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                   A Global Solution to Contact
                         Centers & BPO
Cincinnati, Ohio

                                                   Presented by
                                                 Alastair Sinclair
                           Vice President Business Development
October 19, 2012
              Cincom Today
              • 37 Years of Existence.

              • Over $3 Billion revenue generated till date.      Malaysia

              • Broad solution portfolio.

              • Over 1000+ employees.                             Australia

              • Direct Offices in 18 countries.
              • Thousands of customers on six continents.           Ita;y

Netherlands   United States   United Kingdom   France    China    Belgium

 Monaco           Japan            Spain       Germany   Canada     Brazil
“Cincom        Cincom Solutions & Services
has made a
point of
trends And     • Business Communications
industry       • Data Access and Integration
trends and
the type of    • Manufacturing Business Solutions
That keep      • Process Automation
pace with
needs”         • Outsourcing Operations & BPO
- Software
Publisher      • Consultation & Certification
Worldwide Service and Support

Cincom provides proven technology solutions with:
• High Value
• Low Cost
• Rapid ROI
• Low Risk

         “Cincom’s customer service and
         support is a key differentiator.”
                                          - Gartner
AMR Research:- Cincom

AMR Research
placed Cincom
in front and
center on their

                  Combining process, product and
                  technology defines the configuration
                 Why Pakistan….

                 •   Liberal Government Investment Policies
                 •   Foreign Investment Fully Protected
“Call Centre:
A 600 billion    •   Technical Manpower Availability
dollars global   •   Infrastructure Availability
                 •   Cost Benefits
                 •   Time Zone Benefits
Components: Call/Contact Centre
              Cincom Solutions & Services:
              “Contact Centre”
              • Technology-Enabled Selling

              • Personalized content
“One Stop       management and delivery for
                high-value, high-volume
IT Shop”        customer communications
   - Cincom
              • Contact Center Solutions

              • International Call Center
                Services & Certifications

              • Consultation & Outsourcing
Call Centre:- “Contact Centre”
A Single point of Contact
“Cincom’s     Cincom eCRM
Product of    •   Agent –Customer Interaction module
the Year      •   Power Guide –Knowledge Integration module
2004”         •   OpenTel –CTI integration module
              •   Administrator –Campaign developing and monitoring module
-SearchCRM    •   Campaign Plus -List Management module
.com          •   Predictive –Dialer module
- Customer    •   Call Blending –Inbound and outbound call management
Inter@ction       module
Solutions     •   IVR –Integrated Voice Response module
magazine      •   Fulfillment –Document creation and management module
              •   Unified Messaging –Integrated email, fax and voice mail
              •   Web –Manages web chat, web call-backs and VOIP module
The Market Challenges
     -Perception & Real

• Outsourcing = Loss of Control
   • Most outsourcers Over-commit and Under-deliver
• Offshore Outsourcing = Less Cost but more Liability
   • Last Choice alternative –“if I can do it in-house it is
• “My customers will not understand the foreign
• “How do I manage a call center that is half-way
  around the world”
• Why not go direct and take out the “middle-man”?
The Market
     - Our Focus

• Call/Contact Center Market is rapidly considering the
 Offshore advantage
   • Financial Services market is leading the charge
       • Credit/Collections Functions are large beneficiaries of the
         offshore value proposition
• We are experienced in running multi-site/function
 Consumer-credit oriented Contact Centers
   • Personal contacts/relationships consider the market to be
     in “Greenfield-mode” and will move given personal
• We target prospect who are Performance-based in
 their focus
   • “Cheap seats” lure their attention, performance will keep
     their interest
The Market
     Our Solution -VAI

• Risk Mitigation–Thousands of seats in dozens of centers
    worldwide are aggregated through one point of contact in the U.S.
    allowing for quick Disaster recovery at its finest.
•   CTO–OverC brings you significant cost savings. The combination
    of technology infrastructure, people and process aggregation
    equates to a possible 60% savings.
•   Liability Management–OverC manages all liability and licensing
•   Flexibility–Receive access to a network of centers from multiple
    countries, with multi-lingual and multi-discipline capabilities…
•   Less Hassle–With one domestic point of contact, you don’t have to
    worry about managing multiple people and vendors in various
    countries. Including Payment gateway through Skipjack.
•   Global Market Knowledge–OverC leverages its knowledge of the
    strengths of the international market to its client’s benefit.
                 Cincom OverC & iOutsource

“Over 5000       • Fully Managed solution with Front End, US
Seats of
contact centre       Gateway and Business.
in India,        •   Multi-Channel & Multi-Lingual Hosted Solution.
Philippines,     •   UK & US Calling handled through a single
South Africa,        Contact Centre.
Brazil, etc. ”
                 •   Campaigns & Domain experience in Financial
                     Services, Debt Collection, Telecommunication,
                     Helpdesk, Credit Cards, etc.
                 •   Consultation & International Contact Centre
Our Capabilities
     - US Telecom Infrastructure
• US Point of Presence (POP)
• Secured Collocated Facility –
•   Nortel PBX
•   Nortel Passport MUX
•   Voice Compression
•   Multi-Provider Access to
•   Dell Servers
•   EMC Storage
•   Database –MSQ 7.0
•   Nokia Firewall
•   Encompass eCRM (Dialer)
•   IVR
•   24/7 Support
              Cincom iD Solution

“Over         • iD Solutions is a complete cross-platform web solution
80,000          for:
notices per
day using         •    Document composition
iD                •    Document production (batch and interactive)
Solution”         •    Routing
 - U.S.           •    Archiving
                  •    Content Management
                  •    Delivery via multiple channels
                Cincom Knowledge Builder

“Cincom         • An enterprise strength environment for
Knowledge         developing and deploying Expert Systems
Builder is an
expert system   • Modeling Tools to capture rules in a Knowledge
on steroids.”     Base
– Jim Wilson
Product         • Decision Engines to:
Director           • Provide recommendations and advice on the most
                     suitable products, services and courses of actions
                   • Decide on the next task/action in a workflow system,
                     based on current events and available data
                   • Configure products, services, and workflows
Cincom iOutsource

• End-to-End Solutions (from specification
    through support and maintenance)
•   Product Development
•   Implementation and Consulting
•   Turnkey Projects
•   Application Service Provider (ASP)
•   Build, Operate, Lease, Transfer (BOLT)
•   Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
           Why Cincom

           1. 37 Years in Business
           2. Serving Diverse Industries
“Top Ten   3. Thousands of Clients Across 93 Countries
Reasons”   4. Product Depth & Breadth
- Cincom   5. Rapid Implementation
           6. Professional Worldwide Support
           7. Professional Services
           8. Strategic Partnerships
           9. Experienced People
           10.Client Trust
Cincom- Pakistan

…the answer to all your questions in Pakistan…
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