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									                 Invest In Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions
The dangerous implications of counterfeit drugs today are one of the major challenges to the integrity of
public health systems and wellness around the world. What most people fail to realize is that the profits
gathered from this crime is increasingly being designated by a group of secretive and well organized
criminal groups and third party entities, to finance their disreputable operations globally. Given the
state of pharmaceutical counterfeiting today, it poses a threat to national and international health
safety resulting in chronic ailments and at times death from use of these medicines.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), counterfeit medicines and drugs are occupying almost
half of the overall global pharmaceutical market share, with the greatest share of duplicated products
being circulated in regions where enforcement and regulations are not rigid. Hence, not many brands
are aware that the original medicines that they manufacture are actually being duplicated before they
reach the market along with price manipulations.

What are counterfeited medicines?

Whilst on the subject of pharmaceutical counterfeiting, it is crucial to know certain aspects related to
counterfeit medicines. They are:

    ●   Products/drugs that are marketed with the purpose of deceiving
    ●   Counterfeit labeling
    ●   Counterfeit bulk/active ingredients
    ●   Finished counterfeit products
    ●   Unregulated diverted products
    ●   Mislabeled substances, for instance the generic antibiotics

Need For Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

Apart from health hazards, the effects of counterfeit drugs include brand erosion. Duplicate goods
from gray market when sold through a trusted brand name soon lose its authenticity and consumer
goodwill, having a negative impact on the overall business. To counter these and other adverse effects
of counterfeit Pharma drugs, today leading providers of brand protection solutions have introduced
pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Advanced pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting solutions efficiently helps pharmaceutical companies to
locate the violators and shut down their operations, so that the lost brand image and revenue can be
regained. The solution helps to resolve drug counterfeiting with its innovative search technology for any
products round the globe. It checks on discount percentages, pricing and the quantity of every product
and the end users can view this data in the form of user-configurable charts on their dashboards. The
solution also comes with an organized company risk index that marks the suspects and highlights them.
This index helps Pharma brands to recognize the sellers that are making them lose their business and
brand value. With focused investigation and enforcement activities the solution assists in minimizing the
impact of product counterfeiting on the brand.

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