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									The Genius inside Every Child

Albert Einstein believes to stimulate creativity; one must develop the childlike inclination for
play and the childlike desire for recognition. What is a childlike desire? If anyone asks this
question to me I have only one answer that is children are not bothered about the world
around them and the eyes looking at them. They concentrate on what they want to do and do it
in a way which is viable for them no matter what others say. And I believe this is how any
creativity takes birth.

Every child is born with some extra ordinary talents and few of them manage to keep the spirit
up and others just go with the flow. Since we are talking about the young geniuses, let’s focus
on that part more. It is even said that children possess the quality of sixth sense and they could
feel the level of love and affection of each person approaching them. That could be a reason
they feel comfortable with some people and uncomfortable with others. When they grow up
the five senses start working and slowly they leave aside the sixth sense.

The artistic talent every kid shows at young age is incomparable. The way they think,
manipulate, showcase and put forward their talent makes them special. If we observe any child
we can see that he/she will never be conscious of frightened while facing a crowd. They will be
completely out of the world and only eager to showcase their flair. This is the first attitude one
loses when they grow up. And probably there ends the creativity in one too.

To keep up the good spirit child need motivation and family, friends and school can take up the
challenge. Fortunately there are many schools in Bangalore particularly International schools
who dedicate time for the extracurricular activities of their students’ especially young ones so
that they do not lose the track of it.

There are schools like Oakridge International School in Bangalore which stand ahead with their
quality of education and care for children’s capabilities. The school conducts several
competitions, workshops, experiential learning programs and all to bring out the genius in them
and enable them to keep it all through life. Inborn talents are precious gifts each child own and
enhancing them is our responsibility. Enhancement is nothing but the push factor which
encourages the kid to go forth with their creativity and extra ordinary endowments. And if each
one us can ensure this gift to our young ones there will not be any scarcity for ingenuity.

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