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Proposal Core Team Training
Proposal Planning

                                                               Mgt Volume Writers

       Tech Volume Lead

                                            Mgt Volume Lead

                                                                           Proposal Process Mgr
   Proposal Manager

                                                                         Cost Volume Lead
            Contracts Manager

                                      Tech Volume Writers

               Capture Lead

                                                                  Program Manager

                              L-3 Communications Proprietary
Proposal Planning

              L-3 Communications Proprietary
Training Overview

       I Proposal Planning
             Team members

       II Proposal Development
             Compliance matrix
             Writing assignments

       III Risk Management

                    L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning – Team Members

Core Team
   –   Capture Leader                        Bob Stadel
   –   Program/Proposal Mgr                  Brent Marler
   –   Executive of Interest                 George Hill
   –   EPD                                   Becky Clements
   –   BACE                                  John Urry
   –   Project Engineer                      Steve Barker
   –   Contracts                             Al Matthys
   –   Operations                            Hank Misaka
   –   Proposal Process Mgr                  Roger Brown
   –   Others?

                      L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning - Process

                     L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning - Process

         Activities that have already taken place

            • Gather customer and program intelligence

            • Develop Capture Plan

            •Influence program requirements

                     L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning - Process

    Activities that will take place

        • Develop proposal strategy, themes & discriminators

        • Receive final RFP                 Chief Engineer Review

        • Identify our solution             Gray Beard Review

        • Draft Storyboards                 White Team Review

        • Draft Text                        Pink Team Review

        • Final Text                        Red Team Review

        • Estimate Costs                    Orange & Red Border Reviews

                        L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning – Strategy

Summary of a Winning Strategy

   • Matches our Offering to the Customer Needs

   • Discriminates us from our Competitors

   • Features our Strengths

   • Mitigates our Weaknesses

   • Highlights our Competitors Weaknesses

   • Neutralizes our Competitors Strengths

                      L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning – Strategy - Themes

  Customer Benefit              Win themes            Discriminators

      Issues                                            Solution
    Hot Buttons                                         Features

                     L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning - Strategy - Themes

  Theme statements link a customer benefit to a

             discriminating feature of our offer

 • The most powerful themes contain the most unique discriminators

 • Draft concise theme statements, preferably in a single complete sentence

 • Answer the following questions

     • Can a competitor plausibly make the same claim?

     • Can an evaluator use this theme to justify giving us the highest rating?

                          L-3 Communications Proprietary
Planning – Strategy - Discriminators

  Discriminators are features of our solution that:

                      Differ from our competitor’s solution

                     The customer recognizes as important

 • Strongest discriminators are true for us but no one else - Be specific and offer

 • If the buyer cannot discern between the offers, low price becomes the
   remaining discriminator

 • Understand the customer requirements - color of a vehicle may be a
   discriminator when you buy, but not when you rent

                           L-3 Communications Proprietary
Proposal Development

                L-3 Communications Proprietary

        Direction first – then velocity

              Obtain timely feedback

         Complete the work on time

                 L-3 Communications Proprietary
Development – RFP

    Immediate Tasks

       • Review final RFP, including SOW and Specs

       • Prepare Bid/No-Bid Briefing

       • Identify resources – budget, facilities, estimators, writers

       • Solution

       • WBS

       • Assignments

       • Schedules

                      L-3 Communications Proprietary
Development - RFP

All competitive Government RFPs will contain the following sections:

 A       Solicitation/Contract Form DD1707
 B       Supplies/Services and Prices/Cost
 C       Description/Specification/Statement of Work
                  Attachment A - Statement of Work
                  Attachment B - Specification
 D       Packaging and Marking
 E       Inspection and Acceptance
 F       Deliveries or Performance
 G       Contract Administration Data
 H       Special Contract Requirements
 I       Contract Clauses
 J       List of Attachments (DD Form 1423s - CDRLs)
 K       Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements of Offeror
 L       Instructions, Conditions, and Notices
 M       Evaluation Factors for Award

                            L-3 Communications Proprietary
Development - RFP

Key Sections of the RFP - Form the basis of the Compliance Matrix

 Section L - Proposal Instructions
        - Format, page limits, delivery data
        - May prescribe outline or structure

 Section M - Evaluation Criteria
        - Prioritizes Technical, Management, Cost or other factors

 Section C - Statement of Work, Specification
        - Provides technical (Spec) and contractual requirements (SOW)

Sections L, M, and C are written by different groups, so disconnects may exist -
ask questions!!

                          L-3 Communications Proprietary
Development – Compliance Matrix

• Provides summary to every RFP requirement

• Used as a checklist to ensure compliance

• Provides traceability from requirement to proposal response

Item         Source        Description       Comply       Response     Comments

1            I.2.a         Data Items        Yes          Vol II 3.0   Understood

2            I.2.b         Software          Yes          Vol III      See data rights
                                                                       assertion in
                                                                       Attachment 4

                         L-3 Communications Proprietary
Development – Writing Assignments

                          VOLUME:                           WRITER:                           DUE DATE TO EDITOR:

 Core team                OUTLINE LOCATION (NUMBER):        SECTION NO.:
                          RFP/BAA REQUIREMENT:

 initiates the            EVALUATION:

                          PAGES ALLOCATED:                  COMPLIANCE :
                          PROPOSED TABLE /FIGURE/DIAGRAM:
                          BENEFIT STATEMENT:                               DISCRIMINATOR(S)
                          SOLUTION (SUMMARY OF SECTION ) PARAGRAPH:
 complete the

                          RISKS AND MITIGATION
                          GHOST THE COMPETITION :
 White Team               Section Art

 reviews the
                          Proposed Title for Figure

                          Proposed Action Caption

                 L-3 Communications Proprietary
Execution - Kick off Meeting

   • Analyze RFP, SOW, Specification, and Terms & Conditions
   • Annotated Outline, Compliance Matrix, etc
   • Chief engineer, graybeard and white team reviews

    • Functional managers
    • Volume managers/leads
    • Writers, editors, and estimators

    • Program overview
    • Compliance Matrix and draft Storyboards
    • Annotated Outline and assignments / content
    • Proposal Themes and “Win” strategy
    • Input requirements (writing and estimating)
    • Proposal Schedule and Program Schedule
    • Due dates and internal/external review schedule

                          L-3 Communications Proprietary
Major Milestones

                     Process Step                                                                     Notional 30-day Schedule

                                                                         Week 1                     Week 2                 Week 3                 Week 4
                          Receive RFP                            1   2   3   4   5   6   7

                  Analyze Customer Doc's                         1   2   3   4   5   6   7

                   Chief Engineer Review                         1   2   3   4   5   6   7
                                                                                                    Week 2
                      Develop Solution                           1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14

                     Gray Beard Review                           1   2   3   4   5   6   7

    Complete Storyboards                                         1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14
                                                                                                                           Week 3
                                    Prepare Cost Estimates                                   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

     White Team Review                                                                       8   9 10 11 12 13 14

     Complete 1st Draft                   Review Rationale                                                          15 16 17 18 19 20 21

                                        Complete Final Pricing                                                      15 16 17 18 19 20 21

     Pink Team Review                                                                                               15 16 17 18 19 20 21

                                        Orange Border Review                                                        15 16 17 18 19 20 21

     Complete Final Draft                                                                                           15 16 17 18 19 20 21

      Red Team Review                    Red Border Review                                                          15 16 17 18 19 20 21
                                                                                                                                                  Week 4
    Complete Written Vol's          Corporate Review (ERB)                                                                                 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

                        Ship Proposal                                                                                                      22 23 24 25 26 27 28

                             Due Date                                                                                                                             29 30

                                                           L-3 Communications Proprietary

A well-done proposal may not be the reason you won the program;

       however, a poorly-done proposal may be to reason you lost it!

                      L-3 Communications Proprietary
L-3 Communications Proprietary
CSW Risk Management (RM)
    Policy                          Y-171
    Procedure                       P-269
    Guideline                       G-601

    Proposal Team Training
                REBrown – Date

       L-3 Communications Proprietary
Policy   Y-171

    The purpose of risk management is to
  identify potential problems before they
  occur so that risk-handling activities can be
  planned and invoked … to mitigate adverse
  impact on program objectives.

               L-3 Communications Proprietary

Policy Y-171 Scope

Program Type          Definition                           Requirement
Key Programs          •Any program over $10M               Mandatory
                      •Any fixed-priced program with
                      development (NRE) content over
                      •Any cost-type program with
                      development (NRE) content over
                      •Any other program specifically
                      identified by the Director or Vice
                      President responsible for the

Small Programs        •Any program over $100K and less     Tailored organization and
                      than $10M with software or           procedures as defined by this
                      hardware deliverables, not           document
                      covered by key program criteria.

All other programs    •Does not meet definition for Key    Not required
                      or Small Programs.

                     L-3 Communications Proprietary
Policy Y-171 Responsibilities

 Program Manager         Buck stops here

 Program Team            Executions begin here

 VP Finance              Coordinators and tools

 VP HR                   Training courses

 Bus. Area VPs           Trained program managers

 VP Engineering          Trained PE, LSE & leads

 VP Operations           Trained OPM & OPE

 VP Quality              Trained quality leads

                   L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269
         Policy                              Planning                     Execution

       Define risk
                                             Identify and
      management                                                           Handle risk
                                             analyze risk

                  Defined at the                  Identify risk issues
                  CS-W division
                       level                          Assess the                Develop risk plans for
                                                     probablility of              high risk issues
                                                                               Establish thresholds for
                                                 Assess the severity of            acceptable risk
                                                                               Develop mitigation plan
                                                                                when potential impact
                                                                                  can be reduced

                                                                                 Develop contingency
                                                   High risk should              plan when no action
                                                    receive financial           can be taken to avoid,
                                                  consideration in the         transfer or mitigate risk
                                                                                  Report risk status
                                                  High risk should be
                                                 briefed in Red Border

                                   L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Risk Levels
                                  Very Likely
                                  > 90%
      Probability of Occurrence

                                  60 - 90%

                                  40 - 60%

                                  10 - 40%

                                  Very                  Low
                                  < 10%

                                                                   IMPACT of Occurrence
                                                                   Acceptable                   Acceptable
                                                                   with some                     with no
                                  Performance       0 - Minimal                   significant                 Unacceptable
                                                                  reduction in                  remaining
                                                                                 reduction in
                                                                     margin                       margin
                                     Schedule       0 - Minimal      < 5%           5 - 7%       7 - 10%         > 10%
                                             Cost   0 - Minimal      < 5%           5 - 7%       7 - 10%         > 10%
                                                       Low           Minor        Moderate      Significant       High

                                                       L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Tracking Matrix

            L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Process

      1                                                           2
                                                                  Risks & Hazards
                                    YES                 YES

                            Risk Plan                             3
                                                                     Assess &
              Risk Plan    NO
              Working?              New Phase                     Prioritize Risks
    YES                               or Key

      7                            Stakeholder?

             Monitor                    NO
                                                  Key Milestone
                                                                  4   Decide On
          Handling Plans

      6                            NO
                                                   "n" Months
                                                   Since Last
                                                  Assessment?     5
            Implement                                               Establish
          Handling Plans                                          Handling Plans

                          L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Organization

                                    Risk Management
                                                                          Risk Management Board (RMB)
                                    Process                                        Program Manager
                                    Risk Adjudication
                                                                                   Project Engineer
                                                                                   Operations Manager
                                                                                   Customer PM
          Process         Risk Coordinator
          Training       Risk Coordination
          Facilitation   Group                                         Risk Management Working Group
                                                                      Integrated Product/Functional Team Leadership
                                    RMB Preparation                           Operations Team Leadership
                                    IPT /Functional T eam                   Prime/Subs/Customer Leadership
                                                                            Business Management Leadership
                                    Risk Adjudication

                                                                Integrated Logistics
                         Includes all team members:                                                  Software Products
                                                                 Logistics Engineering                    Software
   Risk Identification                                                    Lead                             Lead
   Mitigation Plans
   Execution                   OPS                          SEIT                    Hardware Products                Test & Evaluation
                             Operations                 System Engineer                  IPT/Functional               Test Engineering
                          Program Manager                    Lead                            Lead                           Lead

                                             L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Risk Monitoring

            L-3 Communications Proprietary
Procedure P-269 Risk Metrics

            L-3 Communications Proprietary

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