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					                                                                                                      March 2012
  The Beachcomber                                                                                       Web:

                                                                                                 Shed: Perry Barr Farm, Quailo Ave, Hallett Cove
 Official bulletin of the Lions Club of Hallett Cove & Districts Inc.
                                                                                                        Post: PO Box 467, Brighton SA 5048


                                                 (a wide view of some of the ‘BOOKS n Things’ at our shed)

Board Members                                                                     NEIGHBOUR DAY FAIR (Sunday 25th March, 12-3pm)
Elections were held at the last business meeting. The new Board                   The next big event organised by our club. To be held at Perry
will start on 1st July. The new Board members are:                                Barr Farm. It is a day for the promotion of local community
                                                                                  groups (about 20). Stalls, BBQ, etc. All hands on deck required.
    President                        -   Tom Kimber
    Secretary                        -   Andrew Wood                              ‘Youth of the Year’
    Treasurer                        -   Neil Wood
    1st Vice President               -   Bob Carman                               The club sponsored our own candidate this year; Sophie Quinn of
    2nd Vice President               -   Graeme Botting                           Hallett Cove. She won the Public Speaking section of the Region
    1st Director                     -   Rod Porter                               3 final competition on 4th March. Congratulations Sophie!
    2nd Director                     -   Maria Kourtesis                          Lions International Peace Poster
    Lion Tamer                       -   Brian Wilsher
    Tail Twister                     -   Jill Kimber & Faye Moreton               Momentum is building up in the district and two schools will be
    Immediate Past President         -   Andrew Wood                              taking this on this year - the Hallett Cove R-12 and the Hallett
                                                                                  Cove East Primary. Lion Eunice Cox is the coordinator.
‘A Smart Pup for Felicity’ Project
Great news for the project to raise $10,000 to be donated                                                            DIARY
                               towards the training and                             March 2012
                               purchase     of  a   Seizure                                6      -   Business meeting
                               Response Assistance Dog for                               25       -   Neighbour Day Fair (12-3 pm)
                               Felicity, age 13, of Hallett                              27       -   Combined meeting with Rotary club (guest speaker)
                               Cove.                                                 All Thurs    -   Shed open (10am - 1pm)
                                                                                      All Sats    -   BBQ at Stratco Lonsdale (10-2), Shed open (9-12)
                                          Following our club’s promise
                                          of $1,000, the Lions Club of              April 2012
                                          Brighton has donated a most                     3       -   Business meeting
                                          generous amount. This only                     17       -   Members & Partners meeting (tba)
                                          leaves a small amount to now               All Thurs    -   Shed open (10am - 1pm)
                                          be raised. Great work by the                All Sats    -   BBQ at Stratco Lonsdale (10-2), Shed open (9-12)
                                                                                      {except Sat 7 April, Easter Saturday}
                                          coordinator of the project,
                                          Lion Jan Cocks.                           May 2012
                                                                                          1       -   Business meeting
                                          More details at club website.
                                                                                         15       -   Members & Partners meeting (tba)
Cheque handover by Tony Matthews (Brighton club President) to Tina                   All Thurs    -   Shed open (10am - 1pm)
Sutherland (Secretary) with Jan Cocks (coordinator) in the middle.                    All Sats    -   BBQ at Stratco Lonsdale (10-2), Shed open (9-12)
The Beachcomber                                                 Editor: Lion Graham Cocks                                                         March 2012

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