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					: Free time
On school days I don't get long free time because of too
much homework I have to do. I usually get two free hours
every day. Then I can do what I like. I thing that watching
T.V programmers is more interesting than watching video
films. In my opinion, I think reading magazine is enjoyable
and it's boring to read books and newspaper. I like to
spend my holiday with my family; we usually go together
to shopping center and some times to the cinema. On
weekend, I prefer to visit my friend and spend lovely time
with hear in her house.

: Wild life

Whales are found in most seas, but all the large species of
whales are in danger of becoming extinct. Although whales
are protected by the international agreement, they are
hunted by the whaling countries Japan, Norway and
others for their oil and whale's oil and musk, pet food and
fertilizers. How caught whales are cashed by fast catcher
boats then are killed with weapons, guns. After that they
are taken to factory ships.\\Finally they are cut up *****d
and turned in to oil.

: A letter to a party
Dear hanan,
I am inviting some friends on my birthday party next week
on friend night, at 8 pm in my house.//It's going to be an
amazing birthday party. There will be some music
equipment which we are going to play on, so we can sing
and dance. //At the end of the party, we are going to get out
to garden to play and grill some steaks. //So you are invited
to my birthday party, if you want to bring your small sister
because there will be a funny clown and some thing to
See you soon.
: Childhood memories
When I was eight I used to live in the same house as I do
now. ALi, Mohammed, and Noor used to be my best friends.
I used to like chocolate, Pizza and ice cream, but I didn't
used to like fish or rice and I never used to drink milk.
Barbie used to be my favorite toy, which I like to spend
long time playing with it. The water garden, Adari park
and Salmania park used to be my favorite places. //But I
used to hate to go to school and hospitals. When I was little
I used to like riding bikes. Swimming and watching T.V
and I always wanted to be a doctor.

: Responsibilities at home
Every person in this world has lots of responsibilities to do
and I am one of them. For example I have to look after my
little sister and help my younger sister with her
homework. I also have to give my father the shopping list
and I have to do lots of homework. Some times I have to
help my mother with *****ng and shopping but I don't have
to wash the dishes or to clean the garden. In my opinion I
think it's good to have responsibilities because this will
help me in future when I have my own houses and kids.\\
I don't always fulfill my responsibilities because I
sometime have lots of homework to do. When this happens
my mother shouts at me.

: My dream room
I am a 15 years old student, which always dreams of
having her own bedroom. //I thinks my bedroom is going to
be big and blue. It's going to have tow windows with white
curtains. My bed is going to be decorated with blue fish.
//In my bedroom, there will be a T.V and stereo system, so I
can listen to music while reading. I am going to home a big
swimming pool in my bathroom, with a lot of toys. //My
room is going to be always clean and comfortable as well.
: A letter about planning a trip   !" # $           )
Dear Mohammed,
Hi how are you? It's a long since you wrote to me. I miss
you so much. I am writing this letter to tell you about my
next Friday. My friend and we are going to the desert for a
bout three days. We are taking a ten. Some sleeping bogs,
some food drinks with us. I am going to talk my calotte
player and the camera as well. //We are playing to do many
thing like slinging, dancing, taking some photos and
*****ng. I am sure we are going to have a nice time to
gather. I hope you can come.

: shcool%
My name is Hassan. I study at a secondary school. I like my
school but I so me times feel bored. For me the most
interesting subject is geography because you can learn
about other people in other countries. English however is
the most useful. I need it for my future career. Arabic is so
boring that I sometime fall a sleep in the class. But the
most enjoy able subject is sport it is the easiest also. I des
like maths. My school is modern and nice. I really enjoy
the break time with my friends end the visits to the
museum with the teacher.

: holiday% &

Last week I visited the national park in lganda. It is a nice
place to see the animals, the different birds, monkeys ..... I
stayed in a small comfortable d hut by the river side. the
viem was breath-leaking and the 3o meters high waterfall
were great. I took aired on a small boot to see the hippos
and crocodiles. I also droved jeep with a ranger who told
me a lot about the lion and the monkey. During the night
the weather was great as it was the dry season and so we
steady by the campfire ate grilled fish and listened to the
stories of the rangers about the poachers. The trip was
great. We really enjoyed and I made new friends
' (    ) %&    * .....My Dream House

I have many. I have always dreamt of becoming a
businessman one day, with a lot of money, a fancy car and
a wonderful house.
My dream house is a palace like; for from the noise and
pollution of the city. My house is two – storey building
with spare bedrooms for my friends to stay. I equipped
with central
AC. There is also indoor, swimming pool.
Last but not least, my dream house is surroded by
beautiful garden. The living
room is equipped with Hi-Fi and sound system

  & + ,#-
Hani is a student in Ahmed ALomran secondary school. He
is sixteen years old. He has apart-time job in a
supermarket. He is a cashier. He works for eight hours a
day after he finishes school. He earns money, which he
needs to help his family.
The problem he face is that he gets tired every day after he
finishes his work. He doesn’t have enough time to do his
homework. He gets lower marks in his exams. He fined it
difficult to combine between job and school. He usually
studies at work. He missed his friends and the school
Hani wants to work as doctor in the future. He works
because he needs the money at the moment. Most of his
money goes to his family but he uses some to by cloths and
CDs. I think that he is success. It is work gives hem self

% . /) & Rubbish in school
In Bahrain, as in most countries in the world. People care
little about waste, pollution and running the environment.
They usually get rid of their rubbish everywhere. Is it the
same inside schools? Unfortunately the answer is yes. First
of all, we should know the ingredients of the rubbish is
school waste paper used books and not books, use less
pens left-over food, empty soft drinks cans and plastic bags
are common waste in our school. Even though the school
provides trashcans, most students end net to use them
regularly. The result is that waste can seen all over the
places inside the school.
Now the important question is whether rubbish is
separated for recycling. The answer is yes and no while
soft drinks cans are collected by school workers for
recycling, waste paper is after collected be throw away.
Last but not least, I’ve lived that recycling the soft drinks
can is appositive pveca dure, but recycling the school
waste paper can be very profitable, as well. In addition, I a
duise students use the trash cans and keep our school and

%    %
Last weekend we decided to go an a picnic. I went with my
friends we started to collect the money to buy the food and
the drinks; we went there by one my friends’ car. We
started our journey early in the morning. The trip took
half on hour. We arrived there at nine o’clock.
Suddenly the weather over turned. The sky turned dark, a
storm blew and heavy rain poured. We couldn’t get out of
our room. We spent most of the day placing cards,
watching T.V and listening to the songs. In the evening we
collected our belonging and drove back to the city.
We arrived to the city. Every one went to his house. We
were so un happy because we couldn’t swim or play on the
beach. I hope that weather will be fine next time. We
arranged to have another picnic next month.

0 ! $1 %
Dear Ali,
Hello. I hope you’re doing very well. I’ve decided to write
this letter to you to tell you about what I’ve been doing
recently. I’ve gone with my family to one of the biggest zoo
in London and we’re san various kinds of animals. We had
a great time I’ve also given on avulse ship with some of my
%     2 3     "   !4)
Two boys set out on a picnic in the morning. The weather
was nice and the sky was clear. They were taking some
food with them. They didn’t have a compass.
As soon as they arrived at the desert where they wanted to
explore the place, the weather change and came over cast.
It begins to rain heavily. They got lost in the desert. They
didn’t know the directions. The time passed and they were
very tired. The food supply was over and they had little
water. They took a ****ter of old house.
In the evening a rescue team set out search for them. The
team found them after along time of searching. The boys
were very exhausted and sick. They were taken to the
hospital he here their parents were waiting for them. They
said that it was very exciting experience in their life

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