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					                            Letter of Complaint


1. Teacher and class read sample letter of complaint and look at its
2. If available teacher and class read 2nd sample letter of complaint.
3. Students copy sample letter of complaint and place in Section 1 of their
   portfolios. (Learning Pages) Students should place a copy of the
   sentence starter guide in Section 1 also.
4. Together as a class, brainstorm, organize, and write Assignment #1.
   Follow the samples and the sentence starter guide. The finished letter
   should be placed in Section 2 (Practice) of your portfolio.
       Assignment # 1 Write a letter to Kraft Foods Canada, Markham,
       Ontario, M5W 3C6. You discovered a small piece of metal in a can
       of spaghetti sauce. Be polite in your complaint.
5. Working in pairs and using the sentence starter guide, write Assignment
   #2 and place in Section 2 (Practice) of your portfolio. (Each person will
   have their own letter.)
       Assignment #2 You bought a CCM twelve speed mountain bike last
       may. The gears have given you problems since you purchased it.
       Last summer you took the bike back to “Mountain Bikes R Us” on
       four occasions. Each time they fixed the gears, but they continue to
       give you problems.. You are to write to the head office of CCM and
       complain. Remember to keep your tone polite and to ask for
       something specific. Write three paragraphs. Feel free to make up any
       details that you need to make your letter seem real.
6. Working individually and using either the sentence starter guide or the
   general guide, write Assignment # 3 as a rough draft. When proofed,
   rewrite as a final copy and place in Section 3 of your portfolio as a
   sample of your best letter of complaint/complaint.
       Assignment #3 The toilet in the apartment that you rent has been
       leaking for over three months. You told the building superintendent,
       and he came and looked at it. He said that it didn’t look too bad to
       him and didn’t do anything. You think the seal needs to be replaced
       because there is now enough water leaking that it is damaging the
       floor. Write to the landlord (the building’s owner) and complain. Feel
       free to add details to make the letter real.

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