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                                                  Book Jacket Report : The Great Gatsby

 Teacher Name: Wright

 Student Name:      ________________________________________

       CATEGORY          20                       15                        10
Inside Left (front) Flap Summary is well-         Summary includes all      Includes a description
                         written and includes     aspects of the story,     of some of the things
                         all aspects of the       but at least one          that happened in the
                         story. Paragraphs are    paragraph is not well     story. lt appears the
                         well formed. It is       formed. It is clear the   student read most of
Back Cover               Includes two             Includes two              Includes one review
                         inventive reviews of     somewhat inventive        of the book and
                         the book and             reviews of the book       student's name.
                         student's name. Each     and student's name.       Review is a mixture
                         review gives your        Review gives your         of fact and opinion.
Inside Right (back)      Includes a small         Includes the author's     Includes the author's
Flap                     photograph or            name and a                name and a
                         drawing of the           biography that            biography that
                         author, the author's     includes some             includes some
                         name and a               personal facts and        personal facts about
Neatness and Effort The book jacket has           The book jacket has       The book jacket is
                         no distracting errors,   almost no distracting     fairly readable but
                         corrections or           errors, corrections or    the quality is not too
                         erasures and is easily   erasures and is easily    good on some parts.
                         read. It appears the     read. It appears the      It looks like the
Illustration(s)          Illustrations were       Illustrations were        Illustrations were
                         creative, drawn and      drawn and colored         drawn and colored
                         colored neatly and       neatly and were a         neatly, but some
                         were a good size. The    good size.                were too large or too
                         symbols, themes,                                   small, or the drawing

Date Created: April 01, 2012
eat Gatsby

         5                        Points Earned
         Summary is too
         vague. Does not
         appear the student
         read or understood
         the book.
         Review AND/OR
         student's name is

         Author's name
         AND/OR bibliography
         is missing.

         Very messy and hard
         to read. It looks like
         the student threw it
         together at the last
         minute without much
         Illustrations were
         drawn and/or colored

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