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The cultural connection to Children’s Nursery in Dubai


p>Juliette Winser is the Public Relations Manager of The Kensington Nursery Dubai. The Kensington Nursery is managed by Jane Gammage, a dedicated and seasoned educator with more than a decade's experience in education and the British Early Years Foundation Stage. Jane is supported by our international team of teachers and teaching assistants, all of whom hold relevant vocational qualifications. She enjoys yielding ideas on topics such as Nursery in Dubai, Nursery UAE, Children’s nursery Dubai.

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									   The Cultural connection to Children’s Nursery in Dubai

  Apart from the British and American influences on the education system, there are other
    curriculums that are followed by various pre-schools in Dubai. At the end of the day
                  however, each strives to bring about the best in a child

Dubai is known for being one of the most vibrant places on the planet. It is a regional leader
in both, the personal as well as professional hemispheres of life. Supported by quality
infrastructure and a progressive government, Dubai has become one of the top destinations
for expats around the world.

Now, for most of the expats, the families usually tend to follow in tow, sooner or later. And
where families are, there has to be kids. As a result, the diversity in Dubai has even come to
reflect upon the education system out there. Given the veritable melting pot of cultures,
regional influences and nationalities, the education system too follows this trend. Thus, from
finding a pre-school in Dubai to reputed institutions for the pursuit of higher education, the
city offers it all.

When it comes to finding a children’s nursery in Dubai, the choices are wide open. There
is no uniform curriculum system that is followed per se. However, many nurseries and
preschools in Dubai do tend to follow the
British education approach that bears its
roots from the Early Years Foundation
Curriculum. The reason behind the
popularity of this approach is easy to see
when one learns of the inherent flexibilities
it offers in nurturing the various skills of
the child.

The British approach is renowned for
taking into consideration the emotional as
well as intellectual development of the
child. As a result, this approach to nursery
and pre-school education has become
vastly popular. But, if the British influences are around, the American influences can’t be far
behind. This is especially true considering the strength of the American population out here
in Dubai. While the two main methods can be said to be similar, the latter also focuses on
the teaching through inclusion of multiple-economic strata and an emphasis on imparting
knowledge about health and hygiene.

Besides the British and American influences on the education system in Dubai, there are
other curriculums that are followed by various pre-schools in Dubai. These include those
that follow the traditional, Arabic system of teaching. However, it is often suitably altered to
reflect better upon the cultural diversity of Dubai. There would also be not many surprises if
one were to find educational institutions following the Oriental or French approach to
teaching. These however, are relatively lesser in comparison to the two that dominate the
education sector in Dubai.

The approaches may differ in their methods of teaching and even the languages may be
different. But, at the end of the day each educative approach strives to bring about the best
in a child from virtually all aspects. This ‘unity in diversity’ is a true reflection of the spirit of

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