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									Kushagra Bajaj Now Eyes On Power Business

Successful leaders believe their achievements are the result of hard work, and not
just circumstantial. The same statement has proved by Kushagra Bajaj; who has got
his business to the peak in only 5 years.

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As an entrepreneur, you concentrate on the daily details to take your business to success. Surely,
you are constantly worried about your sales goals or your next client meeting. Among this chaos, it
is easy to forget the intangibles - as your beliefs - which play an important role in achieving success.
The most successful entrepreneurs share certain beliefs that help them grow their major projects at
same time. Successful entrepreneurs face uncertainty with confidence. When confronted with a
challenge little or nothing familiar, think in similar situations who have overcome before or skills
that may apply. Focus on the skills you have and apply your general knowledge in everything that
comes your way on the road.

If we talk about successful entrepreneur then it is very difficult to miss out kushagra bajaj who has
really showed his toughest game while achieving the best while carrying business. Not only in life
but also in corporate sector Kushagra Bajaj easily achieved every step of varied goals. After
completing his schoolings; he sued to work and understand his family business of Bajaj Hindustan.
After getting fair knowledge and experience he went to abroad for higher education. Goals and
Success are the two aspects that are always accompanied by Kushagra Bajaj while proving its
worthy presence to their Bajaj Hindustan.

The same story depicted by kushagra bajaj a Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern University
alumnus who had joined his family business in 2002 and from then; has successfully
revolutionarized all the way of carrying business as per the modern competition and ever changing
expectations of the economy. Kushagra Bajaj had joined Bajaj Hindustan as Chief Executive when
the overall revenue of the group was Rs 300 crore in 2002 that has been turned to the worth of Rs
1,800 coror in 2007. In his early mode of business life; Kushagra Bajaj puts his complete efforts to
buzz over Sugar business where he successfully raised exceptional revenue from the same and at
the same time also succeeded while implementing the nurtureful policy of sugar business. After
getting an amazing revert from sugar business and from other aspects of the business in
infrastructure, personal care products, real estate; now Kushagra Bajaj divert his worthy efforts to
grab the best opportunity in power. Under the same business plan, Kushagra Bajaj projects to
invest with coal-fired power plants with heavy MW and also plan to deal with international coal
mine in order to scatter his business completely.

Whenever Kushagra Bajaj sticks to projects and business strategies; they stand on the shoulders of
giants, while successful leaders encourage their individuality. He always believe on his statements
and commitments not someone else stand the next. Kushagra Bajaj always explores new paths and
capabilities and strength of the business while achieving more in the corporate war. There is a
small statement like people have a tendency to self-mutilation means if you want to succeed, you
must remove the beliefs that might sneak around stopping. Identify what the objectives or activities
that you are stagnating and modify your thoughts about them while planning to have success.

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