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If I’m trying to get a running sense of how your understanding is improving, then I want
to allow you the chance to demonstrate that you have gained in understanding.
Process for Homework Revision: Revisions on homework may be re-submitted by
Friday of the week after the assignment is returned. You must turn in three things: the
original assignment with its grade and comments, a completely new submission of the
revised work, and a brief description of how you addressed the comments and a
justification for why the new submission should receive a better grade. You must have
received an R/F on the original assignment.
Process for Reassessment: Reassessments (quiz or test items) may be scheduled during
either of the two "math help" periods scheduled each week (one during a Uni period, one
during an after-school period). At least 24 hours prior to the reassessment, you must:
• Notify Mrs. Tyson in writing (or email) that you would like to re-assess.
• Identify up to three objectives that you would like to re-assess.
• For each objective you wish to re-assess, explain (in your written note) what you have
    done since the original assessment to make sure you will be successful on the re-
    assessment. This explanation should be in the past tense, meaning you have already
    done it by the time you write the note. If your explanation is too weak, or your
    remediation deemed insufficient, you will not be allowed to re-assess. See tips
• Specify which "math help" period you will use for the re-assessment
• Show up at the beginning of the time available for re-assessment.
Time Line for Reassessment Keeping in mind that you may re-assess only on two days
per week, and at most three objectives per day, you may plan your reassessment schedule
to fit your learning. Any and all reassessments must be complete by the last day of the
quarter in order to have the reassessment count as part of the quarter grade. In addition to
the "math help" periods, for each semester exam you may request up to three objectives
from any time in the semester to be re-assessed (requests for the semester exam
reassessments must be in writing or email, as above).
Tips for Remediation (this list is neither an exhaustive one, nor is each item on this list
required... )
• Identify which wikipages in our wiki address the objective.
• Identify which pages and examples in the textbook address the objective.
• Identify which homework problems address the objective, and make sure you fully
   understand how to do those problems.
• Try to determine what you did incorrectly (or incompletely) in the original
   assessment; write about what you did, and what you should have done.
• Discuss the problem with Mrs. Tyson (or another math teacher), or some other adult
   or student who understands how to do the problem.
Re-assess or not? Again, you are responsible for your own learning and progress, and
for the overall grade you receive. If you have mastered the particular objective on
another assessment more recently than the "R" grade, you may already have repaired
damage to your grade; of course, more evidence of your success (in the form of a re-
assessment) will reinforce your learning (and every good score helps your grade).

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