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Mauritius, Africa & Seychelles
Welcome to
Reunion Island
Welcome to the exotic island of Reunion, a little piece
of France and an island of major contrasts set in the
azure waters of the Indian Ocean. This unique island,
one of the most intriguing islands in the world, is
located near Mauritius and features an active volcano
on its south east coast, a variety of beaches along
the west coast, a fascinating culture and amazing
mountains with the highest peak reaching 3069 metres.

Reunion Island offers a very diverse holiday
experience and has something to suit all travellers.
Guests can relax on the beach, indulge in the amazing
culture and cuisine of the French and Creole locals,
hire a car and explore the inland mountains or enjoy
                                                                                                                     Spectacular scenery of Salazie
shopping and sightseeing opportunities.

For adventure and adrenaline junkies, the activities
are endless. Try hiking through the unique “cirques”,
rock climbing up the magnificent mountains,
canyoning on one of the island’s many waterfalls,
scuba dive or surf the marine rich waters, fly a
microlight, paraglide, sky dive or take a trek to
the crater of the island’s active volcano. To truly
experience the awesome “cirques” of Reunion, a
helicopter flight is a must do activity.

This brochure features a variety of accommodation
options in Reunion, day tours, scheduled tours, self
drive tours and double destination escapes combining
Reunion with Mauritius, Seychelles and Africa. Of
course, should you have other ideas or combinations,
our team can personally tailor an itinerary to suit
your requirements. For experienced and helpful
information, talk to our team who are the Indian
Ocean experts.

             Call 1800 624 268 or visit
                                                                                                                     Reunion - Home to an active volcano
    Weather & Getting there                                                                           4
    Map & General Information                                                                         5
    Places to See & Things to Do                                                                  6–7
    Adventure Activities                                                                              8
    Day Tours                                                                                         9
    Beach Hotels                                                                                10 – 11
    Mountain Hotels                                                                                  12
    City Hotels                                                                                      13
    Scheduled Tours                                                                             14 – 17
    Reunion Combination Itineraries
    Reunion, Seychelles & Mauritius                                                                  18
    Reunion & Mauritius                                                                              19
    Reunion & South Africa                                                                           20
    Bush & Beach                                                                                     21
    Reunion & Seychelles                                                                             22
    Seychelles & Mauritius Overview                                                                  23
    Mauritius Hotels                                                                            24 – 25
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2                                                                                                                    The white sand beaches of Saint Gilles le Bains
The cirque of Cilaos looking to the south west

Reunion has a sub-tropical climate
similar to Mauritius, offering year round
holiday fun for all guests. Temperatures
and rainfall vary according to the
altitude and exposure and can be
significant variation from one end of the
island to the other.

The average coastal temperatures ranges
from 21 to 28 degrees. Mountain areas
and the east coast region will be cooler
and more prone to changes in weather
so a light weight jacket and raincoat (or
poncho) along with comfortable walking
or hiking shoes is recommended.                         Average Maximum Temparatures - West Coast
Like Mauritius, the west side is the        30°C
more holiday friendly area with the east    29°C
coast suffering from the annual trade
winds. The west coast is protected by the
amazing mountains providing warmer          25°C
drier weather and magical sunsets. The      24°C
milder dry season lasts from May to         23°C
October while the summer months are
                                            Month Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May Jun   July   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
from November to April.
                                            Temp   31    31   30     29   28   26    25    26     27   28    30    30

Getting to Reunion
The best way to get to Reunion from
Australia is flying Air Austral which
departs from Sydney or with Air
Mauritius via Mauritius which departs
from Melbourne and Perth. Connections
from other cities can be arranged.

                                               St Denis

                                                                                                                 Flying Times (approximate)
                     Le Port                                                                                     Reunion – Sydney         10 hrs 25 mins
                                                                                                                 Reunion – Perth          07 hrs 10 mins
                                                                               Saint André
        Boucon                                                                                                   Reunion – Mauritius      00 hrs 45 mins
         Canot                                                                                                   Reunion – Seychelles     03 hrs 00 mins
                                                                                                                 Reunion – Johannesburg   04 hrs 30 mins
                                                                                                                 Reunion – Paris          12 hrs 00 mins
      Saint Gilles                    Mafate                                                 Saint-Benoit
      les Baines                                           Hell-Bourg

                                                 Piton des

                                               Cilaos                      Plaine des

                                                                  Plaine des                  Piton de la
                     Saint-Leu                                      Cafres                    Fournaise
                                                          Le Tampon
                                   Saint Louis


General Information
Entry                                              Electricity
A valid passport is necessary and a                220 volts. A European / French adaptor
return or continuation ticket must be              is required
shown for entry into Reunion Island.
                                                   Business Hours
Visas                                              Many businesses in Reunion close for
Reunion is a French department but is              lunch between noon and 2pm and close
not part of the Schengen treaty. The visa          in the evening from 6pm. Banks are
requirements for entry to Reunion are              usually open from 8am to 4pm.
similar as for France, however Western
countries such as Australia, USA,                  Moneychangers
Canada, New Zealand and Mauritius                  Changing money in Reunion is difficult
currently do not require visas to visit            since the introduction of the Euro due to
Reunion as tourists. We recommend                  a reduction in foreign exchange facilities,
checking with the official visa consulate          which have been replaced by ATM’s.                                             Saint Gilles les Bains
prior to departure in case of changes.             There are no foreign exchange facilities
                                                   at the airport except for an ATM.
                                                                                                     Driving in Reunion
Currency                                           Therefore, it is recommended to bring
                                                                                                     An international drivers licence is
The Euro (€) is the official currency              Euro currency with you and then top it
                                                                                                     required for driving in Reunion. Driving
of Reunion. Euro coins come in                     up from the ATM’s.
                                                                                                     is same as in France, left hand drive.
denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20
                                                                                                     Driving in mountain regions may
and 50 cents and one and two euros.                Travellers cheques
                                                                                                     take longer than expected due to steep
Banknotes are issued in denominations              Travellers cheques are not widely
                                                                                                     inclines and narrow sections. More time
of five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros.       accepted in Reunion. We suggest you
                                                                                                     should be allocated than expected when
Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are             take Euro and also a valid credit card.
                                                                                                     touring through these regions.
accepted at many establishments.

Places to See & Things to Do
Reunion is a fantastic holiday destination with a wide variety of sightseeing and adventure activities combined with beaches,
markets and more. Some places to see include:

The Cirques                                     Mafate                                        Volcano - Piton de la Fournaise
As a volcanic island, the geography of          Cirque de Mafate is totally surrounded by     Situated in the southeast corner of
Reunion is unique, with the island’s            mountains and is only accessible by foot      Reunion is Piton de la Fournaise, one
natural formations being its three              or by helicopter. This cirque is a favorite   of the world’s most active volcanoes.
cirques, formed as the inside of Piton          destination for hikers as they can explore    Piton de la Fournaise (Furnace Peak)
des Neiges, the volcano that gave birth         this unspoiled wilderness in peace. A         is approximately 2,631m high and is
to Reunion Island. Often referred to as         number of mountain gites (small cabins)       one of the islands most popular tourist
natural amphitheatres, the cirques –            are available to accommodate those who        attractions. Tourists can walk to the top
Salazie, Cilaos, and Mafate – are each          desire an overnight stay. For spectacular     of the mountain and even camp near the
different in vegetation and terrain.            views of Cirque de Mafate, the view           rim of the volcano. A helicopter flight is
                                                point at Maido Peak, 2200 metres high is      also a spectacular way to experience this
                                                highly recommended.                           amazing sight.

Cilaos                                          Salazie                                       Discover the island by
The dramatic Cirque de Cilaos is a natural      Cirque de Salazie is the largest and          Helicopter
wonder and visitors love the memorable          greenest of the island’s three natural        The ultimate way to view the stunning
drive that leads them toward the stunning       amphitheatres. This cirque is a long, deep    scenery of Reunion is by helicopter.
cirque, with all its twists and turns and       canyon, lined with over one hundred           There are a variety of tour itineraries
numerous tunnels. When you reach the            magnificent waterfalls, and a variety of      available to let you discover this diverse
cirque itself, you’ll be treated to colourful   hills and valleys ready to be explored.       island. Fly over the volcano, hover above
fields of flowers, forests of unique            One of the most breathtaking waterfalls       remote canyons, land in the middle of an
indigenous trees, and pounding waterfalls       is Le Voile de la Mariée. After hiking        otherwise inaccessible cirque or discover
that attract the most avid canyoners. Rock      through Salazie’s steep gorges, travellers    the dramatic coastline.
climbing expeditions are popular while          can enjoy a stop at the homely village
hiking and trekking along the many trails       of Hell Bourg. This enchanting little
are an excellent way to see this spectacular    mountain village has beautiful Creole
cirque. The village of Cilaos also offers       houses, indulgent cuisine and colourful
travellers a chance to visit some local         flower gardens and has previously
vineyards, view lentil production, see          received the coveted “most beautiful
some beautiful embroidery work and view         French villages” award from France.
the unique thermal baths.
Saint Gilles-les-Bains                       Hell Bourg                                   Saint Denis
Saint Gilles-les-Bains is the islands main   Located on the edge of the Cirque de         Reunion’s capital city, Saint Denis is the
region for beach holidays with a 20 km       Salazie, Hell Bourg is one of the jewels     northern most city on the island and
stretch of lagoon and golden sand, a         in Reunion Island’s crown. This lovely       surrounded by mountains on three sides.
rarity on an island where most of the        mountain village, named after an early       This fascinating city, home to the island’s
sand is of black volcanic variety. The       governour, has long been lauded for its      main international airport, has plenty to
Saint Gilles-les-Bains region, including     charm and is the deserving recipient of      offer visitors including charming Creole
Boucan Canot to la Saline-les-Bains, is      France’s “most beautiful French village”     architecture, historical monuments,
also home to many restaurants, cafes         award. The Creole architecture in the town   cultural sites, art galleries, museums
and bars providing a vibrant nightlife       of Hell Bourg is stunning. Many visitors     and many shopping opportunities. Saint
and holiday atmosphere. Diving and           spend the majority of their time touring     Denis also offers the best restaurant
snorkelling are also popular activities      and photographing these splendid homes       scene on the island.
in this region.                              and public buildings and the beautiful
                                             gardens that often grace the front yards.

Saint Leu                                    Saint Pierre                                 Hire A Car
Saint Leu, located on the west coast, is     If you’re looking for excitement and         Cars can be rented at the Airport as well
the islands number one surfing location,     adrenalin pumping action, try any            as in the capital, Saint Denis. Roads are
where surfing enthusiasts from all           of the following activities: Hang-           well maintained, although traffic can be
around come to experience the fine left      gliding, Paragliding, Kayaking, Rafting,     heavy during peak periods. There are
hand break. Saint Leu also offers a fun      Canyoning, Jet ski, Waterski, Surfing,       local buses on the island that connect
vibe with quirky surfer bars and shops       Deep Sea Fishing, Sky Diving, Mountain       the island’s main towns and taxis are
adding to the beach lifestyle.               Biking, Trekking.                            available.

Adventure Activities
The amazing geography makes Reunion Island an adventure junkies paradise with so many diverse activities on offer. With its
remarkable mountains, thermal drafts, stunning scenery, warm waters, the intense island is perfect destination for a full range of
mountain, water and aerial activities.

Trekking                                      White-water Rafting                           Microlights
With over 1000kms of marked trekking          Rivers flowing through the inland             Microlights, or ultralights, of different
paths including two major hiking trails       provide an abundance of white water           sizes can be rented, with lessons if
and a pedestrian cirque route, Reunion is     rapids, perfect for rafting and kayak         required, to give you a bird’s eye view of
a trekking paradise. Trekking trails range    enthusiasts. Certified instructors and        the island. This is a great way to discover
from easy walks to challenging climbs.        experienced guides are available to assist    secret parts of the inland by air with
                                              with activities. (NB: Rafting not always      popular routes including the cirques, the
                                              available due to water levels).               lagoon and the volcano.

Canyoning                                     Surfing                                       Paragliding
Reunion is one of the best places in the      Whether you are a qualified surfer or         From 2-seaters for first-timers to full
world to try canyoning with a number          want to learn to surf, Reunion offers         lessons for individuals, Reunion is
of waterfalls and gorges accessible.          a variety of surf breaks and has surf         renowned as a paragliding paradise.
Licensed guides and lessons are available     schools readily available. The most           Thermal conditions create the perfect
to get you started.                           famous break, used in the World Surfing       conditions for adventure junkies to soar
                                              Tournaments is at Saint Leu.                  through the air and view the surrounds.

                                                                                              Other activities
                                                                                              available include:
                                                                                              	   •		4WD	Excursions
                                                                                              	   •		Golf
                                                                                              	   •		Sailing	
                                                                                              	   •		Water	Sports
                                                                                              	   •		Deep-sea	Fishing
                                                                                              	   •		Helicopter	Touring
Mountain Bikes                                Scuba Diving                                    	   •		Sky	Diving
Reunion offers more than 1500kms              The warm waters and reefs of Reunion            	   •		Rock	Climbing
of tracks marked with signs which             abound with multicolored fish and               	   •		Zip	Lining
are approved by the French Cycling            corals, perfect for scuba divers. A variety     	   •		Horse	Riding
Federation. Routes comply with set            of lessons, dives and courses are also
safety regulations and offer the perfect      available to ensure you get the most from
way to see the scenery of Reunion.            your scuba diving experience.

Popular Day Tours
The	following	day	tours	offer	the	opportunity	to	visit	the	most	popular	sites	in	Reunion.	Tours	are	generally	operated	by	French	
speaking	guides	however,	for	a	supplement,	English	speaking	guides	can	also	be	hired.		

                                  Cilaos                                                                       Salazie

Drive from your hotel along a very picturesque and winding road to the         Depart your hotel for a drive to the mountain cirque of Salazie. The
mountain village, Cilaos. Along the way, discover impressive landscapes,       journey takes you through magnificent waterfalls including the Voile de
steep peaks and mountain ranges. In Cilaos you can view local people           la Mariée, banana plantations, beautiful forests and quaint villages. On
in their unique environment making famous embroideries, wine and               arrival in Hell Bourg, ranked among the most beautiful French villages
lentils, which you can taste during lunch with a delicious traditional         in 1998, you can enjoy a stroll along small streets lined by traditional
meal. After lunch continue through beautiful scenery enroute to the            Creole houses and colourful gardens before enjoying a traditional lunch.
seaside village, Saint Leu, before returning to your hotel.                    Continue to the Vanilla Farm in St-André before returning to your hotel.

                                Volcano                                                                     Maido Peak

Take an early morning departure from your hotel and head east before           This half day tour offers the opportunity to view stunning scenery at
venturing up to the high plains to the volcano area at ‘Le pas de              Maido Peak viewpoint. Maido Peak is located 2200m high and provides
Bellecombe’. Here you can view the main crater, multicoloured rocks            breathtaking views over the heart of the island. Peaks, crests, cliffs and
and breathtaking ‘lunar like’ landscapes. After enjoying a leisurely trek,     small isolated villages in the valley can be viewed from this stunning
enjoy lunch at ‘La Plaine des Cafres’. After lunch, take a visit through the   viewpoint. On the way back, stop at a craft market and the Colonial
museum ‘Volcano House’ before venturing back to the west coast. Along          Residence of ‘Madame Desbassyns’ which traces the history of ‘Bourbon
the way, stop at Saint Pierre, the second main town of the island to view      Island’, now known as Reunion. Continue to the village of Saint Paul,
the colourful temple, markets and beach before returning to your hotel.        the oldest town of the island and also famous for its caves and Friday
                                                                               market. After a visit of the village, return to your hotel.

Beach Hotels
The following hotels have been selected by
Beachcomber to cater for beach and seaside
holidays	in	Reunion.	Hotels	range	from	3	to	4	stars	
and are located along the west coast regions of
Saint	Gilles	les	Bains,	popular	for	its	white	sand	
beach	and	lagoon	and	Saint	Leu,	renowned	as	the	
surfing hot spot on the island.

L’Hermitage (Saint Gilles les Bains)
Grand Hotel
du Lagon H H H H
The Grand Hôtel du Lagon is a 4-star
hotel is located on the beach of
L’Hermitage, along the nicest lagoon
of the island. The hotel is set in a large
tropical garden of 7 hectares and features
173 rooms and suites, a large swimming
pool surrounded by a bar, restaurants,
a fitness centre, miniclub, beach club,
golf practice, tennis court and evening

Villas le Recif H H H
In a tropical setting with a 3-hectare
garden on the banks of the Hermitage
lagoon, the Hôtel le Récif, 3-star, is a
haven of peace and good humour. The
first “all inclusive” resort on the island,
this hotel is sure to delight you with its
Creole villas decked out in the colours
of the Indian Ocean, its two swimming
pools, its numerous activities and the
friendliness of its entire staff.

Le Nautile H H H
Le Nautile is a small hotel made up of 43
rooms and suites and is located along the
beach of Hermitage lagoon. The hotel is
nestled among coconut and filaos trees, in
the heart of the quietest part of La Saline
les Bains village. It’s privileged location
at the edge of the lagoon, and it’s typical
Creole atmosphere, make this place a
great option for a holiday in Reunion.

Boucan Canot (Saint Gilles les Bains)
Le Saint Alexis H H H H
Le Saint Alexis is situated at Boucan
Canot with direct access to the beach
and in close proximity to the seaside
village Saint Gilles les Bains. The hotel
is named after the famous French ship
that lead the first French conquerors
to Reunion. The 4 star hotel features
60 rooms and suites and a pool, beach
access, a restaurant and bar overlooking
the beach and relaxation and well being
area and a fitness centre.

Boucan Canot H H H H
Situated on the west coast with one of the
most breathtaking ocean views is the popular
hotel Boucan Canot. The hotel consists of 50
spacious rooms and suites, all with individual
airconditioning and a roomy balcony, where
you can relax overlooking the sea. Rooms
are tastefully decorated in three different
local styles - “Bois sous tôle” [Wood Cabin]
“Creole” or “Marine”, which harmoniously
combine wood, fabrics and light to create a
pleasant, gentle atmosphere of tranquillity
and space. The hotel is also well located to
numerous restaurants and activities.

Saint Leu

Blue Margouillat H H H                                             Iloha Hotel H H H
The Blue Margouillat hotel is a small 14 bedroom hotel set on      Iloha is a 3 star resort hotel and is popular with surfers due to
a mountain side in Saint Leu, offering stunning views of the       its proximity to the surf spot at Saint Leu. The hotel is set in
Indian ocean. The hotel is only a short drive to the beach and     a two hectare tropical garden, approximately 300m from the
offers a cosy and peaceful Creole mansion decorated in modern      ocean, and offers a variety of accommodation options. Iloha
art, abstract paintings and sculptures from local and European     also features a restaurant with French and Creole specialities, a
artists. The hotel features a gastronomic restaurant, a pool and   bar which overlooks the swimming pool, tennis court, billiard
offers in room massage.                                            table and an inhouse boutique.

Mountain Hotels
The following accommodation has been selected by Beachcomber to cater
for mountain and inland holidays for guests wanting to discover the diverse
and intense geography of Reunion. Accommodation is very basic and rustic
but	offer	a	unique	experience	for	guests	wanting	to	enjoy	a	mountain	lodge	
in	the	cirque	of	Cilaos	or	Salazie	or	a	lodge	near	the	volcano.

Tsilaosa Hotel H H H
The Tsilaosa Hotel is located in the heart
of the mountain village, Cilaos. Nestled
at the foot of the Piton des Neiges, which
reaches up to 3069m, this village retains
the authentic charm of the Creole spirit.
This charming hotel, which used to be
an old sugar factory, is built in typical
Creole architecture and has 15 rooms
decorated in similar style. All rooms
have a heater, bathroom with large
jacuzzi tub and satellite TV.

Le Vieux Cep Hotel H H
Le Vieux Cep is situated in the centre
of Cilaos and consists of two typical
Creole houses. The hotel has 45 rooms,
each with a bathroom, TV, telephone
and balcony. There is also a piano bar,
restaurant, heated pool, spa and sauna.
The hotel is well positioned to allow
guests to venture out and discover the
beautiful mountain village of Cilaos.

Plaine des Caffres (Volcano)                                        Salazie

Les Geraniums H H                                                     Relais des Cimes H H
Les Geraniums Hotel offers 22 rooms and one restaurant,               Located at the foot of the majestic Piton des Neiges mountain
well located close to the Volcano Museum in Plaine des                in Hell Bourg village, Le Relais des Cimes combines comfort
Caffres. It is a great starting point for numerous excursions         and tradition with warm hospitality. The hotel consists of
to the high plains of the volcano and offers outstanding              29 comfortable rooms and a restaurant specializing in local
panoramic views.                                                      cuisine. Numerous hiking and walking trails invite you to
                                                                      discover the lush cirque of Salazie

City Hotels
The following hotels have been selected by
Beachcomber for city stays in the capital,
Saint	Denis.	Hotels	range	from	3	to	4	stars	
and allow guests to enjoy the shopping and
cultural sights in the city with their hotel
located nearby.

Saint Denis
Mercure Creolia H H H
This popular city hotel, overlooks the
capital Saint Denis, and is located just a
few minutes away from the city centre
and the airport. The hotel features large
air-conditioned rooms, a beautiful
swimming pool with jaccuzi and a
gastronomic Creole restaurant and bar.

Best Western
Le Saint Denis H H H H
Ideally located in the capital of Reunion,
this hotel offers all the conveniences
for the business and leisure traveller.
It is located just off the seafront along
Le Barachois (the famous coastal
promenade of Saint Denis) and a
few minutes to the historical town
centre. The hotel features a restaurant,
lounge, outdoor pool and comfortable

Juliette Dodu H H H
The Juliette Dodu is a small hotel located
in the centre of Saint Denis. The hotel,
named after the famous a French Heroin
is like a small Creole Palace and offers
very typical Creole influences with the
use of pastel colours, refined decorations,
elegant wooden flooring, tiling and
antique furniture.

The Hotel has a swimming pool with
Jacuzzi, a library, a Creole restaurant and
a cosy bar.

                                               Other hotels available on request.

Scheduled Tours in Reunion

Stopover in
3 days / 2 nights

For	those	requiring	a	stopover	in	Reunion	
enroute to another destination, take
advantage of this two night package
which offers the opportunity to visit the
volcano	on	a	4x4	expedition	to	the	lunar	
landscape region or enjoy a memorable              Day 2: Volcano or Microlight Flight
microlight flight over part of Reunion             Enjoy a 4x4 car expedition to the
Island.	 Extra	 nights	 or	 a	 different	 hotel	   volcano and the wild south or enjoy a       • Meet and Greet plus arrival and departure
can be arranged if required.                       Microlight flight over part of the island     transfer in Reunion
                                                   to view the impressive valley of Mafate.    • 2 nights at Le Nautile Hotel
Day 1: Arrive Reunion                              Le Nautile - B                              • Breakfast daily
                                                                                               • 4x4 car expedition to the volcano or a
Arrive at Saint Denis International
                                                                                                 microlight flight over part of the island
Airport, where a representative will meet          Day 3: Depart
your for your transfer to the charming             Transfer to the airport for your
                                                                                               NB: This package can be purchased on
Creole style hotel, Le Nautile, situated           departure flight.
                                                                                               halfboard to include dinner each night.
near the beach at Hermitage, near Saint
Gilles-les-Bains. Le Nautile - B

Scheduled Tours in Reunion

A Taste of
the Inland
4 days / 3 nights
                                                                                                                              Formica Leo crater

This 4 day package gives a true taste of         Day 3: Cilaos to Plaine des Cafres
what Reunion has to offer. The package           Enjoy a morning at leisure to discover
is a self drive tour allowing you to             the mountain resort of Cilaos, famous for
discover the inland at your own pace.            its hot springs, hand-made embroidery,
Information and itineraries are provided         wine making, lentils and hiking trails.
to assist you with your drive around this        Enjoy a short walk to ‘La Roche
amazing island. Mountain hotels are              Merveilleuse’ for stunning views over the
used through the route adding to the             cirque. In the afternoon, drive via Saint
charm	 and	 excitement	 of	 this	 self	 drive	   Pierre to La Plaine des Cafres.
experience                                       Les Geraniums Hotel - B

Day 1: Arrive Reunion                            Day 4: Volcano to Airport
Arrive at Saint Denis International              Depart early to visit the amazing volcano
Airport, Reunion, where a representative         and surrounding area with its fascinating
will meet you for your transfer to Le            lunar like landscapes called ‘Plaine des                      Inclusions
Nautile Hotel, in Saint Gilles.                  Sables’ and the small crater ‘Formica Léo’.
Le Nautile - B                                                                                 • Meet and greet plus arrival and departure
                                                 In the afternoon, drive back to La Plaine
                                                                                                 transfers in Reunion
                                                 des Cafres then along the east coast to       • 3 days car hire (Category A car plus unlimited
Day 2: Mafate to Cilaos                          Saint Denis Airport to drop off your hire       mileage – insurance extra)
After breakfast, pick up your hire car and       car and depart on your flight.                • 1 night Le Nautile Hotel
self drive to Piton Maïdo, up to 2000m
                                                                                               • 1 night Le Vieux Cep Hotel
high, to enjoy a wonderful view over the         NB: Depending on departure flight time,
                                                                                               • 1 night Les Geraniums Hotel
Cirque of Mafate. Continue down the              an overnight stay may be required in Saint
                                                                                               • Breakfast daily
west coast to the Cirque of Cilaos.              Denis. Additional nights can be added to
Le Vieux Cep - B                                 this package if required.

Scheduled Tours in Reunion

6 days / 5 nights

This five night package is packed with
adventure and offers guests a fantastic
taste of Reunion. The tour lives up           Day 3: Cilaos
to its name as a tropical cocktail of         Depart early for a full day tour up the
sights, sounds and scenery, where you         mountain to Cilaos, a quaint little village
discover the three main sight seeing          set high at the top of Cirque du Cilaos.
tours	in	Reunion,	Cilaos,	Salazie	and	the	    Le Nautile - B
Volcano.	Extra	nights	or	a	different	hotel	
can be arranged if required.                  Day 4: Salazie
                                              Enjoy a full day tour to Salazie, the
Day 1: Arrive Reunion                         lushest cirque of Reunion. Discover
Arrive at Saint Denis International           tropical rainforests and beautiful
Airport, Reunion, where a representative      vegetation before a visit to Hell Bourg.
will meet you for your transfer to Le         Le Nautile - B
Nautile Hotel in Saint Gilles.                                                                             Inclusions
Le Nautile - B                                Day 5: Volcano
                                                                                            • Meet and greet plus arrival and departure
                                              Depart early for a full day tour to the
Day 2: At leisure                                                                             transfers in Reunion
                                              volcano. Discover the amazing lunar like
                                                                                            • 5 nights accommodation at Le Nautile hotel
Relax and enjoy the leisurely pace of         and moonscape scenery or trek to the          • Breakfast daily
Reunion. Laze by the pool, venture to         crater for an unforgettable experience.       • Day tour to Cilaos
the beach, take a leisurely stroll around     Le Nautile - B                                • Day tour to Salazie
the surrounding area or take a taxi to the                                                  • Day tour to the Volcano
capital, Saint Denis and enjoy shopping       Day 6: Depart
and sightseeing opportunities.                Transfer to airport for your departure        NB: This package can be purchased on
Le Nautile - B                                flight.                                       halfboard to include dinner each night.

Scheduled Tours in Reunion

Mountain                                       Day 3: Cilaos
                                               Wake up early to enjoy the wonderful
                                               sceneries of the surrounding mountains
Bike Tour                                      and peaks with more mountain bike
                                               activities today before relaxing by the
8 days / 7 nights                              pool at the hotel.
                                               Le Vieux Cep - B
Discover	Reunion	Island	in	a	unique	
way with this seven night self drive           Day 4: Plaine des Caffres
                                               After breakfast depart Cilaos and drive      Day 7: The Great Descent
/ mountain bike tour. This package
                                               to the seaside and explore the wild south    Take a guided mountain bike tour
incorporates	both	the	excitement	of	
                                               part of the island. Continue to Plaine des   known as “The Great Descent” from the
driving around a foreign land with the
                                               Cafres, near the volcano.                    hotel to the west coast and beaches of
enjoyment of cycling through amazing
                                               Les Geraniums Hotel - B                      St-Gilles, across the forest, geranium and
scenery at a leisurely pace and getting
                                                                                            sugar cane fields
up close with the local people and their
                                               Day 5: Volcano                               Blue Margouillat Hotel - B
culture. Accommodation used is of a basic
standard due to limited options however        Meet at the mountain bike shop then
                                               transfer by bike to the volcano.Enjoy a      Day 8: Depart
hotels	in	for	the	Saint	Gilles	region,	near	
                                               30 km descent in the impressive volcanic     Transfer to airport
the beach can be upgraded if required.
                                               area. Drop off the bike, then drive to the
Day 1: Arrive Reunion                          east coast.                                                    Inclusions
On arrival transfer to the Blue                La Fournaise Hotel - B
                                                                                              • Meet and greet plus arrival and departure
Margouillat hotel in Saint Leu.                                                               • Transfers in Reunion
Blue Margouillat - B                           Day 6: Saint Leu                               • 7 nights accommodation
                                               Drive to the small town of Bras Panon.         • Breakfast daily
Day 2: Cilaos                                  Collect your bike to explore the green         • 5 days car hire (Category A) from/to Saint Leu
Pick up your hire car and self drive to        east coast. In the afternoon, drive to         • Guided Mountain Bike tour (Maïdo / Saint
Cilaos. Check in at hotel, Le Vieux Cep        Saint Leu and drop off the car.                  Gilles )
before enjoying some mountain biking           Blue Margouillat Hotel - B                     • Mountain bike rentals as per itinerary.
around the village and through the
                                                                                              NB: This itinerary requires a minimum of
forest up to la Roche Merveilleuse. Local
                                                                                              two passengers to operate and is subject to
tourist offices can suggest tours that can
                                                                                              weather conditions.
be done in Cilaos Le Vieux Cep - B

Combination - Reunion, Seychelles & Mauritius

                                                                                                                      Dinraobin Resort & Spa - Mauritius

Islands of the
Indian Ocean
5 nights Reunion                                                               Trekking - Reunion                    Saint Anne Resort & Spa - Seychelles
3 nights Seychelles
4 nights Mauritius                              Day 4: Volcano                                      Day 9 - 12: Mauritius
                                                After breakfast, drive to the still active          After breakfast depart Sainte Anne on
Discover	the	exotic	islands	of	the	Indian	      volcano, Piton de la Fournaise’. Stop at            your Air Seychelles flight to Mauritius.
Ocean	 on	 this	 exciting	 13	 day/12	 night	   ‘Le Nez de Boeuf ’, ‘Plaine des Sables’ and         On arrival, transfer to the luxurious
itinerary.	Visit	the	French	island,	Reunion,	   ‘Pas de Bellecombe’. Take a walk to the             Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa. This
home to spectacular mountains and               crater ‘Formica Léo’, inside the volcano (1         spectacular resort is one of the finest
an	 active	 volcano,	 relax	 in	 the	 exotic	   hour walk). Visit La Maison du Volcan, a            on the island and features sumptuously
Seychelles on your private island and           museum designed to educate visitors on              appointed suites, three restaurants, an
indulge yourself on the stylish and             the volcano en route to the valley of Cilaos.       exotic Spa by Clarins, an 18-hole golf
cosmopolitan island, Mauritius.                 Tsilaosa 1 night – B                                course, spectacular pool and a stunning
                                                                                                    location. Guests can also enjoy the
Day 1: Reunion                                  Day 5: Cilaos                                       facilities and four additional restaurants
Depart Australia for the exotic island,         Discover the wonderful scenery around               of sister hotel, Paradis Hotel & Golf Club.
Reunion. On arrival, transfer to the            Cilaos, a village surrounded by the                 Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa 4 nts – BD
Mercure Creolia hotel in Saint Denis.           islands highest mountains. Cilaos is
Mercure Creolia 1 night – B                     famous for its hot springs bath , hand-             Day 13: Depart
                                                made embroidery and its activities                  Depart Mauritius for your overnight flight
Day 2: Self Drive to Salazie                    which include hiking trails, canyoning,             to Australia
After breakfast, pick up your hire car and      mountain biking and more. In the
start your self drive to Salazie. On the        afternoon drive to Saint-Gilles.
way you can stop at St-André and visit the      Villas du Lagon 1 night – B                           Airfare Syd/Run/Sez/Mru/Run/Syd,
‘Vanilla Farm’, an authentic Creole estate                                                            Applicable airport taxes
specialising in the preparation of vanilla      Day 6 - 8: Seychelles
                                                                                                      In Reunion
pods. Then continue to the cirque of            Depart Reunion for Seychelles, flying                 Meet & Greet plus transfer airport/hotel, Car
Salazie, surrounded by waterfalls , banana      Air Austral. On arrival, transfer from the            Hire for 4 Days (Group B Clio 3 Door or similar),
and watercress plantations before reaching      airport to Victoria Wharf for your boat               Unlimited Mileage, 5 nights accommodation
Hell Bourg, a charming Creole village.          transfer to the exclusive Sainte Anne                 (as per itinerary), Breakfast daily.
Relais Des Cimes 1 night – B                    Resort & Spa. Sainte Anne Resort & Spa is             In Seychelles
                                                your home for the next three nights. Relax            Return boat transfers to Sainte Anne, 3 nights
Day 3: Self Drive to the East coast             on the beach, snorkel in the marine park,             Villa accommodation, Breakfast and dinner
Drive to the east side and along the coast.     laze by the pool or indulge your senses at            daily, Free water and land sports as per hotel
The East and South coast is famous for          the Clarins spa. Sainte Anne offers four              program, Nightly entertainment.
its amazing landscapes. In the afternoon,       restaurants ensuring an amazing culinary              In Mauritius
visit the garden of spices and perfumes         experience in spectacular settings. A                 Return airport transfers, 4 nights Junior Suite
in St-Philippe, famous for its endemic          regular boat service operates between                 accommodation, Breakfast and dinner, Free
plants and the oldest forest on the island.     Sainte Anne and the mainland, Mahe.                   water and land sports as per hotel program,
Les Geraniums 1 night – B                       Sainte Anne Resort & Spa 3 nights – BD                Nightly entertainment.

Combination - Reunion & Mauritius

                                                                Sailing - Grand Baie Mauritius

Reunion                                     Day 3: Volcano
                                            Depart early and head east for a visit of
                                            the volcano and its lunar like landscape.
& Mauritius                                 After lunch, enjoy a visit to the museum
                                            before returning to your hotel.                                              The mountains of Reunion
3 nights Reunion                            Boucan Canot – B
5 nights Mauritius                                                                               Day 8-9: At leisure
                                            Day 4: Mauritius                                     Enjoy days at leisure. Suggested activities
This package offers a great combination     Transfer to the airport for your flight to           include a visit to Port Louis for shopping
of	adventure	and	relaxation.	Enjoy	three	   Mauritius. On arrival, transfer to your              and sightseeing opportunities or a full
nights in Reunion before indulging at       resort where you can relax and indulge               day catamaran cruise.
your	luxury	resort	in	Mauritius.	This	      in the exotic settings.                              Le Mauricia – BD
package is based on Air Austral flights.    Le Mauricia – BD
                                                                                                 Day 9: Depart
Day 1: Arrive Reunion                       Day 5-6: At leisure                                  Enjoy the day in Mauritius before
Arrive in Reunion. On arrival transfer      Relax and enjoy the day at leisure in                transferring to the airport for your
to you west coast hotel, located in Saint   your resort. Try some of the free sports             departure flight.
Gilles les Bains. Enjoy the evening at      available or just chill out by the pool or
leisure.                                    on the beach.                                                             Inclusions
Boucan Canot – B                            Le Mauricia – BD
                                                                                                   Airfares, Taxes,
Day 2: Cilaos                               Day 7: Walk with the Lions                             In Reunion: Airport transfers, 3 nights
Depart early for a journey to the           Today you can enjoy a unique experience                accommodation, Breakfast daily, Day tour to
mountain village, Cilaos. Enjoy the         of Walking with the Lions at Casela                    Cilaos with lunch, Day tour to the Volcano with
stunning scenery enroute before taking                                                             lunch
                                            Nature Park. Walk with lions and
in the culture of the locals in their                                                              In Mauritius: Airport transfers, 5 nights
                                            cheetahs in the bush environment and
mountain village environment. Return to                                                            accommodation, Breakfast and dinner
                                            experience a rare and unforgettable
                                                                                                   daily, Free water and land sports, Nightly
your hotel for afternoon at leisure.        experience. Return to your hotel for
                                                                                                   entertainment, Walk with the Lions tour.
Boucan Canot – B                            afternoon at leisure.
                                            Le Mauricia – BD

Combination - Reunion & South Africa

Reunion &
South Africa
5 nights Reunion
7 nights South Africa

This adventure package offers the                                Piton des Neiges - Reunion
opportunity to enjoy an awesome
safari	in	South	Africa	with	the	exciting	   Day 8: Johannesburg
activities in Reunion.                      After an early morning game drive and
                                            breakfast, you will be transferred back
Day 1: Reunion                              to Hoedspruit Airport for your flight to
On arrival in Reunion, transfer to your
hotel in Saint Denis for one night.
                                            Metcourt Laurel Hotel - B
Juliette Dodu - B
                                                                                                                     Elephant Back Safari Included
                                            Day 9: Reunion
Day 2: Johannesburg
                                            Transfer to the airport for your flight
Transfer to the airport for your                                                              Day 12: At leisure
                                            to Reunion. On arrival, transfer to
flight to Johannesburg. On arrival in                                                         Enjoy your final day at leisure. Relax by
                                            the Boucan Canot Hotel, located on
Johannesburg, take the shuttle bus                                                            the pool or on the beach or hire a car
                                            the beach and close to a variety of
transfer to your hotel near the airport.                                                      and discover more of this exciting island.
                                            restaurants and shops.
Metcourt Laurel Hotel - B                                                                     Boucan Canot - B
                                            Boucan Canot - B

Day 3 - 7: Makalali Private                                                                   Day 13: Depart
                                            Day 10: Cilaos
Game Reserve                                                                                  Transfer to the airport for your
                                            Depart early for a journey to the
After breakfast, transfer back to the                                                         departure flight
                                            mountain village, Cilaos. Enjoy the
airport for your flight to Hoedspruit.
                                            stunning scenery enroute before taking
On arrival you will be transferred to                                                                              Inclusions
                                            in the culture of the locals in their
Makalali Private Game Lodge where
                                            mountain village environment. Return to             Airfares, Taxes,
your safari adventure will begin. Enjoy
                                            your hotel for afternoon at leisure.                In Reunion: Airport transfers, 5 nights
five nights at Makalali with morning and
                                            Boucan Canot - B                                    accommodation, Breakfast daily, Day tour to
evening game drives included. Breakfast
                                                                                                Cilaos with lunch, Day tour to the Volcano
lunch and dinner are included daily.
                                            Day 11: Volcano                                     with lunch
During your stay, you will also enjoy a
                                            Depart early and head east for a visit of           In South Africa: Return airport transfers to
day tour of the Panaroma Route Tour,                                                            Metcourt Laurel Hotel, 2 nights at Metcourt
                                            the volcano and its lunar like landscape.
an Elephant Back Safari and a visit to                                                          Laurel Hotel incl. breakfast, 5 nights Makalali
                                            After lunch, enjoy a visit to the museum
Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre                                                            Game Reserve including breakfast, lunch,
Makalali Private Game Lodge 5 nights –      before returning to your hotel.
                                                                                                dinner, morning and evening game drives
BLD                                         Boucan Canot - B

Combination - Reunion, South Africa & Mauritius

Bush & Beach
2 nights Reunion Island
5 nights South Africa
5 nights Mauritius

This itinerary combines the dramatic
island scenery of Reunion with an
awesome African safari before indulging
in	a	relaxing	beach	holiday	in	Mauritius.

Day 1: Arrive Reunion
Arrive in Reunion. On arrival transfer to                                                                          Wild Beaches - Reunion
the Boucan Canot hotel, located on the
west coast, for two nights. Take one of       Day 7: Johannesburg
the day tours on offer or hire a car and      After an early morning game drive,
discover this fascinating island.             transfer to Hoedspruit for your flight
Boucan Canot 2 nights – B                     to Johannesburg and a stop over at the
                                              Metcourt Laurel Hotel.
Day 3: Johannesburg                           Metcourt Laurel Hotel 1 night – B
Transfer to the airport for your departure
to South Africa flying Air Austral. A         Day 8: Mauritius
stopover at the Peermont Metcourt hotel       Transfer to the airport for your South
is required before your safari adventure.     African Airways flight to Mauritius.
Metcourt Laurel Hotel 1 night – B             On arrival, transfer to Le Mauricia                          Pristine white beaches - Mauritius

                                              hotel, located in Grand Baie, for five
Day 4: Makalali Game Reserve                  fabulous nights. Your stay includes                          Inclusions
Return to Johannesburg airport for your       breakfast, dinner, free sports and         Airfares, Taxes
flight to Hoedspruit. On arrival transfer     nightly entertainment. An optional all     In Reunion: Airport transfers, 2 nights at Boucan
to the Makalali Private Game Reserve for      inclusive package is also available. To    Canot Hotel incl. breakfast
three nights at the Makalali Private Game     discover more of the island, hire a car,   In South Africa: Return airport transfers to
Lodge, one of the most unique game            take a day tour, or simply relax on the    Metcourt Laurel Hotel, 2 nts at Metcourt Laurel
lodges in South Africa. Your African          beach to complete your Bush and Beach      Hotel incl. breakfast, 3 nts Makalali Game
safari begins with an afternoon game          experience.                                Reserve incl. breakfast, lunch, dinner plus
drive in an open safari vehicle. Breakfast,   Le Mauricia 5 nights – BD                  morning and evening game drives
lunch, dinner plus morning and evening                                                   In Mauritius: Return airport transfers, 5 nights
game drives are included at Makalali          Day 13: Depart                             at Le Mauricia Hotel, Breakfast and dinner, free
Game Reserve.                                 Transfer to the airport for your           water & land sports (incl. waterskiing), nightly
Makalali Private Game Lodge 3 nights – BLD    departure flight.                          entertainment

Combination - Reunion & Seychelles

                                                            Sainte Anne Resort & Spa - Seychelles

Reunion &                                       Day 3: Volcano
                                                Depart early and head east for a visit of
                                                the volcano and its lunar like landscape.
Seychelles                                      After lunch, enjoy a visit to the museum
                                                before returning to your hotel.
                                                                                                                            Stunning scenery of Reunion

4 nights Reunion                                Boucan Canot – B                                    Day 8: At leisure
                                                                                                    Enjoy the morning at leisure before
4 nights Seychelles
                                                Day 4-7: Seychelles                                 transferring to the airport for your flight
                                                Transfer to the airport for your flight to          to Reunion. On arrival, transfer to your
This package offers the opportunity to
                                                the Seychelles. On arrival, take a taxi to          hotel for one night.
experience	the	magnificent	scenery	of	
                                                the jetty at Victoria Wharf and take a boat         Juliette Dodu 1 nights – B
Reunion	with	the	exotic	beaches	and	
islands of the Seychelles. This package         transfer to Sainte Anne Resort & Spa,
is based on Air Austral flights.                located 10 minutes from the jetty on the            Day 9: Depart
                                                private island of Sainte Anne. Relax and            Enjoy your final day in Reunion before
Day 1: Arrive Reunion                           indulge at one of the finest resorts in the         transferring to the airport for your
Arrive in Reunion. On arrival transfer to       Seychelles. During your stay enjoy fine             departure flight.
you west coast hotel, located in Saint Gilles   cuisine at the four restaurants, pamper
les Bains. Enjoy the evening at leisure.        yourself at the Spa by Clarins, relax by
Boucan Canot – B                                the pool, on the beach or enjoy fantastic             Airfares, Taxes,
                                                snorkelling at the Marine park, located               In Reunion: Airport transfers, 4 nights
Day 2: Cilaos                                   on the resorts doorstep. For the more                 accommodation, Breakfast daily, Day tour to
Depart early for a journey to the               adventurous, a trek around the island is              Cilaos with lunch, Day tour to the Volcano
mountain village, Cilaos. Enjoy the             a fantastic way to discover new beaches,              with lunch
stunning scenery enroute before taking          the diverse vegetation and rocky outcrops,            In Seychelles: Boat transfer from Victoria Jetty
in the culture of the locals in their           while guests who want to visit the mainland           (airport/jetty transfer not included), 4 nights
mountain village environment. Return to         Mahe, a regular boat transfer operates                accommodation at Sainte Anne Resort & Spa,
your hotel for afternoon at leisure.                                                                  Breakfast and dinner daily, Free water and land
                                                between Sainte Anne Resort and the jetty.
                                                                                                      sports, Nightly entertainment
Boucan Canot – B                                Sainte Anne Resort & Spa 4 nights – BD

                                                 & Mauritius

The Seychelles consist of
an archipelago of about
100 islands in the Indian
Ocean north of Mauritius.
The main islands of Mahé,                        luxury holidays

Praslin and La Digue

have a variety of resorts
and other accommodation
while the smaller islands such
as Sainte Anne, North, Denis,
Cousine and more feature                                                                                                                                        Sainte Anne
exclusive lone resorts.

 Sainte Anne Resort & Spa HHHHH +
 This luxury five-star villa resort is                                Cuisine is a highlight of Sainte Anne
 easily accessible from Mahé with boat                                with three sumptuous restaurants
 transfers taking just fifteen minutes.                               offering local and international dishes
                                                                      in the most spectacular settings.
 The resort’s eighty seven luxury Villas
 including the exclusive Royal Villa                                  Lovers of nature will enjoy the many
 overlook three beaches and the protected                             treks available on the island while
 Sainte Anne marine park. The villas                                  snorkelleing is at its best at Sainte
 are sea facing, have a private gazebo                                Anne where a protected marine park
 and feature a chic, tropical decor,                                  is located right infront of the resort.
 with luxurious furniture and modern                                  This stunning resort also features a
 amenities. Each villa has an indoor and                              spectacular spa by Clarins. Sainte Anne
 private outdoor shower while a number                                is regarded as one of the finest resorts
 have their own plunge pool.                                          in the Seychelles.

                                                                                              Africa, Seychelles
                                                                                                                   & Reunion   Mauritius
                                                                                                                               Mauritius, located off the
                                                                                                                               African coast, is legendary for
                                                                                                                               its beautiful beaches, luxury
                                                                                                                               resorts, fine food and mix
                                                                                                                               of cultures. It is the ultimate
                                                                                                                               destination for a holiday or
                                                                                                                               honeymoon, and the perfect
                                                                                                                               combination with an African
                                                                                                                               safari. Contact your travel
                                                                                                                               agent or call 1800 624 268
                                                                                                                               for a copy of Beachcomber’s
                                                                                                                               Mauritius brochure.

                                                                                       Paradis Hotel & Golf Club                          The Royal Suite at the Royal Palm

Mauritius Hotels
Royal Palm              HHHHHH
Tropically elegant, refined in its luxury       beach, two pools, three restaurants, Spa
and discreetly opulent, the Royal Palm          by Clarins, state-of-the-art sports centre
is the finest and most exclusive resort in      and the finest hospitality and service on
Mauritius. This all-suite luxury resort         the island. Royal Palm is the pinnacle of
is a ‘Leading Hotel of the World’ and           perfection in Mauritius.
features beautiful suites, a magnificent

For more information:

Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa                             HHHHH+
Considered one of the island’s most             spectacular pool, a magnificent Spa by
stylish all-suite resorts, Dinarobin            Clarins and access to seven restaurants.
radiates warmth, charm and                      The 18-hole Paradis Golf Course is
sophistication and is unparalleled in           adjacent to the hotel and guests have
its luxury. The resort is blessed with a        access to all facilities at the Paradis Hotel
stunning location between mountain              & Golf Club next door.
and sea. It features beautiful suites, a

For more information:

Paradis Hotel & Golf Club                           HHHHH
Renowned as the greatest golf, sport            beach. There is a remarkable array
and leisure resort in the Indian                of accommodation, access to seven
Ocean, Paradis is a paradise, perfect           restaurants, a beautiful pool, Spa by
for romantics, leisure seekers, sports          Clarins and amazing sporting facilities
lovers and families alike. The resort           including the 18-hole championship golf
has a stunning location along a superb          course and deep sea fishing club.

For more information:

NEW Trou aux Biches                          HHHHH
This legendary hotel is being transformed       privacy, space, serenity and communion
into a new luxury village-style resort          with nature. The new Trou aux Biches
located on a prime beachfront site on           will include pavilions comprising three
the north west coast of Mauritius. The          spacious rooms or Suites equipped with
new Trou aux Biches will consist of             outdoor showers, two and three-bedroom
individual pavillions and Villas set            Villas with private pools, six restaurants
within a large tropical park. All is being      to promote alfresco dining, a Sports and
done to preserve the resort’s unique            Fitness Centre and a tropical Spa with 20
atmosphere and to deliver the ultimate in       cabins.

For more information:

Mauritius Hotels
Shandrani Resort & Spa                            HHHHH
This beautiful resort is the ultimate five-      brands, bottled wines and French
star fully inclusive resort in Mauritius.        Champagne; mini-bar, room service,
Located just ten minutes from the airport        a selection of water and land sports, a
and 45 minutes from Port Louis, this             massage, scuba diving, 9-hole golf and
resort, set on its own private peninsula,        much more, are included. Shandrani is
boasts three beaches, two pools, five            the perfect holiday solution for those
restaurants and fantastic inclusions.            wanting a taste of luxury without
All meals and snacks, even à la carte            having to worry about bills.
dining; drinks, including premium

For more information:

Le Victoria           HHHH +
Dazzling sunsets, an impressive pool, fine       open out onto large private balconies or
cuisine and spacious rooms are all part of       terraces. Le Victoria’s restaurants serve
the holiday lifestyle at Le Victoria. This       sumptuous cuisine and all three overlook
award-winning resort offers outstanding          the beach while the main restaurant is
value and is the most popular for                set by the pool with views out to see.
Australians visiting Mauritius. It features      An optional premium all-inclusive
three restaurants, a huge pool, superb           package is available, adding even
accommodation and a variety of sports.           greater value.
The Spacious rooms are all sea-facing and

For more information:

 Le Canonnier                 HHHH
Le Canonnier, one of the most popular            modern rooms with excellent facilities.
4-star resorts in Mauritius, enjoys              The horseshoe shape of the resort offers
a stunning location on a sheltered               Standard and Superior Rooms and also
peninsula on the north-west tip of               has a number of spacious two-bedroom
Mauritius and is only five minutes away          two-bathroom Family Apartments plus
from the bustling village of Grand Baie          elegant Honeymoon Suites.
and twenty minutes to the capital Port           Le Canonnier also offers a great value
Louis. The resort features two restaurants,      all-inclusive option, All-In-One, which
two bars, two pools, a choice of beaches,        includes a selection of drinks, snacks,
a variety of sports facilities, its own          lunch and a special interchange with the
Wellness Centre set in a banyan tree and         4-star sister resort, Le Mauricia.
For more information:

 Le Mauricia               HHHH
This popular 4-star resort, perfectly            accommodation options decorated in
located in Grand Baie, exudes a fun,             warm tropical colours befitting this fun
friendly holiday atmosphere and is a mere        hotel. An optional all-inclusive package
two-minute walk from the village, where          is also proposed to guests which includes
you can enjoy a variety of restaurants,          a selection of drinks, snacks, lunch and a
shops, markets, bars, clubs and day tours.       special interchange with the 4-star sister
The resort features two large pools, two         resort, Le Canonnier.
restaurants, health and wellness centre,
a bar and nightclub plus a variety of

For more information:

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