Kennewick WA Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Offers Pain Relief For Back Pain Sufferers by AndrwKar69


									Kennewick WA Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Offers Pain Relief For Back
Pain Sufferers

Kennewick, WA, 19-OCT-2012 - The Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation
Institute and Kennewick chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, D. C., are pleased
to announce specific techniques that assist local residents to overcome
pain in the back. The methods do not simply mask pain through
pharmaceuticals. Instead, a multi-faceted approach determines the cause
of the pain and then assists in directing the patient toward a path that
will improve health and alleviate the pain.

Defining the cause of pain in the lumbar area is the first requirement in
a chiropractic consultation. The doctor will take information about the
specific case using imaging studies, a physical examination, and detailed
patient history. Conditions of the work place, accidents from the past
and overall health characteristics are explored.

Once the doctor has a comprehensive picture of the nature, extent and
location of the pain, a therapeutic regimen can be devised. The plan
prepared by the chiropractor has multiple elements. Pain alleviation is
always an early part of the the therapy. Unless a patient can have a life
that is not focused on pain and immobility, it is difficult to think of

Long-term wellness is another element. This can be achieved through
elements such as posture training, nutritional training and exercise
programs to strengthen the back muscles safely.

Initial therapy sessions are typically more frequent, but these taper off
as time goes by and improvement is seen. The goal is to remove
impediments that prevent the body from bringing healing nutrients to
damaged areas. This allows the body to achieve self-healing at the
cellular level.

Learn more about the various chiropractic methods that alleviate back
pain by clicking on the web pages at today.
Members of the press and others who have questions about the information
included within this press release can contact Dr. Kurtz at the location
specified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Eric Kurtz, D. C.

Company Name: Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute

Address: 1721 West Kennewick Avenue, Kennewick, WA 99336

Telephone Contact Number: (509) 582-3549



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