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					            Department of Health and Human Services

                    Statement of Duties

                                              Job                     Effective
 Title: Allied Health Assistant
                                              Number: Generic         Date: January 2011
 Group: Southern Tasmania Area Health         Organisational Unit: Clinical Support Services
 Service                                      (CSS)
 Section: CSS- Allied Health Professional
                                              Location: Southern Area
 Award: Health and Human Services
                                              Stream: Health Services Officer
 (Tasmanian State Service)
                                              Job Status: Permanent/Fixed Term, Full
 Level: 5
                                              Time/Part Time, Casual
 Reports to: Designated Community Allied
                                              Number of Subordinates: 0
 Health Manager

Focus of Duties:

To assist in the provision of effective and efficient client care under supervision and
assist with the day to day running of the Community Allied Health Service including
Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy            and Podiatry. Exercise
initiative and independent judgment in undertaking tasks under general
supervision including assisting clinicians in the rehabilitation and/or treatment of
clients, preparation of equipment for use in treatment and other related tasks.


1.   Implement the treatment of referred clients, monitor patient progress,
     communicate treatment outcomes to the clinician and document in the client
     progress notes.

2.   Assist Allied Health Professionals and other Allied Health Assistants with
     preparation of clinical areas and treatment of clients including the provision of
     home assessments, programs and equipment as required.

3.   Provide foot-care to referred clients, report client progress and care outcomes
     and document in the client progress record.

4.   Construct, repair or adapt footwear and related devices as directed by the

5.   Assist with the organisation of targeted health promotion initiatives with
     Community Allied Health Services and other local health service providers.
6.   Provide efficient and effective administrative and clerical support to the Allied Health
     Professionals by maintaining and updating patient and statistical information. On
     behalf of the Allied Health Professionals, undertake a liaison with clients and service
     providers by providing general information in relation to services.

7.   Maintain appropriate records and statistics as required.

8.   Prepare and maintain the clinical environment including equipment and loan stocks,
     ensuring that optimal physical conditions are maintained at all times, reporting
     damage and faults to the supervising clinician and complying with Occupational
     Health and Safety policies to ensure a safe workplace.

9.   Participate and contribute to staff meetings, ongoing education, professional
     development, quality improvement and the orientation of new staff.

10. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in this
    document, that are within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally
    expected from persons occupying jobs at this classification level.

Scope of Work Performed:

•    Responsible for the quality of own work and expected to work with minimal
     supervision, with direction (direct and indirect) from the supervising clinician.

•    Responsible for the support and assistance in the delivery of physiotherapy
     treatment programs.

•    Responsible for providing footcare within the identified scope of practice.

•    Responsible for providing assistance to other Allied Health Professionals as required.

•    Responsible for client safety during treatment including recognition of changes in
     client’s condition and reporting those observations to the supervising clinician.

•    Exercise reasonable care in the performance of duties consistent with the
     relevant OH&S legislation.

•    Works under general direction from the appropriate Managers, Community Allied
     Health, with respect to policy and procedural matters.

•    Regular performance reviews with the appropriate Manager/s, Community Allied
     Health or delegate.

Pre-employment Conditions:
     Essential Qualifications:
     Evidence of the following must be provided prior to appointment to the job:

     •   Nil
Pre-employment Checks:

    The Commissioner has determined that the person nominated for this job is to
    satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, on
    promotion or transfer.
    The following checks are to be conducted:
    1. Conviction checks in the following conviction areas;
          a)   Crimes of violence
          b)   Sex related offences
          c)   Serious drug offences
          d)   Crimes involving dishonesty
    2. Identification check.
    3. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

Selection Criteria:
Specific Knowledge:

Previous experience providing therapy assistance services, or equivalent experience,
in either an acute, community based or aged care setting; completion of an
accredited course in Allied Health Assistance, or a commitment to attain this


1. Communication.
          Demonstrated capacity to effectively relate with clients from a diverse range of
          cultures and backgrounds in a respectful, sensitive and confidential manner
          and ability to communicate effectively with carers and health professionals.

2. Customer service.
          Demonstrated ability to provide prompt, efficient services, including footcare
          treatment, and therapeutic programs to a variety of clients (aged, adults and
          children) with acute or chronic conditions in a manner that responds flexibly to
          the clients’ needs.

3. Decision Making.
          Demonstrated capability to make sound decisions based on consideration of
          the situation and alternatives available, including understanding and
          implementation of standards to ensure compliance with OH&S legislation

Personal Qualities:

4. Initiative and organisational skills.
          Individuals with demonstrated ability to be adaptable and responsive to
          change and show initiative, including a commitment to self development and
          ongoing education. Demonstrated time management, organisational and
          problem solving skills.
    5. Team work.

       Ability to work cooperatively alongside team members, show consideration,
       concern and respect for colleagues and accommodate different working styles
       of others.


      Current drivers license.

Working Environment:

The occupant of this role may be required to work across rural and remote areas of the
Southern Tasmania Area Health Service.

The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing the highest
levels of healthcare and services, and values equity, diversity, initiative, flexibility,
creativity, teamwork, conduct, occupational health and safety and the capacity to
make a difference.

The minimum responsibilities required of officers and employees of the State Service
are contained in sections 7(1), 8 and 9 of the State Service Act 2000.

The State Service Act 2000 and the Commissioner’s Directions (employment directives)
can    be   found     on    the   State  Service     Commissioner’s   website     at

This job may exercise delegations in accordance with a range of Acts, Regulations,
Awards, administrative authorities and functional arrangements mandated by Statutory
office holders including the Secretary of the Department. The relevant Organisational
Unit Manager can provide details to the occupant of delegations applicable to this job.

DHHS is a smoke free work environment. Smoking is prohibited in all State
Government workplaces including vehicles and vessels.

Health Care Workers with the Department of Health and Human Services are
expected to comply with the Agency’s Hepatitis B Policy and the Tasmanian Code of
Practice for Health Care Workers.

The Agency’s policy classifies the levels of risk to employees, who have a risk of
exposure to Hepatitis B higher than the normal population, as either:

Category 2.     Employees whose employment arrangements and duties place them
                at a higher than normal population risk of exposure to blood or body

Category 3.     Employees who are, or potentially will be, directly involved in the
                conduct of exposure prone procedures.
For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 2 level of risk it is strongly
recommended that the occupant either demonstrate current immunity or previous
seroconversion to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 3 level of risk the occupant
will be required to either demonstrate current immunity or previous seroconversion
to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

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