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Assisted suicide should be banned


									Assisted suicide should
      be banned
             Assisted suicide in the U.S.

• Oregon
  <Oregon Death with Dignity Act>
• Washington
  <Washington Death with Dignity Act>
• Texas
  <Texas Futile Care Law>
• Montana
  Case judged legal by the court
                    Abused assisted suicide

• Non-reported euthanasia cases
• No mechanism to determine whether all such
  cases were reported

• Give doctors the right to murder the patients

• No protection on patients under the Texas Futile
  Care Law in Texas state
             Unreported euthanasia cases

• Nearly half of all euthanasia deaths in the
  Flanders region of Belgium were not reported
• 41.3% of unreported cases were done by a
  nurse alone

• (British Medical Journal, 2010)
      Mechanism on determining suicide

• In Oregon and Washington states
  Law requires the physician to lie on the death
• Death listed
  – √ illness (eg. cancer)
  – × the cause of death (eg. suicide)

• (British Medical Journal, 2010)
                            True story in Texas

• Baby born with fatal defect
  – life support was removed
  – against his mother's wishes
• Lawful under <Texas Futile Care Law>

• (Hopper L. Houston Chronicle, 2005)
           Insurance companies involved

• Patients first, money second?

• Pay for the compensation after assisted suicide?
    Assisted suicide encourages suicide

• Dying patient
   – √ Assisted suicide
   – × Fighting with disease

• Depressed patient
   – √ Assisted suicide
   – × Psychologist

• Financial difficulties
                                 Say NO to legalized
                                  assisted suicide!
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