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									                   PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SHEET

CUSTOMER:           Tastes Divine Ltd                                  Date: 03/11/2010

PRODUCT:            Chicken Stock

PRODUCT CODE:       11190

DESCRIPTION:        Light yellow coloured dry powder

INGREDIENTS:        Salt, Sugar, Maize Starch, Spices, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Flavour,
                    Vegetable Oil, Food Acid (330), Anti Caking Agent (551)

                                  AVERAGE NUTRITION

                                 Nutrient                         Per 100g

                   Energy (kJ)                                     863.00

                   Protein (g)                                       1.20

                   Fat:               Total (g)                      1.30
                                      Saturated (g)                  0.20

                   Carbohydrate:      Total (g)                     46.00
                                      Sugars (g)                    30.90

                   Sodium (mg)                                  18000.00

PACKAGING:                         20kg Polyethylene Lined Multi wall Paper Bags

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE:            9 months at 15ºc. Store cool, dry and out of sunlight.

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Is this product:                                                 Yes or No
Suitable for Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians?                                    Yes
(does not contain animal meat or flesh, may
contain dairy products or eggs)
Suitable for Lacto-Vegetarians?                                            No
(does not contain animal meat, flesh or
eggs, may contain dairy)
Suitable for Vegans?                                                       No
(does not contain animal derived products.
E.g. ..eggs, gelatin, dairy)
Halal                                                                     Yes
Kosher                                                                    Yes

GMO Status:                                   This product fully complies with Standard 1.5.2. of the joint ANZ Food
                                              Standards Code, and does not require a label indicating the presence
                                              of any GM ingredient.

Does the product contain any of the following:                                             Yes or No
Cereals containing gluten                                                                    No
Crustacea and their products                                                                 No
Egg and egg products                                                                        Yes
Fish and fish products                                                                       No
Milk and milk products                                                                       No
Peanuts and peanut products                                                                  No
Soybeans and soy products                                                                   Yes
Sulphites (>10ppm)                                                                           No
Sesame seeds                                                                                 No
Tree nuts and tree nut products                                                              No

Does the product contain any of the following:                                             Yes or No
Bee pollen                                                                                   No
Aspartame                                                                                    No
Quinine                                                                                      No
Guarana                                                                                      No
Caffeine                                                                                     No
Propolis                                                                                     No
Royal jelly                                                                                  No
Polyols                                                                                      No

Authorised by:

Product Development Coordinator: Sabina Patel

Please Note:
The information is provided in the belief that it is accurate within generally accepted standards and is provided
for the information of qualified personnel. It does not constitute an offer by the manufacturer nor does the
manufacturer warrant or guarantee its accuracy or completeness in describing the performance or suitability.
Prospective users are encouraged to conduct their own tests and studies to determine the suitability for a
particular purpose and specific applications. This specification is based on product at time of packing and there
may be some variation at time of delivery.

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