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									Jigani School Presentation

    Visit: July 23 2005
Presented By: Subramanian
 Village school
 Services elementary & secondary school needs of Jigani
  and several surrounding villages
 Several very dedicated teachers and staff
 Although they receive some limited government support,
  they have financial difficulties of two kinds
    Lack funds for facilities and infrastructure

    Lack funds for teacher’s salaries

 Can we help them? They have some requests. In addition, I
  have some ideas, and would like to initiate a discussion on
  this topic.
               History of the School

1961: School began in temple/fields, etc.
1973: Building constructed by the land army
    : Ishwar Murthy took over as Headmaster
1994: High school begins
The School, in Pictures
The School, in Pictures
                    Basic Statistics

 Elementary, middle and high school
 Only school with 8-12 grades in the area (people come
  here from government school)
 Total of 1300 students (470 in elementary school, 745
  in high school, 162 in PUC)
 ~30 rooms, situated in a 2 acre plot
 Students pay Rs. 500 p.a. (and Rs. 500 towards school
   Sounds good, so far…
What seems to be the problem?

 Infrastructure
      Not able to accept all students (from surrounding
       villages) due to lack of space
      Teachers go on regular quarterly rounds to get funds for
       expansion & maintenance
 Monthly expenses – cash flow
      Teacher’s salaries are often difficult to come up with
      Often need the support of external donors to cover this
Displaced Classrooms…
Displaced Classrooms…
Displaced Classrooms…
Displaced Classrooms…
Displaced Classrooms…
Proposed Solution: New Classrooms
        Cost Estimate for New Classrooms

   Proposing the construction of 4 new classrooms
   Use existing land, 0.25 acres
   1 classroom costs Rs. 2,90,000 ($6682)
   Total estimated expenses are Rs. 11,60,000 ($26,728)
Dedicated Teachers!
Dedicated Teachers!
           Problem with Teacher’s Salaries

 Salaries are quite low
      M.A., B.Ed. teacher gets Rs. 1500 p.m.
      Principal gets Rs. 3300 p.m., after 9 yrs experience
 Govt. supports 8 teachers (@Rs. 6000 p.m.)
 Paying the remaining teachers is often challenging
      Often need to ask local donors for funds
 Also, lack of funds makes it difficult to recruit new
      What could we do to help teachers?

 SAC type program for teachers salaries?
 One time fund to help teachers for a fixed period of
 Provide seed money for a teachers “fund” – e.g.,
  matching funds provide them incentive when they go
  fund raising locally
       Some high-level points (some motivation to
                   provide help…)

 Jigani village has a poor “economy”
 They are located near an industrial estate but there are
  several socio-economic problems
      Uneducated, often unemployed, population
      Leads to a lot of friction between businesses and villagers
      Businesses wary of helping the villagers due to a few bad
 Education can help solve some of these problems by
  providing a capable next generation
The Future!
Sri Nityananda Swamy Educational
     Trust Proposal Highlights

         Asha Contacts:
        Subramaniam Ram
       Brief Introduction Of The
 Name: Sri Nityananda Swamy Educational
 School was started by 1961 and caters to the
  needs of 35 villages around jigani in the
  radius of 5 km.
 The strength of students from 1st to PUC is
        Motivation of the Trust

 To help and educate the rural uneducated
  boys and girls.
 To make everyone educate so they live on
  concience, they work on concience and they
  vote on concience.
    Q. What non education-related community activities is
                    your group involved in?

 [As written in proposal] Our group people
  (trustees) are all philanthropic people and god
  fearing people. We are the first people to help the
  uneducated people to become educated and motivate them to
  become self employed. We also help them in getting jobs,
  through our Industrialist situated in our village. We
  concentrate more on poor and downtrodden
     Q. List the school/s run by the
 Sri Nithyanandaswamy Primamry School
 Sri Nithyanandaswamy Middle School
 Sri Nithyanandaswamy High School
 Sri Nithyanandaswamy Computer Course
 Sri Nithyanandaswamy Industrial Training School
 Smt. Nalini Raghunatha Rao PU College
Kind of Education Provided?
 Basic Literacy
 Vocational Training
     In addition to education does your group provide
    any other services to the children in your schools?

[As written in proposal]
 We conduct Free Medical Camps in all specialities
  and provide them Free Medical Care.
 Those who cannot afford we provide them
  uniforms, books, fees etc.
 There are some students who need food that also we
  take care.
         Details of the school

 Number of Male Students: 650
 Number of Female Students: 850
 Number of Teachers: 38[Minimum Qual: SSLC to
  Masters Degree]
 Other Staff: 5
 Avergae Distance Student need to travel to attend
  your scgool: 5-7 Kms
 Nearly 7100 students have passed out in the last 5
  years and they have become good citizens of the
       Details of School Contd..

 Number of Classrooms: 18# RCC and 11 # tile roof.
 We help the depriving the students after they have passed at
  our school through philantrohists.
 There is a Govt primary and middle school which has 650
  students. Difference in education:
    Dedication of teachers

    Involvement of trustees

    Student Discipline.

 Conduct parent meeting every month. Discuss the
  interaction between the students and teachers.
       Financial Details Receipts :
              Year 2005
 Savings Bank Accnt 8922:   2,05,263.00
 Savings Bank Accnt 3747:      11,710.00
 Donations              : 12,13,890.00
 Bank Interest          :       22,170.00
 Transfer Amount:       :      6,48,000.00
          Financial Details Payments :
                  Year 2005
   Salary:                  8,66,966.00
   Misc Expense:            1,33,215.00
   Telephone Charges:             565.00
   Stationary and Xerox:        8,529.00
   Audit Fee                     5,650.00
   Soil Test Fee               17,081.00
   Building Construction:     3,10,000.00
   Savings Bank Account8922:3,65,936.00
   Savings Bank Account3747:3,993,091.00
          What amount are you
        requesting from Asha?
 Building[2005-06]:               11,63,000.00
     [Approximate value for 5 rooms]   [26,735.00$]
 For Salaries[`06-`07]:       6,00,000.00
 Computer Lab[`07-`08]:        8,00,000.00
 Furniture and Staff[`08-`09] :8,30,000.00
 Auditorium[`09-10]:          25,60,500.00

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