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					Assisted Living Facilities

There are times in our lives when someone close to us might need help because
he or she is having difficulties performing normal tasks because of physical
limitations. This is the time when you should think about making a move to
assisted living.

Not to be confused with nursing home care, assisted living also known as Board
and Care or Retirement Home is a means of providing people in need with the
appropriate care. This includes persons with disabilities and the elderly. Assisted
living is not a replacement for a nursing home, instead these facilities are there
to provide a home and support services to anyone who is unable to perform
certain basic activities.

If your loved one does not need constant attention, then an assisted living
facility would be perfect. Assisted living communities offer a wide level of care,
which will vary based on the facility selected. These facilities range from small
homes with one resident to larger communities with over 50 living units.
Assisted living facilities normally have medical professionals on call, but your
loved one will have a little more independence than with a nursing home.
However, due to this, assisted living facilities normally have fewer provisions
than nursing homes.

Currently there are over 30,000 assisted living institutions in the US to choose
from. However, not all assisted living facilities are the same. As such, these
facilities will provide different care and supervision based on the different needs
of the residents. Assisted living institutions provide services to seniors over 60
years of age and persons under 60 with special needs. Choosing an assisted
living facility should be based on the needs of your loved one and suits their
needs. Some of these institutions specialize in providing a safe and supportive
environment for those in need.

Convincing your loved ones that it is time to move from the comfort of their
home into an assisted living facility will be one of the toughest hurdles that you
will have to overcome. However, once you make the time to talk to them before
hand, you can get them used to the idea of moving. So when it is time to make
the move it will be much easier for them and you.

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