SSG-WI April 2004 by dfhdhdhdhjr


									SWAT Status Report
CATS-EHV Subcommittee

       Gary Romero
     Salt River Project

       August 23, 2005
       Westminster, CO
                          4/20/05 JDS-1 \SWAT Status to CREPC
  ACC BTA Requirements

 Reliability Must Run analysis
 Extreme contingencies and Common
 Corridor analysis
 N-1-1 studies
 Tenth-year Transmission Snapshot Study

                                     4/20/05 JDS-2 \SWAT Status to CREPC
Ten-year Transmission Plan
       Base Cases
 2006 developed from 2005 VOP Base Case
 (SRP to initiate)
 2008 developed from WECC 09HS1A1
  (SRP to initiate)
 2012 developed from 2012 RMR case
  (APS to initiate)
 2015 developed from WECC 14HS1A1
  (APS to initiate)

                                      4/20/05 JDS-3 \SWAT Status to CREPC

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