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					                        Bedford River Festival 2012
               Entertainment Stages Specification & Overview

The Stages

The entertainment stages are major features of the Bedford River Festival. Situated in
Russell Park; the main stage hosts professional acts across the weekend alongside
community groups, bands, and theatre.

Longholme Island is the home of the Sports Village, with the stage situated here acting
as a focal point for the Sport’s Village staging displays and demonstrations.

The two community stages on Mill Meadows have always been a highlight of the festival
and in 2010 staged over 40 separate performances. With bands, community groups as well
as individuals taking part the stages form a focal point at the heart of Mill Meadows.

A new stage was added in 2008 to the Healing Village. Predominately an alternative stage
this was a great added attraction to the village and helped support the over subscribed
community stages.

General Specification Details

The specifications are split into infrastructure provision for the two community stages,
alternative stage and sports stage, infrastructure provision for the main stage,
infrastructure provision and full artist, entertainment for the main stage. Included in the
pack is the 2010 programme which will give an idea of acts and music on all the stages
across the festival.

As part of the infrastructure provision for the main stage in 2010 we had a big screen
which had the ability to ‘fill the gaps’ during changeover with pre recorded and during the
day playbacks.
Expression of Interest A – Provision of Main Stage/ secondary stage
and entertainment programme

General Infrastructure Main Stage

Covered stage 40’ x 20’ minimum, (not a roadshow trailer)
PA system, 30k,
Lighting full colour wash,
FOH mixing tent.

The stage must be able to accommodate a full concert orchestra.
Generated power, front of house and rear barriers, toilets and green room facilities will
be provided by Event Management, if you wish to include these in your quote please feel
free to do so.

The main stage provides the focus for an ongoing live performance programme. A general
estimate would be a fairly moving audience throughout the day, who would dip in and out
of the programme, with the main focus on the Saturday evening with perhaps a ‘name’ to
conclude the programme and take us into the firework display. The estimated audience
for the evening would be in the region of 3,000 – 8,000 spectators in front of the stage
with an estimated 120,000 across the site at peak times.

In using a ‘name’ this perhaps should be clarified as not the latest number one pop act, as
this in itself would obviously create major crowd problems in and around the site. An
established act that would have the pulling power but would be controllable and be within
the overall budget is how a ‘name’ is classified in this instance.

The stages entertainment programme should contain a mixture of professional, amateur
and community performances, and reflect the cultural diversity of Bedford. What it
should aim to provide is a balanced, lively, colourful and interesting mix of entertainment
that will attract, and maintain, the interest of the public. Appropriate slots should be
built into the stage programme for the community performances across the weekend.

As a guide and based on the 2010 programme the contractor would be required to provide
approximately 11 bands for the main stage.
Duration: Saturday 21 July 2012        12.00 noon – 10.30pm (approximate times as the
firework display may be fired at 11.00 p.m.)

Sunday 22 July 2012              12 noon – 9.00pm

a) In consultation with Bedford Borough Council the contractor will be required to
provide a main stage entertainment programme to take place between the hours specified
above. The programme must offer a diverse range of entertainment suitable for a broad
cross section of the public. As part of this programme, the contractor is requested to
include community or other groups within the overall entertainment programme.
Details of community activity/entertainment will be available from the Events Manager.

b) The contractor will be responsible for providing the necessary equipment and
infrastructure to enable the said entertainment programme to take place. All equipment
to be on site Thursday 19th July 2012 ready for sound and health and safety checks.

c) The contractor to provide and pay for the staff required to undertake all of the

d) The contractor to be responsible for providing the Event Safety Officer with a
detailed risk assessment, method statements and other appropriate documentation no
later than April 30th 2012, and to be responsible for all health, safety and welfare issues
within the contractors designated area of operation including method statements.

e) The contractor will be responsible for providing Third Party Public Liability Insurance
and Employers Liability Insurance policies.

f) The contractor to agree with the Event Manager all matters relating to site access
before, during and following the event.

g) The contractor to liaise with the Event Manager with regard to all branding and/or
sponsorship opportunities in relation to the main entertainment stage before approaching
any potential sponsors.

The River Festival management will provide toilets, fresh water supply, barriers,
generated power and green room facilities.

The budget for the main stage and entertainment programme should not exceed

Information required

1)   You should provide Bedford Borough Council with a number of suggested
entertainment programmes for each day, keeping free the Community performance slots.

2) You must provide details of similar events that you have successfully managed, the
budgets with which you have worked and the names of people from whom we can seek

3) You should provide Bedford Borough Council with detail specifications regarding the
stage, sound and lighting systems.

4) Where you may use a sub contractor any part of the contract, this must be agreed
with the Event Manager and all information supplied with this tender.

Expression of Interest B – Provision of Sports Village Stage

This should be a small mobile stage approximately 33ft that will have various sports
demonstrations, music and dance. It should include backstage facility, power distribution,
lighting and opportunities for branding as well as 3 KW PA system and minimal lighting
and technical operator.

This stage would operate Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Sunday 11.a.m – 6 p.m.

Expression of Interest C – Community Stages.

In 2010 two stages operated side by side giving continuous music and entertainment for
the community artists. The 2 dome stages or equlivant should include tech support,
backstage facility, power distribution, lighting and opportunities for branding as well as
10KW PA system and wash lighting.

Expression of Interest D - Alternative Stage

This stage will feature in the Healing village of the festival. It will reflect the Healing
village with chilled out mellow mostly acoustic music, song and dance. In keeping with the
other two specifications it should include it should include backstage facility, power
distribution, lighting and opportunities for branding as well as 5KW PA system and wash
lighting as well as a technical operator.

With specifications B, C and D the contractor may have other stages or ideas for how we
can achieve the entertainment please put these into any returned information. All of the
specifications are not set in stone and we are open to suggest and comment. I haven’t set
budgets for specifications B. C and D. Please quote as appropriate.

Your expression of interest will only be based on the information you provide and
return to the Events & Marketing Manager. There will be no formal/informal

Your expression of interest(s) should be returned by 31st March 2011 to:

Andy Pidgen, Events & Marketing Manager,
Economic Development, Bedford Borough Hall,
Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AP.

For further information, or should you wish to arrange a site visit, please contact me on
01234 221955
E mail:

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