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Check List - Mihaylo College of Business and Economics


									                                              International Graduate Admissions Checklist Cover Sheet
                                                                                           California State University, Fullerton
                                                                                      Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Your complete admission packet should include this form and all required information requested below. This process is to ensure that
your application is not delayed due to missing documents. Checklist can be found online at:

Name:                                                                            CWID: __________________________________

Email:                                                                           Date of Birth: _____________________________

Phone:                                                                           Semester (Fall/Spring): ______________________

 Program (MBA/FEMBA/MSIT/MAE/MSIS/MS Accountancy/MS Taxation/MS Taxation in Irvine) _________________________
If MBA choose one emphasis only: Acct, E-Comm, Econ, Fin, IS, Int’l Bus, Mgmt, Mktg, Risk Mgt, or Entrp: __________
Have you completed a course in Calculus? _________                    If so, when was it completed? __________________
Admission is competitive and our class will fill shortly. It is strongly encouraged that you submit your application as soon as possible.

    Prior to submitting any other documents, submit the application that is available at and pay the $55
         application fee directly to the Admissions & Records Service Center.

    Two sets of official academic transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions indicating all subjects taken
     and grades/marks earned. A transcript will be considered official only in a sealed envelope.

    Do not have your transcripts sent directly to CSUF; enclose the sealed transcripts in this packet. The College of
    Business & Economics will forward a copy all official transcripts submitted to the Admissions & Records Office.

    Two Clear, legible photocopies of all Degree Certificates issued by the academic/awarding institutions (Required)
    Precise, word-for-word English translations of all foreign-language documents (Required)
    Background Information Sheet and Statement of Purpose found at (Required)
    Official GMAT scores sent directly to CSUF. You may request a copy of your official GMAT scores be sent to us by
     contacting GMAC at 1-800-717-4628 or by visiting (Required)
    Copy of your unofficial GMAT score.
     Total Score: _____ Verbal % _____ Quant % _____ Writing _____
     Date Taken:                   Date to be taken, if you have not yet taken the GMAT: ___________ (Recommended)
   Maximum of three letters of recommendation. (Required)
   Updated Professional Resume. (Required)
   TOEFL or IELTS scores if you do not possess a bachelor’s degree from a post-secondary institution where English is the
     principle language of instruction. TOEFL must be scores sent directly to CSUF. The correct institutional code for Cal
     State Fullerton is 4589. (Required)
   Translated copies of transcripts from any previous colleges and/or universities that you have attended.
   The CSUF financial affidavit signed by your financial sponsor.
   A bank statement from your financial sponsor's bank (dated within the last year), showing sufficient funding
   A copy of your current I-20 and/or I-94, if you are currently in the United States.
    If you have any questions regarding the International Student required documents, contact International Education &
    Exchange at or (657) 278-2787
If any of the above documents are missing your MCBE Graduate Admissions Packet will not be reviewed. Please
mail your complete packet to: Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH-4210
                                        California State University, Fullerton
                                        P.O. Box 6848
                                        Fullerton, CA 92834-6848
                                        Attn: Kellee Carter-Scales (Graduate Applicant Package)
Checklist may be found online at:                                                                  5|2012

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