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					Debating their religious beliefs has got many in a tizzy. However, the need to follow the
path where one chooses to is a choice. They took a slow turn in the 1990’s and were
relatively silent for a while. Santana came back with a bang however, with their albums
Supernatural and Shama. This had people flocking to get to know them more and they have
made their mark in the hearts of the current generation and the rocker crowd.

The generation that prefers pop, rhythm and blues, hip hop, rap, country, religious music
may not find his music suitable to their tastes. But then to each his or her own! A diehard
fan will always want to listen to their music at any time in his or her life. The famous
numbers that have been belted out to the general public are black magic woman, smooth,
soul sacrifice, and others.

The soulful guitarist Carlos Santana has displayed his talent, energy and thirst to share his
passion with his vast audience. The stellar performances that they have showcased over the
past four decades have made them a force to reckon with in the entertainment world. In
spite of the ups and downs in their personal lives the group has shown that they have come
out of their unfortunate difficulties and are here to stay.

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