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                         PROPOSAL FOR
                content to a Digital Library) THAT

         Elly Gamukama, Library ICT Unit , Makerere University Library
         Anne Asserson, Research Documentation Unit, University Library
                           Bergen 20th September 01

Makerere University and the University of Bergen are planning to cooperate in the
ongoing work of establishing a Digital Library at Makerere. University of Uppsala is
giving advice on the system study and the evaluation for implementing an Integrated
Library System, MakLIBIS. The cooperation with UiB will focus on how to fill this
electronic structure/db with content. Bibliographic references that ultimately leads to
Electronic material in full text is the ultimate goal. But before one can reach this goal,
there are many steps to take. This draft will outline some of them.

We have defined two timescales and several areas of cooperation, some short term and
some with a longer term perspective. The short term cooperations will focus on activities
we can go ahead with almost immediately, establishing cooperation about information
that is already available, like access to databases, use of internet subject portals and
interlibrary loans. We see these activities as different from activities that have to be
defined and planned more formally, like Retrospective conversion of catalogue cards, e-
journals, establishing of a Research Documentation database,….

SECTION A Background
The purpose of the visit of the representative(s) from Makerere University to the
University of Bergen, September/October 01, is to establish contact between the two
University Libraries for the purpose of exchanging experience and knowledge related to
the establishing content of a Digital Library at Makarere University. The most profitable
and efficient form of exchanging knowledge and experience could be in form of
workshops/seminars. It is important that such interaction should be practically oriented
and be focused on practical solutions. It is equally important that the workshops should
taking place at the Makerere University. This will facilitate the transfer of practical
solutions of the relevant problem areas. It is imperative for further work to secure local

Section B Objectives
MakLib are in the process of establishing a Digital Library, by implementing an
Electronic Library System, MacLIBIS. This has to be filled with references and full text


material for the use of the researchers and students. But equally important is the
establishment of proper equipment and routines within the University. Digital Library is
here understood as databases of references that will (ultimately) lead the end user to the
full text document and supplementary info as multimedia, results from experiments etc.
To make this seamless it is required technical and administrative environment.

Examples on short term activities/tasks that we should be able to start with :
    Establish routines for interlibrary loans as a temporary activity with aim of
     establishing a long term agreement.
    Give advice on the e-journals and other full text databases that are freely
     available. Work are continuously going on in the global scientific community to
     make research results freely available .
    Give access to searching in the national Library system BIBSYS and the database
     of publications and results at UiB. Inform on other free reference databases such
     as PubMed.
    Establish web pages on UBBs server to give information on available sources at
     UiB (This is an internal UBB project but important for the coopertation)
    Subject Portals. The University Librarians at UBB should establish a list of
     subject portals, quality assured liks, that could be useful for MakLib. Goal: a
     webpage of links.
    Searching in the results produced at UiB, such as general research results and
    Share experience in the area of electronic publishing on web, especially
     dissertations and master thesis; routines and different stages of implementation of
     abstracts and/or fulltext.

Examples on long term objectives are activities that need to be formalized and need
  more extensive funding to be implemented.:
    Retrospective catalogue conversion
    Technical advice on running CD-rom in net, servers, security
    Digitizing old local material at MakLib.
    Electronic publishing of Master Thesis. Establishing routines on agreement,
     electronical material, archiving and web presentation
    Local information about and from Unganda might be kept in other places, ex.
     holdings in British Library. It should be a task to make this material available to
    There is a problem in sharing E-journals. They are dependent of subscriptions at
     the individual institutions, but it is

The first steps to initiate actions to fulfil the short term tasks mentioned above will be
described in the following paragraphs.


Section C Implementation issues for co-operation activities
The aim is to facilitate MakLib to prepare for the work of developing a background for
establishing a Digital Library. A way forward is to share the knowledge and experiences
of the establishing of the Digital Library at University of Bergen.

1. To give Makerere University access to information that already is
available/free at the University of Bergen databases UiBRDDBs.

Most of information on the above said University of Bergen Scientific databases is on
line. However, Makerere University has to have the following infrastructure and
personnel to benefit from this information.

A. MakLib requirements

       i. Equipment:
              Workstations with stable internet connection
              A shared network printer
       ii. Personnel : The MakLib. should provide staff to carry the following
               Publicity of UiBRDDBs to Makerere community - This can be done
                through the following methods:
                  faculty seminars, workshops through which they can be
                   demonstrated how to access the UiBRDDBs.
                  Production of flyers, brochures, links to University web page, all
                   explaining the contents of the UiBRDDs
                  Media - this will not only be targeting on the University
                   community alone but it will also give support to Makerere
                   University distance learning students.
       iii.Implementing unit. Mak Lib. will assign a unit to carry out this activity

B. Requirements at University Library Bergen
       i. Equipment

       ii Personell

       iii. Implementation Unit


2. Establishing interlibrary loans between MakLib and UBB
Mak Lib should act as a hub of UBB in providing any required publication by Bergen
University from Makerere University or Uganda as Nation. Mak Lib. as a national
depository library is in position to get or trace and get any publication produced in
Uganda. Shall such publication or part of it be required by any Bergen university
community member, and that publication is not held in UBB, then UBB should present a
request to Mak Lib for that publication.
In reverse, the UBB will act as the hub of Mak Lib in Bergen and Norway as a nation. In
the event that an item is not held at UBB, it will be the obligation of UBB to look for the
item elsewhere in Norway.
A. MakLib requirements
                At the main library one should put one person, and equip the librarian
                 with the following
       ii Equipment
                      Photocopy machine
                      Workstation with Internet Link
                      Scanner
                      Telephone/fax machine
                      Provide honorarium to staff involved because of her/his extra time
                       and effort input (to be agreed by the two University Libraries)
B. University Library Bergen obligation:
            ...
       ii Equipment
            ...

3. Staff training and Attachments
Under this activity, it is thought that staff from University Library Bergen will be going
to Makerere university to train University Library staff and other University information
workers for some specified period as determined by the course content.


For some course units that need in-depth training and whereby more trainers are
involved, the required training infrastructure is not available at the moment in Makerere,
Makerere University Library staff will be sent to University Library Bergen for training
in form of attachments.

Training at Makerere University Library site.
In this section training is considered to be done at Makerere University by both UBB
staff as main facilitators/trainers but with some backup from Mak Lib. Staff

i. What should be done?

   Sort term tasks/projects:
       Initial and temporary Interlibrarian loan
       Library Web page development
       Subject portal/gateway development
   Long term tasks/ projects:
       Building of on line databases and web based Interface development for library
       Library equipment setup, configuration and maintenance
              o Online CDROM servers
              o Database servers
              o Web servers
              o Library databases security issues
              o O\S and LANs in a library environment
    Electronic Publishing of thesis

ii. How can this be done?
   a) Areas of training at Makerere

   b) Workshops/seminars
The workshops could be introduced in plenum by an
    Overall presentation of Makrere University Library with plans and status of the
      work within the different areas of the Digital Library.
    This should be followed by presentations and status from UiB.
    The different workshops could have an introduction of the present status of
      University Library of Makerere University and
    UiB could hopefully suggest practical solutions.
    Finally there should be a set of subgroups, perhaps 2 - 4 in each workshop, that
      could work further in depth on specific areas and
    eventually in defined projects.


iii. What are the requirements:
    Transport for trainer(s) : Bergen - Makerere-Bergen
    Decent accommodation
    Upkeep allowance
    Training Laboratory
    Trainees

Training/ Attachments at University Library Bergen site.
i. What should be done?
In this section training is considered to be done at University Library Bergen for in-depth
management of in Integrated Electronic Library. However without a limit, some course
units can be attended in some other departments as it will be agreed on later.
ii. How can this be done?
      Management of Electronic Intergrated Library System
      Retrospective data Conversion
      Picture collection
      Theses
      University documents archiving (digitizing older materials)
      In depth on line database buildings
      Maps and storage solutions
      In depth electronic publishing
iii. What are the requirements?
        Transport for trainee(s) : Makerere - Bergen - Makerere
        Decent accommodation
        Upkeep allowance
        Attachment to Trainer(s)

Section D Budget

Section F Time frame


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