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									How to Recruit for Network Marketing
I remember when I first joined a network marketing company.  I answered a “job” ad in the
paper, trotted down to an office meeting and was shown a presentation on this wonderful

The presentation was impressive, but it’s not what got me to join. I joined because I liked the
idea behind the marketing plan. It was the opportunity to make great monthly residual income
that really got me excited.

I didn’t even know what a multiple level marketing company was at the time. And I had never
done sales.

But I said ‘yes’ and promptly put my credit card down for $68...the joining fee.

So there I was, “in business.”

But, I didn’t know how to recruit.

So, now what?

Make a list of your family and friends...of course.


Wear a big button....

Double Yuck....

Go make 10,000 flyers and put 500 flyers a day on cars.


This is how to recruit?

It didn’t sound like fun at fact it made me a little queezy.

But I liked the marketing plan, and I figured my upline knew what they were I gave it
a try.

Sort of.

To be honest, my heart was never really in it. That recruiting strategy just never made sense to
me...and quite frankly, I’d rather watch paint dry.
How to Recruit for Network Marketing: Come from a
Position of Strength
Now, don’t get me wrong...there are many people who have built successful businesses using
these tactics.

And many people learned how to recruit this way.

But that was back in the ’80’s and 90’s before the Internet boom and caller i.d.

Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to get someone on the phone these days who doesn’t want to
talk to you.

One of the keys to success in this industry to come from a position of strength...and that’s hard to
do when you are chasing someone down the street or making cold calls.

It’s far more valuable to zero in on what you have to offer and the gift you can bring to someone
else’s life.

You see, it’s really not about making a sale.

It’s about helping people.

That’s how to recruit.

And that’s where the fun comes in.

How to Recruit for Network Marketing: Put the Fun Back In

One of the best ways to find out if you can help someone is to ask questions.

Ask a lot of questions.

Not just boring business questions either, but find out about them...their family, friends, hobbies
and their goals.

Find out what’s working for them in their life and what is not.

Once you find out what they need...or what is missing in their life or business...then you can
determine the best way to help them.

And that’s fun!

When you approach your business from the point of view of helping other people...the rewards
go far beyond just the monetary value.

I mean, how cool is it to see people that you have helped find success?

And it inspires you to go on even when you're facing obstacles or seeming insurmountable

And that's the secret on how to recruit for network marketing.




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Original Article By: Kalei Beamon


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