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					                  Volume 1, Issue 2, May 2012

Use of plastic in green Asparagus production                                                     Special points of interest:
The seasonal nature of the    asparagus production are        using large poly-tunnels,           EuroAsper 2012
asparagus crop pushed         white on one side and           however, the cost of such
growers and researchers       black on the other. White       tunnels is significantly            1st May Green Asparagus Day
to look for innovations in    plastic will have the           higher than covering with
order to stretch the          opposite effect of black        mini-tunnels.                       QR codes!
season. In France, growers    plastic and can suppress        To improve build-up of
started to make use of        the growth a bit, but both      heat in the soil, multiple
plastic as early as the       plastics can increase the       layers of plastic can be
1960s. Plastic can stretch    individual     spear-weight     used. For example a layer          AsparaBuddies ®
the traditional season over   and yield.                      of black biodegradable             Tuesday the first of May
a week at the start and       To harvest more heat            mulch, then plastic and            was the first green
end and enables growers       growers are making use of       finishing   with     fleece.
of white asparagus to         mini-tunnels. These have a      Anything to warm the soil.         asparagus day. A day
regulate the growth during    similar effect as black         Use of plastic in asparagus        with full attention to the
the season. But what are      plastic, but are especially     production has a long              green asparagus, from
the advantages for green      useful in green asparagus       history. Many methods are          farm to fork.
asparagus production?         cultivation since they keep     available for white and
Covering of beds with         space for the crop to grow.     green asparagus. The               The event grew from an
plastic keeps heat in the     The spears can be picked        yields can greatly improve         initiative on Twitter, but
soil and will increase the    and the beds re-covered         and with an extended               rapidly          gained
growth of the crop.           after picking. Even more        season, the investment
Common        plastics   in   space is generated by           can be returned.                   momentum and evolved
                                                                                                 into a real thing.
                                     ˂ Planting for the International Asparagus Cultivar Trial   For the many people
                                                                                                 involved , we thank all of
                                                       ˅ Growing under plastic:                  you for thinking of ways
                                                       potential for reducing workload and       to participate and show
                                                       increasing early returns                  the best of Britain’s
                                                                                                 home grown asparagus.
                                                                                                 Officially declared by the
                                                                                                 people who know all
                                                                                                 about green asparagus;

                                                                                                 Hargreaves Plants has
Asparagus Trial Results 2011                                                                     over 100 varieties in their
                                                                                                 new trial field.

Guelph Millennium is known for its       It seems that deeper planted
excellent quality of spear and tips.     crowns result in smaller average
To get insight on how to get most of     spear weight.
these valuable spears, Hargreaves        Density trials have not yet revealed
Plants is performing depth and           their full results, but previous
density trials. The first results from   research done on this topic suggest
these trials, planted in 2009, are in    that planting in higher densities
and I would like to share these          does not affect spear weight or yield
preliminary results.                     negatively. We will keep you up to
                                         date with our trial results. >>>>>>>>
                                       EuroAsper 2012: Granada Spain
                                         Presentations, conversations and field   Differentiating and segmenting the
                                         trips. In three days the EuroAsper       product      is
                                         once again brought the European          the       way
                                         Asparagus community closer. I would      forward for
                                         like to share some of the insights we    asparagus.
Contact                                  had during the conference with you.      The       last
Hargreaves Plants                        But instead of an impression, I will     t h i n g
Cowpers Gate                             give you some hard facts that I hope     growers are
Long Sutton                              are useful to improve your Asparagus     waiting for is
Spalding                                                                          creating another bulk vegetable.
PE12 9BS                                 Replanting asparagus is questionable     Instead, Spanish growers put their
United Kingdom                           in the UK, but did you know that if      bets on the Traditional Origin of
                                         you are forced to replant, data          Production        seal.    A      real
Tel: +44 (0)1406 366300
Fax: +44 (0)1406 366321
                                         suggests you would be better off with    differentiating characteristic and
Email:        replanting straight after the old crop   together with some love for their
                                         rather than waiting 2-8 years? A         home-grown         (notch,     British
Vincent Dupré, Asparagus Product Manager                                          produce) this sells very well. Biggest
                                         period longer than 8 years is desired,
Tel.: +44 (0) 7887 418934                because growth inhibiting toxins in      surprise: Much Spanish asparagus is
                                         the soil are being released in time      going from the field through a steam
Jamie Petchell, Commercial Director      and then need time to decline again.     bath and is being sold canned…
Tel.: +44 (0) 7920 208955
                                       UK Asparagus Production and Crown Availability
                                                         From the size of a postage    Impressive growth, however,
                                                         stamp, the acreage of         only possible due to the
                                                         asparagus production in       specialisation     in     green
                                                         the UK has doubled in the     asparagus.       The      white
                                                         last ten years to almost      asparagus varieties in Europe
                                                         2000 ha in 2012. With this    were lifted late this year due
                                                         growth in acreage, growth     to wetness and as a
                                                         in crown supply is            consequence, UK growers had
                                                         necessary.                    to wait longer for their crowns
                                                         Ha rg rea ves      Pl an ts   than usual.
                                                         increased          crown      Luckily, the green varieties,
                                                         production to around 4 m      Millennium and Mondeo, are
                                                         crowns in 2012, limited by    harvested right at the time
                                                         seed availability.            they are needed for planting!

                                    HARGREAVES’ QUIET QUEENS
                                        Hargreaves have been comparing            eating qualities of the variety were
                                        and contrasting the agronomic and         immediately recognised by M&S
                                        culinary attributes of up to 300          who have supported production
                                        different varieties and selections        since 2007.
                                        brought together, from all around         There      have    been        exciting
                                        the world, onto one trial site in         discoveries in green asparagus as
                                        Norfolk.                                  well! The first variety to meet
                                        Best known of the Hargreaves’             universal approval at regular blind
                                        discoveries have been the high            tastings was launched by M&S in
                                        yielding varieties Mondeo and             2008 as Royal Crown, especially
                                        Guelph Millennium. Much less              sweet and tender, it is still a market
                                        publicised have been the Quiet            leader 5 years on.
                                        Queens, the varieties with fantastic      New to the market this year is
                                        eating qualities but which are            ‘Jubilee’ asparagus, exclusive to
By John Chinn from Cobrey Farms         difficult to grow and much lower          Tesco Finest and very highly rated
                                        yielding. The first ‘special’ to be       by a succession of taste panels; it is
Asparagus is justifiably considered     identified was the purple variety         a variety for asparagus aficionados
to be the Queen of vegetables and       Pacific Purple, so sweet and tender       with     a   very     pleasant      but
over the last eight years               that it is best eaten raw! The special    pronounced flavour.

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