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 Hosted Predictive Dialers

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VoIP Essential's predictive dialer solution is a unified multi-channel communication system that
enables businesses to manage contacts, information flow, and workforce more effectively and
profitably in a single solution with visible benefits.

It is a complete communication suite for both domestic & international calling, that gets delivered
over the net as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS); this enables businesses to access to technology without
having to individually invest in costly software licenses. Moreover, out-sourced call center technology
provides complete control over the resources and operations and reduces high upfront expenditures,
while minimizing start up costs.

Our dialer platform is designed to enable businesses of all sizes, irrespective of location, to move
away from high up-front expenditures and move to a hosted contact center solution with minimum
start up costs.

                                     VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com
                           Business Benefits
    Expand your contact centre’s capabilities while reducing costs
    Maximize efficiency and productivity with comprehensive call management features
    Reduce operating costs by unifying networks and cutting down on maintenance
    Capitalize on existing infrastructure by seamlessly integrating legacy systems
    Customize features to support your specific business
    De-lineate your communication requirements into a single integrated solution
    Hosted solution for high uptimes and optimum call quality
    Rapid implementation and operation of unified multichannel call centres
    Lower cost of ownership

                                       VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com
                               Other Benefits

    Customize the system implementation to suit current needs while allowing for expansion
    Provide outstanding customer satisfaction and increase sales with inbound call management
    Optimize the profitability of outbound telemarketing campaigns
    Reach goals quickly by analyzing results in meaningful, comprehensive reports
    Motivate agents to achieve excellence by monitoring and recording calls
    Leave an impression with features like auto-attendant and queues
    Access your business remotely using an intuitive web based interface
    Protect your data by providing limited access to employees

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Infrastructure Overview

      VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com
                          Feature Support
• Full-fledged Predictive Dialer                                • Interactive Voicemail and VM to email

• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)                             • Sheduled Callbacks

• Answering Machine Detection                                   • Campaign and List Management

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)                              • Web Integration APIs

• Do-Not-Call List Compliance                                   • Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

• Remote and At-home Agents                                     • Auto-Dialer, Press-1 campaign ready

• Call Monitoring and Recording                                 • Real-Time Reporting

• Enhanced Call Scripts                                         • Comprehensive text and graphic reports

• Blind and consultative transfers                              ...and lots more

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                                     Why Us?

    Fast activation, minimum installation on your end
    Enterprise grade infrastructure, tons of bandwidth
    Single source for equipment and service
    Immediate response, world-class support
    Highly experienced, certified engineers
    Unbeatable pricing

                              VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com
                      Standard Pricing
Fixed Plans                                 Setup                             Recurring

40 Line Dialer                               $299                            $299/month

120 Line Dialer                              $299                            $499/month

250 Line Dialer                              $299                            $699/month

450 Line Dialer                              $499                            $998/month

VoIP Usage                                   -NA-                            1.2 cents/min

Combo Plans (Dialer+VoIP)                   Setup                               Usage

Less than 5 agents                           $299                            3 cents/min

6 to 15 agents                               $299                            2.5 cents/min

16 to 30 agents                              $499                            2 cents/min

More than 30 agents                          $499                            1.5 cents/min

                                                                   No minimum commitments!

                        VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com
   For sales inquiries, please contact:
           Phone: 1855-455-VOIP
Web: www.voipessential.com/sales/dialer

     VOIP ESSENTIAL | Visit us at www.voipessential.com

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