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									The History of Silver Spring Dental Implants, PART 1

                                Before We Begin: What Are Silver Spring Dental Implants?

                 Silver Spring Dental Implants:
                          Stay Tuned

                                                     Silver Spring Dental Implants and Their
                                                              Ancient Counterparts
Silver Spring Dentists: The History of Dental Implants, PART 2

                                                    Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and the Discovery of

    Silver Spring Dentists: Modern Dental Implant
10 Reasons Silver Spring Dentists Recommend Dental
        Implants over Removable Dentures

                                          Ten Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

      Dental implants last decades if placed by a qualified and experienced
      implant dentist and if cared for properly by the patient. In fact, they can
      last as long as 20, 30 years and longer! Removable dentures, on the
      other hand, frequently require refitting every few years or so and will
      continue to do so for as long as a patient wears them.
Dentists in Silver Spring: Top Recommendations for a
                Cleaner Mouth, PART 1

                                                Dentists in Silver Spring: Let’s Begin With Brushing

Brush THREE times a day! Scrub those pearly whites as soon as
you wake up, before you go to bed at night and during the day
sometime; perhaps after lunch so that you get back to work
minty fresh and sans unattractive tuna breath (and spinach

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