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The easiest method to get free leads for MLM companies is as simple as leaving comments on blogs and forums which are highly related to the products you are promoting.

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									Free Leads for MLM - Can it Be Done?

The easiest method to get free leads for MLM companies is as simple as leaving comments on blogs and
forums which are highly related to the products you are promoting.

When you're just starting in MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING you need to try and comment on all of the good
blogs you will find. Not all comments you write are going to be published by the moderator, neither will
every response mean a click though to your internet site, initially few will. The fastest strategy for
finding blogs that'll be highly related to your products is going to be by pasting this term into your
Search box:

site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”

What this line means is the term blog is incorporated in the URL and comments are open. The "-
"indicates Google should forget any blogs in which the comments are closed and where you have to be
logged in, and "your product" is obviously the thing you are marketing.

Free Leads for MLM - Look For Active Blogs & Forums

Pay attention to the dates of posts, you don't want to waste your time posting comments on inactive

If you've got the SEOQuake toolbar on your computer, this will tell you the Page Rank of the blog you
are looking at. Page Ranks go from 0 to 9, so if you can comment on blogs that have a page rank above 2
or 3, the quality of the link you get in exchange is better and Google will reward you for that.

The more participants in a blog the more chance you'll have to comment on other folk's posts and the
site's articles. When you leave your comment be certain it is useful. The blog master is giving you a
valuable link so leave something valuable in turn. A useless comment is no good to the blog master and
it will be removed, so you have wasted your time. Sometimes regardless of whether you do leave a good
comment it may be removed; unfortunately you are at the mercy of the blog master.

That is the reason why you will have to spend a lot of hours blog commenting. The advantage is that you
will get links back to your internet site regardless of whether you do not get people opting in, which may
bring your internet site up in the rankings.

No Follow = No Good

You can post comments on many sites that allow you to, but then some don't allow you to leave links
back to your own site. Just go to the next one that do allow you to leave links.

You'll be able to tell if the name of the commenter is in blue or click-able and some blogs permit you to
put two links on a comment, one being a direct connect back to your site. If you want to get leads then
you should funnel those that do click your link to a lead capture page where you can get their email to
add to your growing list. Book mark all the blogs that you have visited and you may shortly form a
relationship with others that visit those blogs. Your aim is to make yourself appear well informed and
reliable. They may not click your link or sign up today but the more often you leave good comments the
more likely they may ultimately click thru and opt in on your website.

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