2012 Mattress Fundraiser Letter by xiaopangnv


									Hi everyone,

Just passing this flyer along for my son’s fundraiser for the Northglenn High School Baseball
Program! I know it sounds crazy, but they are doing a Mattress Sale Fundraiser for the Baseball
Program at Northglenn on SUNDAY, April 29th from 10:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m. The address
for Northglenn High is 601 W 100th Place in Northglenn. They were able to raise over $2,000
last year doing this and it should go even better this year!

So if you are in the market for a new mattress, go check out the sale – if not, no big deal – I am
just passing this along to everyone so you know that they are doing it. Feel free to forward this
on to your address book or anyone else! If we get the word out enough, they will have a great
day! There is a flyer attached and pasted below with all of the information and important details.
Please forward this on to anyone you know as well…if enough people know about the sale they
will have a great day.

If you are in the market for a mattress, they are very high quality beds @ 30%-60% off of retail
store prices.(Prices start @ $199 for a brand new set). They have excellent warranties and there
will over 20 beds to try that day! Several models have won the “Consumer Digest Best Buy
Award” for mattresses 8 times in a row! If you find one you like, you can place an order for
your bed in whatever size you need at the school that day. The beds are then made by the factory
and will be available for pickup or delivery in about two weeks. If you plan on going, print out
the attached flyer because there is a $50 off coupon on it too - or just print this email and bring it
with you and they will give you the $50 off! The flyer has all of the important information on it,
and if you do happen to buy a mattress, make sure you mention our last name – because my son
will get credit and prizes for every person that buys a mattress.

Thank You and hope to see you at the sale.

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