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									                                            CURRICULUM VITAE

                                      Jean Providence NZABONIMPA,
                            Diploma (Child rights, Lund University - Sweden)
                       Honours B.A. (French-English-Education, KIE - Rwanda)
             Postgraduate Honours B.A. (Translation Studies, UNISA – South Africa)
        Master of Research (Social and Educational Research Methods, KIE - Rwanda)
       MA (Linguistics with Specialization in Translation Studies, UNISA – South Africa)
       PhD student (Social Science Methods – University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

First name: Jean Providence
Nationality: Rwandan
Date of Birth: 5th March, 1973
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male
Mobile Phone: +250 (0)788 30 7850
Correspondence address: Population Services International (PSI Rwanda)
                            Department of Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
                            P.O. Box 3040 Kigali


Currently a full-time Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialist and a Freelance
Translator / Interpreter, previously a Research Assistant, a lecturer and a language teacher
(Translation & Interpretation combining English, French, and Kinyarwanda) at Kigali Institute
of Education. Since 2002, I have provided professional translation services to national and
international institutions as well as individual. I have proven experience in translation/
interpretation in the fields of public health, economics and finance, railway engineering, law,
education, Bible, gender, administration, human rights, research, etc. I am also one of the 7
associate founder members and Public Relations Officer of the legally registered
professional translation agency, Accurate Translation Company – Rwanda (ATCR, Ltd).
Besides translation, I am also a researcher in public health sector (HIV/AIDS, Malaria
prevention, reproductive health and family planning, child survival and nutrition) since 2008.


I translate/interpret from/into Kinyarwanda (mother tongue), French (fluent) and English
(fluent). I do proofreading/editing in Kinyarwanda. I also translate from Swahili into any of
the three languages above.
-   Translation rate from/into English and French: 0.07 USD per word or 16 USD per
    page (Times New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 Spacing)
-   Translation rate from/into Kinyarwanda: 0.08 USD per word or 18 USD per page
    (Times New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 Spacing)
-   Proofreading/editing in Kinyarwanda: 0.04 USD per word or 9 USD per page (Times
    New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 Spacing)
-   Proofreading/editing in English and French: 0.03 per word or 7 USD per page (Times
    New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 Spacing)

Payment methods: Western Union

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From 2011 to-date: PhD student (part-time), Social Science Methods (Specialization:
Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation). University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Department
of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Registration No. 16154169;

2009, MA in Linguistics with Specialization in Translation Studies, University of South
Africa (UNISA) – Department of Linguistics (Translation Studies), Registration number 3736-
632-7; 2008-2009; Master’s by virtue of dissertation only, Topic: “Investigating lexical
simplification of Latin-based loan terms in English-to-French legal translations: A corpus-
based study”.

2008, Master of Research in Social and Educational Research Methods, programme
completed under the tutorship of UK research scholars (Professor Pamela ABBOTT,
Professor Roger SAPSFORD, and Professor Claire WALLACE as external examiner), Kigali
Institute of Education.

2007, Diploma in Child Rights, Classroom and School Management, Lund University
Education, Sweden 2007/Rwanda 2008: The training included the foundations of human
rights; the child rights; democratic learning; field visits to Swedish schools; gender and
education, citizenship and education, environmental education, child rights-based thematic

2006, Postgraduate Honours B.A. in Linguistics with specialization in Translation
Studies, (Language combination: English-French), University of South Africa, 2006-2007:
Key Modules completed include
- Method and Function of Translation : text analysis and translation methods and strategies
   to deal with non-equivalence – practical translation in general texts;
- Translation for Specific Purposes: specialised text types and practical translation
   including but not limited to financial, legal, medical, and pharmaceutical texts; terminology
   skills for translators and interpreters; the use of translation management software such as
   Wordfast and P-tools)
- Perspectives on Translation and Interpreting Studies: theory and practice in translation
   with a particular focus on financial, economics, and business translation;
- Translation Research and Professional Practice: professional translation management,
   conducting translation-oriented research; revising and editing skills for translators;
   practical sworn translation; literary translation, etc.

2004, Honours B.A. with Education (Distinction), French-English-Education, Kigali Institute
of Education.
- French subjects include French literature and language; French grammar, style, writing
    techniques; text analysis; French linguistics; methods of teaching French language,
    applied linguistics in French; etc.
- English subjects include English literature and language; discourse analysis; pragmatics;
    sociolinguistics; psycholinguistics; translation and interpretation; second language
    acquisition; semantics; grammatical analysis; etc
- Education subjects include Educational Foundations and Management; Educational
    Psychology; Educational Measurement and Evaluation; Sociology of Education;
    Developmental Psychology; Contemporary Issues in Education; etc.

Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education in Languages, (with Distinction)
Language subjects including translations from/into French, English, Kinyarwanda, and
Swahili, Ecole des Lettres de Gatovu, Rwanda, 1998.

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December 2010: E-DELTA Social Marketing Planning for Water Treatment Products (Sur’Eau
     and Pur) – Le Printemps Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

August 2010: West and Central Africa Regional Research Training, Abidjan (Ivory Coast) from
     August 23-29, 2010 at IVOTEL Hotel. Training focused on Monitoring and Evaluation of
     Projects; Triangulation and data verification

July 2010: Mapping and GIS methodology in Social Marketing. Training program covered:
       Introduction to Managing Access and Performance (MAP), MAP for coverage and quality
       of coverage; Coverage & the LQAS approach: sampling, analysis; MAP for access; MAP
       for project planning, reporting, and advocacy: GIS applications; Use of HealthMapper;
       Introduction to Google Earth.

May 2010: Malaria and Child Survival Research, Monitoring & Evaluation tools, Nairobi
     (Kenya) from 24-28 May, Jacaranda Hotel. Topics covered include: Malaria biology and
     epidemiology; malaria control interventions, treatment and diagnosis; malaria prevention
     and treatment questionnaires: target groups, sampling and combining prevention and
     treatment studies; Measuring treatment and prevention behaviour (purpose level) using
     the questionnaires; Data analysis: constructing the behaviour (levels, classifications of
     nets and anti-malarials), merging datasets; Data quality assurance

2010: Certificate of Course Completion “Youth Reproductive Health”, online course, Global
       Health eLearning Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for
       Communication Programs. Modules completed include: Reproductive Health/ STI Issues
       Facing Young People; Sexual and Contraceptive Behavior of Youth; Reaching Young
       People with RH/HIV Information; Reaching Young People with RH/HIV Services;
       Pregnancy Prevention for Young People; HIV and STI Prevention for Young People;
       Youth Involvement, Reproductive Health/HIV Integration

2010: Certificate of Course Completion in Global Health “Monitoring & Evaluation
       Fundamentals” Global Health eLearning Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
       Public Health, Center for Communication Programs. Modules completed include:
       Monitoring and Evaluations Plans and Frameworks; Monitoring and Evaluations
       Indicators; Data sources, collection, and use

2010: Certificate of Course Completion “Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks for HIV/AIDS
       Programs”; PEPFAR eLEARNING CENTER, Modules completed include: Monitoring &
       Evaluation Framework Basics for HIV/AIDS Programs; Monitoring & Evaluation in a Public
       Health Context; Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks; Developing and Operationalizing a
       Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks; Linking Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks to

2010: Certificate of Course Completion “Data Quality”; PEPFAR eLEARNING CENTER,
       Modules completed include: Introduction to Data Quality and Data Management; Data
       Quality Dimensions; Functional Areas of Data Management Systems.

2009: Certificate of Participation – Social Marketing Planning for Health Impact –
      training organized by Population Services International, Kigali Rwanda.

2009: Certificate of Completion awarded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)
      Office of Extramural Research awarded this certificate after successfully completing
      the NIH Web-based training course “Protecting Human Research Participants”.

2007: Certificate of Participation – Child rights promotion through children’s literature
       (cartoons and albums) organized by the Association pour la Diffusion de la Culture,
       des Langues, du Livre et de la Lecture (A.D.C.3L.) in partnership with Professor
       Michel DEFOURNY from Université de Liège (Belgium), Kigali.
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2005: Certificate of Participation - Partners in Learning with a focus on measurement,
       evaluation, and management of school data with the use of ICT, organized by
       MINEDUC in collaboration with Microsoft, World Links and the Regional ICT Training
       and Research Center, Kigali.

1996: Certificate of Participation - Time-spaced seminars on Techniques of Survey and
       Interviews, Techniques of Communication, Trauma, Child Psychology, Adult
       Psychology, Philosophy of Volunteering, Identification of Vulnerable People (CARE


From 2007 – to-date: Freelance translator in the areas:
   - Development and public health
   - Localization of Microsoft from English into Kinyarwanda
   - Legal and human resource documents

July 2009 to-date: Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialist, Department of
Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Population Services International (PSI/Rwanda), P.O.
Box 3040 Kigali, Rwanda

July 2008 – June 2009: Full-time Research Assistant in a DFID-funded research project:
Girls into Science and Technology, Partnerships between Kigali Institute of Education (KIE),
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, National University of Rwanda and DeLPHE
(Development Partnerships in Higher Education) – Key responsibilities include:

March 2006 – June 2009: Translation consultant at Population Services International
(PSI/Rwanda). Working languages: French, English, and Kinyarwanda. Documents in the
area of public health have been translated and they include Research questionnaires,
research reports, procedures manuals, contracts, etc.

2007 – 2009: Translation consultant for Clinton Foundation (Rwanda). Field: Health,
working languages: French, English, and Kinyarwanda.

2004 – 2009: Time-spaced translation services for PETROCOM/ UFAMETAL – Kigali (Oil
transportation firm/hardware factory), Field: Business correspondences, working languages:
Kinyarwanda, French, and English

2008 – 2009: World Bank – Rwanda Country Office – Time-spaced translation services.
Documents translated are related to socio-economic and health care aspects of the
Mutuelles de Santé/Rwanda, and the documents entitled “Local Business Investment
Climate Survey 2008” (English to Kinyarwanda & English to French), “Rwanda Impact
Evaluation Survey” (From English and French into Kinyarwanda).

2006 – 2008: Lecturer in the subjects Translation and Interpretation (language
combinations: English-French & English/French-Kinyarwanda) and a French and English
instructor at Kigali Institute of Education – Kigali, Rwanda.

July – November 2008: Translated for Winnie Ching a booklet entitled “The Key of
Immediate Enlightenment” and localized its prospective web content from English into
Kinyarwanda. This is related to Bible or Christian or religious faiths.

August-September 2008: translated for DB International – the German Railway - the
Feasibility Study for the Isaka – Kigali – Burundi Railway Project, 2 documents entitled
“Administration, Operation and Maintenance Buildings (Architecture)” and “The Permanent

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March 2008: Co-translated a document entitled “Financial Sector Reforms: Assessing
Financial Sector Reforms in Eastern Africa, Case of EAC and CEPGL” for UN Economic
Commission for Africa – English into French.

June 2008: Translation consultancy for Applied Languages Solutions, Document
translated: Tenancy agreement; English into Kinyarwanda

December 2007: Proofreader for LON International Translation Services Stanleystraat 2
4562 AW HULST The Netherlands ( Document: HNK07118:
Beer Challenge Final Version, working languages: English to Kinyarwanda

12-13 December 2007: Translation/Interpretation consultancy for Catholic Agency for
Overseas Development (CAFOD), Field: Training on Project Monitoring for CAFOD’s
partners, Working languages: from/into English and French, Kigali – Rwanda

27 Feb 2007: Interpretation services for Awareness Project – Rwanda. Field: Family
planning – from/into French and English

November 2006: Translation Consultancy at the Ministry of Infrastructures – Kigali,
Rwanda. Field: policy document (urbanization: Nyagatare master plan) – Working
languages: English and French

May 30 to June 2, 2006: Interpreter for International Alert – Great Lakes Program, Kigali –
Rwanda Area: Conflict management, development, and reconciliation - Working
languages: English and French

June 2005 to March 2006: Full-time translator, Population Services International (PSI)
Kigali – Rwanda documents translated include but not limited to family planning,
reproductive health, malaria, employment contracts and procedure manuals,
HIV/AIDS, social marketing, peer education programs; working languages: English,
French, and Kinyarwanda.

Jan - June 2005: Translation consultancy, Population Services International (PSI) Kigali
– Rwanda documents translated include Youth Employability Life Skills – Training Manual,
Marketing, Human Resource documents, etc. Working languages: Kinyarwanda, French, and

March – June 2005: Full-time English and French teacher, APAPER Secondary School
Kigali – Rwanda

Jan 2004 – June 2005: Time-spaced translator/interpreter, Wise Consult, Kigali –
Rwanda, Field: customer care, strategic planning, marketing, management, etc. Working
languages: French and English.

2002: Time-spaced translator/interpreter, HealthNet International and Nursing Division,
Ministry of Health, Kigali – Rwanda Workshops on nurses’ code of conduct and statutes
(working languages: Kinyarwanda, French, and English)

Jan – March 2005: Full-time English and French teacher, Martyrs Secondary School
Remera, Kigali – Rwanda
Jan - June 2005: Part-time English Language teacher and Language Programme
Coordinator (Evening program), Wise Consult, Kigali – Rwanda

June 2000 - Sept 2004: Part-time English teacher, Baptist English Teaching Centre
(Evening program), Kigali – Rwanda

1998 -1999: Full-time English and French teacher, FIC - ADEBU Secondary School,
Ruhengeri, Kigali – Rwanda

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    Computer skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
    Skilled in the use of Wordfast and P-Tools – translation memory and terminology
     management software;
    Frequent and skilled user of the Internet;
    Skilled in glossary compilation.


1. Dr Kim Wallmach, PhD
  Senior Lecturer in Translation/Interpreting Studies
  University of South Africa
  Department of Linguistics : Translation Studies
  Tel: +27 012 429 6787
  Cell phone : +27 082 922 5621
  P.O. Box 392, Unisa 0003
  Pretoria - South Africa

2. Professor Benda Ndomba Samuel, PhD
  Kigali Institute of Education
  Faculty of Arts and Languages
  Department of Languages and Linguistics
  Cellphone: +250 08619320
  P.O. Box 5039 Kigali, Rwanda

3. Dr Olivier Wittezaele
   Accredited Conference Interpreter (SATI)
   Department of French: Head
   North-West University
   Private Bag X6001 Potchefstroom 2520
   Phone: +27 18 299 46 92/15
   Cell: +27 84 512 75 95
   Fax: +27 18 299 15 62
   South Africa

I certify that the information provided in this CV is true, complete, and correct to my best

Done in Kigali, on 24 May 2012

Jean Providence NZABONIMPA

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