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Commodity Daily Market Watch


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Commodity Daily Market Watch
Date: 18th Oct, 2012

   Daily Snapshot

   Commodity           Previous      Net Chg(%)    Previous Close    Net Chg (%)       YTD %
   MCX                    (INR)                               ($)                        Chg

   GOLD               31140.00          0.12          587.05              (0.20)       13.62                                                                                   NATURAL GAS FUT Oct12
                                                                                                                                                                               CRUDE OIL FUT   Oct12
   SILVER             60574.00          0.06          1141.94             (0.25)       17.82
                                                                                                                                                                               ZINC FUTURE     Oct12
   ALUMINIUM           104.40           0.62           1.97               0.31         0.00                                                                                    NICKEL FUT (MCX) Oct12

   COPPER              439.15           0.44           8.28               0.13         10.25                                                                                   LEAD FUTURE     Oct12

                                                                                                                                                                               COPPER FUT (MCX) Nov12
   LEAD                114.00           0.61           2.15               0.30         8.72
                                                                                                                                                                               ALUMINIUM FUTURE Oct12
   NICKEL              906.90           0.67           17.10              0.36         -6.47
                                                                                                                                                                               SILVER FUTURE    Dec12
   ZINC                100.50           0.45           1.89               0.13         3.54                                                                                    GOLD FUTURE      Dec12

   CRUDE OIL          4868.00           0.45           91.77              0.14         -7.81       0.00     0.10    0.20   0.30   0.40           0.50      0.60   0.70      0.80

   NATURAL             183.40           0.60           3.46               0.28         13.82

   Important Upcoming Economic Data                                                              Currency Updates                 Previous                        % Chg                 YTD % Chg

   Date Time             Event                                  Survey      Actual      Prior    EURINR                                  69.47                       0.06                        0.44
   10/18/2012 18:00      Initial Jobless Claims                  365K              —     339K
                                                                                                 GPBINR                                  85.61                     -0.01                         3.66

   10/18/2012 18:00      Continuing Claims                      3278K              —    3273K    JPYINR                                  67.29                     -0.26                       (2.76)

   10/18/2012 19:15      Bloomberg Consumer Comfort                  —             —    -38.5    USDINR                                  52.96                       0.29                      (0.70)

   10/18/2012 19:30      Philadelphia Fed.                          0.2            —      -1.9   DOLLAR INDEX                            79.02                       0.21                      (1.24)

   10/18/2012 19:30      Leading Indicators                      0.20%             —   -0.10%

   Bullions, Base-Metals and Energy Updates

    • Bullions
   ⇒ Gold inched up on Wednesday, rising for a second day with the support of a stronger euro as concerns about the bloc's debt crisis eased after Moody's
          affirmed Spain's rating and German business sentiment improved. The euro hit a one-month high and the dollar index .DXY dropped to its lowest in
          nearly two weeks, reflecting a pick-up in risk appetite after Moody's Investors Service affirmed Spain's investment grade. In the United States, the latest
          data showed the world's largest economy still faces challenges, suggesting to investors that economic growth was not strong enough for the Federal
          Reserve to curtail its stimulus measures. Investors will be watching for more economic numbers due later this week, including U.S. housing market data
          as well as China's third-quarter gross domestic product figure. Weak data would be considered likely to point to stimulative policies that could be sup-
          portive for gold.

    • Base—Metals
   ⇒ London copper edged up for a third session today morning, boosted by encouraging U.S. housing data, but gains were muted by a stronger dollar and
          ahead of the release of China's economic growth data for the third quarter. Groundbreaking on new U.S. homes surged in September to its fastest pace
          in more than four years, a sign the housing sector's budding recovery is gaining traction and supporting the wider economic recovery. But on other side
          China's economy likely slowed for a seventh straight quarter in July-September, missing the government's target for the first time since the depths of
          the global financial crisis, and data today could signal still worse to come. A two-day European Union summit, which may focus attention on disputes
          over closer fiscal union as a long-term solution to the euro zone crisis, starts on Thursday.

    • Energy
   ⇒ Crude U.S. crude oil futures tumbled into negative territory after the weekly oil inventory report showed a bigger-than-expected build in oil stocks. The
          weekly U.S. oil inventory report was expected to show a build of 1.3 million barrels. But the report instead showed a build of 2.86 million barrels. The
          report also came in above expectations for gasoline, reporting a build of 1.72 million barrels, compared with a projected 300,000-barrel build. But the
          report pointed to a decline in distillate stocks, which fell by 2.218 million barrels, more than the 1 million forecasts. The level of distillate stocks na-
          tionally is at the lowest level for this time of year in 12 years. The level of distillate stocks in the Northeast is currently lower than at any point since
          the Energy Information Administration began reporting the data in 1990. Prior to the report's release, U.S. crude oil had been trading in positive terri-
          tory on better sentiment about the euro zone following a move by Moody's to reaffirm Spain's credit rating. The commodity was also lifted by strong
          U.S. housing starts that bested expectations.

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Commodity Daily Market Watch
Date: 18th Oct, 2012

   Commodity Trading Strategies
   Commodity               Month                     Support 1               Support 2                Resistance 1            Resistance 2          Intraday                                   Short Term

   Gold                    DEC                         31050                    30900                     31200                    31250           Sideways                                    BULLISH

   Silver                  DEC                         60000                    59300                     60700                    61000           Sideways                                    BULLISH

   Crude Oil               OCT                          4820                     4790                      4875                     4910           Bearish                                     BEARISH

   Natural Gas             OCT                             183                   180                        186                      185           Bullish                                     BEARISH

   Copper                  NOV                             437                    435                       441                      439           Sideways                                    BULLISH

   Nickel                  OCT                             895                   889                        915                      915           Sideways                                    BULLISH

   Aluminium               OCT                         103.30                    102                        105                    105.20          Bullish                                     BULLISH

   Lead                    OCT                             113                   112                      114.50                     114           Bullish                                     BULLISH

   Zinc                    OCT                          99.50                       97                    101.30                     103           Sideways                                    BULLISH

                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Figures in INR unless indicated otherwise

   Commodity         Month                       Support 1               Support 2                Resistance 1             Resistance 2          Intraday                                    Short term

   JEERA             NOV                            15300                   15050                     15600                     15750            Bullish                                     Bearish

   PEPPER            NOV                            42700                   42500                     43000                     43250            Bullish                                     Bearish

   TURMERIC          NOV                            5200                     5100                      5350                      5450            Sideways                                    Bearish

   CHILLI            NOV                            4900                     4800                      5000                      5060            Bullish                                     Bearish

   CHANA             NOV                            4680                     4650                      4735                      4760            Bearish                                     Bearish

   SOY OIL           NOV                             650                      647                       655                       658            Bullish                                     Bearish

   SOY BEAN          NOV                            3080                     3060                      3135                      3160            Bullish                                     Bullish

   MENTH OIL         OCT                            1165                     1150                      1189                      1200            Bullish                                     Bearish

   CARDAMOM          OCT                             911                      890                       950                       968            Sideways                                    Bearish

                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Figures in INR unless indicated otherwise

   Commodity Month                               Support 1               Support 2                Resistance 1             Resistance 2          Intraday                                   Short Term

   USD/INR           Oct                              53                    52.83                     53.15                     53.28            Bullish                                    Bearish

   EUR/INR           Oct                            69.30                   69.10                     69.56                     69.75            Bullish                                    Bullish

   GBP/INR           Oct                            85.45                   85.28                     85.70                     85.90            Bullish                                    Bearish

   JPY/INR           Oct                            66.96                   66.80                     67.16                     67.35            Bullish                                    Bearish
                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Figures in INR unless indicated otherwise

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   able to others. It should not be considered to be taken as an offer to sell or a solicitation to support any security. The information contained herein is obtained and collated from sources believed reliable and we do not represent it as
   accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. The opinion expressed or estimates made are as per the best judgment as applicable at that point of time and are subject to change without any notice. GEPl Capital Pvt.
   Ltd. along with its associated companies/ officers/employees may or may not, have positions in, or support and sell securities referred to herein.

Group company GEPL Commodities Pvt Ltd

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