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									San Clemente, CA Orange County Dentist, Dr. Alex Eidelstein, D. D. S.,
Offers Wisdom Teeth Extraction

San Clemente, CA, 19-OCT-2012 - Orange County Dentist, Dr. Alex
Eidelstein, DDS, has been recognized for his success in providing
outstanding service to members of the community. The doctor offers
patients options for wisdom teeth extraction that utilize the latest
technological advances and ensure that patients feel relaxed, comfortable
and free of pain during procedures.

When interviewed recently Dr. Eidelstein stated, "As a dental
professional for over 29 years, I have seen many advances in dentistry
that are a great benefit to people. I focus my attention of the needs of
my patients and work diligently to ensure they are comfortable and
confident in the procedures that are being performed. I understand that
people who have had a past, negative experience with a dentist may need
extra care and assurance and both myself and my staff make every effort
to ensure that patients receive the attention they need both during and
after procedures have been done."

During the initial meeting Dr. Eidelstein performs a complete examination
that includes x-rays to determine the issues that must be addressed
immediately. When the wisdom teeth must be extracted there are often
steps that must be taken to ensure that other teeth are not damaged or
injured during the procedure. The doctor explains the options available
for the extraction as well as each step in the process to prepare the
mouth for the procedure.

Dr. Eidelstein offers different types of pain management techniques that
can be used during the procedure. He explains the options in detail as
well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method. He also provides
patients with after-care information and schedules follow-up visits to
address any other issues that have been identified.

To get more information about how Orange County dentist, Dr. Alex
Eidelstein, DDS, provides the services needed to give people beautiful
and healthy teeth visit today.
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