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ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group

                        Published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group

       Business To Business Travel
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                                                         BT Convention Centre,
         #26-16318 82nd Avenue
          Surrey, British Columbia
             Canada, V3S 2L7
                                                         Liverpool, England Opens In Full
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           Fax: (604) 543-7376

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                 THE STAFF

    Group Publisher/Managing Editor                      The BT Convention Centre is a unique, purpose built meetings facility situated in the heart of Liverpool on the historic, world heritage
   Colin J. Holden -                 waterfront - combining state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge design

            Associate Editor                             ACC Liverpool’s final completion was marked                             hoping to extend this further.
    Brian Menzies-                   (April 22) as a major event was held in all
               Associate Editor                          parts of the new facility for the first time.                           Sarah Abbott, Head of Education and Events,
        Bill Tice -                                                                                           BSR, said: “There are few venues capable of
                                                         Around 1,700 delegates from the British                                 hosting an event as large and complex as ours,
             Associate Editor                            Society for Rheumatology (BSR) made use of                              which has both conference and exhibition
    Sandra Tice -                   all of the BT Convention Centre’s stunning new                          elements. ACC Liverpool’s facilities are
                                                         facilities – including its three state-of-the-art                       absolutely ideal for both.
             Associate Editor                            auditoriums and 18 breakout rooms on the
    Anita Streifel -                 newly-completed upper floor.                                            “We’re really looking forward to coming to
            Associate Editor                                                                                                     Liverpool for the first time and this year’s event
    Edward Lambert -                    The organisation’s four-day Annual Meeting,                             is on course to be our biggest ever. We’ve
                                                         April 22-25, included a conference and                                  been very impressed by both the standard of
            Technology Editor                            exhibition, marked the final completion of ACC                          the facilities at the venue, but also by the staff
  Marten Streifel -                 Liverpool. The facility has opened in phases                            - who we can’t praise enough.’
                                                         since the launch event of Liverpool’s year as
              Editorial Intern                           Capital of Culture at the Echo Arena on January                         Jacquie Rogers, General Manager of the BT
      Ben Holden -
                                                         12.                                                                     Convention Centre, said: “BSR’s Annual Meeting
        Production/Design Intern                                                                                                 is one of the most prestigious events in the
     Sam Holden -                     This was followed by the opening of the lower                           industry and we’re absolutely delighted that
                                                         part of the BT Convention Centre in late                                they have committed to come to Liverpool for
                                                         February - with its 3725 square metre multi-                            two years.
                                                         purpose hall being used for events such as
                                                         the Liberal Democrats Spring Conference.                                “Attracting organisations of this calibre serves
  Requests for an Editorial Calendar and/                                                                                        as a testament to the quality and flexibility of
  or Editorial Submissions for Odyssey                   The BSR event however is the first time all                             our outstanding new venue. This sets the tone
  magazine and/or any of our websites                    parts of the facility will be used and therefore                        for the standard of business we will be
  should be sent to just one email address               marks its final completion. It is the biggest event                     bringing to Liverpool in our first year and
                                                         so far to be held in the BT Convention Centre.                          beyond.”
     Send to:                         The organisation has signed a two-year deal
                                                         to come to the city in 2008 and 2014 and is                                 

Discovery Communications                                 Air China And AirPlus                                                   TSA and Continental Airlines
Deploys “GetThere Green”                                 International Announce                                                  Expand Paperless Boarding
Travel Program                                           Strategic Partnership                                                   Pass Program
GetThere has announced that Silver Spring,               AirPlus International and Air China have                                The Transportation Security Administration
MD-based Discovery Communications is                     announced their strategic partnership by                                (TSA) and Continental Airlines have announced
among the first corporations to deploy...                unveiling the Air China AirPlus Company...                              plans to continue the rollout of the Paperless...
                             ...continued on page five                                           ...continued on page fifteen                                               ...continued on page six

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                                                           Page One
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
 IN THE NEWS                                       CONTENTS

 Air Canada Realigns                                                                   May 5, 2008
 Checked Baggage Policy                            BT Convention Centre, Liverpool, England Opens In Full                    page 1
 Air Canada will implement changes to its          Discovery Communications Deploys “GetThere Green” Travel Program
 checked baggage policy on flights within          Air China And AirPlus International Announce Strategic Partnership
 Canada, and between Canada and the U.S.           TSA and Continental Airlines Expand Paperless Boarding Pass Program
 including Hawaii, effective May 15, 2008
                                                   Air Canada Realigns Checked Baggage Policy                                page 2
 for travel on or after July 15, 2008.
                                                   Carlson Wagonlit Travel Launches CWT Agency+Card Reporting                page 3
 Under the new policy, customers who               HRG Alerts Air Travellers To Increasing Hidden Costs
 purchase Tango and Tango Plus tickets may
 check one bag at no charge and a second           BCD Travel And Corporate Online Booking Tools In Asia Pacific             page 4
 bag for a $25 service fee. Tango and Tango        FCm Partners With Kontik Franstur In Brazil
 Plus customers will continue to have the          HRG Green Events Launched At IMEX
 choice of customizing their fare including
 obtaining a discount when travelling without      Discovery Communications Deploys “GetThere Green” Travel Program          page 5
 checked luggage.                                  Hogg Robinson Group Signs European Agreement With Amadeus
 “In an environment of record high and             TSA and Continental Airlines Expand Paperless Boarding Pass Program       page 6
 unrelenting fuel costs it is more critical than   Delta Launches Nonstop Service Between New York-JFK & Edinburgh
 ever that the airline reviews its product         Air Canada Jazz Inaugurates New Services Out of Ottawa
 offering to ensure it can continue to offer       Finnair Launches Emissions Calculator
 everyday low fares,” said Duncan Dee,
 Executive Vice-President, Customer                Iberia Adds Flight To Guatemala And Panama                                page 7
 Experience and Chief Administrative Officer.      LAN Announces Additional Service From Miami To Lima, Peru
 “This policy change is part of the on-going       Jetquay’s CIP Terminal Perfect For Business Events
 review of our activities that allow us to keep    Sports Express Acquires Luggage Express And Virtual Bellhop Brands
 pace with current industry standards and
 economic realities, while remaining               Emirates To Launch Service To Durban, South Africa                        page 8
 competitive with our main North American          El Al Opens New Lounge At Newark Airport For Premium Class Passengers
 competitors.”                                     Lufthansa Introduces Boarding Via Mobile Phone
 There is no change in the checked bag policy      PATA CEO Challenge:                                                       page 9
 for customers purchasing Latitude and             Embattled Airlines Plot Carbon Flight Path
 Executive Class tickets. As well, Air Canada      PATA Takes Up The Green Challenge
 Elite, Super Elite and Prestige members in
 addition to Star Alliance Gold and Silver         Collaborative Opportunities Emerge At Conference                          page 10
 members maintain their current baggage            TAT Governor Elected Next PATA Chairman
 allowance when purchasing Tango and
 Tango Plus fares. Baggage allowance for           ICCA’s 50th Congress Goes To Leipzig In 2011                              page 11
 travel to and from countries other than           NBTA Announces National Travel Forum Program Details
 Canada and the United States will remain          Golden Tulip Announces Multiple Hotel Projects In South East Asia
 unchanged. This includes North American           Grupo Posadas Slates 15 Hotels To Open In 2008
 flights as part of international travel.
 Complete details of Air Canada’s baggage          Emirates Hotels & Resorts: Green Lakes Serviced Apartments Opens          page 12
 policies are available at          The Rocco Forte Collection Signs Management Contract For Jeddah Hotel

 Air Canada will continue to review its policies   WORLDHOTELS Eliminates Euro To U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate Thru June 30     page 13
 to determine what adjustments are to be           Carey San Francisco Shifts Its Operations To CarbonNeutral
 made so that, against a backdrop of record        Europcar Acquires Its Asia-Pacific Master Franchisee
 high fuel costs, it continues to provide the
 products and services that respond to             Europcar Creates Dedicated Business Travel Team                           page 14
 customer demand while offering every day          Eurostar And Google Launch Interactive Display System “Explore Europe”
 low fares.                                        American Express & Delta Air Lines Launch The Delta Reserve Credit Card

                        American Express Launches Online Travel Community Called Members Know     page 15
                                                   Air China And AirPlus International Announce Strategic Partnership

                                                   Marriott Names Regional VP Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific                 page 16
                                                   Bavaria Executive Suites Dubai Appoints Director of Sales - MICE
                                                   Barcelona International Convention Centre Appoints Managing Director
                                                   Jumeirah Group Appoints New Senior VP Asia Pacific
                                                   Carlson Hotels Worldwide Restructures Business Development Strategy

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                  Page Two
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
 TRAVEL MANAGEMENT                                                                                                  HRG Alerts Air Travellers
Carlson Wagonlit Travel                              transaction-level data reports are one click                   To Increasing Hidden
Launches CWT                                         away from the dashboards. They include an                      Costs
                                                     agency compliance summary for air/rail, hotel
Agency+Card Reporting                                and car rental transactions, as well as two                    In the wake of a series of recent
                                                     agency non-compliance reports that identify                    announcements made by airlines, Hogg
Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has launched           travelers who are booking outside of CWT.                      Robinson Group (HRG), the international
CWT Agency+Card Reporting to help travel             This information provides travel managers with                 corporate services company, is urging
managers optimize total travel spend, increase       explanations for non-compliance and enables                    business travellers to carefully monitor the
preferred agency and corporate credit card           them to take necessary action, which might                     total cost of their travel bookings.
compliance, and enjoy greater leverage with          include adapting their organization’s travel
suppliers. Unlike similar solutions that focus       policy.                                                        Peter Kite, HRG Europe West Managing
only on air travel, data from CWT bookings is                                                                       Director, commented: “In the current volatile
matched and compared to actual credit card           Three additional spend reports for air/rail, hotel             market we are increasingly seeing airlines
expenditures for rail, hotel and rental car          and rental car consolidate all bookings to                     pass additional costs on to the customer.
services as well. This latest CWT offering is        capture total travel spend and increase
available as an enhancement to the award-            leverage during negotiations. By indicating                    Just recently both Qantas and BA have
winning CWT Program Management Center, the           actual rates versus negotiated rates, these                    announced that ticket costs will rise to
company’s Web-based central gateway to the           reports also help travel managers address                      accommodate a higher fuel surcharge; and
information and performance metrics travel           discrepancies with suppliers. Lastly, by                       Ryanair has increased its baggage charges
managers need to optimize their travel               shedding light on non-compliant traveler                       for the second time in six months.
program.                                             preferences and amenities, this information
                                                     can be used to negotiate better terms and                      “With fuel prices reaching a record high this
CWT Agency+Card Reporting was designed               conditions with new or existing suppliers.                     week, soaring from US$80 per barrel to
with flexibility in mind. To that end, CWT can                                                                      US$120, airlines will inevitably continue to
process data feeds from all major credit card        The final report is a hotel supplier summary                   introduce measures to recoup these costs
providers, enabling clients to use the corporate     showing all matched and unmatched spend                        to ensure survival.
card that best meets their company’s needs.          for key properties and chains. This more
CWT is working with TRX, a global leader in          complete picture of hotel volume also helps                    “It is vital that business travellers are aware
travel technology and data consolidation, to         optimize negotiations.                                         of the hidden costs being added to their
support clients in their personal choice.                                                                           travel bookings - be it fuel surcharges or
                                                     A variety of new metrics and reports will be                   baggage charges. In an environment of such
Managing Compliance                                  released later in the year.                                    constant change, corporations will find it
                                                                                                                    difficult to keep track so, the role of the
Several metrics, interactive dashboards and          Significant Flexibility For Clients                            corporate travel management company will
reports, which are available in multiple                                                                            become ever more important to help their
languages and currencies, provide both high-         In addition to being able to choose their credit               clients carefully analyse and manage their
level and in-depth information to better manage      card provider, CWT clients who subscribe to                    travel needs and to keep tighter controls on
agency and credit card compliance.                   CWT Agency+Card Reporting can opt to                           their travel expenditure.”
                                                     receive data from any or all of the 17 countries
Four metrics track the percentage of air and         where CWT Agency+Card Reporting is                             
hotel transactions made through CWT, as well         offered. Reports are available in multiple
as those made with the mandated corporate            languages and travel managers can switch
                                                     from one language to another while online.                   complex business travel market.”
credit card. These metrics are compared to
the goals established for each in the travel         The choice of currency is also left up to the
                                                     user.                                                        Loren Brown, CWT chief information officer
program. Drill-through functionalities provide                                                                    and executive vice president, Technology &
trend charts and graphs, as well as reports                                                                       Product Management, reiterated the company’s
identifying the top 10 non-compliant travelers       Furthermore, clients can personalize the home
                                                     page and Reporting Center page of the CWT                    goals on behalf of its clients:
for the current month, previous quarter and
on a year-to-date basis.                             Program Management Center by adding CWT
                                                     Agency+Card Reporting dashboards among                       “Compliance is a cornerstone of effective
                                                     those they consult most often. In addition, all              travel management and an increasingly
Two interactive dashboards for air and hotel         reports can be viewed and analyzed online or                 important priority for our clients. By offering
spend drill down further to show the                 easily downloaded and saved.                                 them complete and accurate booking and credit
percentage of matched transactions (i.e.,                                                                         card data through the CWT Program
transactions that are booked through CWT and                                                                      Management Center, we are helping them
paid for with the mandated corporate credit          Commenting on his company’s role in the                      increase compliance while streamlining the
card). They also indicate the percentage of          development of CWT Agency+Card Reporting,                    management of their travel program.”
unmatched transactions and identify the              Trip Davis, president and chief executive
travelers most responsible for them. This            officer of TRX said, “We are delighted to be                 Mr. Brown also noted that information security
enables travel managers to take targeted             working with Carlson Wagonlit Travel on this                 was an important concern for CWT. “We are
action such as communicating directly with           industry-leading initiative. By enabling CWT to              pleased to note that TRX meets the required
non-compliant travelers to remind them of            offer clients matched and compared booking                   data protection standards to safeguard client
specific aspects of the travel policy.               and credit card data from all major card                     data,” he said.
                                                     providers, TRX is helping to deliver actionable
For a more complete picture, seven in-depth,         insights and added value in an increasingly                    

                              Europe, Middle East & Africa News
                                         from The Business To Business Travel Websites Group publishers of Odyssey magazine

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May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                            Page Three
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
BCD Travel And Corporate                              setting their expectations. Going online is not
Online Booking Tools                                  an end in itself, but rather a means to lower         HRG Green Events
                                                      program costs, increase compliance to travel
In Asia Pacific                                       policy, better utilize preferred vendors and          Launched At IMEX
                                                      sustain higher levels of user satisfaction and
                                                      productivity.”                                        HRG Events & Meetings Management, a
BCD Travel has identified a wide variation in
                                                                                                            division of international corporate services
the degree of success achieved by
                                                      BCD Travel simplifies and streamlines the             company Hogg Robinson Group (HRG),
corporations in Asia Pacific as they adopt
                                                      corporate travel process, helping companies           launched its environmentally-friendly event
online booking programs. Companies typically
                                                      manage and control the movement of their              services programme, HRG Green Events,
decide to introduce online booking tools in
                                                      people, information and resources. The                at the IMEX trade fair in Frankfurt.
order to better manage travel costs and
improve productivity for staff, while                 company focuses on implementing an
                                                      integrated, seamless technology platform              “Corporate social responsibility is now on
strengthening travel policy compliance and
                                                      throughout all global locations to provide full       the agenda of most organisations, brought
effectiveness, notes BCD Travel. Yet unclear
                                                      access to and analysis of travel data for its         about, in part, by employees’ interest in the
corporate program objectives and inadequate
                                                      clients. Clients can take advantage of BCD            subject,” says Christer Nordlund, Director
assessment of internal and external barriers
                                                      Travel’s presence and technology                      Events & Meetings Management at HRG. He
can impede the usage of these technology
                                                      infrastructure to track every trip, every             stresses that HRG takes into account
tools and at times lead to disappointing
                                                      traveler, and the costs incurred throughout           environmental issues related to their clients’
adoption results and higher costs to the
                                                      every journey.                                        corporate travel and CSR guidelines, all
corporate customer.
                                                                                                            without losing sight of a company’s
                                                                                 economic limitations. And according to
BCD Travel has developed a set of guidelines
                                                                   w w                         Nordlund, “green” does not necessarily
which its corporate customers use as they
                                                                                                            mean expensive. “We make extra efforts to
prepare to launch an online booking program
                                                                                                            ensure that customers get the best possible
or to enhance an already existing online
program. Roger Pfund, general manager and             FCm Partners With                                     return on their investment.”
vice president, Asia Pacific Operations, says,        Kontik Franstur In Brazil                             HRG      Green      Events     follows      a
“Objectives for moving a travel program online
                                                                                                            comprehensive set of quality standards
vary by customer. We know that not every              FCm Travel Solutions has signed a new                 which include the selection of certified or
customer program is the same, from the initial        partnership agreement with one of the longest-        local suppliers, a regional catering service
launch objectives to program maturity. Not            standing and most prestigious corporate travel        offering local organic food, sustainable
surprisingly, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just   specialists in Brazil - Kontik Franstur. Formed       travel alternatives, and calculating and
doesn’t work when it comes to implementing            in 1945, Kontik Franstur is a family-owned            reporting the CO2 emissions of the air, train
an online booking platform and driving                company that employs approximately 300                and car travel as part of an event.
adoption.”                                            people. It operates business travel centres in
                                                      Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, and in        Launched in early 2007, HRG’s CO2
“Consequently, we have developed an                   2007 generated a turnover of more than                calculator is a reporting tool that helps clients
approach that draws on our experience in Asia         US$120M.                                              to calculate emission levels and therefore
Pacific and from lessons learned from our
                                                                                                            the carbon footprint of their business travel.
extensive online experience in other regions          Headquartered in Sao Paulo, it services some          To reduce the environmental impact of their
where BCD Travel operates, to help a                  of the best-known companies in Brazil,                events, companies can offset their
customer better understand, plan and execute          including Petrobras (Brazil’s largest                 emissions with compensation payments
a successful online program. An online                corporation), Bradesco Bank (Brazil’s largest         with the money the directed into UN-certified
program must harmonise with a corporation’s           private bank), Unibanco, Odebrecht                    environmental projects.
overall travel program objectives, and be             Construction and AVON.
supported by a detailed framework that
                                                                                                            Concludes Nordlund: “HRG Green Events
improves the success of adoption and meets            The company has achieved a 95 per cent client         and tools such as the CO2 calculator enable
efficiency goals,” says Pfund.                        retention rate, one of the highest in the country,    us to work with clients to identify ways to
                                                      for the past six years. It is also a major partner    amend their meetings and events
BCD Travel has identified a number of key             and advisor to major travel industry                  programmes to ensure smarter, more
tactics that a corporation should undertake as        associations including TMC Brazil, ABAV and           efficient travel, helping organisations to
it considers an online booking program:               Embratur.                                             control costs, deliver value and reduce their
                                                                                                            carbon emissions.”
• Apply a readiness assessment to evaluate            FCm Travel Solutions’ global executive general
whether the company’s travel program                  manager, Anthony Grigson, said FCm selected           HRG has also announced it will join forces
maturity and corporate culture are conducive          Kontik due to the high quality of its senior          with StarCite, a global leader in professional
to an online booking environment                      management and staff, and the company’s               meeting management solutions, to develop
• Consider the overall travel program                 excellent business systems.                           HRG Event Solution, an online events and
objectives and determine how moving online                                                                  meetings management tool which delivers
meets these objectives                                “Kontik’s modern and customer centric                 an effective way to manage events and
• Ensure the company has a formal change              approach has earned them strong recognition           meetings in an online, secure environment.
management process in place to facilitate the         within the industry,” he said. “Their operating
online adoption growth rate                           systems are widely recognised as some of              HRG Event Solution is currently available in
• Determine whether travel suppliers in the           the best in this unique market, where normal          English and German and will soon be
markets to be included distribute content             GDS reservation systems do not have the               released in French. Additional European
which is easily accessible on the online              same level of influence as in most other              languages are also on the way. These
booking tool                                          countries.                                            features make this tool valuable when
• Consider the limitations of various online                                                                planning events and meetings with
booking tools and identify the one that best          “Kontik focuses on tailored travel management         participants from one or more companies,
suits the company’s business practices                solutions to corporations through the adoption        enabling customised communication for
• Decide whether the online adoption strategy         of the latest technologies, constant                  target groups.
is realistic and will meet travel program             productivity improvements and customised
objectives                                            services. This provides an ideal synergy with      
                                                      the culture and direction of FCm Travel
According to Pfund, “Moving to a successful           Solutions.
program requires the support and investment                                                                to have secured a strong partner who will
from many key stakeholders and we assist              “Given Brazil is the largest and fastest growing     also be a shareholder in our regional operating
our clients in more realistically identifying and     economy in Latin America, we are very pleased        company.”

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                       Page Four
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
Kontik president, Eduardo Vasconcellos, said       emissions by market and segment, analyzing
he expected the business to achieve turnover       data for carbon reduction and/or offset options.     Hogg Robinson Group
growth of 30 per cent in 2008.
                                                   Future phases of Discovery’s rollout will            Signs European
“I believe we will grow our turnover as a result   include identifying green air and car suppliers      Agreement With Amadeus
of our partnership with FCm and our ability to     in the online booking process, using dynamic
draw on their network to provide our local         messaging in conjunction with clearly visible        Amadeus has signed a major agreement
clients with global-scale services. We are also    icons.                                               with international corporate services
looking forward to working with other partners                                                          company, Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) to
in FCm’s Latin American network, to expand         The rollout of GetThere Green dovetails with         become HRG’s primary GDS partner in
our regional business,” he said.                   Discovery’s cross-company initiative, Planet         Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein.
                                                   Green, which represents the company’s                Amadeus will provide HRG with the latest
As part of the FCm network, Kontik will offer      commitment to document, preserve and                 version of Amadeus Selling Platform with
an extensive range of corporate travel and         celebrate the planet. The initiative includes the    full integration into the company’s “best
expense management services including              first-ever 24-hour eco-lifestyle television          practice” business processes.
dedicated account management, 24/7                 network, scheduled to appear in more than 50
emergency support, travel policy development,      million homes in June 2008.                          Already a user of Amadeus Agency
management information systems and                                                                      Manager in these markets, HRG will be able
specialist MICE services.                          “GetThere’s innovative, flexible approach            to switch easily to Amadeus without any
                                                   helps us truly walk the talk with our travel         disruption to its business. “We are delighted
                           program,” says Claire Alexander, vice                to expand our business with Amadeus,”
                                                   president of operations & interactive media for      says Bill Brindle, Business Technology and
                                                   Planet Green.                                        Distribution Director, HRG, “who have over
Discovery Communications                           “Greening the travel site helps everyone at
                                                                                                        the years proved to be valuable and
                                                                                                        effective partners to our global expansion.”
Deploys “GetThere Green”                           Discovery become more aware of how their
Travel Program                                     travel choices effect the environment, and           The announcement marks a significant
                                                   provide travelers with a new way of                  expansion of an already healthy and wide-
GetThere has announced that Silver Spring,         experiencing their destination.”                     reaching collaboration between the two
MD-based Discovery Communications is                                                                    companies. HRG uses both the Amadeus
among the first corporations to deploy             “It’s an honor to play a role in the launch of       Selling Platform to help its consultants
GetThere Green. The unique set of components       Discovery’s green travel program,” said              concentrate on serving their clients and
in GetThere Green allows companies to              GetThere vice president of product marketing         Amadeus’ distribution system to make
integrate green travel policies into their         and customer experience Suzanne Neufang.             bookings across Europe. Moreover, using
business travel programs.                          “We’re confident that other companies will           Amadeus Agency Manager seamlessly
                                                   follow the path companies like Discovery are         across the many and varied markets of
More than 3,000 companies worldwide,               trailblazing.”                                       Europe, HRG has been able to automate
including more than half of the Fortune 200                                                             between 80 percent and 90 percent of
that use an online travel program, used            Available to GetThere users on any GDS,              invoicing and ensure that the data used by
GetThere in 2007 to cumulatively book more         GetThere Green has three key components:             the back-office accounting systems is clean
than $9 billion in travel. Discovery, a GetThere                                                        and accurate.
client since 1999, books more than 80 percent      Integration of Carbon Data
of its travel in the U.S. and U.K. via GetThere.                                                        “This is a very important agreement for us,”
                                                   Corporations can embed messaging related             says Albert Pozo, Head of Business Travel,
Introduced to GetThere corporate clients and       to their carbon calculator of choice into the        Multinational Customer Group, Amadeus,
agency resellers in late 2007, GetThere Green      booking process, building awareness among            “As it shows that our partnership approach
enables companies to integrate their carbon        travelers of their travel-related emissions.         – demonstrated across Europe with HRG –
emission data and supplier green status, as                                                             brings real value to the TMC community, so
well as deliver relevant messaging at the point    Companies can consult with GetThere on the           that they are willing to commit more and
of sale to educate travelers about the carbon      algorithms behind the various carbon                 more business to us.”
footprint of their journey and impact choices      calculators, and then select the calculator of
they make in the booking process.                  their choice.                                        Totally committed to a value offering for
                                                                                                        clients, HRG offers a comprehensive range
According to Yukari Sison, Discovery’s             By giving companies the option to choose,            of corporate services including Corporate
director of travel services, the company is        they can implement a technology that best            Travel Management, Consulting, Expense
taking a phased approach to the implementation     fits their green policy and employee base.           Management, Events & Meetings
of its green travel program. “We’re using the                                                           Management, and Sports.
messaging capabilities to provide travelers        Supplier Designation
with localized information on their destination,                                                     
such as local rail transportation options,         Air, auto, hotel and rail suppliers with           
restaurants with organic menus, etc.               company-blessed designations as a “Green
                                                   Partner” can be highlighted within the              first-ever Project ICARUS Environmental
Messaging also asks our travelers to pause to      shopping process.                                   Awards in 2007, a program recognizing green
consider sharing a rental car with a colleague                                                         achievements among business travel industry
making the same trip, and perhaps getting a        Dynamic Messaging                                   suppliers.
hybrid vehicle.” Discovery is rolling out these
messages for its top dozen corporate               Recent technology provides messaging               
destinations in North America and Europe.          opportunities at key junctures in the shopping 
                                                   process.                                                  w w
Discovery is also identifying “green” hotel                                                      
suppliers on its GetThere travel site.             Companies can use messaging to share
                                                   anticipated emissions between city pairs, or
With the help of Discovery’s travel management     merely to point out which suppliers and/or             TRAVEL MANAGEMENT
company, Travelocity Business, hotel               properties in a given destination are
properties that meet Discovery’s criteria for      sustainable.                                                Send your 2008 editorial
green partner are highlighted in the booking                                                                      submissions to:
engine. TBiz also supports Discovery’s green       GetThere Green earned commendation from            
initiative by monitoring and reporting CO2         the Institute of Travel Management and it’s

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                Page Five
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
  AIRLINES & AIRPORTS                                                                                                Finnair Launches
TSA and Continental Airlines                          paperless check-in process.                                    Emissions Calculator
Expand Paperless Boarding                             The first paperless boarding pass pilot began                  Finnair now offers its customers the
Pass Program                                          in Houston in December of 2007, and is still                   possibility to calculate their flights’ fuel
                                                      ongoing. Since the initial launch, enhancements                consumption and resulting carbon dioxide
The Transportation Security Administration            have been made to the paperless boarding                       emissions. Finnair does not, however,
(TSA) and Continental Airlines have announced         pass to improve the readability of the bar code                promote emissions offset services to its
plans to continue the rollout of the Paperless        on a wider variety of mobile devices.                          customers.
Boarding Pass pilot program to Ronald Reagan
Washington National Airport, Newark (N.J.)                                                      “In our environmental work we have
International Airport and Logan International                                           focused on the fact that Finnair carries the
Airport in Boston over the coming weeks. This                                                                        responsibility for its emissions itself. We do
innovative approach will allow passengers to                                                                         this by systematically renewing our fleet
receive boarding passes electronically on their       Delta Launches Nonstop                                         and offering short connections between
cell phones or PDAs, which will then be                                                                              Europe and Asia via Helsinki. We recently
scanned by TSA security officers at the
                                                      Service Between                                                did a study among Finnish consumers
checkpoint, eliminating the need for a paper          New York-JFK & Edinburgh                                       asking them who is responsible for the
boarding pass. Continental is the first U.S.                                                                         emissions from a flight, the airline or the
carrier to test paperless boarding passes.            Delta Air Lines begins (May 1) the first-ever                  passenger. 54 per cent replied that the airline
                                                      daily nonstop service between New York’s                       is responsible. This gives resounding
Each paperless boarding pass will display an          John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and                support to our view,” says Finnair VP
encrypted two-dimensional bar code along              Edinburgh, Scotland. The new flight continues                  Sustainable Development Kati Ihamäki .
with passenger and flight information that will       Delta’s success in offering convenient access
identify the traveler. TSA travel document            to points across Europe and the world.                         Finnair is renewing its long-haul fleet with
checkers will use hand-held scanners to                                                                              new Airbus A340 and A330 aircraft by the
validate the authenticity of the paperless            “No one offers more destinations across the                    end of March 2010. The A330s release 20
boarding pass sent to Continental passengers.         Atlantic. Delta’s new flight connecting New                    per cent less emissions than the current
The new technology heightens the ability to           York to Edinburgh continues our successful                     long-haul aircraft. For the A340s the figure
detect fraudulent boarding passes while               international expansion which includes 13                      is 10 per cent less. The greatest leap will
improving customer service and reducing               new international destinations this year,” said                be taken in 2014 when the first new
paper use.                                            Glen Hauenstein, executive vice president –                    technology Airbus A350XWB joins the fleet.
                                                      Network and Revenue Management. Delta                          Its emissions are up to a third smaller than
“The deployment of the paperless technology,          offers service to 37 trans-Atlantic destinations,              those of current wide-bodied aircraft.
with Continental Airlines, signifies TSA’s            more than any other airline in the world.
ongoing commitment to develop and execute                                                                            Finnair’s new emissions calculator is
new technologies within aviation while                Delta’s new nonstop service between New                        available        at
enhancing security,” said Karen Burke, federal        York-JFK and Edinburgh will be operated using                  emissionscalculator. It can be used to
security director, Ronald Reagan Washington           a Boeing 757-200 ETOPS aircraft with up to                     calculate the distance, fuel consumption
National Airport. “These paperless boarding           16 seats in Delta’s award winning                              and carbon dioxide emissions resulting from
pass pilots are a significant step towards            BusinessElite class and 158 seats in economy.                  one person’s trip on Finnair’s schedules and
ensuring that fraudulent boarding passes              Passengers will enjoy comfortable all-leather                  leisure routes. The aircraft type used as
cannot be used to gain access to the sterile          seating and Delta on Demand, the airline’s                     the basis for the calculations on Finnair’s
side of airports.”                                    personal, in-seat entertainment, in both                       European and domestic routes is the Airbus
                                                      classes. Additionally, passengers traveling on                 A320, on long-haul flights it is the Airbus
                                                      the enhanced BusinessElite class of service                    A340 and on Leisure Flights the Boeing 757.
TSA created the concept of how to scan the                                                                           On flights between Europe and Asia, the
paperless boarding passes and Continental             will be treated to:
                                                                                                                     calculator also indicates how much fuel is
Airlines developed an implementation plan that                                                                       consumed and emissions caused if the
involved encrypting the paperless boarding            - a full-sized pillow and quilted duvet for a
                                                      better sleeping experience;                                    flight were operated via Copenhagen,
pass to ensure authenticity. “We are pleased                                                                         Amsterdam or Frankfurt.
to take part in this pioneering concept that          - modern dinnerware and stainless-steel
provides enhanced security and customer               utensils to complement a redesigned menu
                                                      featuring new appetizers and entrees from                      Fuel consumption has been calculated
service to our passengers,” said Mark                                                                                using Finnair average passenger and cargo
Bergsrud, Continental Airlines senior vice            celebrity Chef Michelle Bernstein; and
                                                      - a new, high-quality reusable amenity bag                     loads. On European flights the average
president, Marketing Programs and Distribution.                                                                      passenger load factor is 75%, on long-haul
“Continental Airlines is committed to innovation      with an enhanced product selection.
                                                                                                                     flights it is 85% and on Leisure Flights 95%.
and leveraging technology to the benefit of                                                                          The average cargo loads on European
our customers.”                                                                                                      routes are 500 kg and 11 000 kg on long-
                                                      Air Canada Jazz                                                haul flights. Fuel and carbon dioxide
The paperless boarding pass pilot is consistent       Inaugurates New Services                                       emissions are allocated to passengers and
with the global standard in the International Air                                                                    cargo in relation to their payloads.
Transport Association for bar coding of               Out of Ottawa
passenger boarding passes. This joint effort
between Continental Airlines and TSA will             Air Canada, through its regional affiliate Jazz,             flights between Ottawa and four new markets:
enable the airline industry to look forward to a      launched today new non-stop year-round                       the only twice daily, year-round non-stop

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May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                                Page Six
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
service between Ottawa and Washington                                        route was launched in October 2004.
(Reagan National), D.C.; and the only daily, year-                                                                                 Sports Express Acquires
round non-stop service between Ottawa and                                    Leader In Central America                             Luggage Express And
Saskatoon, Thunder Bay and Charlottetown.
                                                                             - This fourth flight to Guatemala and Panama          Virtual Bellhop Brands
“Air Canada has been steadily building its                                   strengthens Iberia’s leadership position in the
Ottawa presence in response to market                                        Central American market, which it has served          Sports Express, LLC, a premier luggage and
demand and it now connects the capital to 23                                 uninterruptedly since 1971.                           sports equipment delivery service,
destinations with non-stop service. This                                                                                           announced today the acquisition of two
summer’s schedule provides for a 19 per cent                                 - Iberia also operates direct daily flights to        previously competing door-to-door luggage
increase in departing capacity over the                                      Costa Rica, and connections to El Salvador,           delivery brands: Luggage Express and
previous summer, “said Daniel Shurz, Vice                                    Honduras and Nicaragua under code sharing             Virtual Bellhop. This acquisition makes
President, Network Planning. “Residents of the                               with local airlines.                                  Sports Express the largest service provider
National Capital Region now have more choice                                                                                       in the luggage delivery category.
than ever when flying and visitors arriving for                              - In 2007, Iberia carried 253,000 passengers
both business and leisure will enjoy                                         to Central America, with an average cabin             “With this acquisition, Sports Express is
unprecedented access. This includes                                          occupancy rate of 89.5%. In 2008, it expects          extremely well-positioned for growth at a
international destinations through Air Canada’s                              to carry some 315,000 people, which would             time when the industry is primed to expand,”
new non-stop Ottawa-Frankfurt flight                                         represent an 11% increase.                            said Jon Trevelise, CEO of Sports Express.
beginning June 1 and its continuing non-stop
Ottawa-London service.”                                                                                                            Trevelise explained that the timing for the
                                                                                                                                   acquisition is especially advantageous for
Ottawa-Washington (Reagan National Airport) - twice daily, year-
round non-stop service between Ottawa and Washington National.               LAN Announces                                         Sports Express in light of the recent
Operated with 50- seat, Bombardier regional jet aircraft, this is the
                                                                             Additional Service                                    implementation of luggage fees by certain
fastest way to downtown Washington. Flights will depart Ottawa at                                                                  airlines. In some cases, airlines are now
6:50 a.m. and 6:10 p.m. Return flights depart Washington at 9:00 a.m.
and 8:15 p.m.                                                                From Miami To Lima, Peru                              charging flight passengers additional fees
                                                                                                                                   ranging anywhere from $25 to $150 each
Ottawa-Saskatoon - daily, year-round non-stop service using 75-
seat, Bombardier CRJ-705 regional jet aircraft, featuring both               In addition to the current seven frequencies to       way for a second bag or for oversized
Executive and Economy Class seating and personal audio-visual                Lima out of Miami International Airport, as of        bags.
entertainment at every seat, this is the only daily non-stop service         June 17th, LAN Peru (LP) will be servicing
between the two cities. Flight AC8981 will depart Ottawa at 9:40
a.m. and arrive in Saskatoon at 11:20 a.m. Flight AC8982 will depart         three more weekly flights to the Peruvian             “Luggage Express is arguably the most
Saskatoon at noon and arrive in Ottawa at 5:15 p.m. This route will          capital.                                              recognized brand in the luggage delivery
also feature one-stop same-plane service to and from Montreal with
AC8981 departing Montreal at 8:25 a.m. and AC8982 arriving in                                                                      industry, so Sports Express is already
Montreal at 6:38 p.m.                                                        On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,                seeing an increase in business as a result
Ottawa-Thunder Bay - daily, year-round non-stop service using 50-            flights will depart MIA at 5:15pm.Northbound          of this acquisition,” said Trevelise.
seat, Bombardier regional jet aircraft, this is the only daily, non-stop     flights from Lima to Miami will depart at 12:20am.
between the two cities. AC7769 will depart Ottawa at 11:25 a.m. and                                                                While previously owned by the same
arrive in Thunder Bay at 1:25 p.m. AC 7768 will depart Thunder Bay
at 1:55 p.m. and arrive in Ottawa at 3:40 p.m. This route will also          These flights provide yet another option for          company, Virtual Bellhop was branded
feature one-stop same-plane service to Montreal with AC 7769                 US travelers to visit not only Lima, but also 12      separately from Luggage Express. Trevelise
departing Montreal at 10:15 a.m. and AC 7768 arriving in Montreal
at 4:50 p.m.                                                                 domestic destinations in the country served           added that it was especially important to
                                                                             by LAN Peru including Cusco, Iquitos, and             Sports Express to keep Virtual Bellhop
Ottawa-Charlottetown - daily, year-round service using 50-seat,              Puerto Maldonado.                                     because the service has been a primary
Bombardier regional jet aircraft, this is the only daily, non-stop service
between the two cities. AC8618 will depart Ottawa at 11:50 a.m. and                                                                provider of luggage delivery to cruise lines
arrive in Charlottetown at 2:05 p.m. Flight AC8619 will depart                                                                     and their passengers, and building
Charlottetown at 2:40 p.m. and arrive in Ottawa at 3:15 p.m.
                                                                                                                                   relationships with various cruise lines is an
                                                  Jetquay’s CIP Terminal                                important piece of Sports Express’ growth
                                                                             Perfect For Business                                  strategy.

Iberia Adds Flight To                                                        Events                                                Luggage Express and Virtual Bellhop clients
Guatemala And Panama                                                         JetQuay’s CIP Terminal, a premium airport
                                                                                                                                   can still obtain price quotes and make
                                                                                                                                   service reservations through the same
                                                                             facility at Singapore’s Changi Airport, was
Iberia is strengthening its presence in                                      chosen as the venue to host the launch party          portals as in the past, though the sites will
Guatemala and Panama. Today, it is launching                                 and and welcome dinner of TNT, the tenth all-         now use Sports Express’ state-of-the-
a fourth weekly flight from Madrid to the capital                                                                                  industry booking engine that provides clients
                                                                             cargo airline to use the airport. Uniquely
cities of the two Central American nations.                                                                                        a more convenient and user-friendly online
                                                                             connected to the airport environment, JetQuay
                                                                                                                                   experience. An entire reservation can be
                                                                             was considered the perfect venue to hold the
The flights depart from Madrid at 12:30 h. on                                                                                      made in one visit, and guests receive
                                                                             event and successfully deliver its strategic
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and                                            objectives.                                           automated notifications via email when their
Saturdays. Timetables facilitate connections                                                                                       items are picked up and delivered. Clients
with another 34 Spanish cities, Iberia’s 41                                                                                        can also track their items’ status 24 hours a
                                                                             The CIP Terminal is ideally suited to business-
European destinations, and 10 cities in Africa                                                                                     day, seven days a week. In addition, guests
                                                                             oriented events and gatherings with a travel
and the Middle East.                                                                                                               receive personalized “white-glove” service
                                                                             or high-end theme. Access to the tarmac, the
                                                                                                                                   from travel concierges that watch over their
                                                                             foyer and lounge areas of the terminal create
The aircraft used on the route will be Airbus                                a multitude of opportunities for organisers to        items every step of the way.
A-340s, both the 260-seat 300 and the 352-                                   create a unique environment for their events.
seat 600 model, equipped with Iberia’s lavish                                                                                   
Business Plus class, with more room, more                                                                                       
                                                                             Some of the meetings and venue features that
comfort, and a gourmet meal service deigned                                  JetQuay offers are:
by the renowned chef Sergi Arola, Business                                                                                        - Group check in or arrival facilities with
Plus passengers also get free VIP parking at                                 - 2000 square metres of space                        expedited luggage arrangements – Same as
the airports of Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia                                - Grand lobby area that is perfect for a stage       above
for seven days, special check-in facilities, and                             or product display areas                             - Drive up lobby and parking for unlimited
use of the fully equipped Velázquez VIP lounge                               - Ideal for set up for a product launch, seminar,    vehicles including valet parking facilities
at Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas, among many                                  press launch or dining                               - Ability to pick up / drop off a group from the
other advantages.                                                            - Board room and private meeting room                airport terminal in limousines, taxi’s, private
                                                                             facilities                                           cars, mini buses or buses
The fourth weekly flight was added to meet                                   - Business centre with concierge service
demand which has grown steadily since the                                    - Kitchen space for catering requirements                       w w

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                                          Page Seven
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
Emirates To Launch Service                            A330-200 aircraft offering 27 Business Class
To Durban, South Africa                               and 251 Economy Class seats. Onboard                  Lufthansa Introduces
                                                      passengers will enjoy multi-course meals with
                                                      ethnic dishes prepared by master chefs;
                                                                                                            Boarding Via Mobile
Following the successful start of operations          attentive service from the airline’s multi-lingual    Phone
in Cape Town, Emirates Airline will advance its       cabin crew; personal entertainment systems;
presence in South Africa with the introduction        and quieter and more restful cabins equipped          From 28 April, passengers flying Lufthansa
of daily flights to Durban, effective December        with wider seats.                                     from Hamburg to Munich or Frankfurt will be
1st, 2008.                                                                                                  able to use the new mobile boarding pass
                                                      The wide-bodied aircraft also offers almost           service. With this innovative service,
The new service – Emirates’ third direct              15 tons of belly-hold cargo capacity that will        passengers who have an Internet-enabled
connection between Dubai and South Africa –           facilitate efficient and timely imports of            phone can be sent an electronic boarding
underscores its commitment to the South               chemicals, petroleum products, and foodstuff          pass by email or SMS link. The mobile
African market, and comes close on the heels          from the United States, Germany, United               boarding pass contains the relevant flight
of the launch of its third-daily service to           Kingdom, and China.                                   data, such as the name of the traveller, flight
Johannesburg in 2007 and daily service to Cape                                                              number and departure time, plus a 2-D
Town in 2008. Passengers traveling to South           Metals, minerals, machinery, equipment,               barcode. Passengers travelling with hand
Africa from the United States will be able to         agricultural and dairy products figure                luggage only can then proceed straight to
connect via Emirates flights from New York’s          prominently in South Africa’s list of exported        the security checkpoint and to the gate,
JFK and Houston. Emirates will launch non-            commodities. Emirates SkyCargo is ideally             where the barcode on their mobile boarding
stop service from Los Angeles on September            placed to help Durban strengthen links with its       pass will be read by a scanner. This means
1st and from San Francisco on October 26th.           existing trade partners and kick-start exports        they can then board the aircraft without a
                                                      to newer markets.                                     printed paper document.
First discovered by Vasco de Gama in 1497,
Durban lies in the heart of KwaZulu Natal,            The Dubai-Durban flight will cover a distance         To take advantage of this new service,
otherwise known as the Zulu Kingdom, and is           of over 4,101 miles in 8 hours 40 minutes.            passengers simply have to select the option
a fascinating blend of British, Zulu and Indian                                                             “Mobile Boarding Pass” after checking in
history. The Golden Mile, a popular stretch of        The exciting new addition brings Emirates             online via the portal.
beachfront, was developed as a tourist                frequencies to South Africa to 35 flights per         Once they have entered and confirmed their
attraction in the 1970s and adds a ‘Miami’ feel       week.                                                 email address on the next screen, an
to the city. Durban is an ideal family vacation                                                             electronic document will be sent to them
spot with luxury resorts, glorious beaches and        Flight Schedule                                       immediately. Alternatively, they can check in
lush green countryside.                               - EK774 departs Dubai daily at 4:45am and             via an SMS link. In this case, an SMS with a
                                                      arrives in Durban at 11:25am                          link to an Internet page containing all the
Durban’s advantageous location on the east            - EK775 departs Durban at 1:15pm and arrives          flight information and a 2-D barcode is sent
coast of South Africa makes it a natural hub          in Dubai at 11:45pm                                   to the number of the Internet-enabled mobile
for trade with the Indian Ocean and Asia                                                                    phone number entered by the passenger
Pacific countries, boosting its status as Africa’s                                on the screen. All that passengers have to
largest port and the world’s ninth busiest.                                                                 do before boarding is call up and display
Currently handling 50 percent of the country’s                                                              the Internet page. From May, the SMS
break-bulk cargo and 65 percent of its                El Al Opens New Lounge                                check-in service will also be available to
containerized traffic, Durban will play a                                                                   status customers.
catalytic role in strengthening trade movement        At Newark Airport
between the UAE and South Africa.                     For Premium Class                                     After an eight-week pilot phase, the mobile
Durban, Emirates 16th passenger destination
                                                      Passengers                                            boarding pass will be gradually introduced
                                                                                                            on most domestic routes in Germany this
in Africa, will accelerate the Dubai-based                                                                  summer. From August, this latest electronic
airline’s weekly capacity into the continent to       EL AL, the national airline of Israel, welcomes
                                                      premium class passengers traveling from               boarding pass optionwill also be available
93 flights.                                                                                                 to passengers checking in online via
                                                      Newark Liberty International Airport into the
                                                      new King David Lounge. The spacious First/  
Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline noted:
“Emirates is grateful to the Government of            Platinum Business Class Lounge is
                                                      conveniently located directly across from the         Online Check-In
South Africa for granting us the permission to                                                              With Additional Functions
launch operations to Durban. I am confident           EL AL terminal, inside the Newark Airport
the new service will foster greater business,         Marriot Hotel. Upon completing check-in at the
                                                      EL AL counters in Terminal B, premium class           Online check-in will also have other
tourism and cultural exchange, and prove an                                                                 advantages for Lufthansa customers in
asset in the growth plans of Durban.”                 passengers are transported to the lounge,
                                                      door-to-door, via a two-minute complimentary          future. From the beginning of May,
                                                      shuttle which is provided continuously,               passengers will be able to enter travel data
“Our flights will provide travelers from key cities                                                         such as passport and visa details via
in Europe, the Indian-sub continent and Middle        resulting in no waiting time for passengers.
                                                                                                   while checking in on
East a direct access to Durban and will                                                                     their PC at home or at the office. Check-in
strengthen inbound tourist arrivals. At the same      The new, spacious lounge features a sectioned
                                                      off First Class area, free wireless internet, a       via the Internet will thus also be possible for
time it will open up a direct link to over 90                                                               flights to Canada, Mexico, South America
global destinations for Durban’s outbound             pool table, a selection of publications in both
                                                      Hebrew and English, and several flat screen           and selected destinations in the Middle East
travelers who can now avoid traveling via                                                                   and Africa. As identification, passengers
Johannesburg.”                                        televisions. Travelers can refresh by using a
                                                      shower facility, which is available upon              will then be able to use a Miles & More or
                                                      request.                                              credit card or a frequent flyer card for other
He added: “Africa is key to Emirates’ global                                                                Star Alliance 2/2 member Airlines such as
network expansion strategy. We currently              Guests can also recharge at the buffet of             British Midland, US Airways, TAP Air
operate 86 flights per week to 15 African             delicious, satisfying snacks, including bagels,       Portugal or Spanair. Another innovation is
gateways and owing to the continent’s                 spreads, smoked fish, a variety of salads,            that families with children aged at least two
growing economy and escalating demand for             cheeses and assorted desserts, all freshly            will also be able to check in online.
air travel, these flights operate at robust seat      prepared daily and certified kosher by Rabbi
factors of over 80 percent. Emirates will             Meir Teitz, Chief Rabbi of Elizabeth, New Jersey      
continue to spread its wings in the African           and of the Jewish Educational Center in
skies.”                                               Elizabeth. Glatt Star Caterers is providing all      Israel. Butter, cream cheese, milk and the
                                                      food in the EL AL Newark Airport lounge. The         cheese danish are Chalo Israel. All smoked
Emirates will serve Durban with an Airbus             bagels and pastries are Mezones and Pas              fishes and egg products are Bishyol Israel. A

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                     Page Eight
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
wide selection of alcohol, fine Israeli kosher        AL flight departing Newark. An EL AL King                     Speakers called for a standardization of green
wines plus Israeli juices and soft drinks, coffee     David representative will be available at both                audit and benchmarking programs. While such
and tea are also offered.                             the terminal departure point and on-site in the               programs were well intentioned, they caused
                                                      lounge, ready and willing to assist passengers.               confusion within the travel industry and with
“The new, conveniently located EL AL First                                                                          consumers.
and Platinum Business Class lounge at Newark          The lounge closing time for Platinum Business
Airport truly reflects our commitment to provide      Class passengers is 60 minutes prior to                     
maximum comfort in a relaxed atmosphere so            departure. First Class passengers are                                      w w
that our premium class passengers enjoy the           transported from the lounge in a separate
highest level of service at all times,” said Offer    vehicle 45 minutes prior to departure and are
Gat, CEO of EL AL in North and Central America.       personally escorted directly to the boarding                  PATA Takes Up
“This is part of our overall effort to constantly     gate by an EL AL representative.                              The Green Challenge
provide a more pleasant and unforgettable EL
AL flying experience.”                                At JFK Airport in New York, new luxurious EL                  The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has
                                                      AL Platinum Business and First Class King                     announced (April 29) plans to invest in two
Upon presenting their boarding pass at the            David Lounges, equipped with a high-tech                      sustainable tourism projects as part of a range
new lounge, p assengers will also receive             business center and a shower, opened in the                   of measures to reduce the carbon impact of
discounts to the hotel restaurant and gift shop.      fall of 2007. And, in Los Angeles, EL AL premium              the PATA CEO Challenge.
Special room rates are also available for             class passengers now relax in beautiful new
passengers wishing to overnight at the hotel.         modern lounges, also equipped with a                          In his opening comments at the Challenge,
                                                      business center.                                              outgoing-PATA Chairman Brian Deeson said
The new First and Business Class lounges                                                                            that PATA would contribute to Thai Royal
are open at least four hours prior to every EL                                                Project, a sustainable development initiative in
                                                                                                                    northern Thailand, as well as the not-for-profit
  M.I.C.E.                                                                                                          organisation Atmosfair, which manages
                                                                                                                    carbon-reducing projects worldwide.

PATA CEO Challenge:                                                                                                 In January 2008, PATA signed an agreement
                                                                                                                    with EC3 Global, managers of the Green Globe
                                                                                                                    brand in Asia Pacific, to “use its science and
                                                                                                                    systems to help significantly reduce the carbon
                                                      Wildlife Fund campaigner, said that in the last               footprint of key elements of the CEO
Embattled Airlines Plot                               40 years, the airline industry had eliminated                 Challenge”. Green Globe is the leading
Carbon Flight Path                                    soot emissions, reduced noise by 75% and                      international environmental benchmarking and
                                                      increased fuel efficiencies by 70%. Airlines                  certification programme for the travel and
Airlines have done a good job in reducing             aim to increase fuel efficiency by another 25%                tourism industry.
pollution and increasing environmental                by 2020.
efficiencies. They’ve done a poor job in                                                                            In consultation with Green Globe, PATA
communicating progress and future goals to            He said airlines were fighting back with an                   employed a range of measures to reduce the
consumers and governments, according to               aggressive new strategy of carbon-neutral                     carbon emissions of the CEO Challenge,
aviation panelists attending the PATA CEO             growth. Since 2007 airlines have had an                       including:
Challenge, Confronting Climate Change, which          official agenda to use new technologies such
took place in Bangkok April 29-30.                    as cleaner fuels, optimize fuel efficiencies,                 - Locating the Challenge in a venue that has
                                                      make air routes shorter and more efficient                    been benchmarked and is proceeding to
Delegates were told that commercial aviation          through punctuality and use “positive economic                certification by Green Globe (the Centara
is responsible for about 2% of carbon                 instruments” to reduce CO2 emissions.                         Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at
emissions globally. Manufacturing and motor                                                                         CentralWorld)
vehicles produce much more. However,                  While the panelists in the “Sharing the Airline               - Accommodating delegates in hotels within
newspaper headlines in Europe such as,                Burden” session said that the travel industry                 walking distance of the venue
“Travel: The New Tobacco”, “Announcement:             prefers fiscal incentives from governments to                 - Providing escorted walks from hotels to the
Your Flight to Malaga is Destroying the Planet”       drive the carbon reduction agenda, it fears a                 venue
have become hysterical. Aviation may be about         knee-jerk       taxation     response        from             - Setting a relaxed dress code to further
to be punished unfairly.                              governments. “The diametrically incorrect                     encourage walking
                                                      response from governments will happen,                        - Printing marketing collateral, the event
Speaking for the airline industry, Tony Tyler,        “predicted Kenny Boyle, commercial and                        programme, delegate roster and evaluation
the CEO of Cathay Pacific, admitted that a few        marketing services director of VisitBritain. “And             survey on recycled paper
years ago, complacency was a problem.                 then investments that we’ve seen into biofuels                - Constructing the onsite signage and stage
“Airline leaders thought, ‘We’re at 2%. No one        from Virgin and others could suffer.”                         backdrops from recycled cardboard Using
is going to have a go at us.’ We were                                                                               environmentally-friendly materials for the
complacent about the PR aspects and now               The travel industry is also divided on sharing                delegate bag
we’re regretting that we’ve become the poster         the CO2 burden. The World Tourism                             - Placing only essential items in the delegate
boys of international evil….We do feel under          Organization, recommends a “differential                      bags (no marketing premiums, minimising the
pressure from the media and governments,              response” between rich and poor countries.                    amount of paper documents)
especially in Europe.”                                IATA says ‘ring fencing’ certain air routes, for              - Ensuring that sponsors remove and re-use
                                                      example, to or within, poor countries, and                    any collateral materials not taken by delegates
Addressing the problem, Paul Steele, IATA’s           exempting them from carbon reduction                          - Encouraging delegates to offset the carbon
Environment Director and a former World               standards would be impractical.                               emissions generated by their air travel to and

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May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                                Page Nine
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
from the event                                      management plan, and Expedia’s World                other partner organizations to share CEO
                                                    Heritage Alliance.                                  Challenge outcomes with new audiences.”
After taking these measures into account,
Green Globe provided a preliminary carbon           “The CEO Challenge successfully facilitated         Mr de Jong also announced that PATA would
reduction report which included key elements        the sharing of these valuable, practical            formally endorse the declaration from last
of the event e.g. airport transfers,                initiatives,” the Association’s President and CEO   week’s aviation and environment summit in
accommodation, meals and other event                Peter de Jong told the 236 delegates during         Geneva, signed by global aviation leaders
logistics - and calculated the CO2 output at an     the closing session this afternoon.                 including the International Air Transport
estimated 20.4 tonnes or 0.8 tonnes per                                                                 Association (IATA).
delegate.                                           Mr de Jong said he was delighted that so many
                                                    industry leaders - from all sectors of travel       “We also commit to working closely with the
Green Globe will provide PATA with a final          and tourism - accepted the challenge to share       UNWTO, and other associations, on climate
report on the completion of the conference          their thoughts, ideas and actions on climate        change and the broader issues of
and final data analysis.                            change.                                             sustainability.” UNWTO Assistant Secretary-
                                                                                                        General Geoffrey Lipman gave a keynote
To offset the emissions produced by the event,      “It has really delivered on our goals, with so      address to delegates this morning.
PATA is partnering with Atmosfair, which is         many good ideas, innovative programs and
certified by the Kyoto Clean Development            practical solutions, and, most importantly,         In closing, Mr de Jong thanked CEO Challenge
mechanism and the Gold Standard.                    opportunities for collaborative action.”            hosts the Tourism Authority of Thailand,
                                                                                                        partners Burba Hotel Network (BHN) and the
“We were particularly enthusiastic about one        More than 350 people, including officials of        Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA), and
of Atmosfair’s offset projects that cleans and      the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports,            all of the sponsors, supporters, advocates,
recycles sewage water in a palm oil factory in      registered media and accompanying persons,          moderators, panelists and delegates for their
the Chumphon district of Thailand,” said Mr         engaged in the day-and-a-half programme,            commitment to action and willingness to be
Deeson.                                             including a welcome reception and dinner            part of the solution.
                                                    hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand
“Gas released through the recycling process         last night.                                         Mr de Jong confirmed PATA would organise
is used to power the factory, negating the need                                                         another CEO Challenge. “All the positive energy
for fossil fuels. It employs over 800 local         While summarising the outcomes of the PATA          and discussion generated suggests we have
workers. Importantly, all palm used at the          CEO Challenge, event facilitator Rohit Talwar       struck on a winning formula,” he said.
factory is grown on local, sustainable farms        of Fast Future suggested there was a simple
with no destruction of natural forest or            action plan for any leader of a travel and
vegetation.”                                        tourism organisation:                                TAT Governor Elected
                                                                                                         Next PATA Chairman
Mr Deeson said PATA would also make a               - Start a discussion with your management
donation to the Thai Royal Project, which is a      team and Board to agree on principles and            The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
sustainable development initiative, endorsed        priorities for a climate change strategy             has chosen Mrs Phornsiri Manoharn,
by His Majesty the King of Thailand, to provide     - Create a compelling vision to ensure internal      Governor of the Tourism Authority of
a healthy food supply to villagers in the north     and external stakeholder support                     Thailand (TAT), as its Chairman-elect for
of the country.                                     - Conduct an environmental audit; set targets;       2008/2009 and Chairman of the Board for
                                                    measure, verify and record results (There are        2009/2010.
“While this is new territory for us, we have        specialised service providers, such as Green
tried to do everything possible to reduce our       Globe, that can assist)                              The decision was made by Executive
emissions, as well as learn how we can              - Communicate your environmental action plan         Committee members at the PATA Board of
improve our performance for future events.          with internal and external stakeholders              Directors Meeting and the 57th Annual
Our approach is to mitigate where possible          - Where emission reductions are impractical,         General Meeting held April 4-7 in Colombo,
and offset where we can’t.”                         offer optional offset charges to your customers      Sri Lanka.
                                                    and provide adequate incentives for their take-
Mr Deeson thanked EC3 Global and Green              up                                                   “This is certainly not an individual honour,
Globe for their strategic advice and analysis.                                                           but a national honour as well,” Mrs Phornsiri
“Green Globe is recognised as the leading           More sector-specific recommendations for             said. “It is an acknowledgement of
benchmarking and certification programme            action came out the six Boardroom Challenge          Thailand’s active role in the Asia-Pacific
developed specifically for the travel and           breakout sessions yesterday afternoon, which         tourism industry. PATA and Thailand’s
tourism industry. We are delighted to have had      focused on airlines, airports/aviation,              tourism industry, and especially TAT, have
access to their science and systems to help         destinations, distribution, global hotels and        grown together and are inseparable from
us with this event and in other areas of PATA’s     resorts, and regional hotels and resorts.            one another,” she added.
strategic operations.”
                                                    While each sector had its unique opportunities       As PATA Chairman, Mrs Phornsiri will have
EC3 Global CEO, Mr Stewart Moore, said EC3          for collaboration, a common theme running            the opportunity to be the driving force in
Global and Green Globe was ‘absolutely              through all of them was the need for industry        planning and implementing PATA activities
committed’ to supporting PATA achieve its goals.    associations such as PATA to advocate,               that benefit its members in economic and
“We are delighted to be the carbon consultant       educate and facilitate.                              social areas, as well as be the agent for
for this event and look forward to continuing                                                            change as the tourism industry in the region
our strategic partnership with PATA well into       “As the President and CEO of PATA, I now             expands and grows. She mentioned in
the future.”                                        give you our commitment that we will carry           Colombo that a main priority for her would
                                                    forward the momentum generated by this               be to strengthen the association’s
                         event,” said Mr de Jong.                             membership structure by creating
                                                                                                         consistent interaction among PATA
                                                    “We will develop our website to create an            chapters, their members and the PATA
Collaborative Opportunities                         information portal for continuing the dialogue       Headquarters in Bangkok.
Emerge At Conference                                on best practice and collaborative action and
                                                                                                         TAT is one of the longest-serving member
                                                    we will upload all the presentations and
                                                    outcomes from the CEO Challenge, with edited         organizations of PATA, having been a
Delegates at the inaugural Pacific Asia Travel                                                           member since TAT was established in
Association (PATA) CEO Challenge 2008:              video clips of key sessions.”
                                                                                                         1960. Through TAT’s support, Thailand has
Confronting Climate Change agreed to                                                                     hosted a number of PATA conferences,
collaborate on a range of initiatives to confront   “We also plan to produce a highlights package
                                                    - including edited film clips - which can be         workshops and special projects, including
climate change, such as Banyan Tree’s green                                                              several annual conferences.
audit programme, Intrepid Travel’s project          used by PATA members, PATA Chapters and

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                  Page Ten
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
                                                                                                      important to government travel professionals,
 ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                         including:

ICCA’s 50th Congress                               doubled and set in motion what would become        -   Relocation
                                                   known as “Charlie Wilson’s War”- his long fight    -   Per Diem and the rate setting process
Goes To Leipzig In 2011                            championing the cause of the Afghan people         -   Travel Policy
                                                   against Soviet tyranny.                            -   Federal Rental Car Program
The 50th ICCA Congress will take place in                                                             -   Contracting for Airfares
Leipzig, Germany in the Congress Center            David DeBoy, Emmy Award-winning writer,            -   Federal Travel Regulation
Leipzig at the end of October/early November       actor and speaker, will serve as Official          -   Best Lodging Practices
2011.                                              Master of Ceremonies. DeBoy was well-              -   New DoD and GSA Policies
                                                   received as emcee for the 2006 NTF, and NBTA
The ICCA Board’s decision was made at the          is pleased to welcome him back to the event.       Exhibits
IMEX 2008 exhibition in Frankfurt and was          DeBoy began his career as an actor appearing
revealed one day after IMEX. The other finalists   in more than 40 professional stage                 NTF will bring together government travel
for 2011 were Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and a joint       productions, television and feature films. His     professionals with key suppliers of travel and
effort from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab       plays and musicals have been published and         related services to help attendees learn more
Emirates.                                          produced Off-Broadway and he has won               how they can address their agencies’ travel
                                                   Emmy awards for his television writing.            needs. More than 50 exhibitors are already
Martin Sirk, ICCA CEO said: “I think the three                                                        signed on for the trade show. Companies
bids for our 2011 congress have been the           GSA Travel And Relocation                          interested in obtaining the remaining space
strongest ever, but it was the truly exceptional   Innovation Award                                   should contact Colette Skeen at NBTA:
standard of the Leipzig bid that led to the ICCA                                            
Board’s decision. It was carefully focused on      Lurita Doan, Administrator of the General
ICCA’s business and development objectives,        Services Administration (GSA), will present        Venue
highly creative and involved a committed ICCA      the 2008 GSA Travel and Relocation Innovation
team from all over Germany. I am sure they will    Award during the NTF General Session,              NTF 2008 will be held at the Atlanta Marriott
enable us to deliver a superb Congress.”           Thursday, June 5. The prestigious award            Marguis, which is conveniently located in
                                                   highlights the achievements of leading             Peachtree Center. The hotel provides easy
                       government professionals as they work to           access to such Atlanta highlights as the                     implement new programs and ideas in order to       Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, the
            congress2008                           better the travel and/or relocation experience.    CNN Center, the Georgia World Congress
                                                                                                      Center, the Philips Arena and the Georgia
NBTA Announces                                     Education                                          Dome.
National Travel Forum                              NTF 2008 offers attendees more than 35          
Program Details                                    educational sessions on the topics most             

The National Business Travel Association            HOTELS & RESORTS
(NBTA) has announced program details for
the National Travel Forum (NTF) - the largest      Golden Tulip Announces                             Resorts, in resort areas. We are proud to be a
and most important event for the federal travel                                                       multi-brand hospitality company.”
and relocation community - to be held June 3-      Multiple Hotel Projects
6 in Atlanta. NTF 2008 is designed to give         In South East Asia                                 Golden Tulip Southeast Asia, Managing
attendees multiple opportunities to learn more                                                        Director, Mr van Ogtrop, said the business
about the topics most important to government      Switzerland-based Golden Tulip Hospitality         economy hotel in urban centres offered
travel and relocation professionals, to network    Group has announced that its Bangkok-based         particularly strong potential for growth. He
with peers and to explore the services offered     subsidiary, Golden Tulip South East Asia, will     added: “Our expansion in Southeast Asia will
by key suppliers of travel and related services    open 40 hotels in four years in 10 Asian           be achieved through the management and
for government agencies.                           countries. In Thailand and Cambodia, five          leasing of individual hotels, alliances, joint
                                                   priority projects have been confirmed: one in      ventures, and the merging and acquisition of
Becky      Rhodes,      Deputy      Associate      each of the popular Thai resorts of Samui and      existing hotel groups. We’re setting up a hotel
Administrator; Office of Travel, Transportation    Phuket, two in Bangkok, and one in the             property investment fund to finance future
and Asset Management; U.S. General                 Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.                   projects.”
Services Administration, commented, “With all
of the important changes taking place within       The company is also reviewing and negotiating      Mr Kennedie said Golden Tulip and its partners
the government travel area, the National Travel    the opening of properties in Singapore,            would invest US$800 million on the initial four-
Forum provides an excellent opportunity for        Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Hanoi, Vung     year development period in South East Asia.
travel management professionals throughout         Tau, Bin Dong), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur,             
the federal government to ensure that they         Cyberjaya, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kota
have accurate and up-to-date information on        Kinabalu, Kuching), Indonesia (Jakarta,
new policies and processes as well as              Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogjakarta,           Grupo Posadas Slates
insights into further improvements that are        Medan and Den Pasar), and more in Cambodia
planned.”                                          along its south coast.                             15 Hotels To Open In 2008
Speakers                                           In Thailand, fifteen additional properties         With a portfolio of 104 hotels and 19,042
                                                   including a 350-room hotel and conference          guestrooms in fifty of the most sought after
Charlie Wilson, former Texas Congressman           centre at Bangkok’s international airport are      beach and city destinations throughout Mexico,
and inspiration for the best-selling book and      also under negotiation.                            Brazil, Argentina and Chile, Grupo Posadas
the major motion picture, Charlie Wilson’s War,                                                       has well established its positioning as Latin
will share his compelling story with NTF           Golden Tulip President and CEO, Mr Hans WR         America’s leading hotel operator. After
attendees. As a Congressman in 1980, Wilson        Kennedie, said that a similar expansion is         successfully launching seven new hotels in
read an alarming Associated Press report of        taking place in China and India to complement      2007, including the debut of its modern lifestyle
thousands of refugees fleeing Afghanistan.         Golden Tulip’s existing global portfolio of 900    brand AQUA at AQUA Cancun, Posadas looks
Not many people knew what was happening,           hotels in more than 50 countries. “Our strategy    forward to the opening of fifteen new
or even recognized what was at stake in the        is to develop economy business hotels in capital   properties in 2008.
region, but Wilson immediately arranged to have    cities in Southeast Asia and our four- and five-
CIA funds directed toward Afghanistan              star brands, Royal Tulip and Golden Tulip          Scheduled to debut this spring, the Caesar

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                              Page Eleven
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
Park Buenos Aires Obelisco, named for its              hospitality credentials, the Green Lakes
location in front of the world-renowned 220-           Serviced Apartments are the focal point of the      The first guests of Green Lakes have started
foot monument standing in the heart of Buenos          much sought-after Jumeirah Lake Towers              checking in, and as the Jumeirah Lakes
Aires, will provide a classic and relaxed              precinct. Comprising two stylish, high-rise         location matures in the following months it is
environment in this vibrant, metropolitan city.        apartment towers the operation opens its            set to become a very popular location for Dubai
Serving as a peaceful retreat and sanctuary            doors on Phase One today as it enters its           visitors, as well as for longer-term residents.
for travelers to the bustling cultural and             soft-opening period.                                Panoramic views of the Emirates Golf Club
financial center of Buenos Aires, Caesar Park                                                              and the convenience of easy access to the
Buenos Aires Obelisco will offer seventy-four          Set to showcase Emirates Hotels & Resorts’          Dubai Marina, Mall of the Emirates, the Sheikh
contemporary guestrooms, two state-of-the-             core values of exceptional service, luxurious       Zayed Road commuter routes, and the
art meeting rooms and an authentic Argentine           facilities and best location in any destination,    surrounding business districts of Media City
restaurant, serving traditional parrilla, or           the Green Lakes will help to realize the            and Jebel Ali are all attractions.
charcoal-grilled steaks, and exquisite national        Government’s vision of transforming Dubai into
wines.                                                 one of the world’s top tourist centers. The         Green Lakes’ range of services covers daily
                                                       Green Lakes sets new benchmarks in this             housekeeping, full reception, concierge, guest
Following in the footsteps of its sister property,     sector of the hospitality market, with top-notch    relations, security, maintenance of the
AQUA Cancun, which debuted late last year,             service levels, and modern and exceptionally        apartment and valet parking services. For the
AQUA Bosques will open its doors to Mexico             high-standard facilities.                           fitness-conscious, the state-of-the-art Health
City’s most discerning travelers in the fall of                                                            Club features a fully-equipped gymnasium with
2008. Boasting unique design elements such             Tony Williams, Senior Vice President, Resorts       an excellent range of cardiovascular and
as sensuous aromatherapy mists, savory                 & Projects noted: “Offering the comforts of a       weight training equipment, sauna, steam room,
international cuisine, and deep-tissue                 glamorous home with the services of a luxury        Jacuzzi and a rooftop, temperature-controlled
massages, AQUA Bosques promises to                     hotel, serviced apartments are an increasingly      swimming pool.
seduce guests’ senses with the brand’s unique          popular alternative to traditional hotel stays.
“sensory stay” philosophy.                             Recent statistics released by the Department 
                                                       of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)
In the business and economy categories,                reflect an escalating demand for serviced
Posadas’ Fiesta Inn and One Hotels look                apartments in Dubai. GCC countries have been        The Rocco Forte Collection
forward to an impressive thirteen openings             particularly fast in catching on to this cost-
this year. A hospitality concept designed to           efficient option, and have alone showed the         Signs Management Contract
meet the needs of frequent business travelers,         largest market share, making up 37 percent of       For Jeddah Hotel
Fiesta Inn will expand its portfolio from 58 to        serviced apartment visitors last year.”
66 offerings, while upholding its brand                                                                    The Rocco Forte Collection has signed a
standards to guarantee functional facilities,          According to DTCM the number of serviced            contract to manage a luxury hotel in Jeddah,
comfortable work areas and an elite level of           apartment guests rose by 11 percent in 2007         due to open in 2010. The contract was signed
guest service.                                         and stays averaged at 4.29 nights. Dubai’s          in Rome on 23 April with Sheikh Mohamed
                                                       deluxe serviced apartments had an average           Ibrahim Al Issa and Abdullah Mohamed Al Issa.
Combining safety, trust and comfort at                 occupancy of 81 percent last year. Over             The new-build project is located in the heart of
affordable prices, Grupo Posadas’ economy              200,000 visitors from the European Union            the city’s fashionable shopping district on Tahlia
concept, One Hotels, also looks forward to a           utilized luxury serviced apartments last year,      Road, close to the Corniche, 20 minutes’ drive
strong expansion with the openings of five             led by the United Kingdom with nearly half of       from the airport and within easy reach of the
new properties in 2008 as well as forty-five           these visitors.                                     central business district. The Jeddah property
additional properties over the next five years.                                                            will be the 16th hotel in The Rocco Forte
                                                       He added: “Serviced Apartments are growing          Collection. Jeddah is the second largest retail
Projected 2008 Openings                                in popularity worldwide, as their convenience,      destination in the Gulf after Dubai, and the hotel
                                                       comfort, and cost benefits are realized,            is at its centre.
AQUA Bosques                                           especially amongst those requiring longer-term
Caesar Park Silver Buenos Aires Obelisk                stays. In Dubai regular business travelers,         Sir Rocco Forte, Chairman and CEO of The
Fiesta Inn Chetumal                                    family groups, and a large number of corporate      Rocco Forte Collection, comments: “I am
Fiesta Inn Coatzacoalcos                               consultants and contractors require                 delighted to announce the signing of this
Fiesta Inn Cuernavaca                                  accommodation for periods of up to three or         property in Jeddah, our second management
Fiesta Inn Durango                                     four months, and they choose to have a home         contract in the Middle East after Abu Dhabi,
Fiesta Inn Insurgentes                                 rather than a standard hotel room as a base.        which we signed in February. There is a lot of
Fiesta Inn Morelia                                     Equally we see a strong demand for even             interest in our brand in this region and we
Fiesta Inn Tepic                                       longer-term stays; where the convenience of         hope to build critical mass in a relatively short
Fiesta Inn Toluca                                      serviced apartments means that residents            time. We are very pleased to be working in
One Acapulco                                           have none of the individual hassles associated      partnership with Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Al
One Aguascalientes                                     with having to sort, register and take care of      Issa and his company.”
One Culiacan                                           monthly utility bills, maid and maintenance
One Reynosa                                            services, and the numerous other domestic           The owning Company is Mohammed Al Issa
One San Luis Potosi                                    chores associated with renting.”                    and Sons (MASC) which is a Saudi holding
                                                                                                           company created by its founder Mohamed Al
                              Chicly furnished, and yet homey, the                Issa more than 35 years ago. It is active in the
                                                       apartments are designed for comfort and             financial, industrial, food and real estate
                                                       convenience. The Green Lakes’ 141 one-              business. It has recently entered the hospitality
Emirates Hotels & Resorts:                             bedroom, 29 two-bedroom, and 11 three-              business and today is a majority shareholder
Green Lakes Serviced                                   bedroom luxurious apartments each have              in the only publicly listed company in the hotel
                                                       generously-sized bedrooms, fully-fitted             business. The owner believes in the growing
Apartments Opens                                       kitchens with all appliances and generous,          hospitality sector and so has taken a new
                                                       open-plan living and dining areas. Bespoke          strategic decision to invest directly in several
Emirates Hotels & Resorts, the premier                 en-suite bathrooms and luxury furnishings           hotels in the Saudi market and internationally.
hospitality division of Emirates Airline, has          complete the setting.                               The company today has five and four-star
unveiled the latest edition to its portfolio - Green                                                       hotels on its drawing board, some of which
Lakes Serviced Apartments, its venture into            Some apartments have dedicated rooms for            have already started construction and some
the luxury serviced apartments market, and             domestic helpers, which is a facility welcomed      of which will soon be in operation.
its second city-based property in Dubai.               by families. Every apartment is equipped with
                                                       flat screen LCD satellite TV’s, DVD / CD players,   Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Al Issa comments:
Promising to be a fitting addition to Dubai’s          ipod docking stations and broadband internet.       “We are very pleased to be working with The

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ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
Rocco Forte Collection, which is already one
of the leading luxury hotel brands in Europe                       GROUND TRANSPORT
and will make a significant impact in the Middle
East. We look forward to working with Sir                        Carey San Francisco                                 CarbonNeutral Company, commented,
Rocco to help bring his company’s philosophy                                                                         “Businesses needs to take responsibility for
of simple luxury to life in Jeddah.”
                                                                 Shifts Its Operations                               their climate footprint. And for the earlier
                                                                 To CarbonNeutral                                    adopters, facing up to the challenge will deliver
The two-tower 19-floor hotel will consist of                                                                         clear commercial benefits as well as
159 rooms, with a high proportion of suites,                     Just as Earth Day began in San Francisco in         environmental good. Carey is a perfect example
and around 50 serviced apartments. Visitors                      1970, Carey International, Inc. has chosen          where not only being CarbonNeutral is part of
and locals will have the choice of a 90-seat                     Earth Day and Carey San Francisco to                their corporate social responsibility but it is
restaurant and a second 70-seat fine-dining                      announce that the company is expanding its          becoming an integral part of their global
venue.                                                           partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company          business strategy.”
                                                                 into North America.
Other facilities include a business centre and                                                                                   w w
700sqm ballroom, as well as a further 1000sqm                    “All companies have environmental impacts and      
of conference space. Every room fitted with                      the chauffeured transportation industry’s
the highest quality state-of-the-art technology.                 heavy reliance on fossil fuels certainly has a
                                                                 greater impact than others,” said Carey’s
                                                                                                                      Europcar Acquires
For those who want to relax or unwind there                      President and CEO Gary Kessler in making the         Its Asia-Pacific Master
will be a 1500sqm health club including 20-
metre swimming pool.
                                                                 announcement. “Carey, as a leader in
                                                                 chauffeured        transportation,      has     a
                                                                 responsibility to approach the subject of            Europcar, the European leader in                                environmental conservation with careful              passenger car and light utility vehicle rental,
                                                                 consideration, transparency, and deliberate          has entered into an agreement to acquire
                                                                 action. We began working with The                    the Australian and New Zealand
 WORLDHOTELS                                                     CarbonNeutral Company in 2006, applying their        subsidiaries of ECA Car Rental, which
                                                                 approach to environmental mitigation to the
 Eliminates Euro To U.S.                                         operations of Carey’s United Kingdom fleet.
                                                                                                                      operates its “Master Franchise” within the
                                                                                                                      Asia-Pacific region. The acquisition gives
 Dollar Exchange Rate                                            After nearly two years of positive effect,           Europcar direct operations in markets
 Thru June 30                                                    Carey International, Inc., is expanding its          outside of Europe for the first time.
                                                                 partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company
                                                                 to its North American operations, starting with      Since 2005, ECA Car Rental has national
 WORLDHOTELS, the hotel group for                                Carey San Francisco. For Carey, environmental
 independent hotels and regional hotel                                                                                coverage throughout Australia and New
                                                                 responsibility is more than adding a few hybrid      Zealand and oversees franchise operations
 brands, has announced a special “Stay in                        vehicles to our fleet; it is a total, sustainable
 Europe, Pay in Dollars” promotion. As part                                                                           for 28 other countries in Asia-Pacific. In
                                                                 solution that will be represented by completely      addition to Australia and New Zealand, ECA
 of the offer, the company is eliminating the                    reducing Carey’s carbon footprint to net zero,
 euro-to-U.S.-dollar exchange rate for                                                                                Car Rental notably launched the Europcar
                                                                 rather than a bullet point on a brochure.”           brand in India, Pakistan, the Philippines and
 bookings made within the United States for
 more than 52 of its hotels and resorts                                                                               Thailand, with more launches planned this
                                                                 The CarbonNeutral Company is the world’s             year.
 located throughout Europe. For example, a                       leading carbon offset and climate consulting
 U.S. traveler booking a stay for EUR 150                        business, working with over 300 businesses
 per night will only pay USD $150 - about a                                                                           To complete its network in the region,
                                                                 and 50,000 customer clients. The company             Europcar has developed specific
 40 percent savings*. The offer is valid now                     helps clients apply a four-step approach to
 through June 30, 2008, and is available at                                                                           relationships with local partners, entering
                                                                 developing responsible and sustainable               the Japanese market in 2006 and China
 participating properties in Italy, the                          strategies to respond to global climate change.
 Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium,                                                                                earlier this year.
                                                                 Over the past month, The CarbonNeutral
 Austria, Luxembourg, France, the Czech                          Company has helped Carey San Francisco
 Republic, and Poland. The rates are                                                                                  With an average fleet of more than 7,000
                                                                 measure and reduce their CO 2 emissions from         vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, ECA
 commissionable to travel agents.                                vehicle operations, electricity use, business        Car Rental managed over 2 million rental
                                                                 travel, employee commuting and landfill waste.       days in 2007, generating AUD 123 million
 “While many American travelers are not                          To achieve CarbonNeutral ® status the carbon
 limiting the number of trips they plan to take,                                                                      (•75 million) in revenues, an increase of
                                                                 footprint is neutralized to net zero through         18% over 2006.
 a recent survey by Modern Agent magazine                        balancing the emissions in three global projects
 found that that 47 percent of travelers                         that produce emissions savings equal to those
 polled plan to alter the destination of their                                                                        Salvatore Catania, Chief Executive Officer
                                                                 Carey San Francisco produces. As a result of         of Europcar Groupe, declared, “For
 leisure trips in 2008 to save money,” said                      that process, Carey San Francisco (as well
 Tom Griffiths, vice president of                                                                                     Europcar, this is an important acquisition in
                                                                 as Carey UK) now has permission to display           several ways. It is a perfect opportunity to
 WORLDHOTELS-the Americas. “We’re                                the CarbonNeutral trademark, signifying that:
 hoping the savings available through this                                                                            enhance our brand and expand a profitable
 promotion will encourage Americans to                                                                                business from a strong existing base. It also
 continue traveling to Europe this spring.”                      - Their CO 2 emissions have been                     provides Europcar with direct access and
                                                                 independently monitored                              in-house expertise in the Asia-Pacific
 The “Stay in Europe, Pay in Dollars”                            - One hundred percent (100%) of their                region, which is the fastest-growing market
 promotion is available Thursday through                         emissions have been reduced to net zero              in the car rental business.”
 Monday at participating properties and can                      through a mix of internal and external carbon-
                                                                 reduction efforts                                    In keeping with the company’s strategy of
 be booked by calling 800-223-5652 or                                                                                 expanding its global footprint through organic and
 through a travel agent. This offer is not                                                                            external growth, this acquisition is the 5th for
 valid online; payment is due upon checkout.                     “The goal of this partnership is to effectively
                                                                                                                      Europcar in the past two years. In 2007, the
 The price is guaranteed at the time of                          neutralize Carey’s impact on the environment,”       company integrated Vanguard’s National and Alamo
 booking for payments made using credit                          said Carey San Francisco’s Vice President and        brand activities in Europe, the Middle East and
 cards, U.S.-denominated currency or                             General Manager, Luis Galindo. “Our unique           Africa, and acquired Betacar, which serves the
 travelers’ checks.                                              position is that we recognize the need to            Canary and Balearic Islands. In 2006, Europcar
                                                                 mitigate the harm that we are causing today          strengthened its position in Belgium and Spain,
                                                                 as we implement our own company-wide                 respectively, through the acquisitions of Keddy
 *Based on the euro-to-dollar exchange rate on April 14, 2008.
                                                                 reduction strategy for tomorrow.”                    and Ultramar.
                                                                                                    w w
                                                                 Mark    Armitage,     President      US,    The

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                              Page Thirteen
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
Europcar Creates Dedicated                             Lille, Avignon and Bourg St Maurice. Travellers    around them.”
                                                       can hover over famous landmarks, follow
Business Travel Team                                   high-speed rail routes, head for the mountains,    Sarah McDonald, Travel Industry Manager,
                                                       or even search for their own homes.                Google, said: “We are delighted to be partnering
Demonstrating its commitment to the business                                                              with Eurostar in such a stunning station
travel sector, Europcar, Europe’s leading              The departure lounge at St Pancras                 environment. Today’s huge number of internet
vehicle rental organisation, has created a             International is equipped with two large           visitors to Google Earth and Maps shows that
dedicated business travel team with Anita              displays with plasma and LCD screens and           people want to explore their travel destinations
Jarratt leading the team as Business Travel            bespoke touch-screen technology. Designed          before they get there, and what better way to
Manager.                                               for Eurostar by Land Design Studio and             do so than with “Explore Europe. Using satellite
                                                       software developer Studio Simple, the kiosks       imagery from a wide range of sources
The new team, comprising experienced                   provide interactive exploration that is free of    including NASA, “Explore Europe” blends bird’s
Account Managers, Sales Support and                    charge.                                            eye views seamlessly with the specially
Telesales Executives will be responsible for                                                              designed ‘fly-through’ facility.”
promoting Europcar’s newly strengthened and            Simon Montague, Director of Communications,
enhanced proposition for business travellers,          Eurostar, said: “This system enables our           Eurostar is seeing a substantial growth in
travel organisers and business travel agents,          travellers to discover new places before they      demand since moving to St Pancras
following the acquisition of National Car Rental       depart, that they can then reach and explore       International last November. It has reported a
in 2007.                                               by using high-speed rail.                          21.3% growth in traveller numbers for the first
                                                                                                          quarter of 2008, with even greater rises in
Anita has been working in the car rental               “We want our travellers to use the departure       areas outside South East England thanks to
industry for sixteen years, including six years        lounge within St Pancras International as a        the introduction of through fares from regional
at Europcar and will draw upon her                     space that also stimulates, educates and           towns and cities, and better connections
experiences to lead her team as they further           engages them. “Explore Europe” complements         between St Pancras International and domestic
strengthen the business’ relationships with            beautifully the interactive digital art gallery    rail services.
existing customers and develop new business            “Station Masters” that we have also just
opportunities.                                         launched - another world-first for people              
                                                       curious to explore the cities and cultures                      w w
Anita moves into the role from Account
Manager in the Replacement sector where she
was responsible for the account management               CORPORATE CARDS
of Europcar’s Corporate Customers. She will
report to David McNeill, Corporate Sales               American Express & Delta                           generous rewards, it will also provide loyal
                                                                                                          Delta customers an experience that is designed
Director.                                              Air Lines Launch The Delta                         to exceed their expectations.”
“The creation of this team ensures we will             Reserve Credit Card
                                                                                                          The Delta Reserve Credit Cards offer distinct
have a dedicated focus on the needs of our
                                                       American Express and Delta Air Lines are           benefits and options that allow Cardmembers
business travel customers. Anita not only                                                                 to:
brings sound experience of the business travel         launching new premium co-branded credit
sector but has a great ability to nurture              cards for U.S.-based consumers and small
                                                       businesses called the Delta Reserve Credit         - Achieve higher Delta SkyMiles Medallion
customer relationships in what is a highly
                                                       Card and the Delta Reserve for Business Credit     status faster:
competitive, price driven market. It is these skills
                                                       Card. These new products will offer added          - Earn MQMs as a first purchase bonus;
that really made Anita the obvious choice for
                                                       value, flexibility and new benefits for            - Earn 15,000 MQMs and 15,000 bonus miles
the role of Business Travel Manager.”                                                                     when eligible spending reaches $30,000 in a
comments David McNeill.                                Cardmembers who are most loyal to Delta.
                                                                                                          calendar year;
                                                       The Delta Reserve Credit Cards are designed        - Earn an additional 15,000 MQMs and 15,000
Anita concludes “I am delighted to have been
                                                       to cater to the needs of Delta’s on-the-go         bonus miles when eligible spending reaches
appointed to this position at what is a very
                                                       customers and provides Cardmembers with a          $60,000 in the same year.
exciting time for our business as we go from
                                                       greatly enhanced travel experience through         - Give the MQMs earned from Card spending
strength to strength in the UK and across                                                                 to colleagues, friends or family – for the first
Europe. Europcar has a powerful proposition            benefits such as the ability to earn Medallion
                                                       Qualification Miles (MQMs) faster, share MQMs      time ever.
to business travellers and my team will ensure
                                                       with family and friends for the first time ever,   - Enjoy complimentary access to Delta’s
that message comes across loud and clear to
                                                       access to the dedicated Breezeway priority         Crown Room Clubs with two guests when flying
our customers, giving them the expert support
                                                       boarding lane and frequent traveler security       on Delta.
they need to meet their transport demands.”
                                                       line, Delta Crown Room Clubs access, and           - Access to the dedicated Breezeway priority
                                                       24-7 concierge services. The Delta Reserve         boarding lane and frequent traveler security
                                                       Credit Cards are now the most elite Cards          line.
Eurostar And Google                                    offered in the line of American Express and        - Utilize American Express’ Personal
                                                                                                          Concierge Service with features such as gift
Launch Interactive Display                             Delta co-branded cards.
                                                                                                          buying and restaurant reservations – 24 hours
System “Explore Europe”                                “We are delighted to expand our partnership        a day/seven days a week.
                                                       with Delta and to offer these premium co-          - Receive one complimentary companion
Eurostar, the international high-speed train           branded cards that reward our most loyal           certificate each year on the Cardmember’s
operator between the UK and mainland                   customers in new and unique ways,” said            anniversary, good for either First or Coach
Europe, and internet search provider Google            David Rabkin , vice president, Delta Cobrands,     Class travel.
(May 1) have unveiled a unique new display             American Express. “We know that affluent
at St Pancras International that enables               customers want access to distinctive services      Access to Pay with Miles , a new exclusive benefit
                                                                                                          for Gold and Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit
travellers to explore Europe in a visually             and experiences, so we continually look for        Cardmembers - and now Delta Reserve Credit
stunning way. “Explore Europe” combines the            ways to meet these needs. With the launch of       Cardmembers. Pay with Miles offers added flexibility,
advanced mapping technology of Google Earth,           the new Delta Reserve Credit Cards, we can         allowing Cardmembers to redeem miles for any
                                                                                                          available Delta seat, any time. Cardmembers can
the world’s most popular online mapping tool,          deliver on that commitment.”                       book flights on and use Delta SkyMiles to
with a series of specially customised ‘fly-                                                               pay for all or part of a Delta ticket, with no blackout
through’ views of Eurostar’s key destinations.         “The Delta Reserve Credit Card was created         dates or inventory restrictions.
                                                       to offer premium customers a best-in-class
It allows travellers to select a high-level, bird’s    co-brand card that provides them preferential   
eye view of anywhere in Europe, and then to            treatment when flying Delta,” said Jeff                         deltareserve
swoop down and fly in 3D through the centres           Robertson, Delta’s managing director of         
of London, Brussels, Paris, Disneyland Paris,          SkyMiles. “Not only does this unique Card offer      

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                                   Page Fourteen
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
American Express                                   different travel topics every week ranging from
                                                                                                      Air China And AirPlus
                                                   the world’s coolest resort wear to great
Launches Online Travel                             American spa destinations. Through this            International Announce
Community Called                                   feature, Cardmembers will be able to dialogue
                                                                                                      Strategic Partnership
                                                   directly with editors by asking questions and
Members Know                                       providing commentary within a conversation.
                                                   - Cardmember Favorites – Cardmembers can           AirPlus International and Air China have
American Express has announced the launch          search through a list of cities from around the    announced their strategic partnership by
of Members Know, a unique online travel            world to see the most popular hotels and           unveiling the Air China AirPlus Company
community      for   American      Express         restaurants frequented by Cardmembers.             Account. The solution provides the airline’s
Cardmembers to share travel insights from          Restaurants can be sorted by neighborhood          corporate customers with a new travel
their personal travel experiences and              or cuisines such as American, French and           payment option on all national and
knowledge about everything from family-            Japanese. Hotels can be sorted by                  international Air China flights and tariffs.
friendly resorts in Bali to the best               neighborhood or category such as bed &             The joint product is the first of its kind in
Mediterranean restaurants in Chicago.              breakfast, luxury and economy.                     China and will be released in July 2008 prior
                                                   - Local Favorites – Every week the Members         to the Olympic Games. Furthermore, AirPlus
American Express Cardmembers - who are             Know homepage will feature a top ten list          has founded a subsidiary company in China
more than 90% more likely to travel frequently     based on how Cardmembers are using their           - the AirPlus Payment Management Co. Ltd.
and abroad than those who are not                  Cards. The list topics will include popular        based in Shanghai. The new subsidiary will
Cardmembers – can not only guide each other        restaurants, hotels, shopping and activities       intensify the customer liaison and support
with meaningful travel advice, but also            such as golf and spa in locales across the         the local roll-out of the joint payment
correspond with editors from Travel + Leisure      world.                                             solution.
magazine, owned by American Express                - Poll of the Week – By answering the Poll of
Publishing Corporation. These editors will         the Week questions, Cardmembers can                The Air China AirPlus Company Account
introduce new topics for discussion about the      express their opinions on a range of travel        provides corporate travel managers a
latest travel trends and hidden gems and also      topics. Users can then view results to see         convenient central payment tool for air travel
respond to Cardmember questions with expert        how their answer compares to the rest of the       and access to aggregated data through
advice.                                            Members Know Cardmember community.                 internet-based travel expense reporting
                                                   - Cardmember Exclusives – Members Know             and electronic invoicing. With this
Members Know is a part of the American             will feature offers exclusive to American          consolidated data, customers can achieve
Express ‘Are You a Cardmember’ brand               Express Cardmembers such as spa                    comprehensive analysis of their travel-
campaign which highlights the value of             getaways, U.S. Open tennis tickets and             related expenses; thereby saving time and
membership and being a part of the American        subscriptions to Travel + Leisure.                 recognizing tangible cost reduction. In
Express Cardmember community.                      - Link to Book – A link to American Express        addition, this product will allow Air China
                                                   Travel at           customers exclusive access to special
“Our Cardmembers are passionate about travel       enables Cardmembers to book exclusive              corporate net rates and Air China loyalty
and they are drawn to new, unique and              travel deals and offers and to get in touch with   program.
memorable travel experiences. Collectively,        American Express Travel specialists.
they have a great wealth of knowledge and a                                                           “The Air China AirPlus Company Account
strong desire to connect and learn from other                                                         empowers our corporate customers by
Cardmembers,” said Bonnie Taffer, Vice             Members Know: Looking Ahead
                                                                                                      providing them with a convenient payment
President, Alliances and Content, American                                                            system and access to the most
Express. “Through Members Know, our                In the coming months, American Express has
                                                                                                      comprehensive travel reporting in the
Cardmembers can exchange valuable ‘insider’        plans to further enhance Members Know with
                                                                                                      industry,” said Mrs. Zhang Lan, Senior Vice
information that will enable them to create        the addition of several new functions and
                                                                                                      President of Air China. “The joint payment
fabulous travel experiences in the future.”        features:
                                                                                                      solution is another example of how Air China
                                                                                                      is introducing innovative solutions that meet
In addition to the dynamic community               - After reading other Cardmember reviews on
                                                                                                      the evolving needs of our corporate
conversations     on  Members       Know,          a restaurant, users will be able to make
Cardmembers have access to the latest trend        reservations at that restaurant online directly
information on where Cardmembers are               through Members Know.
                                                                                                      Within the framework of the collaboration,
staying and where they are eating in cities        - New cities will be added to Cardmember
                                                                                                      Air China corporate customers will also
around the world.                                  Favorites.
                                                                                                      gain access to the AirPlus Information
                                                   - Cardmembers will be able to remain up-to-
                                                                                                      Manager. This product enables analysis of
They can search for the most popular hotels        date on their favorite conversations through
                                                                                                      all travel services; helping companies
and restaurants and sort by neighborhood or        e-mail alerts.
                                                                                                      recognize cost-cutting opportunities and
category. There is a broad range of categories     - Users will have the ability to save
                                                                                                      optimize the controlling of their business
of cuisines including American, Mediterranean,     conversations onto their homepage for easy
                                                                                                      travel costs more effectively than ever
African and Japanese. Hotel categories include     access during future visits to the site.
                                                                                                      before. Another unique feature of the
bed & breakfast, economy, moderate and             - Cardmembers will be able to choose favorite
                                                                                                      product is that it will provide access to Air
upscale.                                           cities and monitor conversations on those
                                                                                                      China’s flown data so that companies can
                                                   particular cities through a specially designated
                                                                                                      track whether their tickets have been used,
Members Know Feature Highlights                                                                       thereby speeding up the refund process
                                                   - With a new “tell-a-friend” feature,
                                                                                                      and cutting down on the volume of unused
                                                   Cardmembers will be able to invite other
Cardmembers can either start their own                                                                tickets.
                                                   Cardmembers to join Members Know directly
conversation by posting a question about a         from the site.                                     Patrick W. Diemer, Managing Director of
specific location, hotel, resort or restaurant,    - Day passes will allow non-Cardmember to          AirPlus International, commented, “We are
or join an ongoing conversation by replying        experience Members Know for a limited time         delighted that Air China has chosen us as
with insight or commentary based on their own      period and tap their insights and experiences.     their preferred payment provider. AirPlus
knowledge and first-hand experiences.              - In addition to the Travel + Leisure topical      strives to give our customers the key to
                                                   discussions, articles and features from travel     business travel management efficiency and
In addition to the Cardmember conversations,       writers at Travel + Leisure and Lonely Planet      provide them with superior data quality. We
Members Know has variety of unique content         will be featured on Members Know as a              stand ahead of our competitors in this
and features:                                      supplement to the Cardmember posted                development and look forward to working
                                                   content.                                           with our newest airline partner.”
- Talk with Travel Experts – Editors from Travel                                                       
+ Leisure , published by American Express                             
Publishing, will host conversations on four     

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                             Page Fifteen
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
  PEOPLE                                                                                                Carlson Hotels Worldwide
Marriott Names Regional                            Managing Director of GL Events CCIB SL, the          Restructures Business
VP Sales & Marketing                               management company for the Barcelona                 Development Strategy
                                                   International Convention Centre (CCIB).
Asia Pacific                                       Martínez is taking over from Jesús Álvarez           Carlson Hotels Worldwide has announced
                                                   Gallego, who will be moving on to new                leadership appointments and a new
Marriott International, Inc. has named Dominic     professional challenges after four years             structure in business development that
Sherry Regional Vice President, Sales &            running the Barcelona complex.                       supports a renewed focus to grow its
Marketing for the Asia Pacific region, reporting                                                        portfolio of owned and managed hotels, in
to Geoff Garside, Executive Vice President,        The new managing director of the CCIB is 36          addition to expansion of its franchise
                                                   years old and is an Adviser in Tourist Business      system. “This restructuring places
Asia Pacific. Most recently, Mr. Sherry served                                                          renewed emphasis on the importance of
as Regional Vice President, Sales & Marketing      and Activities with a Master’s degree in
                                                   Business Administration from the Madrid              property acquisitions and management in
– Caribbean & Latin America. Previously based                                                           our growth strategy,” said Paul Kirwin,
in Asia, he will be returning to Hong Kong with    Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                        president of Carlson Hotels Worldwide, the
his wife and four children to take up his new                                                           Americas. “We are specifically targeting
position in May 2008.                              Martínez’s entire career to date has been within     such key destinations as Washington, DC;
                                                   the hotel industry and he has held positions of      New York; Chicago; and San Francisco for
“We are thrilled to congratulate Dominic on his    responsibility in a number of international          growth.”
new position and look forward to welcoming         establishments owned by companies such as
him back to Hong Kong. His extensive               Disney and Barceló. Outstanding among these          Named Corporate VP Development was
experience and in-depth knowledge of Sales         are the Hotel Barceló La Bobadilla (Granada),        William (Bill) Sipple, who will oversee
& Marketing & the Marriott International brands    the tourism complex Barceló Bávaro Beach             growth in the company’s portfolio of
around the world will help drive our               Resort (Dominican Republic) and the Hotel            owned and managed hotels for all brands.
performance and extensive growth across the        Barceló Reina Cumayasa (Dominican                    Named Corporate Vice President of
Asia/Pacific region,” said Mr. Garside.            Republic).                                           Franchise Development was John
                                                                                                        Sturgess, who will oversee the growth of
                                                   In recent years, he has been employed by the         franchise properties for all brands. Carlson
In his new role, Mr. Sherry will be responsible                                                         Hotels Worldwide includes the brands of
for developing the sales and marketing             AC Hotel chain as the Director of some of its
                                                   establishments in Spain, including the hotel AC      Regent Hotels & Resorts; Radisson Hotels
strategy, co-ordinating all sales and marketing                                                         & Resorts; Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts;
activities and assisting with pre-opening          Front Marítim or the AC Barcelona, both located
                                                                                                        Country Inns & Suites By Carlson and Park
initiatives for new Hotels & Resorts across        in the Catalan capital.                              Inn. Also announced was a new role for
the Asia Pacific Region. This responsibility                                                            Jeff Summers as VP Investment & Analysis
spans across five lodging brands: JW Marriott                                                           for Carlson Hotels Real Estate Company.
Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Hotels & Resorts,       Jumeirah Group Appoints
Renaissance Hotels & Resorts, Courtyard by         New Senior VP Asia Pacific                           Under the new structure, Sipple and
Marriott and Marriott Executive Apartments.                                                             Summers will report to Wendy Nelson,
                                                                                                        Executive VP & managing director of
                                                   Jumeirah, the Dubai-based luxury international       Carlson Hotels Real Estate Company.
                                                   hospitality management group and a member            Sturgess reports to Nancy Johnson,
Bavaria Executive Suites                           of Dubai Holding, has announced the                  Executive VP Franchise Operations for Full
Dubai Appoints                                     appointment of Tony Cousens to the position          Service Hotels.
                                                   of senior vice president Asia Pacific, based in
Director of Sales - MICE                           Singapore.                                           Sipple’s new role includes leading the team
                                                                                                        that will expand Carlson Hotel brands
Thomas Gertz, CEO Bavaria Hotels                   “It is an honor to join an energetic company in      through acquisitions and management
International, recently announced the              such an exciting phase of its expansion,             contracts in the Americas. Sipple has 30
appointment of Mr Savio Marker as Director of      especially as we develop Jumeirah Hotels &           years experience in hotel development,
Sales – MICE at Bavaria Executive Suites           Resorts and brand in Asia Pacific. This includes     finance, valuation and operations. Most
Dubai.                                             the opening of the Jumeirah HanTang Xintiandi        recently he served as corporate vice
                                                   in Shanghai in late 2008, Jumeirah’s first hotel     president of development for Carlson
Mr Marker brings to his new role over 8 years’     in China and flagship property in the Asia Pacific   Hotels Worldwide’s full service brands.
sales experience in 5-star hotels in Dubai,        region as well the Jumeirah Private Island           Other experience includes HVS Capital
most recently focusing on the MICE market. He      Phuket opening in 2009,” commented Tony              Corporation (HVSCC) where he was
offers both an extensive knowledge of the          Cousens. “I am impressed with the Jumeirah           responsible for originating debt, equity and
local market as well as expertise in                                                                    consulting assignments, including a leading
                                                   Group’s vision and commitment to excellence.”        role in the development of HVSCC’s Special
international sales and marketing through trade                                                         Hospitality Assets Group.
shows and the promotion of Dubai to the travel     Tony, who possesses dual British and
trade.                                             Canadian nationality, has over 30 years of           Sipple also worked as regional director of
                                                   luxury hospitality experience, of which he has       development for Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Bavaria Executive Suites Dubai is scheduled        spent a significant part in the Asia Pacific         Worldwide. During his tenure at Starwood,
to open late summer 2008 with 2,100 designer       region. Tony has managed some of the world’s         Sipple was responsible for developing over
suites in two 40-storey towers located on          greatest hotels including The Marina Mandarin        $1 billion of assets including portfolio
Sheikh Zayed Road within the Dubai                 Hotel in Singapore and Le Royal Meridien King        transactions, ski resorts, golf resorts,
Technology and Media Free Zone in the heart        Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada which were           mixed-use developments, urban high-rise
of the city’s vibrant business district, opening   both Leading Hotels of the World. Prior to joining   and luxury destination resorts.
up opportunities for medium to large size          Jumeirah, Tony has worked in senior positions
groups wishing to visit Dubai and requiring        for some of the world’s leading hotel                He is a Certified Hotel Administrator with
both meetings facilities and accommodation         companies including Le Meridien Hotels Group         the American Hotel & Lodging Association.
under one roof.                                    and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.                   He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in
                                                                                                        Hotel Administration from Cornell
                                                                                                        University’s School of Hotel Administration,
Barcelona International                                       PEOPLE NEWS                               and is a member of the Lodging Industry
                                                                                                        Investment Council and the Cornell Society
Convention Centre                                          Send your 2008 editorial                     of Hotelmen. Additionally, Sipple serves on
                                                                                                        the steering committees for several major
Appoints Managing Director                                    submissions to:                           industry investment conferences and is a
                                                                            frequent speaker and panel moderator.
Félix Martínez has been named the new

May 5, 2008                                                                                                                            Page Sixteen
ODYSSEY magazine published by The Business To Business Travel Websites Group
           Publishing Schedule For 2008
                          In 2008 Odyssey magazine will publish 36 regular issues
                                and 12 optional feature or sponsored issues

                            January 07 - Regular Issue - editorial close January 4
                           January 14 - Regular Issue - editorial close January 11
                           January 21 - Regular Issue - editorial close January 18
                  January 28 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline January 14

                          February 04 - Regular Issue - editorial close February 1
                           February 11 - Regular Issue - editorial close February 8
                          February 18 - Regular Issue - editorial close February 15
                 February 25 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline February 11

                          March 03 - Regular Issue - editorial close February 29
                             March 10 - Regular Issue - editorial close March 7
                            March 17 - Regular Issue - editorial close March 14
                   March 24 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline March 10
                                               March 31 - No issue

                                April 07 - Regular Issue - editorial close April 4
                                April 14 - Regular Issue - editorial close April 11
                                April 21 - Regular Issue - editorial close April 18
                     April 28 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline April 14

                               May 05 - Regular Issue - editorial close May 2
                               May 12 - Regular Issue - editorial close May 9
                               May 19 - Regular Issue - editorial close May 16
                     May 26 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline May 12

                               June 02 - Regular Issue - editorial close May 30
                               June 09 - Regular Issue - editorial close June 6
                              June 16 - Regular Issue - editorial close June 13
                     June 23 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline June 9
                                                June 30 - No issue

                                  July 07 - Regular Issue - editorial close July 4
                                 July 14 - Regular Issue - editorial close July 11
                                 July 21 - Regular Issue - editorial close July 18
                      July 28 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline July 14

                            August 04 - Regular Issue - editorial close August 1
                            August 11 - Regular Issue - editorial close August 8
                           August 18 - Regular Issue - editorial close August 15
                   August 25 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline August 11

                        September 01 - Regular Issue - editorial close August 29
                       September 08 - Regular Issue - editorial close September 5
                      September 15 - Regular Issue - editorial close September 12
                September 22 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline September 8
                                             September 29 - No issue

                           October 06 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 3
                           October 13 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 10
                           October 20 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 17
                  October 27 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline October 13

                        November 03 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 31
                         November 10 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 7
                        November 17 - Regular Issue - editorial close October 14
                November 24 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline November 10

                      December 01 - Regular Issue - editorial close November 28
                       December 08 - Regular Issue - editorial close December 5
                      December 15 - Regular Issue - editorial close December 12
                Decemebr 22 - Optional Feature or Sponsored Issue - editorial deadline December 8
                                            December 29 - No issue

                                               Colin J. Holden
                                   Group Publisher/roup Managing Editor
                                            Odyssey magazine
                                         Asia Pacific News website
                                  Central & South America News website
                                 Europe, Middle East & Africa News website
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