. The most effective support is a collaborative
         Teacher or school staff
    1742                         working environment within the building teachers work in.

           Teacher or school staff treat teachers as the professionals they are.
         Teacher or school staff increase staffing so we have more planning/collaboration time.
                                 Professional development has been excellent this year! Except, the people who need it are not attending! When will all staff be
         Teacher or school staff required to attend AND use the information in their classrooms? Data isn't being used. Highly motivating teaching strategies
    1745                         are not being utilized.

           Teacher or school staff My first year to the district I had no training in EDM - I had no computer access so couldn't sign up. I had no "induction." I had
    1746                           no books and no materials. I didn't even have a glue stick. If I'd had an option to quit I absolutely would have. I was horrified.

         Teacher or school staff more classroom help
                                 We need to make sure all first year teachers get included. Some got missed this year! Also can it be expanded to 2 or 3 years
         Teacher or school staff
    1748                         of support?

         Teacher or school staff Show continuous support in terms of appreciation and dedication of what they are accomplishing.
                                 professional development especially with regard to classroom management; parenting classes; home visitiations for struggling
         Teacher or school staff
    1750                         learners
                                 There needs to be a program like STAR and also mentor teachers in each building. I think the same can be done for
         Teacher or school staff
    1751                         principals.

         Teacher or school staff Keep up the new teacher mentor program!!
                                 Provide professional development based on their needs and feedback. Provide mentors that work with them on a more
         Teacher or school staff
    1753                         frequent basis. Mentors should be currently working in those positions.

           Teacher or school staff Ask them what they need and support them in their requests.
         Teacher or school staff Make everything clearer, from the data collected to how evaluations work.
                                 Value our time that we spend outside our contract time by paying for time spent in workshops or professional development.
         Teacher or school staff
    1756                         Increase the steps on the pay scale.
                                 Instill a feeling of stability and security. More mentoring. Preps and meetings sharing ideas with each other teachers with
         Teacher or school staff teachers, principals with principals. Maybe more teleconference technology. Interacting with other districts, getting ideas from
    1757                         people outside our own community.
                                 If there are requirements to continue teaching make it mandatory to attend skill classes. Offer on line class if necessary. The
         Teacher or school staff
    1758                         more we learn the better the teachers can teach.

           Teacher or school staff Ask them. Listen to them.
           Teacher or school staff Require innovation in the classroom, require second language skills.
           Teacher or school staff Do not pull the principals out of the buildling so much.
           Teacher or school staff Offer support for teachers new to the district, and/or provisional teachers.
           Teacher or school staff Give them more adults in the classroom. (especially for electives)

           Teacher or school staff
    1764                             Respect that they are doing a good job, share the accountability for student success with the students and their families.

           Teacher or school staff
    1765                         reduced class sizes, a clear behavioral frame work at a district level that is given to all parents and adhered to be all schools.
                                 Listen to them. Open the door and allow expression of honesty and remove the fearful vindictive culture that has pervaded this
         Teacher or school staff
    1766                         district for the entire time I have been associated with it.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 I'd like to break down my answer to #3 above. Literacy training, especially when TC trainers came last summer, was amazing.
                                 Literacy coaches have also been good when I've attended their classes. Science as well has been super helpful in
                                 understanding the curriculum. I haven't felt like there was much support in math available. My first year with SPS was not my
         Teacher or school staff first year teaching, but it would have been helpful to have mentor to determine how this district works. Support for teachers
                                 and principals could come in the form of lower class sizes and then needs to be individualized to the needs of each
                                 building/staff. Just like we are expected to differientiate in the classroom for each of our students, there is not a one size fits all
    1767                         support model for teachers and principals.
                                 Allow principals to be in their buildings and to get to know their students. Our principal is out of the building on district business
         Teacher or school staff
    1768                         so much that she doesn't know the students, and she's not involved in the day-to-day operations.

           Teacher or school staff Trust and provide resources requested

           Teacher or school staff We need more time for building level professional development, it often feels like our plans for PD Days and Staff meeting get
    1770                           "hijacked" by some mandatory district training/Powerpoint, that could have just as effectively been disseminated by email.

                                 By not making a one size fits all curriculum, by including teachers (and I don't mean the union) in curriculum developemnt, by
                                 making your coaches go back to the classroom and not be gandfathered into the new evaluation system. they should have
         Teacher or school staff strong requirements and demonstrated teaching to be a coach or star mentor. By listening without punnishing the schools, by
                                 having a support gropu of professions at the district level who acatually know what they are doing, listen to the principals or
                                 teachers, ( what is working or not working in inclusion, evaluation, and instructional programs, and to communicate with each
    1771                         other. (One hand does not know what the other hadn is doing)

           Teacher or school staff being aware of how many demands are on teachers
           Teacher or school staff No opinion.
         Teacher or school staff Lower class sizes.
                                 Less restrictive requirements for STARS program. More money/time pease! I got most of my support as a new teacher from
         Teacher or school staff
    1775                         my co-workers. Mentor program or compensation?

           Teacher or school staff Understanding and sharing the teachers' difficulties.
           Teacher or school staff more decision making power
         Teacher or school staff Give principals more power to get rid of ineffective teachers. It shouldn't take two years!!
                                 Principals are pulled out of the buildings far to much. Who runs the building when they are downtown? Teachers spend so
                                 much time testing and then are forced to cram their curriculum into the remaining time. Put elementary school counselors back
         Teacher or school staff
                                 in the budget. Without them you are going to see more problems at middle school. Provide the basics like copy paper, we
    1779                         should not have to beg parents to donate paper.

           Teacher or school staff continue with science professional development and give more options
           Teacher or school staff See above--also, prioritize job responsibilities--teachers and principals have way too much "busy work" on their plates
           Teacher or school staff promote (provide financial assistance for subs and time) more within building collaboration and community

           Teacher or school staff
    1783                             consistent, give them more power to have parents accountable for bringing kids ready to learn..behavior...discipline etc..

         Teacher or school staff Get rid of the Pathfinder principal. He is a bully.
                                 Have clear communication with new teachers and an opportunity for new teachers to network, without all the extraneous hoops
         Teacher or school staff
    1785                         to jump through that the current STAR program has.

           Teacher or school staff LISTENING TO THEM more than anyone else
           Teacher or school staff Mentoring, help pools and counseling.
         Teacher or school staff increased availability of the STAR Mentor program
                                 Fund basic education and don't give in to the idea that we have to RIF in order to balance a budget. the School Board needs
         Teacher or school staff
    1789                         to ask of HR tough questions and take RIF'ing teaching and support staff as a option.

           Teacher or school staff
    1790                             let us teach and be creative--not tied to the very narrow curriculum dictated by testing--history, social studies are forgotten

           Teacher or school staff mentors
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 Hire principals with no less than 10 years of actual classroom teaching experience so they actually know and understand the
         Teacher or school staff
    1792                         profession they are overseeing. Pay a wage that shows you respect the work that is being done.

           Teacher or school staff take things off their plate, especially the principals
         Teacher or school staff Positive suggestions, recognition of contributions, lessen up on negative comments
                                 Self directed professional development would be better than most of the district mandated professional development in
                                 meeting the needs of teachers. Heck, I'd rather have the smart phone (like administrators can trade their professional
         Teacher or school staff
                                 development dollars for) rather than attend most of what is offered by the district. Would be a better use of my time and your
    1795                         money.
                                 Respecting teachers rather than making them fight for what should be given. Respect professional judgement. Realize the
         Teacher or school staff
    1796                         demands are not achievable and benefit no one.

         Teacher or school staff giving people opportunities to develop best practice programs
                                 return to site-based management
         Teacher or school staff foster respect in the community
    1798                         listen and FOLLOW Through!

           Teacher or school staff Put coaches for literacy, science, and math in every school
           Teacher or school staff with more support staff

                                     Provide true supports that focus on teaching and running schools more effectively. Much of our PD that's not self directed
                                     seems to be a our administrators jumping through hoops to get us to complete tasks that are not usually the most important
           Teacher or school staff
                                     thing to work on to improve our school. Further, it seems that many decisions made by our principal are not reflective of
                                     community needs and values and rather come from "the district". This inhibits our school's ability to educate all students to the
    1801                             best of our ability and it doesn't allow administrators to make decisions in the best interest of the community they serve.
                                     Look for the strengths and build on that. end the bullying tactics that are so pervasive throughout the district at this time. Stop
           Teacher or school staff
    1802                             paring new leaders with ones who have a record of belligerent and abusive behavior.l
                                     smaller class sizes
           Teacher or school staff
    1803                             listen to them...don't make them bend to what you want. The teachers are fabulous...
                                     listen to them more - still allow teachers to do what they do best
                                     Offer more inservices about riger in the classroom
           Teacher or school staff   Help teachers with the art of teaching (performer, scholar, organizer, manager, etc)
                                     Help principals utilize the talents of their staff, help them provide better collaboration opportunities (common preps etc), less
    1804                             district work mor focus on cuuriculum and the classroom. Allow us more time to focus on our classrooms.

         Teacher or school staff more active building leadership teams
                                 Supporting teachers by bringing some talented teachers from the state or other state to teach them what is working in other
                                 state. Example, I am talking of an example of the black teacher from Brookling, New York.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 Supporting Principles by giving them what is working in other schools. Take principals to some schools like Eckstein,
    1806                         Roosevelt.....

           Teacher or school staff
    1807                             The numbers in classrooms are too high for proper attention given to differentiated instruction and individual student needs.

           Teacher or school staff
    1808                         Fewer meetings off-site for principals. Less paperwork and accountability. Guaranteed family support workers in all schools.
                                 Teaching is very very challenging and draining. When I had my first interview with our principal I said what teachers want is
                                 support. I've been in schools (in Bellevue) where the administration's stance was critical. It puts everyone on edge and
         Teacher or school staff undermines the ability of teachers and principals to give their best to their profession. We need to work together in a
                                 supportive, communicative, trusting atmosphere. Not combative, not dismissive, not top-down, but as partners negotiating
    1809                         what's best for students and schools.

           Teacher or school staff Provide more time for preparation and paperwork.
           Teacher or school staff see above
           Teacher or school staff More individual planning time for teachers.
           Teacher or school staff Consistency, clear expectations and less administrative turn over at the district level.
         Teacher or school staff Stop moving them around! Leave them where they can develop relationships and expertise.
                                 first year teachers have star mentors but we also need support for long term subs in buildings. This year we have 2
         Teacher or school staff
    1815                         retirements and 2 Medical leaves so 4 subs who needed more support.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 lower class size, limit overspending in SPED programs, put more money into allowing those higher academic achievers to
         Teacher or school staff
    1816                         excell.
                                 Have a mentoring program that is in place at every school. Give Principals at least three years to turn a school around because
         Teacher or school staff
    1817                         research shows that is how long it takes if not longer.

           Teacher or school staff Go to each school and understand the needs of the students and teachers.
           Teacher or school staff develop PLCs across the district in clusters
           Teacher or school staff Be positive. Support excellence and reward teachers who encourage all students regardless of abilities.
           Teacher or school staff Giving more paid time for staff development and collaboration
         Teacher or school staff Time to improve/Time to evaluate/Time to collaborate - retreats with a purpose
                                 The Science, FLASH, & Literacy PD are especially helpful. Advanced Learning is non-existent. Math is adequate. SS is also
         Teacher or school staff
    1823                         non-existent.

         Teacher or school staff Allow them more freedom. They should be able to be creative so that the love of learning is nurtured.
                                 I like the STAR program. That needs to happen at the beginning. Also maybe a cohort system of new teachers to share info
         Teacher or school staff
    1825                         and help, and have social support and stability

           Teacher or school staff Allow for more autonomy and get rid of the high-stakes (unaligned) standardized testing as evaluation criteria.
           Teacher or school staff respect and funding
                                   Improve the STAR mentor program. Less case loads for mentors and avoid conflict in mentors and internships they are
           Teacher or school staff
    1828                           completing.
                                   Principals are pulled away from buildings far too often during the school day. Their priority should be to be in the building while
           Teacher or school staff
    1829                           the students are there.
                                   Not sure but it might be good to start off by having surveys that are relevant to other kinds of staff, support staff, and not have
                                   everything so focused on teachers when you ask for input. Support staff should be considered for their skills they impart,
                                   having everything so centered on teachers dimishes the team spirit the work we do-teachers often don't see the "others" as
           Teacher or school staff valuable to their students, we become an annoyance stealing their kids from valuable class time. There needs to be a shift in
                                   thinking and attitude about the necessity of supports for students. Many in the low performing schools are working with
                                   students who aren't really getting anywhere in class and what they really need is all the attention from all the other support
    1830                           staff.
                                   Having books and teaching tools avaiable. Having 7 period per day. MAking children accountable for "credits" in MS. It never
                                   ceases to amaze me that a child can no absouluetly NO work and still graduate vrom MS but in HS you hold them accountable
           Teacher or school staff for "credits" to move forward...wothout the tools for success. This retaining is not the best practise is bull. If you held them
                                   accountable when you actually have some impact on decisions...your gradutation for HS would go up..I would be willing to bet
    1831                           on this.
                                   More opportunities for professional development at schools or online, have training for new teachers to the district so we can
           Teacher or school staff
    1832                           better prepare for school
                                   Not only provide practical, applicable PD, but time for us to implement and reflect. PD is offered but there is never time for us to
           Teacher or school staff
    1833                           collaborate in grade level teams at the PD and to try out

           Teacher or school staff Spend some time in a CLASSROOM. Understand what they REALLY go through every day.
           Teacher or school staff Mentors that guide but don't evaluate

           Teacher or school staff Time, we need time to get things done. We need people, can we improve our connections to Universities teacher training
    1836                           programs, to seniors etc to get more quality help into the schools to tutor some of the students who need to catch up.

         Teacher or school staff Continue to provide recognition and show appreciation
                                 Evaluate them fairly. Remove poor performers, reduce class sizes and get teachers and administrators help via professional
         Teacher or school staff
    1838                         development.

           Teacher or school staff It seems to me that there is very little if any professional development going on.

                                     Support teachers by giving them principals who are smart, understand children, and have excellent interpersonal skills.
           Teacher or school staff
    1840                         As for principals . . . I don't know.
                                 Give them a job to do and then let them do it (teach). Eliminate much of the 'busy work' and let the good teachers teach, while
         Teacher or school staff
    1841                         helping the struggling teachers become better.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

         Teacher or school staff maintain resonable goals considering the lack of funding
                                 More relevant professional development that specifically addresses teacher concerns and school issues. Often there is work
                                 that can be shared among buildings - there is a wealth of expertise or success in our district that is not being shared. Let's not
         Teacher or school staff
                                 have schools reinvent the wheel if there is a successful program that can serve as a model. Teachers and staff feel
    1843                         demoralized with the expectations that are not supported by training and funds.
                                 let them teach, take away the minutia. Teachers need to be given time to teach and plan, not do chores.
         Teacher or school staff For principals mentor/district support and monitoring very important. Ensure district meetings are planned well in advance and
    1844                         are truly important. Principals need to be in their buildings.

           Teacher or school staff more planning time

                                 -More math professional development around developing deep mathematical understanding and problem solving skills.
                                 -More support and professional development in teaching special education students with emotional and behavioral needs in the
         Teacher or school staff
                                 setting of a general education classroom
                                 -Come out and see our classrooms more and see what is happening/ask us about our needs
    1846                         -Provide excellent class libraries to teachers, especially those in 1st year or 1st year in new grade level

                                     Let them do the job they have been hired to do. Stop taking principals out of their buildings so much. Too many meetings
           Teacher or school staff
                                     downtown take them away from the work they should be doing--monintoring & strengthening the teaching. If principals have
    1847                             the supports and TIME they need to do their job they will bring up the quality of the instruction in their buildings!

         Teacher or school staff More PD for teachers--let principals be in their buildings, not out at district workshops REGULARLY.
                                 Have fewer meetings. Ban the use of copy machines and meet the learning styles. Year after year of paper packets. Is that
         Teacher or school staff
    1849                         teaching/

         Teacher or school staff Required trainings, PD opportunties
                                 Trust your staff. We are doing our very best and there is a lot of talent here. Teachers get a lot of bad press and it is up to the
         Teacher or school staff
    1851                         district to portray us as positive and trustworthy!

           Teacher or school staff Make principals have resources and training on how to use them effectively.
           Teacher or school staff Smaller class sizes.
                                   smaller class sizes. Take a vocal and public stand about what the district does well in response to education and educator
           Teacher or school staff
    1854                           bashing in the media. Push hard for more funding.
                                   Allow more time in the classroom for both teachers and principals, and less time with evaluations and reflections. I fully support
           Teacher or school staff accountability, but principals seem to be spending an amazing amount of time on this - their presence outside their office and in
    1855                           the hallways and classrooms is crucial.
                                   More funding from the state, more time in the buildings as opposed to required meetings away from buildings, smaller class
           Teacher or school staff
    1856                           sizes
                                   By realizing that each child that arrives is different and to help us get that message out to the public. Don't speak in plattitudes,
           Teacher or school staff
    1857                           speak clearly and honestly.
                                   Continue the STARS program, it was a great help! Don't cut back on teacher salaries or up classroom size - find other ways to
           Teacher or school staff
    1858                           trim the fat to meet budget. Our kids are the ones who suffer!

           Teacher or school staff see #2
           Teacher or school staff More non-evaluative coaching.
         Teacher or school staff reach families and community, tell them that work doesn't stop at schools, work should continue at home.
                                 A new teacher in my dept. got no help this year, NONE. Not from the school or the district. it has made her debate leaving for a
         Teacher or school staff
    1862                         better district where she feels appreciated and supported.

           Teacher or school staff Professional development for math, science and literacy makes a big difference in the quality of curriculum.
         Teacher or school staff Provide training to ineffective teachers and principals.
                                 AGAIN, We need help with BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!
         Teacher or school staff
    1865                         Do something about the student behavior!!!!!!!!!!
                                 I think that allowing more school-based decisions may help teachers feel invested and powerful and heard. they know the kids
         Teacher or school staff in their schools and know what supports and programs can be helpful. SPS feels top-heavy. that may be true of all large
    1866                         districts i don't know.
                                 Realize which mandates are unfunded
         Teacher or school staff
    1867                         When you introduce new programs such as evaluations, pilot them thoroughly!
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Provide more equity in arts/music districtwide
         Teacher or school staff With respect
                                 Make professional development about student achievement, rather than the sales pitch that it has become. Our district
                                 curriculums should be in service of student achievement, not the other way around. Use the time and money currently
         Teacher or school staff
                                 dedicated to professional development about purchased curriculums to create district teams dedicated to researching and
    1870                         advocating for the best practices and curricular approaches happening already in the district.

         Teacher or school staff better communication , dig deeper to know the whole picture of what is really happen in different school.
                                 New teachers need more time to collaborate with their department members and coteachers, not STAR mentors who do not
         Teacher or school staff have experience in the subject but may be well meaning. Principals need more time to out of the office, observing teachers
    1872                         and students in an informal manner and contributing to department discussions.

           Teacher or school staff Fewer students per class.
         Teacher or school staff It depends on the school and the principal. Other than the STAR program central staff isn't helpful.
                                 Create an atmosphere with a positive outlook on change and improvement by really soliciting buy-in and input from all levels of
         Teacher or school staff
    1875                         your staff.

         Teacher or school staff Provide them with the resources and materials to help them with their teaching.
                                 Consistency of district initiatives rather than new programs every few years, support school based decision making where
         Teacher or school staff
    1877                         appropriate, but enforce district level decisions district wide - no passes for high performing schools.
                                 See no. 2. Remember, no one wants retaliation which is inevitable in a hierarchical, top/down system. They all need more
         Teacher or school staff training in listening to and valuing guest teachers. We have ideas for them given our broad experience and what we experience
    1878                         as outsiders.

         Teacher or school staff empower them in making decisions that affect them.
                                 Fine tune the executive director model to exclude inexperienced crusaders geared to self importance; allow principals to reject
                                 the rejects in the teaching pool; let teachers design professional delvelopment; establish continuity czars so that progress,
         Teacher or school staff
                                 initiatives etc are not lost over the summer or due to personnel changes. PROMOTE STAFF STABILITY IN THE
    1880                         SCHOOLS!!!!!

           Teacher or school staff Re-work the rubric for teacher evaluation. It does not make logical sense in places.
           Teacher or school staff Pay them more. Cut staff from the Stanford Center, get more staff into schools.
           Teacher or school staff Team work within the building.
         Teacher or school staff The science prof. dev. was great. We need more opportunities for literacy and math prof. dev.
                                 Avoid rigid evaluation process that relate specifically to high-stakes tests. Avoid principals not having any way to ask a teacher
         Teacher or school staff
    1885                         to move on other than manipulation or unfair evaluatations and expectations.
                                 Provide more opportunities for specialists to get out of their buildings and work together. We have to beg our principals for a
         Teacher or school staff
    1886                         few hours a year in which we can build our programs across the district.

         Teacher or school staff more/maintain at least teacher collaboration within buildings, within subject matter and across buildings
                                 Give them the resources they ask for..! They don't do it lightly, and they are aware of budget constraints. But if so much $ is
         Teacher or school staff being spent downtown on out of district "consultants" and bloated salaries, there is no $ left for the schools and their vital
    1888                         needs, then something is wrong about our priorities in this district.

         Teacher or school staff lighten the work load so that teachers can focus more on supporting kids, not running the school.
                                 Provide check ins with a supportive rubric. What are principals needing? Money to support what staff are trying to implement.
         Teacher or school staff
    1890                         Give them the opportunity to work for those opportunities.

         Teacher or school staff Please see previous answer to a similar question.
                                 I would like to be sure the principals have actually taught in several of the grade levels for which they are hired to direct and
         Teacher or school staff
    1892                         assess--several years.

           Teacher or school staff The alignment process encourages collaboration among teachers. Professional development to support that collaboration
    1893                           would improve instruction/learning. Training to use technology more effectively among staff members is also beneficial.

           Teacher or school staff Keep our principals in the building. We need them.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Respect teachers as professionals and pay them like they are professionals with more than one degree.
           Teacher or school staff continue the training opportunities and provide money and resources to support current programs
         Teacher or school staff Provide appropriate training and materials when needed.
                                 Give them more time in their schools. Every time they are needed for district meetings... it is time away from what their task is.
         Teacher or school staff Especially if the District is expecting more informed evaluations, then the Principals need lots of time inside classrooms and
    1898                         being aware of what is going on!

         Teacher or school staff more professional development during the year and workshops in pedagogy and psychology
                                 keep giving them the support and have them visit experienced teachers. Even giving them a chance to sit and visit with a
         Teacher or school staff
    1900                         group of teachers in their grade level.
                                 I had a horrible experience with administrative support my first year, but I loved the teaching part. No training, no STAR
                                 mentor, minimal guidance from principal. I also recall the brochure I received at the introductory meeting was less than
                                 professional (poor quality xeroxes, out-of-date materials, confusing, waste of paper with things not copied back-to-back) and
                                 the two people who were running the training were ill-prepared and constantly running out of the room for something else, as if
                                 the new hires were less-than-important.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 I also think the opportunities for PD in this district are less than desirable. There are minimal choices, some schools require
                                 staff to be on-site, but departments at the district level plan activities so there's a conflict. Many teachers at my school say they
                                 can't find something that's relevant, so they say their PD is self-directed--they work at home, which is not what I call PD. I could
                                 go on, the stories are varied, but the bottom line is it's an inequitable system, racked with mediocrity and not much
    1901                         accountability.

         Teacher or school staff For teachers, more support for student behavior problems (follow-thru from principal and consequences)
                                 Highly qualified mentors, and a stipend of some kind for a new teacher's "neighbor" who can help with all the "little" things they
         Teacher or school staff
    1903                         need to know in a new building.
                                 Occasionally, I get emails about summer opportunities but I think I should get more. I think there should be more excitement
                                 about how teachers improve their skills, especially during the summer breaks. As to principals, help them have those tough
         Teacher or school staff
                                 conversations with folks who are not producing. It can't be much fun to be the "supervisor" of an organization that is actually
    1904                         run like a large sub-contracting operation.

                                 Provide compensation for all trainings taken. Give ALL teachers in a building the opportunity for "career ladder opportunities,"
         Teacher or school staff rather than limiting those opportunities to a small number of teachers per building, thereby respecting and fostering the attitude
                                 of COLLABORATION between educators, not a climate of competition between teachers. Take the emphasis off of test
    1905                         scores so that teachers do not fall prey to feeling they are competing with other teachers for opportunities, etc.

         Teacher or school staff fewer admin meetings, more planning time, administrative support
                                 Retain quality people (Kris Barnes) and monitor for PD that is less effective.
         Teacher or school staff
    1907                         More positive feedback for things that are going well in buildings

           Teacher or school staff Treat them like professionals instead of cramming inane District initiated programs down their throats!
           Teacher or school staff giving them more time to do work and pay us for it.
         Teacher or school staff easy up on the evaluation process, improve truancy monitoring, add additional social services support to buildings.
                                 Let the schools have more say in who the principal should be. Don't hire new principals for schools where there is only one
         Teacher or school staff
    1911                         administrator. Provide more planning time or time to collaborate with other teachers, instead of PLC time.

           Teacher or school staff Smaller class sizes! More time to meet with other professionals in our field.

                                 The STAR mentor program adds work to a new teacher's work load. Mentoring within each school and incentives to the
         Teacher or school staff supervising teacher is much more practical. OR, hire specific people for certain domain areas that the new teacher identifies
                                 as being an area of concern for themselves. PLEASE include Special Education mentors, NOT general education mentors
    1913                         who try to help them. Special Ed is too specific of a field and the STAR program is a waste of time.

           Teacher or school staff First year teachers should have a mentor within the building.
           Teacher or school staff Head Teachers, less paperwork.
         Teacher or school staff Paying them what they are worth and keeping class size down for more effective teaching.
                                 let teachers focus on teaching and keep principals in their buildings -- principals are required to attend far too many meetings
         Teacher or school staff
    1917                         away from their schools
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Teacher or school staff More paid planning time. Collaboration work as a staff and grade level teams.
         Teacher or school staff STAR mentors should have experience teaching the same subject as their mentee.
                                 Math teams, science team and literacy teams are effective for getting away from islolated learning. Teams can reach a wider
         Teacher or school staff
    1920                         circle of learners.
                                 Give teachers the freedom to do what's best for their own students. This may change from year to year. Give principals the
         Teacher or school staff time to thoroughly do their jobs - be in the buidling on a daily basis to interact with students and teachers, observe teachers
    1921                         and provide timely feedback.

           Teacher or school staff
    1922                             Pay teachers. Honor their successes and let THEM share them - not prescribed what success looks like from the district.

           Teacher or school staff By supporting not only the teachers and principal but all the support staff.
           Teacher or school staff providing time for teacher collaboration

           Teacher or school staff
    1925                         Better evaluation system. Principals in the classroom much more frequently. Professional Development that's actually useful.
                                 I had zero district support my first year of teaching. I wasn't assinged a mentor. I didn't even go to a new hire orientation.
         Teacher or school staff However, in more recent years, my department has been assigned a mandatory "coach" who does not help us at all. It is a
    1926                         complete waste of money, and nobody has asked our opinion on the matter.

           Teacher or school staff Take an anonymous survey at the school level on an annual basis about what needs to change.

           Teacher or school staff
    1928                             Don't take away all of out staff development time before school begins! Allow more actual site-based decision making!

         Teacher or school staff reduce paperwork including P G &E
                                 Open communications and praise more often.
         Teacher or school staff
    1930                         Show support with small tokens of appreication.
                                 The science PTOS PD has been very good. That was the best PD I've ever been a part of. Providing pay for continued
                                 teacher-driven meetings of this sort would not be a bad use of money, if any exists. (In other words, pay us to meet with other
         Teacher or school staff
                                 teachers from different buildings in our subject area, so we can keep developing and improving our subject...that was one of
    1931                         the chief benefits of PTOS that could be continued, albeit in a reduced amount)..
                                 individualized support would be helpful. not everyone, or every school, needs the exact same thing. i see this happening
         Teacher or school staff again and again with STAR mentor support being inconsistent, starting late in the year, following some sort of protocol that
    1932                         doesn't necessarily align with the support the 1st year teachers need.

           Teacher or school staff communication

                                   More site-based coaching and collaboration, fewer district mandates. We have the rubric for teacher quality (Charlotte
           Teacher or school staff Danielson's) now let us get there in the way that makes the most sense for our individual school communities.

    1934                         Develop accountability measures for principals that involve teacher input.
                                 When students have ongoing discipline issues we need more support. Teachers end up teaching with students who are out of
         Teacher or school staff
    1935                         control without an alternative.

           Teacher or school staff Recognition -- newspaper, website, tv -- to get the word out these people are good.
           Teacher or school staff Less standardized testing and blanket assessment
         Teacher or school staff Make more visits to the schools to review (DO NOT call it evaluation!) how the climate and staff are progresssing.
                                 Provide more training opportunities that are relevant to more groups of employees and more flexibility in deciding how to best
         Teacher or school staff
    1939                         use professional development days.
                                 *Listen to their feedback and stated needs.* Teachers need reasonable class sizes in order to effectively reach each student.
         Teacher or school staff
    1940                         Overloading classrooms hurts teachers, students and learning.

           Teacher or school staff We must fight the state on the seniority policy. We just had two of our best teachers rifted!
           Teacher or school staff Stop shuffling teachers/administrators who are ineffective into new buildings. Figure out how to keep effective ones.

           Teacher or school staff
    1943                             By asking not telling. Continue to ask this question and recognize that the purpose of central administration is support.

           Teacher or school staff Provide more professional development opportunities.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

         Teacher or school staff Hire experienced teachers from with in the district who know what is expected and are able to communicate that to teacher or
    1945                         principal. I don't think any of our new teachers had any one come and help them out. The same is true for the principal.
                                 Consistency and trust, as well as professional learning communities (and time provided for such). The PD offered is often
         Teacher or school staff
    1946                         effective, but not enough
                                 Stop the constant threats of firing. The whole environment is hostile, not supportive. Don't base teacher evaluations on high-
         Teacher or school staff stakes testing. Have smaller classes. Have schedules with less chaos. Students are coming and going to special programs
    1947                         at all hours during the day. The whole class is seldom present. How can there be continuity?

           Teacher or school staff They must have mentors that know the subject.
           Teacher or school staff More supervision and training.
           Teacher or school staff listen to their feedback
         Teacher or school staff See #2
                                 Ongoing professional development that impacts instruction
         Teacher or school staff Working to understand individual building needs and how to best support them--being in the buildings would go a long ways to
    1952                         accomplishing this
                                 Follow-up professional development with some accountability for using the strategies learned- either with coaching or peer
         Teacher or school staff accountability strategies.
    1953                         STAR mentors are far too overloaded.

           Teacher or school staff Bring teachers and administrators on board who can model what they expect
         Teacher or school staff New teachers should all be assigned a mentor either from the district or within the school that they work.
                                 Ask teachers what kind of professional development they want and need. Get better trained and effective vice principals at all
         Teacher or school staff
    1956                         schools.

           Teacher or school staff being fair to all and not just to the specual ones
           Teacher or school staff Give them the time, resources, and authority to craft the lessons that work best for thier students.

                                   Eliminate MAP. Use the substantial savings to invest in PD in these areas:
                                   1. Early diagnosis and intervention beginning in 1st grade.
                                   2. Cooperative learning techniques through the 9th grade.
                                   3. Formative in-class assessments through the 9th grade.
           Teacher or school staff 4. Greatly enhance parent involvement in assessment, instruction, school activities, Grades 1-9
                                   5. Encourage more literacy at home, in the classroom and through libraries.

                                    Class size reduction grades 1-9. Early investment pays off.
                                    Matriculation Exam at Grade 9 to determine if students will continue with a general education through grade twelve with
    1959                            preparation for college, or a more vocational training. Make the programs modular and skills-based, and far more independent.

           Teacher or school staff provide coaching from within their school building
           Teacher or school staff family involvement and cultural understanding
           Teacher or school staff help struggling teachers with an experience teacher

         Teacher or school staff Rethink what you ask us to do. Let our work be done in the classroom and not in meeting rooms or writing ridiculous plans for
    1963                         improvement. Spare us teachers so our students get our energy, especially when Washington just took away 1.9% of our pay.
                                 Validate them. Support them by giving lots of early in the year attention and resources to students teachers are identifying as
         Teacher or school staff
    1964                         needing special assistance.
                                 Don't leave it up to the principals to connect a teacher to a mentor the first year. Also, mentorship should continue (in a
         Teacher or school staff
    1965                         reduced capacity) beyond the first year.

           Teacher or school staff Every school should have a VP, counselor, and addiational teaching support staff
           Teacher or school staff Provide supports such as counselors. Stop bashing educators.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 Recognize teachers and principals who are demonstrating consistent, meaningful academic growth. Recognize teachers and
                                 principals who are able to show significant progress with all students. If a school has high academic achievement with one
         Teacher or school staff
                                 group of students and does take the resposiblity to meet the needs of all students (differentiation), this is highly inappropiate
    1968                         and sends the wrong message to students and parents.
                                 We need a new report card at the elementary level. We also need a new reading adoption that is not a model but an actual
         Teacher or school staff
    1969                         program.
                                 more professional development classes
         Teacher or school staff
    1970                         mentors for new teachers right in their buildings (stipend)

           Teacher or school staff More release time to work with other teachers in our fields
           Teacher or school staff Let us do our job without hawks constantly watching and threatening us.
           Teacher or school staff good professional development, clear communication, and true commitments to student learning
           Teacher or school staff Please stop changing the curriculum every few years. We get trained on one thing and then it is changed.
           Teacher or school staff Recognize teachers as professionals and value their expertise. Hire principals who are truly leaders.
           Teacher or school staff Give them authentic student focussed time.
                                   have more support staff

                                     have funds available for team building; before, during and at the end of the school year
           Teacher or school staff
                                     at the district level provide on-going support for PTSA and our union. be inclusive and on-going...no one is impressed with the
    1977                             one shot, flash in the pan stuff.

           Teacher or school staff More opportunities to receive training during school hours.
           Teacher or school staff Shift resources from downtown to the schools.
           Teacher or school staff Discontinue MAP testing
           Teacher or school staff measure their performance fairly and consistently
                                   Give them the respect and money they deserve (teachers). Allow principals to do what they need to do to keep unique
           Teacher or school staff
    1982                           programs and excellent teachers. Give principals the power to get rid of bad teachers.
                                   Encourage prinicpals to get into classrooms all the time. In order to do this, get them administration help so they are not putting
           Teacher or school staff out the fires that a supportive admin could. OR get the supportive admin trained and have enough of them so they can walk
    1983                           through regularly and get an idea of what is really going on in classes.
                                   Work with them, listen to them and do not keep adding more and more without taking something away. Acknowledge they
           Teacher or school staff know what they are doing and know where to get the information and training thety feel will strengthen the skills and delivery.
    1984                           Don't keep geting bogged down inthe minutia that is just window dressing.
                                   Pay a modest amount($250-300) for a single teacher in each building to be the go to person we did it as a pilot at our school
           Teacher or school staff
    1985                           and had 100% retention for two years in a row...it really, really helps the mentor and mentee....
                                   Offer additional income opportunities. Summer employment, stipends. Teachers often work uncompensated yours to make
                                   their teaching goals. How about offering opportunities to get paid for the extra work. It is not possible to find summer
           Teacher or school staff
                                   employment that pays my value. An opportunity to earn per diem in the summer would go along way to help pay for children's'
    1986                           college.

           Teacher or school staff Give more collaborative teaming planning time to establish well-thought out behavioral goals for each school.
                                   Training, especially if it is done in the context of the group that will be doing the work. Maybe training at the school and area
           Teacher or school staff
    1988                           level.
                                   quit revamping everything. One new initiative a year is more than enough. We are trying to teach but each new
                                   procedure/evaluation/revising of curriculum throws off the rhythm of education. We work 60 hours a week to keep up with what
           Teacher or school staff
                                   we need to be doing to support our students. District keeps adding to the load without removing anything. STOP adding new
    1989                           without thinking it through carefully!!!
                                   Give teachers more professional development time, many districts have early release every Wednesday to provide time for
           Teacher or school staff
    1990                           Departments and teachers to have PD time on a regular basis.
                                   Listen to the needs at a school level. Every school is different and has different needs, allowing for those differences and
           Teacher or school staff
    1991                           needs will strengthen the ability of teachers and principals to meet the needs of their students.
                                   Ask teachers and principals for meaningful feedback with regard to particular issues. Listen to teachers -- we know what is
           Teacher or school staff
    1992                           really happening in our buildings. This survey, by the way, is helpful outreach.
                                                    Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From            Response Text

           Teacher or school staff By providing real opportunities for them to attend professional development outside the district. Other than TC
    1993                           Readers/Writers workshops & Ethnic Studies PD offerings in partnership with UW, I've not seen particularly effective PD.

           Teacher or school staff Build in more tiem for collegial work during the work day. i.e. paid work.
                                   Principals need to be watching and leading instruction more often. That means they need more support for discipline. And, they
           Teacher or school staff need development for leadership skills. I think you need a principal's Toastmasters group, to teacher public speaking and
    1995                           meeting organization skills.
                                   Teachers can be overwhelmed dealing with students that have emotional/social skills /physical issues. It takes a lot of
                                   patience and valuable academic time to deal with discipline, social skills development, etc. I utilize classroom meetings, but
                                   there are some students that simply need more interventions (i.e. counseling/nurses/family support workers). I had one
                                   student that seriously needed glasses in September and did not get them until after November. There are a lot of examples
                                   like this of issues that are out of the teachers control and hold back a student's progress. Counselors and family support
                                   workers are greatly needed, especially in school with high poverty. In addition, Special Education is beginning to mainstream
           Teacher or school staff
                                   more and more high needs students with less assistance. These teachers are required to have meetings on these students
                                   and are not compensated for the extra time. The teachers are working harder to try to help these students and have little
                                   support/resources supplied by the district. In addition, there are schools that can not make all of the photocopies needed to
                                   support the curriculum (ex EDM math). I worked at a Title One School where I was provided one ream of paper per month.
    1996                           Teachers had to purchase all other paper needed. Heads-up...schools with that type of financial restraint, typically do not have
                                   Much of this depends on the professional development goals of the individual. I'd love money for a book or two a year related
           Teacher or school staff to teaching OR money for coursework or money to buy technology that I want to try in the classroom. Many other districts give
    1997                           teachers $2000+ a year in their first few years towards these types of development.
                                   I often feel that JSCEE employees do not understand what our jobs are all about and they should be assigned to classrooms
           Teacher or school staff
    1998                           from time to time to support our only customer...the students!
                                   Give principals more time to actually engage with their staff. Give teachers more time to actually engage with their students
           Teacher or school staff
    1999                           (ie, less testing, more teaching).
                                   Give principals more time to be in the school and ini classrooms. I've had an administrator in my class once all year. fewer
           Teacher or school staff
    2000                           duties for teachers, let them focus on teaching.
                                   Give teachers more discretion as to what is effective. Make it clearer what students must be able to do- especially by state
           Teacher or school staff
    2001                           standards-provide training and support, but let us decide how to teach.

           Teacher or school staff Partner teachers across school boundaries to support and mentors each other.
         Teacher or school staff Better professional development, not take away pay raises
                                 Please be sure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Too many secrets and hush-hush is killing the moral of
                                 the District. Standardization and uniformity stumps out these trends and open more doors for transparency and accountability.
         Teacher or school staff If a new teacher is hired and has been found to be spectacular with students, admin and the community, then it is incombent
                                 upon us to not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. We are losing some new great teachers and their only transgression
    2004                         has been having been hired not-too-long ago. We can do better.

         Teacher or school staff support coaching to follow-up training, especially in literacy
                                 1) Mentors
                                 2) Time- Teachers are with students all day and then still need to plan, prep, email, communicate with parents, attend PD,
         Teacher or school staff attend staff meetings, display items, collaborate, organize educational environments, etc...
                                 3) More accountability for all using Ed. Directors. (Ex. If an adult walks into a classroom and doesn't know what they're
    2006                         suppose to do, then how are children going to learn in that environment.)

                                 Develope a "Tutor Teams" &/OR a "Support Teams" that travel with in the district to help the schools with the biggest
         Teacher or school staff problems. The "Support Team" would include therapists, & counselors that work with the schools with major mental, poverty,
                                 gang issues, drugs - working one on one with classrooms & schools to overcome some heavy duty crap that life gives you. I
    2007                         know we have part timers that help individual kids BUT I don't think that deals with some schools BIGGER school wide issues.
                                 Make sure that principals and staff receive timely and consistent information about budgets, enrollment, expectations, and
         Teacher or school staff academic initatives and targets. Then make sure any proffesssional development is aligned and publicized. This will allow
    2008                         schools to prepare wisely to make the best use of learning time for both the students and the staff.
                                 They need more time for helping and supporting each other professionally as is done in many other countries. Teachers still
         Teacher or school staff spend too much time isolated in their classrooms. Unfortunately, taking more time from student instruction is not a good
    2009                         solution to this. It will take more money than our District now has to do it well.

         Teacher or school staff Train your administrators to be more transparent with their staff and everyone will be more effective.
                                 Teachers are kept so "busy" with professional development thata they do not have sufficient time to reflect on what their best
         Teacher or school staff practices are. Principals should be freed from some of the demands of meetings and paperwork so they can spend more time
    2011                         in classrooms.

           Teacher or school staff Be honest and truthful about expectations
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From              Response Text

         Teacher or school staff In house sharing of what is being done by staff who trust & know each other
                                 New staff need mentors. New teachers and principals need someone they know they can go to ask questions no matter how
         Teacher or school staff
    2014                         simple it maybe.

           Teacher or school staff give them the ability to teach, run schools without so much "rights" protection
                                   Improve the system with which teachers register for Professional Development on line. Again, this system is clunky, has
                                   multiple screens to drill down to finally register, and often takes so long that teachers give up.
           Teacher or school staff
    2016                         Keep and support the STAR program, and move to a 2-3 year induction program rather than just one.
                                 Principals are given too many tasks. They must focus their time with staff on decision-making rather than community building.
         Teacher or school staff
    2017                         Not all administrators are skilled in communications and staff supports. Can this be improved?

           Teacher or school staff More school-based initiatives for innovation
           Teacher or school staff I think it necessary we give better resources
           Teacher or school staff More one on one guidance
           Teacher or school staff MONEY, BENEFITS, GOOD RETIREMENT PACKAGE.
           Teacher or school staff Respect, funding, listening
           Teacher or school staff more frequent observation at all levels, by objective observers

           Teacher or school staff
    2024                             School nurses receive very little orientation. There is no money to allow this. Mentors should be paid to help new nurses.

           Teacher or school staff Allow time for training
           Teacher or school staff Smaller class sizes
           Teacher or school staff More teacher-teacher collaboration.

           Teacher or school staff
    2028                         what about support for all staff,we are part of the school team;IA's Sped and Bilingual work directly with students in a team.
                                 Teachers should receive monthly email blasts containing the monthly and upcoming professional development offerings.
         Teacher or school staff
    2029                         Professional development should be directly linked to the balanced literacy document in literacy.

           Teacher or school staff Spend more time on professional development during staff meetings. We spend to much time on unimportant work.
           Teacher or school staff collaboration time
           Teacher or school staff Ease the paperwork burden
           Teacher or school staff New teachers and sub teachers need better classroom management and positive discipline strategies
           Teacher or school staff Make sure they are all qualified; I'd like to see the principals be observed more often and unplanned visits.
           Teacher or school staff paid trainings
         Teacher or school staff Model the teacher induction program on successful programs occuring in Finland, Singapore, and Australia.
                                 Aside from raising salaries, we can better support teachers and principals by VISITING schools and then responding to
                                 appropriate needs. For example, if a school doesn't need an assistant principal, but instead needs additional people in the
         Teacher or school staff
                                 classrooms, maybe DON'T place an extra principal at that school just because they don't have anywhere else to be. This
    2037                         prevents student achievement, rather than encourages it. Be REALLY supportive!

         Teacher or school staff Document observations and follow up.
                                 It is my 3rd year in the district and I have not heard of this program. This year I have benefited greatly from work with a mentor
         Teacher or school staff teacher I found through a suggestion by an administrator. More of this communication and linking educators based on their
    2039                         subject areas and also learning styles/personalities.

         Teacher or school staff $$$$$$$$$$$$
                                 SMALLER CLASS SIZES....that's the key to students achieving, teachers staying and passing....so easy, yet, no one does
         Teacher or school staff
    2041                         it.....
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Allow new teachers to stay at schools where they have support systems and mentors.
         Teacher or school staff Less paperwork for principals - free them up to work with teachers and be present in classrooms.
                                 We should not be required to keep doing math development trainings, they are terrible and worthless. Offer worthwhile
                                 trainings, stop forcing us to do worthless trainings. Some positive reinforcement, instead of negative, would go a long way.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 We need counselors to support us in the classroom. We need assistant principals, not "Coaches." As a qualified and
    2044                         experienced teacher, I resent "Coaches." It's such a negative message.

           Teacher or school staff more admiration for the abilities of others

           Teacher or school staff Please make sure all teachers receive this service. My teaching partner is new to SPS and she did not receive a Star Mentor.
    2046                           She was lost for the first half of the year until she opened up to me to let me know that she needed some support.

           Teacher or school staff Give them flexibility -- trust them! They know their students.
           Teacher or school staff More support staff in each building.
           Teacher or school staff Listen to them and answer their questions. Communicate with teachers before you communicate with parents.
           Teacher or school staff Give teachers and principals more time to do their jobs. Not sure how that can happen, but it's what is needed.
           Teacher or school staff don't pass students solely on social promotion in the younger grades. Nonoptional out of school time support
           Teacher or school staff get principals in the classroom as much as possible
           Teacher or school staff Accountability
         Teacher or school staff less testing and more time for teaching
                                 The principals need frequent feedback from their staff so there should be a quarterly questionnaire on survey monkey for staff
         Teacher or school staff
    2055                         to fill out for principals.

         Teacher or school staff Lower class size, funding, help with behavior intervention and support
                                 follow the rest of the state of Washington and stop duplicating what is available from OSPI at the district level. Use resources
         Teacher or school staff
    2057                         wisley.
                                 Have the special ed. supporting teachers place the disruptive students in a classroom. I have a kid that quallified for 5 Sped
         Teacher or school staff catagories, he has an IEP, he disrupts my class, and he still has not been observed. He was in a SIT the first week of school.
    2058                         Sped department is a mess.

           Teacher or school staff Increased access to necessary learning materials including textbooks and computers
           Teacher or school staff Pay them more. Respect their time. Provide more opportunities to obtain clock hours to keep certificates valid.
           Teacher or school staff Small class sizes; extended principal mentoring for principals in training
           Teacher or school staff Induction program should follow teachers over first 2-3 years.
           Teacher or school staff Provide informal and formal suggestions.
         Teacher or school staff more time to work in our classrooms
                                 I have been a long term sub for 2.5 years and have never had any formal support from administration or colleagues. It's all
         Teacher or school staff
    2065                         been on my initiative.
                                 Increase the support program and make sure all first year teachers are served. Have prinicpals serve as vice principals a
         Teacher or school staff minimum of 3 years before putting them in leadership over a school.
    2066                         Make sure professional development is provided at no cost to teachers and is provided to everyone.
                                 Keep professional development coming. Many teachers want to improve their skills. Thank you for keeping professional
         Teacher or school staff
    2067                         development as an important part of the district plan.

           Teacher or school staff Rebuild education from square one.
           Teacher or school staff Not take away resources that help us. Councilers, librarians, IA's etc.
           Teacher or school staff have more inter district strategy sessions
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From          Response Text
                                 smaller class sizes, more special ed support and ELL support, more counselors....many parents aren't doing their part out of
         Teacher or school staff choice or lack of parenting skills and we have to step in for kids to be successful but we need more caring adults in each
    2071                         building for a child to turn to....

                                     Make the professional development goals and requirements clear, consistent and unchanged for a block of time like 5 years.
           Teacher or school staff
                                     Allow teachers to pursue professional development in areas of their interest and do not require principals to continue to get
    2072                             college credits just for the sake of PD, but instead target special PD for certain principals in certain schools.
                                     Reduce our work loads. We need smaller overall class sizes, buildings need more administrators and we need more
                                     intervention specialists.
           Teacher or school staff
                                     In stead we are being asked time and again to do more with less.

    2073                         If budgets are cut, then all performance expectations for that school should be cut by the same percent.
                                 Treat teachers like the professionas they are rather than like inferior and ineffective, second class citizens. That includes pay,
         Teacher or school staff
    2074                         benefits, financial support for all the overtime put in and a climate of trust.
                                 Pay teachers more. Today's teachers have to deal with a lot more issues; hungry kids, abused kids, foster kids, angry kids
         Teacher or school staff
    2075                         etcs. They wear man hats in the course of a day and are still expected to teach well.
                                 Teachers: please listen to us when we have difficult issues with a school principal. We had a principal that had been moved
         Teacher or school staff
    2076                         from building to building for years and is still out there ruining schools.

           Teacher or school staff For teachers provide more professional development opportunities on essential matters.
         Teacher or school staff Treating them with the respect they have earned. Do some positive news stories about our accomplishments.
                                 Clearer vision (district-wide) regarding special education services and inclusion; better training in classroom and school-wide
         Teacher or school staff
    2079                         behavior interventions (consistency needed!)

           Teacher or school staff Lessen the work load, reduce the expectations that are placed on teachers and principals.
           Teacher or school staff give principals more autonomy; pay more;
           Teacher or school staff Both need a shared vision. Principals need to tbe more supportive of staff/teachers.
           Teacher or school staff With better funding.
           Teacher or school staff continue to let them know that they are appreciated
           Teacher or school staff Treat them as professionals with a professional practice as any other professional has.

                                     1. Time must be built into the schedule for PD and principals must be given the power to force people to attend. (Force them
           Teacher or school staff
                                     to participate fully? That's a different story!)
    2086                             2. Create a database of proven lesson and unit plans with strong resources so that teachers aren't constantly reinventing.

           Teacher or school staff no MAP testing
           Teacher or school staff More training
           Teacher or school staff More money in the buildings to use to support programs.
         Teacher or school staff Stop increasing our administrative workload so we have more time to spend with students.
                                 pairing teachers with mentor teachers (star), along with other teachers in the same area (gen. ed teacher, sped, etc...so, new
         Teacher or school staff
    2091                         teacher can get related/specific information

         Teacher or school staff Offering more science trainings so that we can recieve kits regularly.
                                 Release time for teachers to visit more classrooms (each others classes) and more time for principals to work with the
         Teacher or school staff
    2093                         development of their staff.

         Teacher or school staff Don't jump to conclusions on short term numbers
                                 Quit making principals go to so many meetings. Quit thinking that each teacher should be on the same page throughout the
                                 district on any given day. Allow creativity back into the classroom. Children are not being allowed to explore and learn new
         Teacher or school staff
                                 information, but are instead fed a curriculum that is boring! Let the teacher do what he/she does best--sparking interest in
    2095                         areas that are currently not covered by the SPS curriculum.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

                                 In my building, we have a vice principal who is given all the poor teachers to dog. It has set up a terrible atmosphere in our
                                 building to the point that we have no social time anymore because it is embarrassing for the staff getting ragged on. The folks
         Teacher or school staff
                                 who used to organize social functions to keep up an atmosphere of comraderie do not feel the desire to do this. It goes as far
                                 as to not recognize the principal on principal's day, and, in turn, there is less love to the staff from the principal. How to avoid
    2096                         all of this? Make sure there is always discretion to those on improvement plans and to have all staff treated the same.
                                 - reduce class sizes to allow for excellent teaching and less teacher & principal burn out
                                 - stop merit pay teacher evaluations as this will create a less trusting, collegial teaching community
         Teacher or school staff
                                 - refine current PG&E evaluation to allow for mid year check ins so principals, teachers and peers can reflect on their progress
    2097                         toward best practices
                                 Keep the science program!
         Teacher or school staff
    2098                         Consistent literacy curriculum for elementary.

         Teacher or school staff Offer positive support and guidance
                                 Make specific procedures very clear. Have an OBVIOUS online resource for looking up what to do in emergencies (fire drill,
         Teacher or school staff
    2100                         lockdown), how seniority is calculated, expectations for part-time employees, etc.

                                 Provide aids in classrooms so that more students can get individual help, or classess can be arranged where more discussion
                                 and conversations, of course with rigor and expectations, occur which in an almost Socratic way get students thinking and
         Teacher or school staff sharing insights. Though there are a seemingly increasing number of students with low reading and writing skills which also
                                 need attention, thinking and getting students engaged in meaningful, honest ways with real life issues and how that relates to
                                 family, community, country and global issues of today is important in igniting a sense of caring and feeling connected.
    2101                         Teachers and principals want this, but it is an overwhelming task ripe with failures.

           Teacher or school staff Watch out for principals who play favorites among teachers. There are too many principals who hardly leave their offices.
    2102                           Strong leadership at the district level holding principals accountable and actually looking at how they operate.

                                 Streamline! Easy Grade Pro and the Source and eSIS? Too many systems. New technology needed - not enough computers
                                 in schools. Give teachers more prep time. 4 day/week of school and 1 prep day? John Stanford thought it was a good idea.
         Teacher or school staff It takes me an hour at least to address parent/district emails per day. I don't think the district pays attention to all of the extra
                                 responsibilities that teachers have. I attend one staff related meeting per week, 1-2 IEP or 504 or SIT meetings, etc. I've been
                                 putting in 12 hours days since I can't remember when. I can't be the teacher I want to be because I spend a lot of energy on
    2103                         so many things in addition to planning innovative lessons, calling home, and marking papers.

           Teacher or school staff Keep hammering them with unwanted, thoughtless, and expensive initiatives at the behest of the Gates Foundation.
                                   reduce class size. Allow for more teacher directed full staff meetings. Don't keep taking the administrators out of the building
                                   for training. We are desperately in need of more lunch and recess coverage. stop the top down. When was site based
           Teacher or school staff
                                   management revoked? There are so many things that have been handed to us, we earnestly try to do well and then we are told
    2105                           to stop and do the next big idea. The district is not trustworthy.
                                   Keep classroom size small.
                                   Give teachers more time to collaborate.
           Teacher or school staff Give teachers more IA's if you are going to include all the special needs children in a regular classroom.
                                   Offer more professional development for alternative assessments, positive discipline, teaching for diverse learners, bullying
    2106                           and multicultural education to teachers at highly multi-cultural schools.
                                   Evaluate each school's needs for small or large class size. One size doesn't fit all. High-needs students do better in an
                                   environment that is manageable. High-needs populations have a poor retention rate, so those programs that serve them need
           Teacher or school staff
                                   to avoid spreading a massive curriculum so thin. Consider modifications that allow HN students to build a strong foundation.
    2107                           Less is more for these students.
                                   It all comes down to money and what support and materials, and trainings are available. At this point there is no money, no
           Teacher or school staff
    2108                           support, and teacher's have lost 1.9% of their income.

           Teacher or school staff Science training is a must and should not be scrapped for next year. New teachers or teachers who change grades MUST
    2109                           recieve the training for each unit in their grade level. Literacy training is a joke and keeps changing from year to year.

           Teacher or school staff Faculty meeting time after school on Wednesdays, shortening the school day by one hour.
           Teacher or school staff pay them more
         Teacher or school staff More time to plan.
                                 Continue to give us choices in how and what we teach. Each school, class, student, and teacher are unique. What is best for
                                 one is not always best for all. We also need early support in literacy. Students not meeting standard need small group
         Teacher or school staff
                                 instruction outside of the classroom. Some kids are just younger and need more time, but the district standard does not allow
    2113                         for this.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 Instead of using evaluations constantly and making people fear for their jobs, encourage the administration to support and
         Teacher or school staff
    2114                         encourage the people they are in charge of. The climate of fear is not helpful in producing good teaching.

         Teacher or school staff Respect, no bullying from principals, allow us to teach
                                 Stand up for good teachers, don't let them get riffed due to seinority. Promote building unity and encourage teachers to plan
         Teacher or school staff and work together in each grade level and across the grade levels. Please step in when a tenured teacher bullies or refuses to
    2116                         participate with his or her colleagues. Empower the principal to do the same.

         Teacher or school staff Fairness and equality across the board.
                                 Encourage them to identify and truly work on real issues that are relevent to them and their school wide community. These
                                 can be based on data driven academic needs or on community needs. By allowing them ownership this is going to strengthen
         Teacher or school staff
                                 the overall district. Again I say switch teachers around to other schools, and with in schools. Teachers that are very cozy and
    2118                         set in their ways have to grow or move on.

         Teacher or school staff Stable funding that increases at least aon par with inflation
                                 I have had no observations or instructional support
         Teacher or school staff
    2120                         this year, so is this really is not a serious question.

           Teacher or school staff Low student to teacher ratios and social workers

                                   See #2
           Teacher or school staff
                                   Principals need to develop real relationships with students, teachers, and their community. Our's has been gone a lot (doing
    2122                           his PLCs during our school days) the past 3 years! He has spent about 30 minutes in my classroom all year (total time).
                                   It is critical to have a solid mentorship program for developing teachers. This would require funds to pay the mentor to provide
           Teacher or school staff
    2123                           the level of support needed by most beginning teachers.
                                   Get rid of principals who are simply out to climb the ladder for a better title rather than educating students and supporting staff.
                                   There are a lot of these principals in the district currently and it's sad to watch them ruin schools and programs that have been
           Teacher or school staff
                                   working and are effective. Instead of supporting growth to the next level they are moving them 3 steps backwards. Knowing
    2124                           education "lingo" doesn't mean you are an effective leader.
                                   Have mentor teachers assigned to new teachers and have a rigorous indution program that provides support at the school and
           Teacher or school staff
    2125                           District level in all areas of teaching.

           Teacher or school staff Fewer students.
         Teacher or school staff listen, provide resources, assist
                                 I think most people feel that principals are strictly a body to pass on decision from the district supervisors. if there were more
                                 diversity in the district especially in schools of color and the prncipal had the ability to stand up for the best interest of his/her
         Teacher or school staff students, not just a group of individuals either trying to make more money or assuring themselves a step up the ladder we
                                 might just be able to accomplish something rather than every decision coming from district ( who never really knows what's
    2128                         going on).

         Teacher or school staff Try to listen what works for the building not district wide
                                 Let people breathe and teach what they love more, instead of putting so much emphasis on numbers of academic
         Teacher or school staff
    2130                         achievement.

                                 As an LA/EH teacher, I feel that I spend an enormous amount of time planning curriculum and assessing student work. I see
         Teacher or school staff burnout amongst teachers in these 2 disciplines. I would love a database of mini-lesson ideas for various reading and writing
                                 strategies, appropriate for middle school. I would love PD around how to become faster/more efficient at assessing student
    2131                         writing so that I'm not putting in so many hours on weekends, during vacations, etc.

           Teacher or school staff
    2132                         More staff, more stipends, more PD, more time to do what we know if best practice, more respect, more competent admin
                                 Listen to to find out what their needs are and then respond. The district tries to "help" without finding out just what the needs
         Teacher or school staff
    2133                         are.

         Teacher or school staff more planning time for teachers during each school day.
                                 Provide effective mentors for all new teachers and principals for two years. Don't require new principals to be out of their
         Teacher or school staff schools for meetings as often as they are. Give new teachers training during the workday, not in the evening when they are
    2135                         exhausted.

           Teacher or school staff
    2136                             PD: math is ok, science is very good, reading is ineffective unless you are in the Workshop cohort AND have a good coach.

           Teacher or school staff Lower class size, provide adequate support services
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

         Teacher or school staff Create more teacher and district co-guided initiatives to face learning and logistical challenges in schools
                                 Put coaches and administrators back into schools, reduce class size, put a re-entry program in the Stanford Center and insist
         Teacher or school staff
    2139                         that anyone who works there has to teach students for a part of their work day.

         Teacher or school staff see #2
                                 Support teachers by giving them a handbook of resources available through the district-hard to find this information on our
         Teacher or school staff
    2141                         own!

           Teacher or school staff LOWER REAL CLASS SIZE!!!! HONOR GOOD PRINCIPALS!!!
           Teacher or school staff More focused planning time.

           Teacher or school staff
    2144                         Increase performance evaluation support throughout the year with clear expectations. Systematize roles across the district.
                                 Help them find ways to bring parents back into the learning process with their students. The more adults the student has telling
                                 them the importance of learning, the better chance they'll listen. Keep up the Service Learning. If you've ever read the student
         Teacher or school staff
                                 comments on those forms you'll see they actually do learn a lot during those hours they spend volunteering. It's opened many
    2145                         of their eyes.

         Teacher or school staff raise the salaries
                                 I can't answer some of these questions fairly. I love teaching and care deeply about our students and future citizens. However
                                 every year it gets more and more demanding and not neccessarily better.
                                 Take something off the teachers plate when you add something new. Listen to teachers when there is a major problem with a
         Teacher or school staff
                                 principal. I have an excellent principal that has made my life as much of a joy as it can be from an administrative point of view.
                                 However I have also lived through some horrible principals that made teachers lives impossible to function on a day to day
    2147                         basis.

         Teacher or school staff They can learn from each other
                                 Introduce kindness, encouragement and respect. Chris Cronass looked for negatives in all his evaluations and comments he
         Teacher or school staff
    2149                         is an idiot

           Teacher or school staff With better central customer service to schools, lower class sizes and a standard cirriculum throughout the schools.
         Teacher or school staff More time to plan and communicate with eachother.
                                 I would like to see a better system in place so that if staff have challenges with a principal they have a way to pass the info on
         Teacher or school staff and get help for the principal to develop more skills. There seem to be quite a few principlas in the district who really lack
    2152                         peaople skills, in particularly.

           Teacher or school staff Listen to their suggestions and implement some of them
           Teacher or school staff let teachers teach and not put so much pressure on results.
           Teacher or school staff My STAR mentor nagged me rather than supported me
           Teacher or school staff give them time to collaborate
           Teacher or school staff Increase funding!

                                 Act like you think we know what we're doing. Enough with the lip service about respect, it was clear during the previous
           Teacher or school staff
                                 administration that not only were we not respectred, but not really liked much either. Principals who were groomed by her
    2158                         demonstrate the same disdain for teachers. Allow us to determine what additional education we need to improve our craft.
                                 Give teachers schedule paid PD time to collaborate with and share ideas, best lessons, lesson/lab developmetn etc, with
         Teacher or school staff
    2159                         colleagues who teach the same courses - do not bring in outside consultants.
                                 Stop introducing too many new concepts and instructional trainings each year. Resolve the state standards and stick with
         Teacher or school staff
    2160                         them.

         Teacher or school staff treat them with respect....like we are professionals. Some PD is condescending...all PD is not alike in effectiveness.
                                 Primary teachers need to understand the importance of phonemic awareness and decoding skills for young readers and
         Teacher or school staff
    2162                         incorporate that into curriculum. Also we need better training in indentifying dyslexic students.

         Teacher or school staff I think the current schedule of Professional Development Days is more than adequate for PD.
                                 Completely fund programs or cut them. Allow principles the power to hire and fire with more ease. Rethink the convoluted
         Teacher or school staff
    2164                         certification/re-certification process.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Give them more help in the classroom, tutors, have copies made, and more $
           Teacher or school staff see above.
           Teacher or school staff Support professional develpment in as many ways as possible.
           Teacher or school staff Less meetings, more time for teachers to collaborate
           Teacher or school staff keep instructional coaches, STAR mentors, and consulting teachers!
         Teacher or school staff see comments for #2
                                 One thing that I would appreciate is if the "district" would be very thoughtful about new initiatives, programs, text adaptions etc.
         Teacher or school staff
    2171                         It seems in the past things have not always been well thought out and then there are problems.
                                 Teachers and principals need a cohesive support staff to carry out the needs of their schools - beyond the classroom
                                 requirements. Counselors, IA's, administrative staff and of course, Career Centers give support to students for the
         Teacher or school staff
                                 surrounding requirements of the academic goals in any school. I believe there needs to be better training of all support staff to
    2172                         bring about consistent delivery of services within the school.

           Teacher or school staff More coaching and mentoring!
         Teacher or school staff More work shops
                                 Let them know they are treasured.
         Teacher or school staff
    2175                         HAve people supervising them who are competent.

           Teacher or school staff Smaller class sizes.
           Teacher or school staff mentors
           Teacher or school staff Add police
         Teacher or school staff They need plenty of resources at their disposal.
                                 Teachers and principals needs to have their own programs for individual school. Each school has it own population and
         Teacher or school staff
    2180                         needed for it self.

         Teacher or school staff stop the mandates that take time away from working with students, like testing.
                                 I think more should be done to also include related service personnel. I have learned about readers/writers workshop on my
         Teacher or school staff
    2182                         own, but it would be nice to have some information/training around important initiatives in the district
                                 More site based planning time and support. There are great resources within the buildings that cannot be utilized because of
         Teacher or school staff
    2183                         district mandates.

                                 Teachers need more paid collaboration and planning time. They need time to observe excellence in their own buildings so that
                                 they can learn from each other and build a culture of excellence from within as well as with support from the outside. Smaller
                                 class size and funding for arts-PE-recess-library, etc means that kids get a richer, physically healthier curriculum and can
         Teacher or school staff
                                 better attend when it is time to focus for reading-writing-math. If the state is not going to adequately fund schools, then I see no
                                 reason for schools to keep its "days in school" commitment to the state. When SPS cuts the days it serves the public (just like
                                 the library system does), and instead keeps class size low in the interst of children's learning, then maybe the taxpayers will
    2184                         pay attention and fund an income tax that will fund schools.
                                 Give them trainng in differnt methods of teaching, make sure they are qulaifed when working with special needs students-if you
                                 in fact want semi-inclusion. But the most important thing you can do is to make sure we have support for the families in the
         Teacher or school staff younger grades-hold parents accountable. We have many great teachers, and many very unsupportive parents. When we help
                                 the parents and suppport the students who are in the foster care or absusive homes-then and only then will our students
    2185                         actually learn.

           Teacher or school staff We have two teachers in our building, currently, who are not a good fit for our school (both were displaced and chose us). If
    2186                           the district could work this out so that we could hire instead of being chosen our students would benefit.

           Teacher or school staff More QUALIFIED STAR Mentors, not educators who simply are not interested in being in the classroom anymore.

           Teacher or school staff
    2188                             Reduce the amount of district required paperwork and tasks. Free them from their office so that they can lead our school.

           Teacher or school staff provide mentors
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From          Response Text
                                 Increase pay. Limit class size. Give each classroom a budget. Stop wasting money on small business development and get it
         Teacher or school staff
    2190                         to the classroom.
                                 Cut back on paper work and meetings; spending all day in a classroom with students is a fulltime job requiring energy and prep
         Teacher or school staff
    2191                         work and follow up.

           Teacher or school staff Our principal gives us a lot of autonomy to collaborate as science teachers, to evaluate student work together, create common
    2192                           formative and summative assessments and improve our curriulum. This model should be supported across the district.

           Teacher or school staff Make sure that all new teachers and principals have mentoring.
           Teacher or school staff mentoring and PLC's

                                     Listen to them. Listen to representative swaths of people from school communities. Stop hiring consultants. Grow our own
           Teacher or school staff
                                     from the excellent people we already have. Hire a local to be Superintendent -- better yet, groom a veteran teacher to be
    2195                             Superintendent, and remove the rule that disallows teachers and SPS employees from serving on the school board.

         Teacher or school staff professiional development, reduce class size
                                 I would be more concerned with teachers rather than principals. Teachers are in the classroom working wth the students.
         Teacher or school staff
    2197                         Principals can misinterpret what teachers are doing and student learning.
                                 PD, work time to track student achievement.
         Teacher or school staff
    2198                         1st year principals should meet with the teachers in their building once a month to check in and get feedback.

         Teacher or school staff Give us more time to do justice to surveys like this one
                                 support staff to assist with students, curriculum that works and is appropriate to students we have, not students we'd like to
         Teacher or school staff
    2200                         have.

           Teacher or school staff More money and respect.
         Teacher or school staff By lowering class size.
                                 Cut the number of mandatory PDs, meetings/trainings for school administrators and teachers. Provide opportunity for
                                 meaningful ongoing PD with feedback, rather than "one shot" workshops. The HS math workshops with Gini Stimpson and our
         Teacher or school staff
                                 in-house experts were very well put together and helpful. Develop a continuous theme where stuff like this can take place at
    2203                         individual sites (to make it more likely more teachers attend).
                                 see number one-respect, autonomy, allowing teachers to choose thier own PD. Get rid of the MAP. Expand STAR Mentor
                                 program, but do not use it as a propaganda tool to push district mandates. Re-examine the full inclusion mandate. It is
         Teacher or school staff
                                 pedagogically and logistically flawed, and there is not even close to enough financial support. We will continue to burn out our
    2204                         young teachers, who work in a climate of stress and fear.

         Teacher or school staff Listen to them. Let them make decisions and give input that counts.
                                 Let the teachers and principals develop the courses which they feel best fits and covers the state standards in the most
         Teacher or school staff
    2206                         effective way.

         Teacher or school staff Provide more time to plan. Allow access to the building on Saturday when needed.
                                 Ask Martin Floe, for example--while he may not have the most extensive set of ideas, it's helpful to have a lot of ideas to
         Teacher or school staff
    2208                         maximize the number of good ones, all else remaining equal.
                                 Principals need to be instructional leaders NOT just paper-pushers or number-crunchers. Principals are so bogged down with
         Teacher or school staff data and numbers they forget about kids and teachers. The test score pressure has to be decreased. We simply cannot
    2209                         continue like this.

           Teacher or school staff Provide teachers with more opportunities to collaborate
         Teacher or school staff Keep class sizes low.
                                 Set the bar higher for administrators; match their experience and record as an 'high performing teacher' in a 'general education'
                                 classroom of 30 with the abiiity to assess and evaluate, coach and track teachers on their staffs.
         Teacher or school staff Provdie effective ongoing management of people training for principals and monitor their performance regularly.
                                 Provide standards for parents and parent support so that their advice and direction in the form of 'assistance' do not undermine
    2212                         or derail the overall direction and mission of the whole district.
                                 Be visible in the schools, gain knowledge of a school's culture, strengths and challenges, do a needs assessment for each
         Teacher or school staff
    2213                         school
                                 We should ask you and your army of managers, coaches, and administrators... what can you do to help? Mainly, what I see is
         Teacher or school staff
    2214                         people trying to look busy, and create documentation to prove it.

           Teacher or school staff Treat them with respect, not only hollow words, but by listening and responding.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 Find the most successful teachers - by student standards, not anything else - and ask them to develop professional
         Teacher or school staff
                                 Create a mobile lending library of fantastic and inspiring books on education and each month visit a school and invite teachers
    2216                         to start book clubs around philosophies and inspirational stories.
                                 This is in response to a previous question on improvement: Spectrum/AP programs should be available in more schools so
         Teacher or school staff
    2217                         that we don't continue to lose students as they test in to spectrum or app

           Teacher or school staff Less top down pressure from high stakes testing and over emphasis on data
           Teacher or school staff NA
         Teacher or school staff Notice when teachers, principals, and support staff have done good work and make a public spectical.
                                 Communication- increase communication with school board and super- I have never seen either at any of my staff meeting or
         Teacher or school staff professional development days; Support their work- make their jobs easier not harder with strict board policies and complicated
    2221                         implementations of new strategies

           Teacher or school staff More training, more mentors, more evaluations and constructive criticism, more joint teaching
           Teacher or school staff The answer to question #2 in this section.

           Teacher or school staff
    2224                             Reduce paperwork - increase principals' time in buildings - hold principals to high standards - weed out incompetent ones

           Teacher or school staff Smaller class size. Less money spent on outside trainings and agencies ie "Courageous converstaions"
         Teacher or school staff Give teachers more time with the student
                                 PD for other areas. It feels like teachers always are in a position of advocating for themselves in an adversarial way with the
         Teacher or school staff
    2227                         district rather than the district feeling like a positive force supporting and encouraging teachers.
                                 Departments should be obligated to give first year teachers a fair class load (not 3 preps), and NOT the most difficult classes to
         Teacher or school staff
    2228                         teach, or the classes that nobody wants.

         Teacher or school staff Read teachers history (resumme)
                                 our kids need support so that their class time is productive. teachers are NOT social workers and psychologists and miracle
         Teacher or school staff
    2230                         workers, despite what the liars like Michelle Rhee are pedalling.

           Teacher or school staff Pay people in the school to mentor. Outside coaches are largely ineffective.
         Teacher or school staff include more opportunities for mentor teachers for anyone who wants to work with one, not just first year teachers
                                 Allow more bottom up decision making
         Teacher or school staff
    2233                         More adult (IAs, tutors, support staff) needed to help students individually as classes become larger, etc

         Teacher or school staff Increase the funding and support for the STAR Program for new teachers.
                                 Present curricular resources at central trainings, trust teachers to adapt units at building level under curriculum leadership of
         Teacher or school staff
    2235                         the principal, not the coaches.

         Teacher or school staff More time for the coaches to be in the schools modeling lessons and classroom management.
                                 scrap the current evaluation system that punishes innovative, excellent teachers and rewards weak teachers who do whatever
                                 the principal or district dictates. the same is true for principals; the district rewards the principals who do whatever they are told,
         Teacher or school staff and tries to punish effective leaders who are responsive to the staff, students, and community (i.e. Principal Floe of Ingraham)
                                 teachers and principals should be evaluated by a combination of students, parents, and community, (and teachers in the case
    2237                         of principals)

           Teacher or school staff Where are the workshops? Why aren't they required? People do not seem to be aware of them.
           Teacher or school staff Additional paid time for planning at Elementary levels.
           Teacher or school staff Give more autonomy and ask for more accountability
           Teacher or school staff to have weekly meetings.
           Teacher or school staff see # 2 above
           Teacher or school staff more in class support staff and assistance with students, especially those with behavioral and social challenges
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                  From              Response Text

           Teacher or school staff Hold principals accountable for supporting and monitoring teachers in their teaching, encourage/require school-wide adoption
    2244                           of curricula, such as the teacher's college readers/writer's workshop program. Olympic Hills is a model to look at.

         Teacher or school staff run 10 laps every morning
                                 If Directors support building more with discipline issues and follow through than principals can provide teachers/staff with
         Teacher or school staff
    2246                         adequate supervision and evaluation to ensure quality teaching.

         Teacher or school staff late start Friday mornings; time to work together, not in curriculum development, but in reflection on student work
                                 If you are going to loose your job for speaking up because admin retaliates and SEA says that is what will happen, where do
         Teacher or school staff you go. There are no less than 5 staff in current building who sit shaking in their cars before they come in each AM. Safety
    2248                         increases learning and growth for students and staff.

         Teacher or school staff Smaller class size; time for communication and collaboration.
                                 Appropriate professional development for all staff. Is general ed the only cert staff that need appropriate professional
         Teacher or school staff development? SLP's need money to attend workshops. Why aren't PD dollars are equally distributed? I really need more
    2250                         than IEP online training every year to be a good SLP.

         Teacher or school staff Getting them the things they really need to make that year work.
                                 well, stop cutting our pay (I realize this was a state decision). When we are forced to find second jobs because our pay is so
         Teacher or school staff low, it takes our energy away from our students. Professional development hasn't been all that relevent especially for special
    2252                         education. CPR is no longer offered and we aren't paid enough to pay for it ourselves.

           Teacher or school staff not sure
           Teacher or school staff More money
                                   In PD, it depends on whom is leading the PD. If it's disorganized or poorly run, then it's not worth the valuable time we could
                                   use for grading/teaching. If it's well run, it's brilliant.

                                     Time for curriculum integration/developing project based research/grading.
           Teacher or school staff
                                     More student-led and parent-teacher conferences (as per parent feed back).

    2255                             More time.

         Teacher or school staff allow staff to hire their own principals, don't assign one and tell us it will be great, it's not
                                 By listening to teachers' needs and opinions (since they're in the trenches, and showing principals how to listen to teachers and
         Teacher or school staff
    2257                         give them accomodations,

         Teacher or school staff Trust what they have to say; come and visit the school and classrooms on a regular basis
                                 Get rid of administrators who fire effective principals for no reason.
         Teacher or school staff Get rid of the truly awful principals who get in teachers' way.
    2259                         Trust most of the teachers to know what they're doing. Get rid of the truly weak teachers.

           Teacher or school staff $$$, smaller class sizes, mentorship and community
           Teacher or school staff see # 2

                                     Give principals training on how to meet and have meaningful, within the law, positive evaluations.

                                     Teachers work such LONG hours, often more than the highest paid administrators in the district who often leave at 4 or 5 pm.
                                     Get off the teachers' backs and be thankful that they perform such necessary, demanding work. Help to shift the current
                                     national public image from a "witch hunt" to one of respect, caring and high regard.
           Teacher or school staff
                                     Also stop adopting new curriculum every two years. One feels that administrative coaches justify their jobs by finding the new
                                     "silver bullet" every few years. Instead, put those monies for materials purchase and professional development into the
                                     classroom. Although the current math programs need to be changed because they are not effective.

                                     Principals now need to spend so much time on evaluations and paper work that they spend little time with the students in
    2262                             common areas of cafeterias, bus loading zones and playgrounds. They need to be visible and recognizable by their students.

           Teacher or school staff The STAR mentor program was a worthy program that helped me in my first year of teaching.
                                                      Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From         Response Text
                                 Professional Development: Provide a variety of options for coursework to everyone, i.e. allow CTE, Special Ed, ELL or other
                                 content areas to utilize professional development funds to help their teachers become better in their craft/ skill -- not just in the
                                 math, science, literacy areas.
                                 Induction: New teachers are exposed to so many requirements; they tell me they are inundated with expectations. Maybe
                                 bombarded is the word, but certainly they are overloaded. Pull back on expectations for them.
         Teacher or school staff
                                 Strategic Planning: Our district, in aiming for Excellence, is overloaded and top-heavy with too many goals. The vision, mission
                                 statement should be simple -- i.e. Helping students achieve their dreams. The strategic plans should also be built on a solid,
                                 realistic foundation for ALL students, not those that would only enter a 4 year college, and be prepared as if this was the only
                                 route in their life. Those that wouldn't choose a 4 year college are automatically alienated, when they have no other choices
    2264                         provided.

           Teacher or school staff Give schools and principals more freedom in planning professional development for staff meetings.

           Principal/ School Leader
    2266                              Stop letting non-educators make educational decisions. Have leaders that have actually taught for years in the classroom.

                                  You have support for teachers. You do not have support for principals. They should not be lumped together. Ask the principals
                                  and then listen to what they say. Right now principals feel that you are "out to get them." HR does not support principals.
         Principal/ School Leader Enrollment services creates issues for schools and enjoys watching them run through an obstacle course. Where would
                                  schools be without principals? Given the disrespect and direct assaults on principals, you are lucky that anything is functioning
                                  in SPS. You should thank your lucky stars every day for the many things principals have done to save the Board from many
    2267                          issues which the Board has help to create. With 6696, you have minimized SPS's ability to attract the best principals.

         Principal/ School Leader Provide principals a structure for supporting teachers that can be followed.
                                  Require some trainings for all teachers or those with specific endorcements. The work with TC is great, but shouldn't be
         Principal/ School Leader
    2269                          optional. Math needs a lot of work - I look forward to seeing how the summer PD session goes.

           Principal/ School Leader They need to be in the classrooms of successful teachers and see what they are doing.
           Principal/ School Leader Having more academic coaches available.
           Principal/ School Leader provide time during the day for PD and let principals stay at their building
           Principal/ School Leader Smaller school communities. (see a very strong trend here?!)
         Principal/ School Leader Provide follow-through and continuing support for the new skills they are learning.
                                  Spending more time observing others experts in classroom management, and reflecting on the techniques used to encourage
         Principal/ School Leader
    2275                          student participation would be areas which would better support the new teacher.
                                  What little pd is available in science is effective it is just that there is not enough. The new teachers in my building didn't get
         Principal/ School Leader
    2276                          any support from central just our school. Does this exist?

         Principal/ School Leader Need universal mapping of curriculum
                                  Assign a mentor for each, so they do not spend time trying to figure out the system and who to talk to. My first year as a
         Principal/ School Leader principal was a nightmare as I didn't know who to talk to get things done...it took a dozen phone calls on one topic to find an
    2278                          answer.

           Principal/ School Leader Courage & Renewal retreats for all staff so that Parker Palmer is a easily recognized name.
         Principal/ School Leader Continue the PD for 1st and 2nd year teachers
                                  New iniatitives should continue to be district-wide to better support schools (with some room to deviate to best meet the needs
         Principal/ School Leader
    2281                          of your students)

           Principal/ School Leader A focus and implementation of quality coaching

           Principal/ School Leader By making expectations clear and achievable. Holding teachers at Emerson accountable to the same standard of classroom
    2283                            management in their first year is not reasonable. Planning and Prep would have been a better place to start.

           Principal/ School Leader Supervise and evaluate appropriately.
           Principal/ School Leader By allowing them to again hire the best teachers to serve on each school's team.
           Principal/ School Leader adequate pay, consistent information from administration, adequate staffing, principal control of staffing
           Principal/ School Leader Provide them with a mentor for the first three years.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Central Office employee Train them not just on instruction but also on day to day processes and procedures that are required of them.
         Central Office employee I don't know
                                 Hire principals with a rich teaching history. Principals should be the instructional leaders of the school, but yopung principals
         Central Office employee lack both the teaching experience to help teachers learn to teach, and the life experience tpo manage teachers with years of
    2290                         experience.

           Central Office employee Hire more and keep them on; quite laying off.
         Central Office employee I think this is to limited a question. Induction needs to be for all staff.
                                 Consistency and timeliness in decision-making in HR and Legal would empower principals and program managers to take
         Central Office employee action with greater confidence. A stronger new employee orientation, including all aspects of the job duties (systems, forms,
    2293                         equipment, safety), and a first time supervisor training program would be a great help.
                                 Reduce the maximum student load for teachers to no more than 120 students (secondary) or 24 (elementary)
         Central Office employee
    2294                         Reduce the maximum teacher load for principals to no more than 15 (elementary and secondary)

           Central Office employee RECOGNITION BY PEERS
           Central Office employee Hold the poor performing employees accountable.
           Central Office employee Executive Directors need to direct principals to make supporting beginning teachers at the building a priority.
           Central Office employee reduce cental admin. down to 6% and add counselors back to the WSS
         Central Office employee Train more. More connection to central office support availability
                                 I can't say it enough....you have to start monitoring and properly evaluating your staff. Weed out the bad ones, and work to
         Central Office employee
    2300                         improve the support of your best employees.

           Central Office employee principals need to be in schools, not in meetings downtown!
           Central Office employee Clearly defined expectations and goals and consistent accountability across all staff.
         Central Office employee focus on basic education
                                 Empowering HR to partner with the ed departments to develop a services to meet their needs. This takes staff and HR cannot
         Central Office employee
    2304                         do this due to the constant leadership change and the extreme cuts in staff.

           Central Office employee Integrated professional development of ELL, SPED, AP and content areas
           Central Office employee Listen to them and others.
         Central Office employee Train support staff and hold them accountable
                                 Stop cutting resources to schools while pursing expensive initiatives. Put more dollars back into schools. My wife has 29 first-
         Central Office employee
    2308                         grade students in her classroom. Hire more teachers.
                                 You cannot ask people to rate the effectiveness of PD in all of the content areas at once. There are differences in the quality
         Central Office employee
    2309                         of the PD in the different content areas.
                                 Ensure that teachers, principals and even other staff - at first and on an ongoing basis have peer mentors and opportunity for
         Central Office employee
    2310                         collaboration

         Central Office employee Reduce class size; professional development support; classroom support; and reduce principals work load
                                 Give them what they want in their contracts. So they want to teach our kids. Right now i see them not willing to teach to their
         Central Office employee
    2312                         potential because of the way their contract is now.
                                 By listening to them and providing them with what they need in classrooms to be more effective, less paperwork more teaching
         Central Office employee
    2313                         time.
                                 FIRST- screen OUT those who don't belong in class rooms with children. Hold ALL to a standard. Make them accountable for
         Central Office employee
    2314                         student success or failure. NO excuses! Cultural understanding, love for ALL children is a MUST!

           Central Office employee
    2315                             Provide new teachers with support - coach, mentor, a contact person in HR or Central Office for questions and issues.

         Central Office employee By supporting THEIR support staff, for one.
                                 Again...every body needs to be on the same page - instructional guides are there to support all our teachers but especially our
         Central Office employee beginning teachers. We all need to be encouraging all of our teachers to follow the suggested course outline and time line
    2317                         window.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From             Response Text

           Central Office employee Take away their iPads! Get down to basics.
         Central Office employee Improve professional development
                                 I like the fact that we have open dialogue now between the supe and the school staff--that has not been available for a long
         Central Office employee
    2320                         time

           Central Office employee No Opinion

           Central Office employee
    2322                             More PD in the use of high leverage teaching moves and best practices in curriculum/assessment design (in context of PG&E).

         Central Office employee More professional development for integrating technology into the classroom.
                                 I'm not sure, but I'm hoping the new evaluation system will help provide everyone the input they need to improve or feel
         Central Office employee
    2324                         validated.
                                 Make sure the classroom environment truly connects with all the kids so that kids are eager to learn both in and out of the box--
         Central Office employee
    2325                         allow creativity.
                                 Stop letting these parent who condone bad behavior in schools get the message it wont be tolerated, it becomes a big
         Central Office employee
    2326                         distraction to everybody.

           Central Office employee give them more direction and guidance so they do not have to do it themselves.
           Central Office employee Help with the extra work of things like budgeting, etc., so they can focus on teaching and learning
           Central Office employee Mentoring, peer supports, peer review without affecting performance evaluation.

                                 More mentors, but most of all, more COUNSELORS for the children who come from a broken or less-than-favorable home
                                 environment. Teachers (and principals), unless they have the proper training, are not QUALIFIED to deal with disruptive
         Central Office employee
                                 students and should NOT be expected to increase their workload by taking on such a job they may not be qualified to do - it is
                                 UNFAIR to them AND it is UNFAIR to the students who do want to learn. More monitoring of behaviorally disruptive students
    2330                         is a possible solution, but you cannot effect such a thing by CUTTING counselor positions just to balace the district budget.

           Central Office employee More mentors and coaches. Collaboration between instructional leaders and principals. Same training. Same PLCs
         Central Office employee Expand the induction program to 3 years
                                 For number three it would be better if you had a seperate question for each of the subject areas of math, science, and literacy.
         Central Office employee
    2333                         The quality of each varies. The science PD is the strongest and next is the math PD.

           Central Office employee Provide professional development training, peer support/collaboration
         Central Office employee listen more/know the questions to ask/eliminate fear as something that keeps principals from telling the truth
                                 By more tightly tying evaluations (weakness and strengths) to professional development we could make a better case for
         Central Office employee
    2336                         managing teacher performance.

           Central Office employee More consulting teachers and principals
         Central Office employee Ask them and value their opinion!
                                 Choosing a few strong areas for everyone to really focus on and improve- it sometimes feels like there are too many new
         Central Office employee materials, ideas, pedagogies being introduced. It would be better to really focus on a few of these and allow time for our
    2339                         system and it's teachers to get really good at it.

           Central Office employee Give principals more management training so they understand how to manage teachers and schools more effectively.
         Central Office employee keep everyone informed
                                 Principals are Cheif Educaters of an instutute. Not the Cheif of Managing a buiding like a lanlord. Central Office needs to run
         Central Office employee
    2342                         the buldings, as Prinipals educate it.
                                 Provide a weekly forum, and the space for them to do it... Elementary teachers at Salmnon Bay do not have therie own
                                 lounge... the upper grades have on up on the 3rd floor... everyone is separated and there is o one place where teachers all
         Central Office employee
                                 hang out regularly.. They dont feel connected to staff, the principal, or the comuity... the parents... brecause the is no where to
    2343                         hang out... and just relax...

           Central Office employee Hire more support staff in order to decrease workload so we can support the teachers and principals.
           Central Office employee Lower class sizes as soon as budget allows.
                                                     Q15. How can we better support teachers and principals?
#                   From            Response Text

           Central Office employee Mentoring programs that are not stetched so thin would be great!
         Central Office employee Offering workshops/classes on the latest teaching technologies available
                                 Engage in more aggressive fundraising to get more money back into schools, providing social workers and school counselors
         Central Office employee
    2348                         to help address some of the social emotional needs of students.

           Central Office employee Provide clear mandates/expectations around academics - adopted programs and curricular.
           Central Office employee STAR is a good model. Keep improving it and find out the optimum staffing of it
           Central Office employee follow up support after training; principals need to work more in classrooms to model for new teachers.
           Central Office employee Keep on supporting and don't make changes.
           Central Office employee I am not sure.
           Central Office employee By providing more timely and accurate information.
           Central Office employee Giving them the resources they need as well as the professional development and mentoring they need.

                                 Have common prep with a mentor teacher IN the school, extra pay for the mentor teacher, common curriculum across district,
         Central Office employee new teachers spend WAY too much time developing lessons off the internet. A common curriculum would allow teachers to
                                 spend more time adapting lessons to best fit the needs of their students rather than come up with a catch -all lesson that might
    2356                         work. This would also increase collaboration around teaching topics within the school and across district.

         Central Office employee All trainings need to be accessed by our special education teachers and ELL teachers to support student growth.
                                 Have s elected advisory councils of teachers and principals that meet regularly with central office administration ; encourage
         Central Office employee
    2358                         similar regional bodies for cross pollination of ideas and strategies
                                 As a District we need to do more to recognize the work that teachers and principals are doing. In a time of limited resources,
         Central Office employee there are many teachers and principals who continue to strive for the best for the students in the Seattle School District. I think
    2359                         we need to do a better job of recognizing that - and rewarding them.

         Central Office employee listen to what they say they are the ones in the classrooms everyday.
                                 Make it easier to retain high-performing 1st year teachers by revising our union contract to factor in performance as a higher
         Central Office employee
    2361                         priority than seniority for obtaining and retaining teaching positions.

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