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PHP is very well known and popular server side scripting language, widely used by the web developers
around the world to develop variety of web applications and solutions. Organizations and developers
prefer to us PHP for developing any kind of applications due to its ample benefits and freedom it offers to

Simultaneously, AJAX has gained tremendous success and popularity in recent years due to its ability to
deliver most dynamic and customizable applications and solutions. It empowers websites to interact with
the web server without refreshing entire web page and thus, reducing the page load time and make
websites faster.

Combining AJAX & PHP offers powerful and effective platform to the web developers by allowing them to
develop more dynamic and efficient web applications. Rich & robust features of AJAX & PHP guarantees
to have high quality web applications.

Benefits of Combining AJAX & PHP:

       Ease of communication with server. Enables PHP Programmers or AJAX Programmers to
        develop website, which doesn’t need to be refreshed every time the request made.
       Helps to reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by web applications.
       Enable AJAX Website Programmers to develop website which requires very less data transfer
        then the traditional ones.

Are you planning to enhance your existing website performance? Looking for fully customized web
application comprises of power of both AJAX & PHP? You come to right place.

Who we are?

We @ Addon Solutions have been in forefront for developing creative and effective web applications
using PHP. Utilizing rich features of AJAX in consort with PHP is quite difficult. With the years of
experience and expertise in developing variety of AJAX and PHP based applications, we have team of
world class AJAX website programmers PHP-AJAX Web App Development.

Services we offer include:

       PHP-Ajax Website Development
       PHP App Development using AJAX
       PHP Programming
       Web 2.0 Based Application Development
       AJAX Web App Development

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